15 Fascinating Facts About Usain Bolt

Unless you have been living under a rock for years, you will certainly be aware of the incredible, invincible athlete named Usain Bolt. He currently holds the world record in both the 100 meters and 2

Unless you have been living under a rock for years, you will certainly be aware of the incredible, invincible athlete named Usain Bolt. He currently holds the world record in both the 100 meters and 200 meters races. Bolt has amassed six individual gold medals and three team golds since 2008 at the Beijing, London, and Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

The Jamaican-born superstar continuously entertains the world with his celebratory dance moves, his icon 'bolting' gesture and his clever epic one liners about life. One of his most memorable quotes encapsulates and reveals his outlook on life, work and following one’s passions. "Dreams are free. Goals have a cost. While you can daydream for free goals don't come without a price. Time, Effort, Sacrifice, and Sweat. How will you pay for your goals?" This poignant declaration perfectly reveals the sentiments of this incredible athlete, businessman, and humanitarian.

While yes, he has broken world records, and yes he is multi-talented and confidently charismatic, but here are some incredible facts you may not have been aware of that make Bolt even more remarkable.

15 The "Bolting" Craze

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His famous lighting bolt victory pose has become a global sports phenomenon called “Bolting” after his namesake. Everyone, it seems, has been caught doing it from general fans on YouTube and various social media outlets all the way to President Obama and Bolt’s good pal, UK Royal Prince Harry! Bolt has often referred to this victorious stance as his “To Di World” pose since he is a very charitable and community-conscious athlete. He attributes his successes, confidence, and prowess to the support and zealous global fan base which only makes us all love him even more! Thanks to the Usain Bolt, the sporting world will forever know the term "Bolting."

14 A Dynamic Business Man

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Usain Bolt is as dynamic and unbeatable off the track as he is in his colossal performance on the International Sports arena. For example, Bolt along with Soul Electronics has launched two types of Bolt edition ‘Run-Free’ in-ear headphones. At 6’5’, Bolt is statistically taller than most sprinters which has proven to be an advantage for him since he can cover a 100 meter race in far fewer strides. It is clear to see that he makes the most of his business acumen and his height to make “strides” in many different arenas with incredible finesse. Looking to the future, Bolt has capitalized on his fame and unique ability to run like the wind. Thanks to his business sense, Bolt should be set monetarily for the remainder of life; unless he manages to blow his fortune.

13 Full of Confidence

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Bolt is actually significantly slower than most other sprinters at the start of his races statistically. However, as the race goes on, Usain Bolt systematically makes up for that slower start and has reached a mind-blowing speed of 27.79 mph! He has been very vocal about his preference for running shorter distances and sprints. In fact, when he won the 200 meter race in Beijing, he broke the world record after having only trained for the event for less than a year, which is unheard of. He is notorious for his confidence and that was evident when he retorted: "I told you all I was going to be number one and I did just that." Some may call Bolt cocky while others would claim that Bolt is simply confident in his abilities. Either way, it is certainly not shallow trash-talk as Usain Bolt has backed up every statement he has made about his running career.

12 A Heart of Gold to Match His Many Medals

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Many endorsement deals for the likes of such companies as Puma, Japan’s All Nippon Airways, Virgin Media, Nissan Motors, Visa, Hublot, and Gatorade ranging from $1 million to $4 million respectively as well as approximately $2.5 million in various prize money and appearance fees has made him 45th of the highest paid athletes coming on the global ranking. Forbes magazine revealed that Bolt’s most lucrative Puma deal alone will earn him an astounding $10 million USD per year until 2025. His prowess in the sports world is matched with his charitable heart and desire to give back. He donates money to many charities each year and has started his own foundation called the “Usain Bolt Foundation” which helps to strengthen and enhance communities by encouraging character development and a focus on education for children. Bolt opened a multi-sport playing field in Jamaica, raised funds for pediatric cardiac surgeries and partnered with Samsung to provide photography workshops to students.

11 Resilience and Devotion

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This amazing athlete apparently defies all stereotypes and transcends an inordinate amount of obstacles. A little talked about fact is that Bolt was born with scoliosis which is an abnormal curvature of the spine. He worked very hard to strengthen his spine and core and focused extensively on this in his training to ensure that it did not affect his performance. Overcoming adversity always makes an athlete more relatable with the fans and instantly raises their likability. Bolt may have his fair share of haters (like most who top their sport) but there is no denying the dedication and devotion to his craft. Love him or hate him, Bolt proved that humans can defy the odds.

10 Tech and Media Mogul

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Did you know that Bolt partnered with RockLive/Shorts Mobile Inc. gaming company in order to develop and launch what has become the number one best selling app in Jamaica for Apple IOS? The “Bolt” game caught fire and has quickly become a craze with over three million downloads to date. He has made a guest appearance in the Temple Run mobile gaming franchise, which has more than a billion downloads and has become a major big earner for him. Furthermore, Bolt now also owns a restaurant named ‘Tracks and Records" in Jamaica, his home country where he still lives and trains. He also has a clothing line called the Bolt Collection, which focuses on three target markets. One is a signature line of polo shirts emblazoned with his famous victory ‘To Di World" pose. To top it off, this superhuman has been performing as a DJ at various venues since 2010. Impressive!

9 Invincible Athlete on Any Field or Pitch

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Bolt is not only officially the fastest man in the world, but he is an avid football player and passionate fan of Manchester United. He is a very talented and accomplished football player and currently there are discussions about the possibility of Bolt playing a charity game for Man U. vs. Real Madrid. If this comes to fruition, Bolt would undoubtedly make for one incredible midfielder! And if that isn’t impressive enough, he even played for the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in 2013. Is there anything he can’t do? It would appear as though Bolt can step onto any playing surface and compete. We know Bolt is not going to be a top-tier performer in each of these fields but it sure does impress us how he can step into anything without fear.

8 For the Love of Jamaica

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As a child growing up in Sherwood Content, Jamaica, Bolt and his siblings helped his parents run a small grocery store. He spent his free time playing outdoor sports such as soccer/football and cricket. He trained very ardently and won his first prep medal at the age of 14 while attending Knibb High School. This school has a famous reputation for channeling gifted athletes into national programs. He regularly donates many millions of dollars and sports equipment to his alma mater too. Ever devoted to his homeland, Jamaica, Usain Bolt chooses to live and train exclusively there in his lavish mansion compound in Norbrook Housing Complex in Kensington. He is known to throw loud, extravagant, star-studded parties late into the wee hours of the night.

7 Soft Spot for Animals

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Usain Bolt has such a soft spot for animals that he chose to adopt. Can you guess what type of animal the fastest man on earth chose to care for? If you guessed a cheetah, that is correct! How befitting for the fastest man alive to take in an orphaned baby cheetah from an animal orphanage in Kenya and bequeath the adorable baby with the name “Lighting Bolt?” While this is an odd adoption it is not uncommon for athletes/celebrities to take in animals considered more exotic than the usual, domesticated, cate or dog. Bolt adopting a cheetah works on so many levels. Call it strange but if Bolt wants a cheetah then Bolt will have a cheetah. Who are we to tell him otherwise?

6 Fast Food Frenzy

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There is no doubt that an athlete’s training and strict adherence to a diet are essential to their peak performance and endurance. Apparently Usain Bolt is truly an invincible anomaly. He reportedly ate between 20-100 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets per day to a total of 1,000 McNuggets at the 2008 Beijing Olympics! While such a diet could prove fatal to a normal human being, Bolt is anything but a normal human being. Bolt's consumption of McDonald's food is slightly gross yet slightly impressive at the same time. Keep in mind that Bolt's intense running ability would help him burn off these excess McDonald's calories. I guess Bolt really put the “fast” in fast food.

5 Nothing Holds Him Back

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

An incredible, statistic-breaking victory on Bolt’s record just happened in Rio and we are all alive to witness history being made. Usain officially became the first man to win gold medals in the 100 meter in the same event for three consecutive Olympics. Bolt is not just some runner at these games, Bolt is the runner the people came to see. During the Rio Olympics there were naysayers and those who believed that Bolt would not dominate the field as he had in past games. Of course, Bolt would prove everybody wrong over the course of two weeks in Rio as his dominance was fare from over. Bolt literally ran through the Rio games with general ease.

4 Where it All Began

Eric Seals-USA TODAY Sports

Bolt is also an exceptional cricket player. His childhood obsession with the sport was ultimately how his coach fortuitously took notice of Bolt’s abilities and encouraged him to switch sports and take to the track.
 We can all thank Usain's coach for seeing his potential and helping encourage a legend in the making. Imagine if Bolt had stuck to cricket? While he might have been successful (at least as successful as a professional cricket player can be) the world would have never witness Bolt's Olympic dominance over the course of the last three games. Bolt has provided a generation of people with stories to tell for ages as the greatest runner in the world. Bolt's larger-than-life personality has also contributed to his appeal and fanfare.

3 NINE Gold Medals

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This astonishingly well-versed athlete does not cease to amaze us with his multi-talented range. He is the fastest man in the world and hold nine Olympic gold medals. Usain Bolt may never run another Olympic race but he has sure left his mark on the sport and the games as a whole. Will anybody ever dominate the way Bolt dominated? Time will tell as fans prepare to welcome the next generation of runners. All of whom will look to duplicate the Olympic success of Bolt and attempt to break the record set by the Jamaican runner.

2 He's a Shoe-in

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Usain Bolt has an interesting history with shoe malfunctions. Early in his career, he was so overwhelmed with nervousness and pressures, he wore his shows on the wrong feet to compete in a game. Then in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Bolt went on to win the 100 meter final and broke a world record all while wearing shoes with untied laces. He is the living example of the term “unstoppable.” Who can run with their shoes on the wrong feet and still win? Usain Bolt can. Who can run with their shoes untied and still win? Usain Bolt can. Usain Bolt is simply a runner who cannot be caught.

1 "Bolt from the Blue"

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Following his particular record breaking stunt in New York, the Press came to call him “Lightning Bolt” because a lightning storm had passed over the city just before the game was held. I guess even mother nature concedes that this man’s remarkable achievements have proven that he truly continues to live up to his self-given nickname as well as that of the global media, “Bolt from the Blue.” Usain Bolt has left a lasting legacy on the racing/running world. one that may never be matched and one that were never be duplicated. Usain Bolt is a once-in-a-generation performer and regardless of personal opinion, should be respected for his accomplishments.


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