15 Awkward Photos Of Fans With Female Athletes You Have To See

You can imagine it must be incredibly exciting to have the opportunity to meet some of your favourite professional athletes. But sometimes that excitement that you feel isn't always translated to the photo that ends up getting taken.After all, these fans don't see the photos until after they are taken, so there is no chance to no your photo is going to look super awkward.

It may be hard to blame the athletes for many of the awkward situations that you're about to see. Such as in the case of Paige who has a fan who gets all up in her business, or one fan who didn't let the fact that Maria Sharapova was dripping in sweat slow him down. AJ Lee even received a marriage proposal! Now that is seriously awkward, though you can't knock the guy for trying (or maybe we can).

And while some of our photos came from planned photo opportunities, sometimes it's the candid photos that are all the more awkward. Like one fan who didn't let Kelly Kelly being on the phone deter him from getting his hug or one fan who used Nikki and John's trip to the Apple store to capture some unexpected angles.

These are 15 Awkward Photos Of Fans With Female Athletes You Have To See!

15 Two Male Fans Cosplay As Nikki And John To Meet The Twins

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Now we have to admit there aren't many fan bases out there that are more dedicated than the WWE. And when it comes to getting to meet Nikki Bella, it may perhaps only be natural that you might also want to show some love to her real-life fiance John Cena. But she probably hopes she doesn't see too many guy-guy couples coming through the line that are cosplaying her and Cena's relationship. That's not to say these guys didn't clearly put in some serious effort, so props to them. But you might agree that this was a pretty awkward (or at least a talking point!) part of the Bella twins day. At least they have each other there for support. How did they choose who had to be Nikki?

14 Ronda Rousey Gets Swarmed By Screaming Fans

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You have to take our word for it that it's Ronda Rousey being bear-hugged by two screaming fans in the above photo. Ronda Rousey would have been still feeling on top of the world at the time of the above photo being taken. The moment captured was Rousey's trip to Australia to try and raise awareness and support for what was then her upcoming match with Holly Holm. The match ended up being her first career loss and also led to a subsequent loss to Amanda Nunes. But there is no denying that even with her losses that Rousey still has plenty of fans that would be just as excited as these girls to meet her.

13 Fan Gets All Up Behind Paige

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When it comes to getting to meet your favourite wrestlers, it can perhaps be incredibly exciting to know you're going to get up close and personal. But that doesn't mean you need to get as close and personal as this above fellow did.

If we're going to give him some credit, Paige does have a smile going on in the photo. Though her face could also be interpreted as a mixture of surprise and fear! At the very least we're sure she wasn't going to let those hands do some roaming as she seems to have them pretty locked in to just below her chest. Worst case scenario she can always deck him with the belt!

12 Fan Bombards Sharapova For Sweaty Selfie

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Maria Sharapova, scandal notwithstanding, is one of the best tennis players of all-time. Which has usually been a tremendous thing for the world of female tennis as she is also a tremendous role model and always been great with her fans.

Something that is put on prominent display with our above photo that shows her throwing the peace sign to the camera while a fan tries to quickly get his selfie in. While it's great to see Sharapova's willingness to interact, her sweatiness indicates a woman that perhaps would much rather be getting her booty into a shower! Perhaps she was coming off a victory on the court which is also why she was more than happy to stop.

11 Fan Doesn't Let Kelly Kelly Phone Call Stop Him

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Which WWE superstar would you be the most excited to see? An answer may quickly come to your mind. Now just imagine getting to run into them when you're just on your way into the local store. That level of excitement that you're picturing in your head probably still doesn't come close to the level of jubilation that this man is experiencing after running into Kelly Kelly. But I mean c'mon, who wouldn't be excited to see her? Though he does run a serious party foul from approaching her while she is on the phone. Which also makes us think she probably didn't see this photo coming. Leave it to Kelly to still look amazing though!

10 Creep Shot Of Nikki And John In Apple Store

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Many of the photos on our list feature WWE superstars interacting with their fans in a variety of meet-and-greet situations or when fans run into superstars as they engage in their daily lives. The above photo could have been a tremendous opportunity for the fan to get a photo with not only Nikki Bella, but her fiance John Cena!

I mean granted the two of them were in the Apple store, so you might have wanted to wait a few minutes, but an opportunity like that is well worth taking right? For this fan, the moment he thought that was worth taking was a candid photo of the two of them getting help. We're sure both Nikki and John get plenty of paparazzi attention from people paid to track them down, and they probably don't appreciate fans doing it without their consent either!

9 AJ Lee Has A Fan Down On One Knee

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There are many WWE Divas that you may wish that you knew on a more personal level. And while she may no longer be with the company, it's easy to see why AJ Lee remains one of the most captivating Divas to ever enter the squared circle. Her talent and good looks were recognized by CM Punk. The two got married on June 13th, 2014.

But if things don't end up working out for AJ Lee and Punk, we're sure there are plenty of fans who would be lining up the door to try and ask her out. The above guy may have beaten us all to the punch though considering he can officially say he has proposed to her! While Punk and Lee probably aren't returning to the WWE anytime soon, we can always hope.

8 Serena Williams Exposes Too Much When Bent Over

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Part of being a successful tennis player is picking outfits that are going to give you the most comfortability and flexibility on the court. But in an ideal world, you may hope that if you're a female, such as Serena Williams is, that you don't spend too much time giving the world a shot of what your underwear looks like.

But that's exactly what's going on with our above photo that is, funnily enough, a photo of Serena taking a photo with a fan. We're sure the photo that the fan got may be a much better look as far as Serena is concerned! Williams had plenty to smile about during that particular US Open Tournament which was held in 2014 and saw her coming out on top.

7 Paige Plants One On A Fan

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There is another photo on this list of a fan getting up close and personal with Paige from behind. But if you look at that photo, as well as the above one, it becomes evident that perhaps Paige just loves getting touchy with her fans. Which means we wouldn't blame you if she just rocketed up your list of WWE superstars you'd love to meet.

At the very least the fan in the above photo seems to be ecstatic with his decision to wait for the chance to meet Paige. While it was probably his idea to ask for the kiss, we're sure glad Paige agreed or this photo may have still been awkward and shocking but for a whole other reason!

6 An Exhausted Dean Ambrose And Renee Young At The Airport

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It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to see that Dean Ambrose and Renee Young both look exhausted in the above photo. Ambrose may look closer to falling over, but his job in the ring is also much more demanding than Young's so we suppose that makes sense.

Part of what may help Ambrose feel better after a long night, however, is the fact that he gets to end his nights curling up beside Young. The two have been in a relationship since 2013 and got married in a low-key ceremony back in 2017. Which also explains why they're traveling together. Something the above fan seems like he could not have been happier about!

5 Eugenie Bouchard Poses On Her Fan Date

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Now we suppose this photo isn't so much awkward, as one of the more unique situations that you're going to read about in terms of "celebrity dating". After John Goehrke won a bet against Eugenie Bouchard that he made with her over twitter, he won the right to take her on a date.

Something he was more than happy to take her up on. We're sure you might be sitting there and are just jealous that a man got to get close to Bouchard, but you might also agree that it had the potential to be an incredibly awkward situation. Good thing Goehrke didn't go on to become an overly obsessed fan!

4 Teenage Boy Looks Over The Moon To Meet Both Bella Twins

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When it comes to getting to meet WWE Divas, there might not be a more exciting moment than getting to go and see the Bella twins. I mean sure, Trish Stratus is awesome, but there's only one of her! When you go and see Nikki and Brie, you literally get the opportunity to be swarmed in beauty. Something the above fan looks to be more than happy to be experiencing. Though who can blame him!

Especially when you consider Nikki's outfit doesn't exactly leave much to the imagination. Let's hope he had memorized what he was going to say before he approached them because something tells us if he had to make something up on the spot it may have involved a lot of stammering and trying not to stare.

3 Fan Makes Sure To Give AJ Lee Some Space

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If you look at how close AJ Lee gets to her fans in contrast to Paige, the difference is apples and oranges. But everyone has their own personal level of comfort in regards to how close they want their fans to get. And perhaps on the above day, AJ Lee was hoping to just keep some distance from her fanbase.

Who knows, maybe she was sick? And the last thing you may want is to meet your favourite superstar and walk away with a cold. Though his hat signifies a love of the Chicago White Sox and Lee appears to be a Cubs fan, so perhaps he was wise to not get too close!

2 McKayla Maroney Makes The Face With Barack

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There are some athletes who if you had the opportunity to meet them, you may know exactly what you were going to say. Perhaps like Dwayne Johnson they had a catch-phrase that you just wouldn't be able to pass up. But if you're McKayla Maroney, nothing is ever going to be as iconic as the face she made on the podium following her medal-winning performance at the Olympic games.

It's a face she's admitted she didn't even know she was making at the time, but we're sure she has made it (or been asked to) thousands of times since. Which if you think about it must be pretty exhausting! Perhaps the cringiest, or at least most impossible to deny request came when she dropped the infamous pose during her trip to the White House to meet Barack Obama. We wouldn't be surprised if Trump wouldn't be able to pull it off!

1 Sasha Gets Trip To The Plane Interrupted

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The life of a WWE superstar might not be as glamorous as you may think based on what you see on television. The reality is that a large portion of their job is spent flying place to place. Which means that they also spend a large portion of their week hanging out in airports.

But if they're looking sleepy and rushing around for a flight, it might not be the best time to stop them for a photo. Especially if in the case of Sasha Banks, she wasn't even able to work up a smile. No worries buddy, we know you we just excited to see Sasha and trust us we would be too, but maybe next time you just say Hi if she looks like she is in a rush and skip the photo.

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