15 Female Athletes Men Only Watch Because Of Their "Assets"

These athletes are well-known and certainly more than just eye candy, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate their assets

Women's sports have come a long way in the past century. That's an obvious statement, but it remains hard to believe that, just over 120 years ago in the 1896 Olympics, women weren't allowed to compete. Four years later, women's events were added to the Olympic program, but it still took as many as 60-70 years for women to have full equality with men at the Olympics. The rise of the WNBA has helped create celebrities out of women basketball players and a pair of women's hockey leagues have recently sprung up, one of which recently expanded to China. In some instances, like soccer, the women's game can be just as compelling as the men's game, but that doesn't mean men are only watching to experience high-level athletes at their best.

Saying men don't watch women's sports to check out the beautiful women participating in them is just as absurd as saying no women watch professional sports to glance at the men. If a woman tells you she watched an LA Galaxy game years ago for any reason but to check out David Beckham, she's lying. And you can likely say the same about the men who watch these 15 world-class athletes. Some of them are well-known and certainly more than just eye candy, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate their assets - yes, we mean their backside.

15 Snežana Rodič


Chances are you aren't watching the IAAF World Championships to see who wins the triple jump and, in fact, there's a very good chance you haven't ever turned into the event. However, if you did, it's likely it was to catch a glimpse of Snežana Rodič, a 34-year-old Slovenian who had a career-best finish of ninth.

14 Serena Williams

Love my new Blade racket, can't wait to compete with it! @wilsontennis

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Make no mistake, Serena Williams is the best athlete on this list and we'll even go as far as calling her one of the best athletes of all-time. Her dominance on the WTA Tour is unprecedented and she's a treat to watch every time she steps on the court - for a number of reasons. Aside from her impressive abilities, Serena is a beauty whose booty is far and away her greatest asset off the court.

13 Stephanie Rice

Australia has produced a number of dominant swimmers. Long before Michael Phelps dominated the pool on the men's side, it was Ian Thorpe who was regarded as the best competitive swimmer in the world. It's no surprise, then, that Brisbane native Stephanie Rice is a three-time Olympic gold medal winner, all of which were won at the 2008 Beijing Games.

12 Leryn Franco


Paraguay's Leryn Franco is a model and actress who rose to prominence as a javelin thrower in three straight Olympic Games from 2004 to 2012. A gold medal winner in javelin in the 2001 South American Junior Championships, Franco finished a career-high second in the South American Championships in 2009, but her Olympic success was limited. Although she qualified for three Olympic Games, she finished a high of 34th during the London Games in 2012.

11 Jaqueline Carvalho


A two-time Olympic gold medalist, Brazil's Jaqueline Carvalho has played for the national volleyball team since 2005 and last competed at the 2015 Pan Am Games, two years after giving birth to her first child. The 33-year-old wing spiker received the Best Spiker award at the 2010 FIVB World Grand Prix and has won a combined 13 gold medals with the national team.

10 Liliana Fernandez


Keeping with volleyball, we move to the beach, where it's even more likely - and easy - to spot a bountiful beach bum. Liliana Fernandez is a 30-year-old Spanish beach volleyball player who has won a bronze and silver medal at the European Championships and a silver medal at the 2016 FIVB World Tour in Long Beach, California. She competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics with Elsa Baquerizo and reached the round of 16 before being eliminated by Italians Greta Cicolari and Marta Menegatti.

9 Kim Glass

We told you volleyball is where it's at in regard to awe-inspiring booties, and there might be none better than former United States national indoor team member Kim Glass. At 6-foot-3, the 32-year-old Glass is a strong and powerful athlete whose talent is matched by her beauty. She was part of the 2008 American team which won a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics and recently played professional in Brazil.

8 Kaylyn Kyle


Kaylyn Kyle was a spare player with the Canadian women's Olympic soccer team during the London Games in 2012, and, despite the team winning a bronze medal, Kyle received a lot of attention from men on social media, who found the long-haired blonde to be one of the best-looking women in the Olympics that year.

7 Julia Mancuso

The best American alpine skier not named Lindsay Vonn, Julia Mancuso has won four Olympic medals, including a gold medal in the giant slalom at the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin. Beyond the Olympic medals, she boasts an impressive resume that includes five gold medals at the Junior World Ski Championships, two silvers, and three bronze at the World Championships. The 33-year-old is on the backside of her career and missed all of 2016 due to recovering from surgery, but looks-wise she's at her peak - and her backside is just perfect.

6 Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey's career in the octagon is uncertain at this point, but even if it's over, there's no question she'll remain in the public eye given her level of popularity. Rousey rose to prominence after dominating women's MMA bouts and ultimately forcing Dana White's hand to create a women's division in the UFC. Soon after, she became the biggest star in the promotion, but her downfall was rapid.

5 Miesha Tate


The UFC women's division is as strong as ever in terms of up-and-coming talent, but it's currently void of two of its biggest stars in Rousey and Miesha Tate. A former short-lived UFC Bantamweight Champion, Tate defeated Holly Holm for the title at UFC 196 but lost it months later to current champion Amanda Nunes. Following a loss to Raquel Pennington at UFC 205, Tate announced her retirement from the sport, much to the disappointment of her growing fan base.

4 Jennifer Abel


The second Canadian Olympian to appear on this list, 25-year-old Jennifer Abel truly does boast one of the best backsides in all of sports. The Montreal diver is a Commonwealth Games champion on the 1-meter springboard and 3-meter synchro springboard and also took home the bronze medal in the 3-meter synchro springboard at the 2012 Olympic Games with partner Pamela Ware. She just missed out on winning a medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, finishing fourth in the solo and synchro competitions.

3 Sydney Leroux


Getting back to a more traditional sport and someone the average sports fan might be more familiar with, we come to American soccer star Sydney Leroux, who was actually born in British Columbia, Canada and represented the country at the junior level. However, Leroux chose to play for the American under-20 team in 2008 and has been a star for the national program ever since. She has 35 goals for the women's national team, with the last one coming in a May 17, 2015 game against Mexico.

2 Michelle Jenneke

Putting in the hard yards #training

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How many Instagram followers would you expect an Australian hurdler to have? A couple thousand, maybe? Tens of thousands at best, right? Try over 425,000. That distinction belongs to Michelle Jenneke, who despite failing to qualify for the finals in the 100-meter hurdles at her first Olympics in 2016, has a massive following on social media because, well, she's super hot. To be fair to Jenneke, she is quite talented, having won Oceania Youth Championships and a silver medal at the Youth Olympic Games in 2010, but its her colorful personality and cheerful enthusiasm combined with her incredible butt that has men around the world clicking the follow button on Instagram.

1 Winifer Fernandez

Dominican volleyball player Winifer Fernandez is all the proof we need to believe that God exists. The 22-year-old libero has played for club teams in the Dominican Republic and Azerbaijan since 2008, but she first gained worldwide acclaim from men after a highlight package of her on-court abilities went viral in the summer of 2016, which is an impressive feat given she didn't even participate in the Olympics. She did, however, earn a gold medal at the Pan American Cup in 2016. Her presence at the 2020 Olympics would certainly do a lot for viewership.

Fernandez might not have the same social media following as some of the others on the list, but her 208,000 followers is an impressive total given she's essentially an obscure club volleyball player. Another difference between her and the others on this list is that she knows her backside is next level and she isn't afraid to show it. No joke, seven of her 12 most recent posts are close-ups of her grade-A booty. We're all winifers.

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