15 Female Athletes All Men Love To See In Leggings

There's no doubt that these athletes were born to wear them... 15 Female Athletes All Men Love To See In Leggings.

Men love their sports. Men also love to watch women in action – playing sports, get your minds out of the gutter – not only to watch some quality sporting excitement, to watch the sporting prowess of the competitors, but also to check out any sultry women that might be on show. Some people may read this and deny that claim. But no one can deny that that’s the case. It’s part of the draw appeal, part of the attraction. The female athletes themselves, are aware of that. Of course, they want to be known first and foremost, for their accomplishments in the world of sports. But if they’re beautiful, it’s likely they’ll have a greater fan following. And there are some seriously hot athletes in the world of sports, all of them beautiful with stunning physiques. It’s little wonder guys can’t keep their eyes off them when they’re in action.

There’s one aspect of these athletes that guys really do appreciate. That’s their legs. For a lot of guys, there’s nothing better than seeing a beautiful female athlete, their strong and shapely legs, clad in some tight-fitting leggings. Although there’s no skin on show, legging really do accentuate the curvature of the behind, those lean, taught leg muscles. Most female athletes look great in leggings. Others stick out, stick in the mind more than most. These are 15 sultry female athletes that all men love to see in leggings.

15 Lolo Jones


Lolo Jones – her name just sounds hot. It’s a name that’s well suited to her. She’s regarded to be one of the hottest Olympic athletes around. Lolo is an American hurdler and bobsledder, and she’s been competing for around a decade for team USA. She’s had a decent amount of success too, but is in no way a world beater in either sport. But she’s still achieved a great deal of fame. She’s team USA’s most followed track and field athlete on social media for a reason. That’s because Lolo is one steamy athlete. Because of her athletic discipline of choice, she’s got a pair of beautifully toned pins. We’ve seen plenty of those legs in the flesh, but they look amazing clad in some tight-fitting leggings. She’s hot, and somewhat of an athletic fashion icon too, and knows how to make people ogle by wearing skin tight leggings.

14 Danica Patrick


Danica Patrick is someone who can almost singlehandedly be credited for making NASCAR racing sexy. Racing is associated with glitz and glam, but it’s normally due to the hot women walking around the cars, holding up placards and whatnot. But Danica’s actually involved in the sport and has done a whole lot for it. She hasn’t just achieved plenty of success, she’s become a sex symbol too. Some athletes wouldn’t like to be sexualized. Danica’s someone who embraces it.

Due to her profession, when we see her in action, we don’t get to see much of her legs. But when she steps out of the car, unveils them, there’s certainly a whole lot to see. She evidently keeps in shape and loves to show off her pins by wearing leggings. She’s got quite a wardrobe of leggings; we’ve seen her wear leather leggings, workout leggings, and these aren’t bad either.

13 Allison Stokke


In the first entry I mentioned how Lolo Jones is one of the hottest, and certainly the most popular American track and field athlete around. Well if that’s the case, Allison Stokke can’t be too far behind in second place. I’ve also mentioned that some athletes don’t really mind being sexualized, a lot of them play up to it because it increases their popularity. Allison Stokke is someone who certainly minds. She became an internet phenomenon at a relatively young age when her face began to get picked up and people started to talk about her as being one of the hottest athletes around. She certainly wasn’t comfortable with that. But she’s since warmed up to the idea.

It’s meant we’ve seen some seriously hot pics of Allison over the years, pics of her in seriously sultry attire. Allison in leggings probably isn’t meant to be sexy. But because  she’s a track and field athlete and has muscular pins, her in leggings is a sight to behold.

12 Maria Sharapova


Compile a list of the world’s hottest female athletes, and you’d be mad not to include Maria Sharapova. For a long time, it’s safe to say she was the reason why a lot of people watched the women’s game; turn down the volume due to her ear-splitting shrieks, but watch and ogle all the same. Although she’s getting on a bit in tennis years, she’s still one of the hottest women on the WTA tour. She’s tall, has an athletic build, and has what many deem to be endlessly long legs. And we’ve seen a lot of those legs too, on court in those sultry skirts, and off it in modeling shoots. But because of the shape of her pins, she looks great in a pair of leggings too. They really accentuate her pins, are the perfect attire for this Russian beauty.

11 Lindsey Vonn


Skiing isn’t really regarded to be a mainstream sport. But when Lindsey Vonn is out and about, people sit up and take notice. Actually, having said that, that’s probably not the case when she’s in action on the slopes, aside from ski fans of course, because she’s covered from head to toe in her skiing gear. But when she removes her helmet, takes off all of that gear, her beauty’s unveiled. She really is stunning. Plenty of people seem to think so, because she’s done numerous modeling shoots over the years. Not sure if she got a gig modeling leggings, but if not, someone should snap her up. Her legs are lean and muscular, and those colorful leggings certainly divert our attention their way. That probably wasn’t the aim, but there you go.

10 Paige Spiranac

Old fashioned golfing purists probably find themselves clenching their teeth when the matter of women’s golf is brought up. That certainly shouldn’t be the case. Women’s golf attracts a whole heap of people to the sport. Even these old-fashioned individuals who think the men’s game rules supreme over the women’s, may find themselves eating their words when they set eyes on certain women in the game. Paige Spiranac is certainly someone who’d alter their thoughts. She’d get anyone watching the game, even guys who think golf is the most boring sport on the planet – yes, there are plenty who think just that. Paige has made a name for herself as golf’s resident stunner, and she’s somewhat of a fashionista too. Need I say anything about this pic of Paige in leggings? She’s absolutely stunning.

9 Miesha Tate


And here’s another hottie from the world of MMA. It’s amazing that there are so many hot competitors in MMA considering the nature of the sport. You’d think hot women wouldn’t want to partake in MMA, and if they do, they’d get battered and bruised and will lose their looks, their hotness. Despite facing some top opponents, Miesha Tate is someone who’s certainly maintained her hotness. She’s not just one of the hottest women in MMA, she’s one of the hottest women in sports, period. Like Juliana Pena, Miesha possesses a pair of muscular pins. They’re big, muscular, yet she’s still able to maintain her femininity. No wonder she finds leggings comfortable, and that she wants to show off those pins by wearing three quarter length leggings.

8 Sydney Leroux


When it comes to hot female soccer players, the U.S. international team is filled with sultry beauties. It truly is amazing how many beautiful women that team has. The rest of the soccer world must be watching them with envy, because not only are they world beaters, they must get a whole lot of attention from people who just want to soak in some eye candy, as crude as that sounds.

Sydney Leroux is one of those beauties, arguably the hottest. She’s beautiful on the pitch and off it, and we’ve seen a whole lot of her too in various modeling shoots over the years. We’ve seen a whole lot of all of her, especially those legs. Being a soccer player, Sydney’s legs are strong and muscular. It makes sense getting her to model, star in ad campaigns in which she shows off those pins. These leggings are fabulous, and look even better hugging Sydney’s pins tightly.

7 Ellen Hoog


Ellen Hoog is a woman who’s regarded to be one of the world’s hottest athletes. Ever since she did that famous nude photoshoot, people have begun to see her in a different light. She’s hockey’s pinup girl and is just drop-dead gorgeous in every which way, sizzling from top to toe. I could go on but I’ll run out of superlatives to describe her. Ellen is so hot, she looks good in pretty much any type of clothing. But she truly does look spectacular in a pair of leggings. She’s fit, is a hockey star, so she has a fair few of them too. But leggings don’t just have to be worn as part of a sporting ensamble, as Ellen has demonstrated beautifully here. They can be worn as part of pretty much any outfit – if the woman wearing them is hot, it’ll go.

6 Julianna Peña


Think of woman’s MMA, and even now, you think of Ronda Rousey. But there are other great, successful female fighters out there. Because they’re involved with MMA, you wouldn’t really think that a lot of these fighters are hot. But some are actually real stunners, none more so than Juliana Pena. Juliana is regarded to be one of the hottest women in the sport. It’s a shame we haven’t seen too much of her in recent times, because it seems as if she’s taken a sabbatical after her latest loss at the start of the year. But she’ll never be too far from the memories of MMA fans. She’s beautiful and has an amazing physique. Being an MMA competitor, she’s got to have toned legs. Her pins are muscular, and look amazing in a pair of leggings, when she manages to find some that fit that is.

5 Hilary Knight


I mentioned Ellen Hoog, someone who’s got to be the hottest woman in field hockey. Well, if we’re switching to an icy terrain, it’s Hilary Knight who turns heads and wows fans. On the ice there’s no one hotter. Again, like Ellen Hoog, her popularity skyrocketed when she posed in a sensual nude photo. She became an overnight sensation, and suddenly people started talking about her being one of the hottest athletes in the world. Playing hockey on ice is going to build those leg muscles. Hilary’s got long legs and meaty thighs. They steal the show at the best of times, but also look amazing wrapped up in a par of leggings. She loves wearing them too when practicing and training, so there are no shortage of pics of Hilary looking resplendent in a pair of leggings.

4 Garbine Muguruza


I’ve already touched upon one female tennis player on this list. Although Maria Sharapova is gorgeous, still super-hot, she actually represents the old guard. Tons of hotties have risen through the ranks since Maria started winning Grand Slams. One of those is Garbine Muguruza. Part of the reason Maria is no longer winning Grand Slams is because Garbine’s now knocking about on the WTA tour. Also, part of the reason why a lot of people might not rave about Maria in the same light is because they have someone else to ogle at. Garbine is drop-dead gorgeous in every which way. Fans love watching her in action on court, because of her tennis ability and the fact she’s one of the hottest players on tour. She’s hot from the front and the back too, as this pic illustrates. This pic also shows that she’s a bit of a fashion icon, those beautiful leggings and that matching top.

3 Hope Solo


I’ve mentioned how the world of women’s soccer is filled with sultry beauties and how team USA can boast the hottest players of them all. Hope Solo is another woman from that sizzling hot soccer team. She’s the team’s keeper, and boy is she a keeper. Hope looks utterly fabulous between the sticks. Although she’s 36, she’s still got it, got the flexibility, the looks and the physique. It’s amazing that Hope was once criticized for her looks, that some people deem her to have features that are too masculine. She’s one of the hottest players in the game, period. Her longevity in the sport has got to be down to her fitness. She likes to stay trim, and she achieves that by doing stuff like this. Sure, it’s a shot for the cameras, but we still get a nice shot of Hope in all of her splendor, in a pair of beautiful leggings – although it’s what’s underneath them that makes them beautiful.

2 Holly Sonders


I’ve mentioned one hot golfer on this list already. Holly Sonders is another one. She really is utterly gorgeous, one of the hottest women in golf. It’s no surprise that she’s enjoying a successful career on TV as a sportscaster and expert on all things golf. It has to be said that Holly doesn’t often wear leggings. She’s got beautiful legs and wants to show them off, so leggings don’t really make up a massive part of her wardrobe. But she has the odd pair. When she’s playing golf and the weather isn’t great, it’s a bit nippy, she gets on her leggings. Sure, we love seeing her in short skirts and skimpy golfing attire, but Holly also looks super-hot in a pair of leggings.

1 Eugenie Bouchard


Eugenie Bouchard is another young, hot tennis player. She’s another young buck who’s come through the ranks to wow and amazing tennis fans. Ok, so she hasn’t been as successful as another relative newcomer, Garbine Muguruza for example. But she’s achieved success in other aspects. She’s rated as being one of the hottest tennis players around. As a result of her huge surge in popularity, the sponsors have come knocking. One of her sponsors is Nike. Here she is modeling her new pair of Nike leggings. She really likes them too – she hasn’t just said that because she’s been paid to do so. To try and entice people to buy them, she’s said they make your butt look big and peachy. They certainly do, looking at Genie’s behind anyway.

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15 Female Athletes All Men Love To See In Leggings