15 Female Athletes Over 40 Who Still Have It

The life of an athlete, a pro sportsperson is tough. But I’m sure many of you can appreciate, it’s even tougher if you’re a woman. Firstly, women get ogled at, are watched because of the way they look rather than their sporting abilities. I’m not saying that’s the case for every female athlete, but no one can deny that’s why people tune in. Secondly, they’re women, so they have to contend with their biological, bodily changes. They have to think about all sorts of things that men don’t have to deal with. For example, whether to try and start a family or not, or put all that on hold. It’s not easy being a female athlete. That’s why a lot of athletes, sportswomen, retire from their respective professions at a relatively young age, in order to pursue other ventures, start families or do other such things.

That’s why it’s extremely rare to find a woman who’s in her 40s and is still earning her corn as an athlete. But remarkably, there are a few on this list. These few are still in amazing shape. The others have stepped away from their lives as sportswomen, but still look fabulous, still look like they could compete. These 15 athletes and former athletes are still in amazing shape considering they’re past the 40 mark. I’m sure the vast majority of you wouldn’t mind getting a big old hug off these beauties.

15 Torrie Wilson

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It’s staggering to think that Torrie Wilson’s 42. A lot of people still have those mags with her posing on the cover. They really were some sultry snaps. But have you seen any recent pics of Torrie? She looks exactly the same, if not hotter now, at the age of 42. She’s ripped, lean, muscular, and has still maintained her gorgeous assets.

Before Torrie achieved stardom in the wrestling industry, she was actually a bodybuilder and fitness competitor, stepped on stage. This health and fitness lifestyle has held her in good stead over the years, and it’s now how she earns her bread and butter. She’s a “WWE Diva turned Fitness Gypsy” as she describes herself on Instagram, and boy is she fit. Her Instagram’s got half a million followers, who probably all want to cuddle her, and who can blame them looking at Torrie’s sultry pics.

14 Gabby Logan


This British babe has to be one of the hottest sports presenters in the world. That’s how she’s known to the thousands, perhaps millions who watch her present various sports in the UK, but many years ago, she was known as the darling of British athletics. She was an international gymnast, but just seems of have blossomed over the years as she’d gotten used to having cameras in front of her. She’s been presenting for over a decade now, and is an integral part of the British sporting scene, can brighten up even the most mundane of sporting events. She’s a blonde British beauty alright, and has this air about her too, this caring, nature, so hypothetically if you were to cuddle Gabby, I doubt you’d want to stop.

13 Dara Torres


Get this; Dara Torres has won 12 Olympic medals during the course of a glittering career swimming for team USA, and she’s held three world records too. She competed in a staggering five Olympic games, and was still going strong at the age of 41; if anything, we’d love to cuddle her and just tell her to relax, to take it easy a bit. Now she’s in her 50s, she’s eased up on her time in the pool, but you wouldn’t think it. She looks ridiculous for a 50-year-old. She’s hasn’t slowed down either, and is now a TV presenter, is heavily involved in the media industry. This former swimming beauty must run on diesel; I reckon quite a few of us would want to stroke the engine, make it purr.

12 Chris Evert


Forget people in their 40s and 50s; Chris is in her 60s! She may be 62 but she looks about 20 years younger – she really is stunning for her age.

In her heyday, Chris was ranked as the number one tennis player from the United States. She won a whopping 18 Grand Slam titles, making her one of the greatest female tennis players of all time. Chris also holds numerous other records, like making the most Grand Slam single finals, which even in today’s day and age of tennis greats, hasn’t been beaten. She’s currently operating a tennis academy in Florida, and judging from the way she looks, probably still plays. Back when she was a pro, she was known for sizzling on the court, being hot, and having a tremendous amount of style and swagger. Nothing’s changed in that regard.

11 Gabrielle Reece

If you know your sports, your athletics, you probably had an inkling that Gabrielle Reece was going to feature on this list. Volleyball might not be a massive sport, but when Gabrielle’s in action, you can bet your bottom dollar that people would’ve been watching. She’s responsible for making pro volleyball a pretty big deal, even if people did watch just to ogle at the sultry women on show. Simultaneously, whilst enjoying a stellar volleyball career, she’s also enjoyed a career as a fashion model. She hasn’t posed nude for a lads’ mag or anything like that – she once famously reprimanded her agent because he had the audacity to suggest that she posed nude for Hugh Hefner! – but she’s still posed for some steamy shoots over the years. At the age of 47 she’s still as fabulous as ever, undoubtedly one of the hottest former pros out there.

10 Trish Stratus


If you’re a wrestling fan, now’s the time to tilt your head back and recollect about one super-sexy time in the industry. Reminisce about stunning divas during this time, and the mind instantly goes to Trish Stratus. She’s the very definition of a sex symbol. Trish might have been sexualized when with WWE in a ton of different ways, which might not float a lot of people’s boats, but it meant we got to see a whole lot of this stunning diva.

We’ve seen more of her over the years too as a model and fitness icon. Nowadays, her focus is on promoting her passion for fitness, in particular her love for yoga. She runs a yoga studio, and evidently practices yoga too, as she still looks as good as she did when she graced the ring.

9 Kristin Armstrong


American road bike racer is the very definition of an ageless Olympian. She’s one of only a few on this list who’s still going strong, is still competing. That’s pretty amazing considering that she’s in her 40s. The 44-year old’s achievements really are remarkable. In her last three Olympics, the latest of which was in Rio in 2016 – when she was 43 for those of you decent at math! – she’s won gold in the time trial. That’s a pretty ridiculous achievement and just goes to show that age is nothing but a number. In fact, it’s fair to say that Kristin’s just getting better with age; who knows, she could still be racing into her 50s!

I’m not going say that Kristin possesses glamor model looks or anything like that. But she is mightily fit, and really does look amazing for a 44-year-old who’s doing what she’s doing.

8 Amy Acuff


When Amy was in her 30s, she decided to retire from track and field events. But this didn’t last long. She had that athletics bug and had it bad. She got back on the horse so to speak, and carried on competing as a high jump specialist for team USA. Now, at the age of 42, she’s still competing, a remarkable feat considering how strenuous high jumping is on the body. But Amy’s a veteran of the event and her body can take it. It hasn’t really changed all that much during the course of her 25 years – yes, you read that correctly! – competing.

During this 25 years she’s also enjoyed a decent career in the modeling industry. She’s posed for prominent lads’ mags such as FHM, Maxim and she’s done a nude shoot for Playboy. We’ve therefore seen a whole lot of Amy Acuff, know what she possesses, so giving her a cuddle – that’ll be the very least we’d want to give Amy.

7 Katarina Witt


This retired German figure skater was renowned for being one of the hottest athletes on the planet. She’s won two gold medals, has numerous other accolades, all of which contribute to making her one of the greatest figure skaters of all time. Due to her success, and her looks of course, pretty much every magazine wanted a piece of Katarina, wanted to get her on board for a sultry shoot of some sort. Plenty did, but it will be the Playboy shoot that we all remember. She posed nude for Playboy at the age of 32 in a glorious shoot. She’s now in her 50s, and has moved into a career in media – unsurprisingly because hers is a face that’s made for being in front of the cameras – but still has the looks, still possesses a smoking hot physique, and is still someone we’d cuddle in a heartbeat.

6 Gina Ostarly


American bodybuilder Gina Ostarly, only became a prominent athlete in the last decade or so. She was a housewife, had three kids, was in her 30s, and that’s when body-wise, things tend to go downhill. She didn’t want to become that stereotypical frumpy middle-aged woman, so decided to do something about it. So, she transformed her physique, is now a fitness model, and is one of the hottest bodybuilders out there on the circuit. She’s one hot mamma alright, sizzles on stage, and has really changed her life around over the past decade, stepping on stage, doing pretty well, and gracing the covers of a number of esteemed fitness magazines. Gina probably saves her cuddles for her three kids, but we’d certainly want to get in there and get a bit of cuddle action too!

5 Gabriela Sabatini


Gabriela Sabatini got in the tennis game early, got in, came, saw, conquered, and then got out, also at a young age, in order to pursue other ventures. But whilst she was on the woman’s tour, she certainly made an impression, not just because of her tennis prowess, which was up there with the best in the world, but because of her sultry good looks. Her beauty mesmerized people when she was on the court, and it seemed inconceivable that she could get any hotter. But the Argentinian beauty has arguably gotten even hotter with age, looks stunning now that she’s in her 40s. She’s rated as being one of the hottest female tennis players to have ever played the game, and she’s now probably one of the most gorgeous ex-pros too. Get a hug from Gabriela, and you’ll have a smile plastered across your face for a hell of a long time.

4 Regina Halmich


Set your eyes on Regina Halmich and you certainly wouldn’t think that she’s a former boxer. The 40-year-old is an absolute stunner, and what’s impressive is that she’s managed to maintain her looks over the course of a long, glittering career. She’s also still got the physique of a fighter, is still super-fit, despite having laced up her gloves for the final time a decade ago. The German boxer’s certainly been in some battles during her time, but has always come out on top. She’s regarded to be the second best female fighter of all time; a record of 56 fights, 54 wins and just the solitary defeat says it all. Regina’s a boxing legend, plain and simple. She’s since launched a cosmetic line, regularly appears on German TV, and has done a load of modeling shoots. It’s fair to say that the vast majority of women boxers despised her, wanted to knock her block off when she was still a pro. There certainly wouldn’t have had too many people lining up to cuddle her. But that’s alright; after all she’s achieved, we’ll be happy to give her a tight hug, would cuddle her in a heartbeat.

3 Summer Sanders


At the age of 44, former Olympic champion and American swimmer Summer Sanders looks as good as she did when she was competing. Judging from her physique, she obviously still takes to the pool, although not in a competitive sense. Over the years, Summer’s enjoyed a stellar career, not just as a swimmer, but as a media personality. Hers is a face that’s perfect for television, for being in front of the camera, and she’s made the most of these opportunities. She’s not just an Olympic analyst either. She’s partaken in a host of different shows, and has hosted shows too. It’s because of the package she brings, her bubbly, vibrant personality, something that’s held her in good stead as she’s made the transition away from the pool, and it’s something that’ll make us want to cuddle her in a heartbeat too.

2 Malia Jones

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Malia Jones is of Hawaiian, German, Spanish-Filipino, and English descent; that’s one heck of a mix, and it’s resulted in one of the hottest female athletes of all time, Malia Jones. Malia can thank her ancestry for her complexion, her hotness, but becoming a world-renowned surfer was all her own doing. Living in Hawaii probably helped – it’s the place you need to be if you’re into surfing. Malia recognized this, moved their when she was two – although actually, she probably didn’t have any say in the matter at that age! – and carved out a successful career for herself as a surfer.

Unsurprisingly, seeing her on the waves got a whole load of people interested, and Malia the model was born. She’s posed in some seriously sultry shoots over the years, and today at the age of 40, she looks as good as she ever has.

1 Janet Lynn West

I’ve said that we’d love to cuddle the athletes on this list in a heartbeat. That still holds true for Janet Lynn West, but if you ever get to take her in your arms, be careful, because she might end up squeezing you like a viper. Janet is a professional bodybuilder, and being in her late 50s, she’s one of the oldest competitors still stepping on stage. But look at Janet and it seem unfathomable that she’s a day older than 40.

Sure, she’s a bodybuilder, is into that whole fitness lifestyle, but still, her body and her beauty combined, is just ridiculous. When she’s not stepping on stage or preparing for her latest competition, she helps people achieve their goals as a personal trainer. I reckon quite a few of you reading this wouldn’t mind getting whipped into shape by Janet Lynn West!

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