15 Beautiful Women Who Fell In Love With Ugly Athletes

Ever looked at two people, a couple, and wondered how on earth they got together? It happens all the time; you see a couple who look totally different, who just don’t look like they’d click. When I say totally different from each other, it’s a nicer way of saying that one is ugly, the other’s not, is actually pretty hot. A bit of a beauty and the best situation going on. When it’s that way around, many people have their perceptions about how they got together. Sure, personalities can attract, it isn’t all about looks. But what initially attracted these hot women to these at best, average, looking guys? The money, the fame, basking in the limelight side by side with their famous other half? Only they’ll know.

At first glances, it seems truly ridiculous that these gorgeous women would fall for these ugly athletes, let alone fall in love with them, be involved in meaningful relationships with them, for a time anyway. Again, not saying so-called ugly people can’t fall in love, or rather can’t be loved, just that it’s pretty hard to see the attraction – they make for truly odd couples. Here they are, without further ado; 15 stunning beauties who fell in love with athletes who aren’t perceived to be “lookers.”

16 Colleen Crowley - Johnny Manziel

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Johnny Manziel’s NFL career already seems to be over at age 24, but he’s already made quite a reputation in the NFL, although he’s probably not too pleased about it. Johnny’s widely regarded to be one of the ugliest players going around, and he’s one of the most hated players too. His short career’s already been littered with controversy – it seems as if he’s never too far away from some sort of trouble with the law, or with his peers. But amazingly, one thing he hasn’t had trouble with is getting with hot girls.

A couple of years ago, stunner Colleen Crowley and Johnny were madly in love with each other. She really is on another level when it comes to looks, and body, and all-round hotness, and he? Well, you can see for yourself. They spent two years together, but things ended pretty dramatically, pretty violently too if allegations are to be believed. Apparently, Manziel assaulted Colleen, threatened to kill her, kidnapped her – so thankfully they went their separate ways. Manziel’s now engaged to another hottie, Bre Tiesi. How he does it we’ll never know. The guy must have some serious game.

15 Dylan Gonzalez - Anthony Davis

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New Orleans Pelicans power forward Anthony Davis has had a stellar past few years. He’s just received the NBA All-Star Game MVP Award and things are looking up for him. At the age of 24, he has plenty to look forward to on the court. But in terms of his looks? Nah. The guy’s most striking feature – and not in a good way – is his unibrow for god’s sake. He’s kind of got that mad scientist look going on. That’s why it’s remarkable when we came to know that he was dating Dylan Gonzalez, one half of the hottest twins in basketball. Yep, she’s a baller herself, and is absolutely stunning, sizzling on the court and off it. They got together during the summer of 2013, and it’s unclear what happened next, I suppose things just fizzled out. Apparently, if rumors are to be believed, singer Drake now has the hots for the twins; now he’s much more her type and vice versa.

14 Maria Kirilenko - Alexander Ovechkin

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Russian pro ice hockey winger, Alexander Ovechkin, is known for his hard shot, among other things, but his looks aren’t one of those other things. He’s a snarly, serious, rough and tough kind of person, has that demeanor about him, and it’s illustrated on his face. Maria Kirilenko on the other hand, is renowned for being one of the hottest tennis players on the WTA tour. She’s a Russian beauty alright, and has shown off her package in some stunning shoots over the years. The two were in love alright. In fact, they were actually engaged to get married, but something happened and they called the impending nuptials off in 2014. Alexander must have been wondering if he’d ever bag another beauty. He certainly did. It didn’t take him long to get with Nastya – also super-hot – and the two didn’t take long getting engaged.

Eventually though, Kirilenko ended the engagement, saying:“I have decided to terminate the engagement,” Kirilenko told R-Sport. “I do not want to go into the details. I’ll say one thing: Our relationship is over, but I respect [Alex] as a person and athlete and I sincerely wish him continued athletic success.”

13 Coleen – Wayne Rooney

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England soccer captain and now Everton striker, Wayne Rooney, has been ridiculed pretty much throughout his career because of his looks. The guy’s been likened to that ogre from the movies of the same name, Shrek; that’s certainly not a good thing. He’s Shrek’s lookalike, is hairy, had balding hair, sticking out ears – it just wasn’t a very attractive package. But soccer players on those kinds of wages can get with pretty much anyone they want. Looks don’t really factor into it much for WAGs looking to attach themselves to a rich bloke and live that whole lifestyle. I’m not saying that’s why Coleen got with Wayne, but it’s the only reason I can think of.

She even stayed with him after he cheated on her with prostitutes while she was pregnant with his kid! A woman as hot as Coleen deserves better, could do a whole lot better.

12 Jessica Olsson – Dirk Nowitzki

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German pro basketball player of the Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki, is one of the most-loved guys in the sport. People don’t have a bad word to say about him, apart for the opposition players of course for whom he’s a nightmare. But he’s not a looker. He’s actually deemed to be ugly on and off the court, looks’ wise, and some of his shots. But what he does is effective, again, on and off the court. His game still shines and his looks haven’t affected him getting with beautiful women. But I’m sure you’ll agree that Jessica Olsson is way out of his league – well, actually, evidently not.

They made headlines in the basketball world when they got hitched, because it was an interracial marriage and because of the obvious difference between the two on the hotness scale.

11 Masha Lopatova - Andrei Kirilinko

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During his playing days, Andrei Kirilinko was considered one of the greatest NBA players of all time. He’s still involved with the game as the commissioner of the Russian Basketball Federation. His job title may have changed, but one thing that’s remained a constant in his life, throughout the majority of his career in basketball, has been his wife, Masha Lopatova. She’s a former Russian pop star, and looks it. She’s just ridiculously hot, looks like a model – well, from the number of sultry shoots she’s done over the year, you have to say she is a model. Andrei on the other hand – woof! The guy looks like something out of the Adams Family. It gives men around the world who are on par with him looks’-wise, hope. Amazingly, Masha also lets him sleep around, once a year that is.

Yep, seriously; she allows him to sleep with other women once a year, because, according to her, “men are just like that by nature so there’s no point resisting.” Thought Andrei hit the jackpot by getting with Masha, well, he still gets to sleep with other women too, with his wife’s blessing! Don’t know why you would if you have a woman as stunning as Masha by your side, but still, he’s one lucky bugger!

10 Janaína Mendes – Ronaldinho

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Ronaldinho hasn’t officially retired from the beautiful game of soccer, but his long absence pretty much indicates that he’s not going to come back. The guy was – is – one of the ugliest soccer players around, one of the ugliest sportsmen for that matter. His looks have often made the Brazilian soccer star the butt of many jokes, but that doesn’t matter, he’s beautiful in so many different ways. At his best, his silky skills made him one of the best players in the world, and right throughout his career, he played because he loved to, played with a smile plastered across his face. That’s probably what attracted the stunner, Janaína Mendes, to him. He met the Brazilian dancer when he was at the peak of his powers in 2002, they tied the knot a couple of years later, a year after that their kid was born, and they’ve been together for a hell of a long time. That’s true love right there. It’s just they must have been hoping their son took after his mom in the looks’ department!

9 Carmen Electra – Dennis Rodman

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It’s safe to assume everyone knows these two names, or has at least heard of them. Ex-basketball pro, Dennis Rodman, isn’t an attractive guy. In terms of his natural looks, there’s not much to talk about. Then, in the early 90s, Rodman decided to reinvent himself as a bad boy, and with that came a new image. The dyed hair, tattoos, piercings, certainly made Rodman stick out, but only served to worsen his ugliness. But model, Carmen Electra, fell for him in 1998. He was something different alright, I’ll give him that. Carmen was probably fascinated by him, mistook this for love, and the two got married in a Vegas chapel – says it all. Unsurprisingly, a matter of months later, they divorced. Everyone could see it coming.


7 Brandi - Tyler Kennedy

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Former ice hockey centre, Tyler Kennedy, has got to be one of the ugliest athletes of all time. He certainly wasn’t blessed in the looks’ department, but enjoyed a reasonably successful time of it in the NHL nevertheless. You know those stereotypical geeky kids you see in school, the ones you see in movies, those who seem over-the-top geeky? Tyler looks just like one of those kids. There’s nothing bad about that look, except it’s going to be mightily difficult when it comes to finding a prom date. And, Tyler certainly isn’t a kid. He’s a man alright, because only a man would be able to score a woman like Brandi, someone who’s – I’m sure many of you would agree – is a perfect 10.

They got married in 2014, and a year later, welcomed a daughter into their family, Cookie – nope, I’m not making that up, Cookie. She can only pull that name off if she gets her mom’s looks.

6 Nawal Ayoub - Andrea Bargnani

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Italians are kind of known for being good-looking and for being good with the ladies. So, being 7 feet. tall and Italian has its advantages. Perhaps that’s why Andrea Bargnani managed to land a smoking hot girlfriend. It certainly wasn’t because of his looks. The guy last played basketball for Baskonia of the Liga ACB, but it was while he was with the New York Knicks in 2013 that he became known for something other than basketball. They guy had something about him, something other than looks, because he began dating a super-hot model. Nawal Ayoub turned heads alright. She’s a Lebanese-Colombian model, and is just utterly fabulous. The fact someone like Andrea was going home to Nawal every night got plenty of people talking, probably got Andrea a load of new fans.

5 Leia Sergakis - Kosta Koufos

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There really is a massive difference between these two, looks-wise. Leia is a beauty queen, a 2012 Miss Utah contestant, and is pretty much perfect, just drop-dead gorgeous, spectacular – I could run out of superlatives trying to describe this brunette bombshell. Kosta on the other hand, well, I don’t really need to write anything, just look at him. He’s had a decent time of it in the NBA, and is known for being reliable, without being spectacular. But opinions of him probably went up in quite a few people’s minds when he started dating Leia, and handed out invites to his big fat Greek wedding. Leia’s deemed to be one of the hottest NBA WAGs. Kosta on the other hand, isn’t exactly known for his looks. He’s done very very very well for himself.

4 Milica Marjanovic – Boban Marjanovic

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How, oh how did this happen? It seems utterly ludicrous that two people who are utter opposites in the looks’ department, could get together, find love. Kudos to Boban though, he snagged himself a real beauty, gives the rest of us guys a chance, a tiny, little miniscule chance.

Boban, Boban, Boban; blessed on court he may be, but blessed in terms of his visual aesthetic pleasing qualities, he certainly was not. The guy got the height, but got the rough end of the stick when it came to looks. He really does – there’s really no other way to say this – look like a monster, like Frankenstein’s Serbian cousin. The face as a whole isn’t great, but those ears! Man, those ears. They look like the ears of a rugby player, not a pro basketball player. His wife on the other hand, apart from being ridiculously small in comparison, is an absolute stunner. It’s a case of beauty and the beast alright; Milica’s certainly his better half.

3 Larissa Johnson - Austin Howard

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Offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL, Austin Howard, is a big man alright. The guy’s got some weight on him, 330lbs to be exact, and it’s not all muscle. It’s fine for him being in the NFL. But it’s affected the way he looks, his face. Without all that weight, he may actually be not bad looking. But carrying that extra weight has puffed his face, so much so that he resembles your average fat guy, not a pro athlete. Larisa Johnson though, doesn’t seem to mind. She’s been with him since his college days, and the two have been happily married since 2014. She’s sweet, smart, charming, and just drop-dead gorgeous. He on the other hand, is a scary looking beast, although to Larissa, he’s her big fat cuddly teddy bear.

2 Dee Devlin - Conor McGregor

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Conor McGregor, well, what can I say about Conor McGregor. The guy’s got an attitude the size of Long Island, and is probably one of the most talked about people in the world at this moment. That’s not because he’s dashing, good looking, or anything like that. Years and year of going toe to toe with opponents has taken its toll. For the most part, he’s emerged from these bouts victorious, but you don’t go in the shower without getting wet, you don’t fight without getting hit, and these blows have certainly affected Conor’s appearance. Having said that, he’s always been a bit of an ugly mug. Standing with Conor through all these moments has been Dee Devlin. They’ve been together since 2008, and he’s said that she’s his main drive, his lifesaver.

Think of those fighting movies, like Rocky. When Rocky’s getting beaten to a pulp, he sees Adrian in mind’s eye. It makes him get up, keep going. If Conor sees a beautiful woman like Dee when he’s in strife, he’s not going quit, she acts as motivation enough.

1 Sasha Dindayal - Antonio Gates

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Sasha Dindayal, Sasha Gates since 2011, was propelled into the public eye when she got hitched to NFLer Antonio Gates. She used to appear in music videos, and earned her corn as a model, and a mightily glamorous one at that. There is no shortage of hot and steamy pics of Sasha out there for you to feast your eyes on. But her big brute of a husband, Antonio Gates, might have something to say about that. The guy’s not super ugly. But compare him to other players, the majority of other players, and he doesn't exactly measure up. He certainly looks as if he is when he’s standing side by side his gorgeous wife. He’s done very well for himself, and is no doubt the envy of his teammates.

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