15 Athletes With The Most Embarrassing Exes

Most, if not all, athletes are in relationships whether it's the athlete itself who first initiated the relationship or if it's the other person who hit on the athlete. Relationships are meant to be positive with one person helping the other person out, but some athletes don't have the perfect relationship where two people met one another, fell in love and lived happily ever after. No relationship is perfect, but there are some relationships that make us wonder why the person was with their partner or spouse in the first place.

Some of these athletes have dated gorgeous ladies or handsome men who weren't what they presented themselves to be. Some of these partners or spouses seemingly ruined their own relationships by starting child support wars or fabricating domestic violence stories. We'll also update you with how the athletes are doing right now, but either way, their exes played a role in embarrassing them. Social media can quickly twist stories and make it seem like only one person was wrong in any given relationship, but two wrongs don't make a right. Everything happens for a reason.

From Dallas Cowboys running Ezekiel Elliott and his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson to NBA center and forward Kris Humphries and reality television star Kim Kardashian, we're sure that you're going to recognize some of these names and maybe more than just some. Some relationships were really not meant to be, regardless of the attempts made in order to save them.

Here are 15 athletes with the most embarrassing exes.

15 Tony Romo (Jessica Simpson)

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Jessica Simpson may not be relevant anymore, but she's still the gold standard of a celebrity girlfriend who has cursed her athletic man.

Yeah, it's cute when a man's girlfriend wears his jersey, but not really for Tony Romo. It's a different story when Simpson wears his jersey...in a light shade of pink. It's likely that the fans chuckled when they saw this photo because it wasn't Breast Cancer Awareness day or something of that sort. Personally, we thought it was very supportive, but it also felt like the cheerleader and the jock from high school were together all over again.

The alleged trouble came when Dallas Cowboys fans started noticing that Romo wasn't doing so well on the field whenever Simpson stood in the stands. Romo abruptly ended their relationship the night before her 29th birthday in 2009, married Candice Crawford (former Miss Missouri USA) and had three kids with Crawford.

14 Reggie Bush (Kim Kardashian)

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Forget NBA center and forward Kris Humphries for a second. Remember when Kim Kardashian dated NFL running back Reggie Bush? Bush is currently a free agent, but he most recently played for the Buffalo Bills in 2016.

Kardashian dated Bush after meeting through a mutual friend (former NFL quarterback Matt Leinart) at the 2007 ESPY Awards. They dated for two years until their break up in July 2009 and got back together in September 2009. Their relationship was clearly unstable.

The poor man (Bush) went from a 2005 Heisman Trophy winner and second overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft to a struggling RB who had three seasons plagued with injuries along with a lack of production on the field. This led to his eventual departure from the Miami Dolphins and a rather inconsistent career following the relationship where Kardashian might've ruined his life with the alleged Kardashian/Jenner curse.

13 Alex Rodriguez (Cameron Diaz)

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Former MLB shortstop and third baseman Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez retired as a New York Yankee in 2016 after playing in the league for a total of 22 seasons, 12 of which were with the Yankees.

A-Rod has been dating renowned pop star Jennifer Lopez since February 2017. But let's not forget about his past. The internet hasn't been the same after the cameras caught A-Rod at a Super Bowl XLV game between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. This wasn't just any picture snapped of him and his ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz (actress) though. Diaz was feeding A-Rod popcorn. Yes, popcorn.

Sure, popcorn is a staple in the sport of baseball, but it's not something that a lady feeds her man, especially when they're spotted together in public. We're sure that A-Rod can munch on his popcorn. He doesn't need help from his girl. He's not unwell or anything like that.

12 Matt Kemp (Rihanna)

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Look, Rihanna still has a career in full force in the world of pop and R&B music, but she's sort of a hot mess when it comes to romantic relationships. Maybe that's why MLB outfielder Matt Kemp's career took a dip after dating Rihanna from 2009 to 2010.

Kemp wasn't the same when he was with Rihanna. Don't forget that Canadian rapper Drake also dated Rihanna. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that Rihanna announced in 2013 that she rekindled her relationship with fellow R&B singer Chris Brown, who infamously beat her in the summer of 2009. She seems to have a thing for bad boys, which might've caused her to be ridiculously needy and worried at the time.

Kemp plays for the Atlanta Braves now. Kemp also has an alleged girlfriend NChimunya Wulf (stylist). However, the speculation surrounding his personal life may be nothing more than rumors, so don't believe everything you hear and see.

11 Chad Johnson (Evelyn Lozada)

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Evelyn Lozada is the atypical reality television star who is one of five main members in Basketball Wives on VH1. We think that you can figure out what she does on a daily basis.

Lozada has had her fair share of relationships with NBA players. Lozada was the fiancee of NBAer Antoine Walker, whose 10-year relationship with Lozada cost him tons of money. In November 2010, another NBAer Chad Johnson proposed to Lozada and the couple got married in Saint Martin two years later. In August 2012, Johnson was arrested on a charge of domestic battery towards Lozada. Three days later, Lozada filed for divorce, claiming that her marriage was irretrievably broken. The divorce was finalized a little over a month later.

In September 2012, Johnson pleaded no contest to misdemeanor domestic battery, avoiding jail time in an agreement with Lozada and prosecutors. Johnson received one year of probation.

It didn't take long before Lozada moved on as she started dating now-former MLB left fielder Carl Crawford in 2013. In December 2013, the couple became engaged. Lozada gave birth to their first child, a son, in 2014. Despite the kid, the couple called off the engagement in August 2017. We have a feeling that Lozada is only in relationships for the money.

10 Kris Humphries (Kim Kardashian)

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Let's take a stroll down memory lane to check out Kris Humphries' short-lived marriage to Kim Kardashian. Short-lived, however, was an understatement to the couple's wedding as Kardashian filed for divorce after just 72 days of marriage. Like the rest of us, Kardashian allegedly knew that her marriage to Humphries was doomed from the start. The couple started dating in October 2010, got engaged in May 2011 and married in August 2011.

The wedding was pretty much a hoax and a publicity stunt for E! Kardashian has reportedly denied such claims, but we still believe that it was nothing more than a made-for-TV wedding. Not many people would tie the knot in a lavish ceremony and reception, only to end the marriage 72 days later.

Humphries hasn't been the same since the highly publicized wedding to Kardashian. Humphries spent three years with the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets from 2010 to 2013 and had brief stints with the Washington Wizards, Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers. Humphries was waived by the 76ers as one of the final roster cuts in October 2017.

9 Lamar Odom (Khloe Kardashian)

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Lamar Odom was already a troubled man...and then he left his ex-girlfriend and mother of his three children (Destiny, Lamar Jr., Jayden), Liza Morales, for reality TV star Khloe Kardashian.

We don't believe that the Kardashian/Jenner had everything to do with Lamar's marriage, but Khloe did have a slight effect on the couple's on-again, off-again marriage. Lamar's kids, especially Destiny, didn't like Khloe. Destiny told People, "I tried for my dad. I wouldn't say it was a matter of my dad loving Khloe more than me. I think that my dad has an addictive personality, so he was addicted to the attention he got with Khloe more than me. It was a very toxic relationship."

Destiny also opened up to People about the bullying that she had to endure in school because of her father's high-profile marriage. There's one thing for a wife to not care about what others think and there's a wife who just craves attention.

8 Danica Patrick (Paul Hospenthal)

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Soon to be retired NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is more known for her looks than her stats on the racetrack. Patrick is also known for keeping a low profile in regards to her personal life, but she met her ex-husband Paul Hospenthal when she was only 20 years old. Now, there's nothing wrong with the fact that she got married at a young age to a man who is 17 years her senior, but the way they first met was a little awkward. Hospenthal, a physical therapist, treated a yoga-related injury that Patrick suffered at the time.

Hospenthal was often spotted by Patrick's side before and after NASCAR races. Patrick also converted to Catholicism upon tying the knot with Hospenthal. Still, the couple divorced after seven years of marriage, and Patrick raced off into a new relationship with fellow NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who is five years her junior. That doesn't change the fact that a lot of NASCAR fans love to hate on Patrick though.

7 Ronda Rousey (Snappers McCeepy)

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Ronda Rousey's dating history was profiled in her book My Fight. Shortly after the book was published, reports began surfacing that she had taken up a relationship with Travis Browne, who she's now married to. However, back when Rousey was first defending her UFC Bantamweight Women's Championship, she was going out with a man who she now refers to simply as Snappers McCreepy. Why the not-so-affectionate nickname? She explains why:

“It was like two weeks before (my first title defense) and I was pumping out a lot of social media to try and get people to pay attention. He went to work and I stayed behind and was using his computer. I was downloading something and then I just saw a bunch of ass! ‘What is that?’ It looked like it was amateurly taken. I had to look so I looked at it and it was all me.”

So essentially her ex took a bunch of pictures of her and had them stored, seemingly ready to publish online. Rousey then got into an altercation with him and resulted in their breakup. Because she feared her ex would publish the photos, Rousey decided to pose naked on her own terms, which is why she agreed to pose for ESPN: The Body Issue.

6 Sergei Federov (Anna Kournikova)

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Here is part one of the infamous Russian love triangle.

Sergei Federov, general manager of CSKA Moscow of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) and former NHL center, claimed that he was married to tennis star Anna Kournikova in 2001. Kournikova's representatives denied of a marriage to Federov. However, Federov's agent claimed that he knew Federov was married, but he didn't know the exact date.

Federov's former roommate Nicklas Lidstrom recalled the late night phone calls to Kournikova. Lidstrom told the Detroit Free Press, "You know what, there were some phone calls in the middle of the night, Sergei's laying under his blanket, talking to someone...You know, waking up to hearing a voice in the room, you can't see anyone, but finally I see the cord going underneath the blanket and it's Sergei speaking Russian. And he's calling his former girlfriend, Anna Kournikova, over in Europe somewhere, she was in a tennis tournament." Lidstrom added, "That kind of freaked me out, that he's calling his girlfriend in the middle of the night, under the blanket."

Kournikova denied her reported marriage to Federov, but she did turn over her condo in South Beach as a part of their divorce...and got herself in an awkward love triangle.

5 Anna Kournikova (Pavel Bure)

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Here is part two of the infamous Russian love triangle.

Anna Kournikova met her ex-boyfriend Pavel Bure (Russian NHL right winger) in 1999 when she was supposedly still linked to his former Russian teammate Sergei Federov. Kournikova and Bure were reportedly engaged in 2000 as a photo of the pair dining at a Florida-based restaurant surfaced, but both parties denied any engagement. At the time, Kournikova was 18 and Bure was 28.

Not only that, Bure sued a Russian magazine for more than $10 million for their false claims about his relationship with the Kournikova. Bure's lawyer filed a $10.65 million lawsuit on his behalf in a Moscow court against Arbat Prestige Telegid over a fake news story in December 2004. The story brought up sex claims the former New York Ranger made about the Russian tennis star.

So Kournikova had not one, but two embarrassing exes. Yikes! At least she stopped dating hockey players and moved on to Spanish pop star Enrique Iglesias, who she has been dating since late 2001.

4 Kris Benson (Anna Benson)

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Kris Benson, a former MLB starting pitcher, met his future wife Anna while she was working as a stripper in Nashville, Tenn. The couple married in 1999. This was the first marriage for Kris and second for Anna. They went on to become a well-known couple when Kris got into the major leagues.

When Kris was playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Pirates organization grew concerned with Kris' performance on the field after Anna claimed that the couple made love in the parking lot of Three Rivers Stadium in Philadelphia. Their marriage began to crumble from there. Kris dismissed the Pirates' treatment of his wife. Anna filed for divorce in 2006, citing an irretrievably broken marriage, but later withdrew the petition. Kris served Anna with divorce papers in 2012.

Kris is currently engaged to Brittany Page, the daughter of semi-retired wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.

3 Jose Canseco (Madonna)

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Madonna seemingly demobilized more than one man's career. The veteran pop star gave filmmaker Guy Ritchie pain and grief in their eight-year marriage. Following the divorce, she was reportedly involved with another MLB player before her alleged affair with New York Yankees shortstop and third baseman Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez.

Former slugger Jose Canseco told Us Weekly that Madonna's representatives contacted him in 2001. Even though Canseco was married, he said that Madonna to marry him and have a Cuban child because that's what she wanted. He also said that Madonna asked him "what would you do if I kissed you?" and then sat on his lap and kissed him. He then told her that he was trying to work things out with my wife and that he would lose a lot of money if he left her, but she simply said "I have lots of money. Don't worry about that."

The pair's relationship ended when Canseco attempted to take a boat to Madonna's house and was later followed by a helicopter, where he called to tell her he wouldn't be coming. Canseco confessed that they weren't intimate, but Madonna thought she could persuade or seduce him over time.

2 Paul George (Daniela Radij)

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Remember when rumors were circulating in 2014 after Indiana Pacers' star forward Paul George knocked up a stripper named Daniela Rajic? Rajic filed a paternity suit for their then-seven-month-old daughter Olivia and George resolved the messy situation with both parties receiving full joint custody along with a financial package.

Today, George plays with other superstars in the Oklahoma City Thunder, but he apparently hasn't learned his lesson with his questionable ex-girlfriend. This year, George is reportedly expecting a second child with Radij. Reports told Total Pro Sports, "Now we have PG13 knocking up his baby mama again. From our source, “I thought you may be interested, Paul George is having another baby with his baby mamma, the very one he once tried to pay off $1 million dollars to for the baby to go away the first time around...Looks like Paul will have his hands full come next season."

George's stripper ex was already embarrassing enough that he paid money to make her go away, but he still couldn't keep his hands off of her. Two wrongs don't make a right.

1 Ezekiel Elliott (Tiffany Thompson)

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Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott and his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson are on the top of our list for a reason. First things first, Elliott was initially suspended by the NFL for six games following an alleged violation of the league's personal conduct policy. The alleged violation stemmed from Thompson's domestic violence allegations over a span of five occasions. The league's officials conducted a year-long investigation and decided to suspend him even though he was never criminally charged.

Although the suspension was upheld by a league-appointed arbitrator, a federal judge granted a request for injunction by the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), which put his suspension on hold indefinitely. However rather than drag out the suspension, Elliott chose to serve it to essentially get it over with.

The Cowboys' run game hasn't exactly dominated without Elliott, who dropped his case after trying to appeal a couple of times. Not much has been announced about Thompson, but we'll never forget that she tried very hard to give her ex-boyfriend a hard time.

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