15 Athletes You Forgot Worked In The "Other Industry"

These athletes are known for what they do on stage, on the pitch, in the ring, or whatever sporting arena they show off their skills in. But they’ve also got a bit of a shady past, have working in another industry, one that most would be embarrassed to talk about.

It can be tough making it as a pro athlete, especially during the initial stages or during a lull stage in your career. When the money’s not coming in, you’re torn between walking away from your sport completely, embarking on another career, or doing a little something, getting a side job to keep the money coming in. That’s what a lot of these athletes have done, although having said that, quite a few have worked in “the other industry” during or after they’d finished their sporting careers. When I say “the other industry,” I’m sure you all get the gist, but for those of you who don’t have the foggiest what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the adult entertainment industry, mainly adult films.

There have been quite a lot of athletes who have worked in adult entertainment at some point of other, and these are the ones you probably aren’t too clued up about, the athletes you forgot worked in the other industry.

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15 Kazuhito Tadano

via alchetron.com

Tadano was making waves in the high school baseball scene back in his native Japan as a star pitcher. He went to university and his pitching only got better. It seemed as if it would be inevitable that Tadano would instantly come out of university and turn pro, but it didn’t quite happen like that. Tadano was really strapped for cash, and so decided to star in a gay adult movie. Of course that video got out, and so in the Nippon Professional Baseball draft in 2002 he went undrafted.

Off he went to the US, he signed for the Cleveland Indians and the rest is history, he’s enjoyed a stellar career since. If you knew about Tadano you’ve probably forgotten about his past, because Japan certainly have. They’ve welcomed him back with open arms, and he’s currently a pitcher for Ishikawa Million Stars in Japan's Baseball Challenge League.

14 Yusaf Mack

via youtube.com

Yusaf Mack had more than a decent career as a boxer. He began his pro career way back in 2000, and had a good time of it, going on a six-year unbeaten streak. But in the four-year period between 2010 and 2014, it all went downhill for Mack. He lost six of his nine fights, and his career as a boxer was basically finished. He hasn’t fought since, but has been keeping busy doing something else.

In 2015, he appeared in a gay adult film. When quizzed about it, he initially lied and said he’d been drugged and forced into starring in that adult movie, but he later told the truth and retracted that statement. He’d lied because he was embarrassed, and was ashamed to admit he was gay. He’d fathered 10 kids by that point, and was engaged to woman, so it’s little wonder he didn’t want that getting out.

13 Jessica Aguilar

via popularhispanics.com

Jessica Aguilar’s a pretty big deal in the world of MMA, and in sports in general. Since embarking on her pro MMA career, she’s risen through the ranks and is today considered to be amongst the best fighters in the industry. She’s an iconic figure, not only because of her fighting prowess, but because she’s an openly gay athlete.

For those of you who don’t know about the Reality Kings production company, it’s basically an adult production company. Jessica didn’t pose nude for them or anything like that, but did once appear in a video of theirs. People get turned on by all sorts of things, and the company tries to adhere to that, making different kinds of videos for people’s different kinds of 'tastes'. There are people who get turned on by watching women kicking ass, and that’s basically what Jessica was employed to do in their video. She didn’t exactly kick any ass, just instructed two women how to do so, but it’s an appearance nevertheless.

12 Sunny

via wrestlingedge.com

Tamara Lynn Sytch aka Sunny to go by her wrestling name, was a big name in the wrestling industry, and still is but now mainly for the wrong reasons. She’s had a tumultuous time of it, has gotten into plenty of legal issues, has had a ton of health concerns, and is basically a shadow of her former self. Her former self is someone who worked in adult entertainment; well, I say her former self, but she actually starred in a film that was released as recently as last year. In addition to that recent film release, she’s also posed nude for adult websites, something she’s done alongside her stop-start wrestling career.

You’ve probably forgotten about her work in adult entertainment, because everything else that’s been going on in her life has taken precedence. Nowadays, think of Sunny, and you think of her problems with the law, which are still ongoing.

11 Kai Greene

via photobucket.com

Kai Greene’s been number two in the world of bodybuilding for many years. He wins pro shows, but the biggest competition in bodybuilding has so far eluded him. Infuriatingly he keeps getting second place at the Mr. Olympia, but he’s still many people’s uncrowned champ. Kai’s renowned for his personality, his philosophical approach to life. He’s also known for his unique posing routines on stage.

Bodybuilding’s a pretty expensive sport. You’ve got to spend a ton of cash just to get to competition level, getting ready for shows, and if you don’t win – even if you do – there’s little reward in terms of cash prizes. Nowadays Kai’s a big deal so he’s got sponsors. But back in the day when he was starting out, he needed cash so he could train, pay for his food, drugs and whatnot. That’s when he took part in a video for MuscleHunks.com, in which he was filmed doing unspeakable things to a watermelon. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to make it to the top.

10 War Machine

via mbnews.one

War Machine – yes, that’s his real name since he changed it legally from Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver in 2008, which tells you something about him already – was an MMA fighter who’s currently where he belongs, serving a life sentence in prison. To call this guy a douchebag would be the understatement of the century. He’s pretty much hated by all since he almost killed his girlfriend in a vicious assault in 2014. He’s and will forever be known for that, not his MMA career, and not his stint in the adult film industry.

War Machine followed his girlfriend, Christy Mack into the adult entertainment industry. He appeared in 12 films, but like I’ve said, no one really cares; everyone’s forgotten about his acting roles and will only remember him for nearly taking Christy’s life.

9 Amy Weber

via justinprice.com

The gorgeous Amy Weber has tried her hand at many different things over the years. She’s a singer, has had plenty of movie and TV roles as an actress, and has had a stint as a professional wrestling valet and professional wrestler, hence she makes it on this list.

For those of you who can cast your minds back to Amy’s brief wrestling career, you’ve done pretty well. She was only a pro wrestler for a matter of months, before continuing with her acting, but what a lot of you probably don’t know is that Amy had already been around for quite some time before getting into the wrestling industry. She started out her movie career by starring in a number of adult films, in which she appeared nude. Well, they weren’t exactly adult films in the hardcore sense; they were horror flicks, but the kind of movies that were made basically to sexualize beautiful women, of which Amy was one.

8 Eva Roob

via nowgal.com

The gorgeous blonde bombshell that is Eva Roob was undoubtedly one of the hottest women in soccer. Although she was a female soccer player – which doesn’t get that much attention – and was playing in the lower league of German football, fans still turned up when she was on the pitch, not because she’s the female equivalent of Cristiano Ronaldo or anything like that, but because she’s a real head turner. She’s used her looks to her advantage and has made a career out of being an erotic film actress.

She began acting in erotic films while playing soccer, because with her being a female player and playing in the German second league, the money wasn’t great. But she became a pretty big deal, and her antics on camera – not on the pitch – have gained her worldwide attention.

7 Robert Rosenberg

via blesk.cz

Robert’s been pretty open about his career in adult films. Almost as if bragging about it, he’s said he’s starred in over 2,500 films and has had 4,000 sexual partners. He was successful too, and was raking it in in his prime, but there were also numerous allegations of wrongdoing, of him pimping and being involved in a human trafficking ring, which is probably what most people – those who know of him – will remember about Robert. But nowadays, if you’re into your boxing, you might just know Robert because of his boxing career.

He’d been fighting for years, practicing martial arts, and when he retired from his career in adult entertainment, he decided to turn his attention to boxing full time. He got off to a great start, but is floundering a tad, having lost 4 of his last 5 fights. It remains to be seen whether he’ll be as a great a boxer as he was an adult film star.

6 Kimbo Slice

via scrapdigest.com

Kimbo Slice didn't exactly perform any suggestive acts, but he did play a role in a video. The late famous streetfighter and eventual professional competitor took part in a Reality Kings video, a company he served as a bodyguard for. Slice never did anything on camera, but he did work behind the scenes on several sets. Eventually, Slice got his break in the professional world of mixed martial arts and he was able to leave that life behind him. Sadly, Slice passed away last year but he achieved quite a level of fame in the MMA world for a guy who was just signed off the streets. Like him or not, he's going to be remembered by many.

5 X-Pac

via nypost.com

Sean Waltman aka X-Pac has got to be one of the most troubled athletes that’s ever lived. Just hearing what he’s gone through, the demons he’s battled during his time in the limelight in the wrestling industry is truly horrific – it’s amazing he’s still alive and kicking to this day.

In 2004, X-Pac was involved in what we now know to be a tumultuous relationship with Chyna. She’d done plenty of work in the “other industry,” and in one instance, X-Pac decided to follow suit and give it a try. He starred in an amateur film with her, 1 Night in China, and although it was amateur, those into that kind of stuff just lapped it up – probably because of who was starring in it – and it became a best-selling video. But due to everything else X-Pac had going on in his life, the substance abuse problems, suicide attempts, and his wrestling career, I very much doubt a lot of people would remember him for his venture into the world of adult entertainment.

4 Yvette Bova

via deviantart.net

Nowadays people flock to a whole host of different things. To a lot of people, Yvette wouldn’t really be that attractive. That’s because she’s a muscle chick and is absolutely massive, bigger and beefier than a lot of guys out there who lift weights. She can seem rather scary, really intimidating. But that’s also what people like about her, why she’s gained so much success in the adult entertainment industry.

Before entering this industry, Yvette took part in bodybuilding for a decade. But despite retiring, she’s kept up her training, because that muscular look’s needed for her videos. But look at her, and you wouldn’t automatically assume she’s into the adult entertainment industry. You’d still think she was a pro, competing on stage, because she’s certainly got more muscle mass than a lot of the pro athletes.

3 Dakota Cochrane

via mmajunkie.com

Since making his pro debut in 2009, Dakota’s established himself as more than just a decent MMA competitor. He’s amassed 27 wins from 37 pro fights, and is still going strong, fighting out of Omaha, Nebraska.

I’ve mentioned how a couple of people on this list were found out, were found to have worked in adult entertainment, and how consequently, their careers suffered because of it. But the UFC’s one company that didn’t really give a toss – they wanted Dakota the fighter and that’s what they’ve got. That’s also what most of you will probably remember about Dakota, his fighting in the octagon.

Dakota’s participated in many gay adult movies, and disclosed all of this to the UFC. It brought up a few debates, but aside from that, his past hasn’t affected his career one iota.

2 Candice Michelle

via rsltvds.com

Candice Michelle was undoubtedly one of the hottest women in wrestling. She seriously was a sizzling diva, and became a fan favorite during her five years in the industry, for winning the Women’s Championship, but also for her part in many racy storylines. She was around at a time where women on the roster were basically there to be sexualized, but it wouldn’t have bothered Candice because she’d gotten up to far racier antics during her work in adult entertainment. The wrestling business must have seemed pretty tame to her after what she had done before.

She’s appeared nude tons of times over the years, and gained quite a fan following. She’s shunned all that now that she’s married and has three kids.

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger

via advocate.com

Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the world’s most successful actors, the best bodybuilder of all time, and decent politician to boot, has worked in adult entertainment, albeit briefly.

I’ve mentioned how the life of a pro bodybuilder can be seriously tough, especially when starting out, when you have to fund everything yourself. A lot of aspiring bodybuilders for whom bodybuilding’s their sole focus, live day to day, and they’ve got to do whatever it takes to survive. Arnold was no different. He didn’t start earning fame and fortune right from the get go. There were hard times, plenty of struggles. During these times, in 1977, Arnold showed off his junk to the magazine After Dark. With a body like Arnold’s, I bet he got quite a decent amount of cash for it too.

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