15 Beach Volleyball Players Who Already Have Us Excited for the Summer Olympics

What is so wrong about watching beautiful, fit women wearing nothing but a bikini running around hitting a volleyball? Oh, and they play in the sand too. Why is it so taboo to think that the sport that features such stunning visuals would be among the most popular at the Olympics? Just like in any sport, the popularity of the sport is in direct correlation with the power and success it maintains during the Olympics. In other words, if a sport has very few fans and not much financial success, than it will eventually fade away and we will no longer see it once every four years. But beach volleyball, now that is a sport that has wings.

Since it was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1992, beach volleyball has risen into one of the most popular and successful sports at the Olympic games. Maybe it is due to the bikini's and hot women busting their humps to win a gold medal, or maybe it is simply because there is no other sport that can come close to offering the visuals that beach volleyball does while also providing a ton of very talented stars that make the game great.

In a couple years, we will be talking about the 2020 Summer Olympics and one sport in particular, beach volleyball. So let's jump right in and take a look at the 15 teams that already have us excited about the future of the sport at the Olympics.

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15 Taylor Pischke, Canada

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Team Canada is starting to become the most dangerous force in beach volleyball and it should scare countries like the USA and Brazil. This strange because Canada is more known for it's winter cimate than it's summer beaches! Taylor Pischke is part of this revolution of beach volleyball now that the field is wide open. Their is no longer a single team that dominates year-after-year anymore so the field has become more balanced, letting players like Taylor grow into a superstar overnight. The change is already going down as she has changed partners this past season and is now teamed up with Kristina May after spending four years with Melissa Humana-Paredes.

14 Brandie Wilkerson, Canada

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Speaking of Team Canada, our next beach volleyball star hails from one of the most underrated beach volleyball countries in the world today. Canada has a ton of talent and a short list of openings on their Olympic beach volleyball team but one athlete in particular is a no-doubt member of the Olympic team and will remain on it through 2020. That is Brandie Wilkerson. At just 25 years old, Brandie is one of the hottest young stars in the game today. She is rapidly becoming one of the best players on Team Canada and should get even better over the next three years. So don't miss her in action.

13 Marta Menegatti, Italy

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When the world was first introduced to Marta Menegatti, back in 2012, her meteoric rise to fame was a combination of her beauty and talent. Not only was she one of Italy's best beach volleyball players, she is also one of the hottest female athletes in the world. Her beauty has given her the ability to become a bigger star in the sport, and no one is complaining.

Last year, she was favoured to win an Olympic medal but her teammate, Victoria Orsi, was banned after allegations arose that she had taken a banned substance. That ended up costing her the chance to show the world what she could do and they ended up losing shortly after the round-of-16 began. By the time 2020 rolls around, don't be shocked when you see Marta's name among the top players in the sport.

12 Rebecca Diane Perry, Italy

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Indoors or outdoors, Rebecca Diane Perry is a superstar on the court or in the sand. She plays both indoor team volleyball and pro beach volleyball making her one of the scariest two-way players in the sport. To her benefit, she is now partnered with one of the biggest names in the sport today, Marta Menegatti, in a move that all but guarantees she will be heading to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Her talents are hard to hide and she continues to get better with each and every tournament she plays in. She is also very skilled on her Instagram account, as showcased by the above photo.

11 Kinga Kolosinska, Poland

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At 27 years young, Kinga Kolosinska is still playing beach volleyball in her prime. By the 2020 Olympics, she will still be in her 20's and looking to compete for her first international medal. She has spent the last five years playing in around 10 FIVB events a year including her 2016 appearance in the Rio Olympics.

Her main partner has been Monika Brzostek and the two of them have done more for their home country in the sport of beach volleyball than just about any athlete before them. Statistically speaking, she has earned almost $175,000 over her 11 year career and has climbed the charts to become, not only one of the hottest beach volleyball players from Poland, but also one of the most talented. Her chances heading into the 2020 Olympics are almost a lock.

10 Sarah Pavan, Canada

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One of the benefits of being a very tall, and slim, woman is that there is a sport for you. Beach volleyball features some of the tallest and longest female athletes in the world. Sarah Pavan is a prime example. The former University of Nebraska alum stands an impressive 6'6" and has a massive wingspan. She was born to be a spiker and does a fantastic job at it too.

Her run with Team Canada started in 2013 when she moved from indoor volleyball to beach volleyball and she subsequently earned herself an Olympic berth in 2016, in which she finished with a perfect 3-0 record before being beaten in the knockout round by her fellow country-mates. Sarah is partnered with Melissa Humana-Paredes and the two of them are set on a course pointed straight to the 2020 Olympics.

9 Nina Betschart, Switzerland

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Switzerland is a beautiful country. However, the one thing it does better than almost all of the other countries at the Summer Olympics is handle snow. It snows a lot in Switzerland making it tough for beach volleyball stars like Nina Betschart to get in some quality practice time.

This Swiss hottie has come on strong in the past two seasons, making a push for herself to earn a spot on the Switzerland Olympic beach volleyball team. Earlier in the year, she earned a spot as a wild card at the FIVB World Tour Finals and ended up finishing in a tie for 5th place. She and her teammate Tanja Huberli battled their way to a better finish than favorites such as Bansley and Wilkerson from Canada.

8 Agatha Bednarczuk, Brazil

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One of the beach volleyball rules at the Olympics is that any country can only have a maximum of two teams that qualify. So countries have to figure out who is their best four players and team them up early enough to grow the chemistry and partnership they need to get themselves an Olympic gold medal.

For Brazil, that is a big problem because they have six beach volleyball players that could easily make the Olympics, and should. Agatha Bednarczuk is one of them that should not be worried about making the trip to Tokyo, she is one of their best overall performers. At 34 years old, Agatha is still rocking and rolling on the beach, earning herself another shot to get on an Olympic podium.

7 Bara Hermannova, Czech Republic


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Along with her teammate, Marketa Slukova, Barbora Hermannova is part of the sexiest beach volleyball duo's in the sport. But looks can only get you so far in sports. So Barbora and Marketa had to prove their value in the sand, which they did by qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympic games. Now that we know what she can do, Barbora has risen through the ranks to become one of the biggest names in the sport. Her best asset remains her teammate Marketa but do not let that fool you, she can spike the ball better than most other women in the sport. As shown in the photo above, she also stands out on her own as a true beauty in the sport.

6 Lauren Fendrick, USA

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When Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh entered the 2004 Athens Olympic games, they went on a winning streak that lasted for three straight Olympics. They won three gold medals and 32 consecutive sets before finally giving up a set to Austria in 2012. Their dominance will be remembered for a very long time.

However, Misty May-Treanor called it a career and the duo retired from beach volleyball a few years ago leaving the field wide open for the rest of the world. That's where Lauren Fendrick steps in as one of the newest members of Team USA to compete for a chance to win an Olympic gold medal. She recently changed partners and is now with another former Olympian, April Ross. That move alone could mean Team USA is preparing her for the next level by putting a lofty veteran as her partner. Based on what we have seen of Lauren, chances are she will be in Tokyo in 2020.

5 Ophelie Lusson, France

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As one of the youngest female athletes on this list, Ophelie Lusson has nothing but potential and continues to improve each season. The most unfortunate part about her game is that she is playing for a country that rarely, if ever, dominates in beach volleyball. In fact, France has never finished higher than 9th place and that was back in 2000, the last time they even earned an Olympic berth.

So, sadly, as talented as she is, Ophelie Lusson might just be the product of her environment, which is no fault of her own. The good news is that she has several more tournaments and a few years to prove it. If France has a shot at making it to Tokyo, it is going to be because of the growth and maturity of Ophelie's game.

4 Martina Bonnerova, Czech Republic

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Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you have ever been than you already know about the loads of talented women that walk around the city all day long. It is like Hollywood meets Brazil and it is like that all the time.

So it comes as no shock that Martina Bonnerova hails from Prague. She is not only the most beautiful female beach volleyball player you never heard of yet, but she is one of the best as we gear up for the 2020 Tokyo games. She is only half of the equation, however, but the good news is that her teammate is a stud herself. Bara Hermannova and Bonnerova have done plenty of damage in the past few months, leaving us with plenty to look forward to in a few years.

3 Jagoda Gruszczynksa, Poland

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When it comes to the Olympics, Poland needs all the help it can get if they want to claim a medal in beach volleyball. The sudden stardom surrounding their surprisingly hot duo of Jagoda Gruszczynksa and Kinga Kolosinska, featured on this list too, has given Poland something to cheer about right now.

Jagoda makes the tough plays on the back line while running the offence and calling out the defensive fronts. And she does it all while rocking a bikini and looking like a supermodel that is in need of a Victoria's Secret photoshoot. They have more than just Polish fans excited about the upcoming Olympic games, just do a quick Google search and check out the duo if you don't believe us.

2 Monika Povilaityte, Lithuania

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For being such a tiny country, Lithuania has no issues holding its' own during the Olympics. It is sitting on the far edge of Europe, mainly hanging out with Poland and themselves, but the country has not had a problem providing us with some amazing athletes including their very own beach volleyball star, Monika Povilaityte.

Monika Povilaityte has slowly become one of the hottest names in the sport after exploding onto the scene in 2014 as part of the Best Female Team of the Year in Lithuania. She and her partner (Dumbasuskaite) are sitting quietly in the background, slowly climbing the rankings in the beach volleyball world, leading them right into a free trip to Tokyo in 2020. The fact that she is a stone cold beauty makes everything a little bit better, doesn't it?

1 Marketa Slukova-Nausch, Czech Republic

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Since 2012, Marketa Slukova has become a household name in the beach volleyball industry. She quickly rose to fame as one of the most beautiful female athletes in the world and it did not take very long for her to prove that she was also pretty dang good in the sand, finishing 5th overall at the 2012 London Olympics.

Six years later, she remains one of the most popular beach volleyball stars and a top ten ranked teammate. Between her and Barbora Hermannova, the duo has put together one heck of a 2017 FIVB season. It should lead them right into a great position to earn themselves a third straight Olympic games trip. Her coach, Simon Nausch, is also her husband. So if anyone was curious, we are sorry to say the talented superstar is no longer on the market.

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