15 Cheating Athletes Caught In The Most Embarrassing Ways

This might not be a surprise, but most professional athletes cheat on their wives. While it's easy to buy into the fact that most of those athletes are terrible human beings who have no love for their spouse, the truth is marriage - and monogamy - is an antiquated notion that simply doesn't work. As much as we as a human race have evolved and become civilized, at our core we're still animals with blood-fueled desires. That type of philosophical rhetoric is probably not what you were expecting to read when you clicked the link to take you here, but just put yourself in the shoes of these athletes. You might say you would never cheat on your wife, but if beautiful women began throwing themselves at you at every turn, you're going to get tired of swatting them away. Besides, life on the road can be tough.

Kudos to the couples that do make it work, or the ones that are mature enough to come up with open marriage ideas that actually work out. Despite how it sounds, however, we're not advocating for cheating - if you agreed to get married, that's on you to make it work. However, not only could these professional athletes not make it work, they failed in the most embarrassing, public ways possible. It's one thing to ruin a marriage in private, but to do so out in the open for all to hear is devastating and often times embarrassing.

15 Chipper Jones


Surely, we've all been in Chipper Jones' shoes before. The former Atlanta Braves third baseman and perhaps one of the franchise's all-time great players enjoyed frequenting Hooters during his playing days. And why wouldn't he? It was the 1990s and he was a baseball player - being in shape didn't matter back then, especially for MLB stars. But rather than just a pitcher of beer and a basket of wings, Jones ended up with an 18-month affair and an illegitimate child. Have to be honest, we weren't aware that was on the menu.

Jones admitted to the affair with a Hooters waitress in 1998 and said he would support the child, but hoped to reconcile with his wife Karin. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, as they divorced the following year. Months later, Jones met Sharon Logonov at an Orlando bar and the couple were married for 12 years before divorcing. He's now on his third wife, hoping not to strike out.

14 Seyi Ajirotutu


Chances are you've never heard of Seyi Ajirotutu. That's because he wasn't a very good player. In fact, if you Google the former NFL wide receiver, stories of his infidelity pop up before his actual Pro Football Reference page. The Fresno State alumnus spent six seasons in the league and amassed only 424 receiving yards and three touchdowns, but he scored far more off the field.

He was - and surprisingly still is - married to Autumn Ajirotutu, a WAGs star who boasted about how faithful her man is quite often, but that wasn't exactly accurate. While she was busy bragging about him, he was meeting women on Instagram. One woman leaked text messages she shared with Seyi, and, to be fair, it seemed as though she had the goal of exposing him as a cheater, but he played along.

13 John Terry


A former captain of Chelsea as well as the English national team, John Terry has since become known more for his off-field antics than his play on the field - or is it off-pitch antics? That sounds weird. Regardless, back in 2010, it was revealed that he had cheated on his wife with a teammate's girlfriend, which is the worst possible way to cheat as he was loathed by both his wife, teammates, and even fans.

In fact, in a game shortly after the news came out, Terry was booed profusely and it clearly affected him. He even scored a goal that game, but didn't show any emotion whatsoever. Soccer fans are the absolute best and most creative with their chants, and during that game they came up with this gem: "Chelsea, wherever you may be, don't leave your wife with John Terry."

12 Demarco Murray


Far too often in sports a more popular and better athlete almost seems to earn a free pass for sleeping with a teammate's wife or girlfriend. It makes sense from a team standpoint as it's easier to cut the less talented athlete to get rid of the distraction. Back in 2014, while Demarco Murray was a member of the Dallas Cowboys, a former college teammate of his, Brennan Clay, took to Twitter to accuse Murray of sleeping with his wife.

Clay was only married to his wife Gina for four months before he found more than 50 inappropriate text messages between she and Murray, including one exchange in which she tells Murray "I don't have a roommate anymore," to which he replies, "So I can f*** u in your bed now." Clay later recanted his claim that his wife cheated on him, but was arrested for domestic abuse one month later. They're now divorced.

11 Tony Parker


In the mid-2000s, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria may have been one of the hottest celebrity couples. Parker was winning championships with the San Antonio Spurs and Longoria was starring in Desperate Housewives, which was one of the biggest shows on network television at the time. However, while Longoria was playing a part, Parker was proving to be the real desperate one as he allegedly had an affair with teammate Brent Barry's wife Erin.

It was released that Parker had a "s**ting" relationship with Erin, but sources suggested there was no physical contact between the two, however unlikely that seems. Regardless of what happened, it drove a wedge between both marriages as Parker and Longoria split the following year as did Brent and Erin. Talk about a flagrant foul.

10 Russell Wilson


Russell Wilson has been one of the most interesting football players to follow off the field. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback tried to go Tim Tebow a couple of years ago in the lead up to his marriage to Ciara and said he was a Born-Again virgin, which, aside from being a ridiculous comment, is a stupid thing to do when you're dating someone as sexy as Ciara. Perhaps he made the decision out of shame from his past indiscretions.

Wilson was married before dating Ciara and rumors circulated that she had an affair with former teammate Golden Tate. However, Wilson has also been on the other side of the coin as well, at least according to former Lions tight end Joseph Fauria, who claimed Wilson stole his girlfriend, former WWE NXT Diva Erika Hammond. He tweeted out the allegation and even received support in a response from someone else mentioned in this list, Brennan Clay.

9 Shaquille O'Neal


After he showed his disgusting feet on national TV last year, it's hard to imagine any woman wanting to have an affair with The Big Aristotle; in fact, it's hard to imagine a woman in general sleeping with Shaq. The logistics just don't seem to add up. Despite that, he admitted to cheating on his ex-wife Shaunie with several women in his memoir, Shaq Uncut: My Story.

Rumors came out prior to their divorce in 2009 that he had been cheating on her and, rather than hiding from them, he flat out admitted to the infidelity: "I was a guy with too many options. Choosing to be with some of those women, well, that's on me. In my mind, I never did it disrespectfully, but obviously I shouldn't have done it all." We'd love to know how one can respectfully cheat on his wife.

8 Usain Bolt


When you're the fastest man on earth, not to mention one of the most charismatic and likeable athletes, you're going to attract the attention of the opposite sex. That's the case with Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, who, aside from eating hundreds of chicken nuggets during the Olympic Games, also found time to cozy up to Brazilian student and mode Jady Duarte. The couple took a photo in bed together, which, naturally, went viral after she shared it on Snapchat.

"He sent a security guard to call me over. We spoke quickly. But at that moment I didn't know it was him, because there were many Jamaicans who looked similar," she told the Daily News. That isn't Bolt's only indiscretion, however; he has allegedly cheated on his girlfriend Kasi Bennett with US model Nailah Dillard, who claimed Bolt also asked her if she was interested in a threesome.

7 Alex Rodriguez


Not only is Alex Rodriguez a notorious cheater on the field, he's also one of the most well-known cheaters off the field. The steroid-taking former baseball player, who is fourth all-time in home runs, has been dating Jennifer Lopez for a few months now and certain tabloids have already accused him of s**ting - and sleeping with - other women. Others have said she hired a private investigator to find out herself. They're obviously perfect together.

Regardless of whether those rumors are true, there is plenty of concrete evidence to prove A-Rod's infidelity. His past marriage to Cynthia Scurtis fell apart after he was photographed with an exotic dancer while the Yankees were in Toronto, which led to the infamous - and hilarious - New York Post headline of "Stay-Rod."

6 Carmelo Anthony


La La Anthony is probably one of the hottest WAGs in all of sports. The former MTV host has been married to Carmelo Anthony since 2010 and the couple have, for the most part, been happy and drama-free. However, that changed this past year as rumors came out suggesting that the New York Knicks star cheated on her and even fathered an illegitimate child with another woman.

According to most tabloids, the couple are currently separated, but Carmelo is hoping to work things out, while La La is being advised against that from the likes of reality TV star and friend Kim Kardashian. Apparently, Carmelo told the dancer he cheated on La La with that "she's married, I'm not." If that isn't both embarrassing and disgusting, I'm not sure what is.

5 Brandon Marshall


Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos probably isn't a big fan of the New York Giants' Brandon Marshall. Earlier this week, the former had to clarify on Twitter it was the latter, and not him, who suffered from bi-polar disorder, when a publication used his picture instead of the Giants wide receiver in a link to a cover story. While confusing, it's not the only time the Broncos' player gets mistaken for the other Marshall.

We're certain he received negative tweets back in 2013 following the shooting of a 15 year old girl in Florida. The girl was killed outside of a home which belonged to Giants' Marshall and other NFL players and it was later revealed they used it as a safe haven for affairs. You've probably heard of side chicks, but have you ever heard of side houses?

4 Ray Allen


Twitter is a great tool for fund-raising (as seen by J.J. Watt's Hurricane Harvey efforts) and communicating breaking news and alerts, but more than anything, it's a place where comedy thrives, whether intentional or unintentional. You can file Ray Allen into the latter, as the former Boston Celtic shooting guard - and perhaps one of the best shooters of all-time - struggled with the concept of direct messages back in 2014.

Rather than sending a dirty private message to the woman with whom he was hoping to cheat on his wife, Allen tweeted out the message he intended on sending. The tweet is far too risky to re-post here, but you can use your imagination. Look it up if you truly hate yourself and really feel like cringing.

3 Klay Thompson


Klay Thompson is one of the luckiest players in the NBA. Sure, he's incredibly talented in his own right, but he's at best the third best player on his team and likely the fourth. Yet, he now has two rings and is probably going to win a few more if he rides out his career with the Golden State Warriors. Off the court, he's been linked to some beautiful women, including model Hannah Stocking. Yet, despite the fact Stocking is an easy 10 out of 10, Thompson couldn't keep his hands off of other women and it cost him the relationship - and, for a moment on Twitter, his pride.

Stocking took to Twitter in 2015 to publicly call out Thompson for his cheating ways. She posted a photo of Thompson with his mouth seemingly open in shock with the caption: "When you catch ur man naked in bed with a groupie ... lol @KlayThompson." The tweet alone was vicious, but tagging him was absolutely savage. Well done.

2 Nick Young


There's a locker room code which all athletes must abide by. It's like Vegas - what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room. Likewise, what is said in a locker room stays in a locker room. Former Lakers rookie D'Angelo Russell apparently wasn't aware of that concept. Instead, he filmed teammate Nick Young discussing the many women he has slept with while dating "rapper" Iggy Azalea.

As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, Azalea later acknowledged that she discovered Young's cheating ways through home security footage. She tweeted the discovery: "I broke up with Nick because I found out he had brought other women into our home while I was away and caught them on security footage." The couple was engaged, but naturally, Azalea called off the marriage.

1 Tiger Woods


What can we say about Tiger Wood's sexual escapades that you don't already know? Despite the ubiquity of his cheating scandal and the rumors that followed, he had to be number one on this list just for the incredible way in which his infidelity was revealed and the drama that followed. Woods was on top of the world prior to news of his affairs being made public. At first, all we knew was that his wife had gone postal on him, attacking him and throwing golf clubs at his car as he drove off and cashed into a fire hydrant.

As the news broke, it became clear he deserved every bit of the harsh treatment he received. Not only did he cheat on her occasionally, Woods has apparently done so hundreds of times with everyone from escorts to Denny's waitresses.

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