15 Athletes With The Most Embarrassing Parents

Parents want their kids to grow up to be the best they can be. Some parents were athletes themselves, and want to make sure their kids grow up to be a pro athlete to follow in the family footsteps. For the athlete themselves it's a great thing to see their parents proud in the stands. For example, Tom Brady was so happy to see his parents at the Super Bowl, especially his mother, who was battling cancer. The Bradys have been very supportive of him throughout the years and it motivates him to be better every day.

Then there's the other kind of parents who embarrass or pressure their kids in a negative way. They can be helicopter parents; overbearing or even complain to the coach that their kid isn't getting enough playing time. We have seen that in Little League, or Pop Warner, where you have a parent complaining to a coach if their son or daughter isn't getting enough game play. Or the parent makes a fool of him/herself, getting into a fight with an umpire or referee. Sadly, overbearing parents don't stop at the little league level, as some parents even embarrass their own kids when they're off in the pros.

So let's get to 15 athletes with the most embarrassing parents.


15 ROY JONES Jr. (Roy Jones Sr.)

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Boxing fathers can sometimes be demanding, controlling, and very overbearing. Boxing fathers act that way so their sons can be the best fighters they can possibly be. Roy Jones Sr., however, took things a little too far and went extreme...he built a platform in the back of a farm he had in Florida and had a heavy bag and a speed bag on it. Roy Sr. would even spar with his son when his son was little and even chase him with a plastic pipe, hitting Roy Jr. so hard, it would leave marks on him. When Roy Jr. was fighting, his father would be front and center screaming instructions.

Roy Sr. talked about being hard on his son telling the New York Times. "Was I harder on him? Naturally. The reason was I knew what it was going to take." But Roy Jr. had enough and the two of them would split. It got to be too much for Roy Jr., and his father was about to ruin his career for how overbearing and controlling he was.



Eric Lindros was a great hockey player in the NHL. Unfortunately, it was cut short due to concussions. His parents didn't help either. When he would get concussions, they spent their time blaming the Philadelphia Flyers, saying that they tried to kill him when he had a collapsed lung and they mismanged his concussions. Carl and Bonnie went as far as checking which players were passing the puck to their son. They told general manager Bobby Clarke, to pursue players they thought would fit on a team with Eric.

Going back to when he was 16 years old and eligible to be drafted in junior, they told St. Marie, who had the number one overall pick, to pass on their son. The team drafted him anyway and traded him in Oshawa. General Manager, Angelo Bumbacco for St. Marie, told ESPN, "Looking back, the greatest thing that could ever happened to Eric Lindros was coming to play in Sault St Marie, just to get the hell away from those parents. It would’ve been like when you send a kid away to university to give him a chance a chance to grow up. I’ll tell you: that kid has never grown up.”



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Like Roy Jones Sr., Floyd Mayweather Sr. was also tough on his son Floyd Jr. He was only 9-10 months old when his father would be training him to be a fighter. Mayweather Sr. told Newsday "One day I came into the room and he's laying back on the pillow doing just what I was showing him, I said, This is it. He's going to be a fighter."

Then there was one time that Floyd Mayweather Sr. was facing the wrong end of a shotgun aimed at him by his brother-in-law. They were having a dispute. What's even crazier? He had Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his arms he told the Los Angeles Times "I wasn't going to put that baby down, I didn't want to die. It wasn't about putting my son in the line of fire. I knew he wouldn't shoot the baby. So he took the gun off my face, lowered it to my leg and bam!" Floyd Sr. seems a lot crazier than Roy Jones Sr.

No he wouldn't shoot the baby but why put him in that situation?

12 Kendall Marshall (DENNIS MARSHALL)

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Back when Kendall Marshall was playing for the Philadelphia 76ers in 2016, his father Dennis Marshall took to Twitter one time after a bad loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, I get watching your kid struggle is hard but Dennis went a little too far tweeting. " 70 points a halftime joke. How are you a "shooter" and shooting 27% from three? Can't guard but play  a lot. What do you think the reason is? Didn't do. I always said there was racism in sports. White guys in basketball are getting every chance to succeed even when they aren't doing (expletive.)

At the time Marshall was referring to Nik Stauskas who was playing over 23 minutes and shooting 30% from beyond the arc that season.  Marshall would delete the tweets but his son Kendell had to say something about it telling ESPN. "That’s not coming out of my mouth. That’s not my social media, He’s a grown man. It was obviously the wrong time and place to say it, but he said it. He’s apologized for it since.”


11 Andre Agassi (MIKE AGASSI)

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Mike Agassi was a boxer and apparently he didn't know how to leave the violence in the ring, as he was allegedly a violent and obsessive father to Andre. Andre wrote in a autobiography that his father was setting up matches for him all over Las Vegas. Mike bet former NFL player Jim Brown $5,000 that Andre, who was nine at the time, could beat him in tennis. Andre would end up beating him. Andre details in his book that his father wasn't very easy to please.

After he won Wimbledon in 1992 his father said "You had no business losing that fourth set."

Mike was so hard on Andre he would get overwhelmed by tennis and at times looked like he hated the game. He would later tell an Italian Newspaper "Maybe I was a tyrant, hard and severe but I repeat, it's better to have a father beside his son in the sport than his coach.”

10 Todd Marinovich (MARV MARINOVICH)

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Marv Marinovich was very hard on his son Todd starting at a very young age. When Todd was an infant, Marv started an intensive training program on him. Todd was teething on a frozen kidney, never eating any junk food and Marv would have meetings with specialists before Todd was even in high school. Todd would be pushed so hard by his father that he turned to drugs while in college and lost his love for the game of football. Todd would never really have a childhood because he was always busy training and being fed nothing but the healthiest food (come on, every kid should get to try a pizza, shouldn't they?).

It's one thing to want your son to be a good football player and be an professional athlete. Then there's straight up exploiting your son to be an athlete for your own personal gain which is what Marv did to his son.


9 Prince Fielder (CECIL FIELDER)

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Prince and Cecil's relationship was rocky when Prince got older. When Prince was in A-ball in 2002 someone had given Prince papers indicating that his father was being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cecil was living with Prince at the time. Secondly Prince has said that his father took $200,000 of his $2.4 million signing bonus in 2004. He told the Detroit News in 2004. "My father is dead to me."

Cecil told ESPN in 2008 "My son is acting crazy." In June of 2011 Cecil told reporters about a bad conversation he had with his son saying. "I wanted to drop a right on him instead of talking to him."

The two have slowly been mending their relationship since, but taking money from his son's signing bonus is about as low as you can get.

8 Sean O'Hair (MARC O'HAIR)

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For Marc O' Hair he was really tough on his son Sean because he wanted him to be a pro golfer. Marc pulled Sean out of high school to focus on golf full time with no distractions. He was very abusive to his son, forcing him to run a mile for every stroke he finished over par. Marc even made Sean run eight miles in 93- degree heat after shooting an 80. He would call it 'tough love'. He claims that he did that to toughen his son up and get him in shape to be a great athlete. He told World Golf in 2005 "Sean was sometimes lightly slapped across the face. To explain, 'lightly slapped,' the velocity of the slap was similar to what a woman used when slapped a man who insulted her back in the old days."

That is straight up disturbing.


7 The Williams Sisters (RICHARD WILLIAMS)

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Richard Williams is the father of Serena and Venus Williams. He is known to be very loud and gets in the way a lot. Recently, Williams filed for divorce from his wife Lakeisha Williams but TMZ Sports reported that Lakeisha was saying his behavior was becoming erratic and hostile. It was also reported that Lakeisha removed firearms, including an AK-47 from the home. Last month TMZ Sports reported that they both put restraining orders against each other.

But Williams' obnoxious behavior goes back to early in his daughters' careers. After Venus Williams won her first Grand Slam title in 2000, Richard jumped up and down and yelled "Straight Outta Compton!" He then jumped over the NBC broadcast booth catching the broadcasters by surprise.

6 Steffi Graf (PETER GRAF)

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Peter Graf was very overbearing and controlling to his daughter Steff's training schedule. Peter would serve a 25 month sentence in prison in 1995 for a tax evasion charge. He got into a fist fight at a French Open and was accused of mismanaging the millions of dollars his daughter would win. He was also accused of carrying around her winnings in paper bags. When Steffi was just hours old, he claimed that she would be a champion. When she was three years old he placed a sawed-off wood racket in her hands. If she hit a ball back 25 times in a row she would be rewarded with ice cream and strawberries.

Peter Gaff passed away in 2013 of pancreatic cancer. It was reported that Steffi and Peter had reconciled six days before he died.


5 Jelena Dokic (DAMIR DOKIC)

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He was his daughters Jelena's tennis coach and was expelled from numerous tournaments for being drunk and making threats. In June of 2009 he was arrested in Serbia after being caught with weapons and homemade bombs. He was also very abusive to his daughter Jelena. Jelana recently wrote a book and talks about the abuse at the hands of her father.

In a recent interview with The Project she opens up about how the daily abuse was the normal everyday life saying. "You get to a stage after that happening for a couple of years where it’s just your everyday life and you accept it as being, let’s say normal. That’s what my life was about, that’s what I had to deal with literally on a day-to-day basis. There was always something even if it at times wasn’t physical, which was very rare, it was emotional. There was always something that I didn’t do right.”

4 Dennis Rodman (PHILANDER RODMAN)

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Philander Rodman is the father of former basketball player Dennis Rodman. Philander was absent for most of Dennis Rodman's life. The gap goes as far as 30 years. He claimed to have 27 children, both with two of his wives and from a lot of one night stands. He ran away with another woman after Dennis was born.

In 2012 after 42 years of being separated, Dennis and Philander came face to face. Dennis would talk about his father not being in his life saying. "My father isn't part of my life. I haven't seen him in more than thirty years, so what is there to miss? I just look at it like this: Some man brought me into this world."

Dennis is no saint either following in his father's footsteps with women.


3 Manny Pacquiao (ROSALIO PACQUIAO)

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Rosalio Pacquiao, the father of Manny Pacquiao, was a complete nutcase. When Manny was a child Rosalio took his son's dog away from him, cooked it and ate it in front of him. Manny would be motivated to run away get on a ship to Manila. Before he became a boxer he stayed there living in a cardboard box. In a 2015 interview with the Daily Mail Rosalio denied the feud with his son. He denied the reports that he ate his dog and said that they lived in poverty. "Most of the time we had only bananas and root crops to eat, but when I did make more money I made sure my family ate rice."

On top of the alleged incident involving Manny's dog, Pacquiao claims his father left the family and his mother for another woman when Manny was a teenager.

2 Mary Pierce (JIM PIERCE)

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At his daughter's tennis matches he would verbally abuse his daughter Mary's opponents while physically abusing  Mary behind the scenes. In 1993 he was kicked out of the French Open for punching a spectator. That got him banned from all women's tennis events until 1998. He would sue his daughter because she promised him 25 percent of her earnings. After she retired from tennis Mary lived a more faith based life and tried to mend her relationship with her father. Jim Pierce died this past April at the age of 81. Mary was a well known tennis player because of her father's toughness but at the same time he took things way too far.

Mary Pierce explained to CNN that her faith changed her as a person: "My perspective on tennis and why I was playing completely changed -- I wanted to do it for him, for the Lord, and I wanted to do everything that I did to the best of my ability, just to glorify me because of the gift that he gave me."


1 The Ball Brothers (LAVAR BALL)

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Lavar Ball is number one on this list because it is so obvious he is the biggest jerk and so full of himself. He goes on every single sports talk show and brags about how his Lonzo will be the next Michael Jordan.

I have to say Lonzo must be pretty embarrassed by his dad's antics and his dad is only thinking about himself and what he can get out of his son being in the NBA. Lavar once also ridiculously said "Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one." He also predicts that LeBron James will leave Cleveland and join Lonzo Ball and the Lakers next season.

Lavar just never stops making headlines due to his outrageous claims and one has to wonder if at some point, Lavar will hurt his sons' careers more than he'll help them.


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