15 Female Athletes Reveal What Happens Behind Closed Doors

Female athletes are definitely required to have an incredible amount of cardio in order to succeed in their sport. But as you're going to learn from our list, their cardio in the bedroom (especially for Trish Stratus!) may be even more impressive!

The women that we have on our list are some of the most desired in the entire history of sports. Stacy Keibler, Ronda Rousey, and Maria Kanellis are just some of the gorgeous women who have revealed what they enjoy when the booty bumping commences.

Though as you'll read for Maria, you definitely don't need to be in a bedroom to get your freak on. In fact, you won't believe the nasty public place that she got it on at! And while our list is peppered with quotes from the women themselves, we're sure Paige - who had private photos and videos leaked - also probably didn't want the world to know that three definitely wasn't a crowd.

While many women will openly talk about their kinks in the bedroom, we also have a hilarious story from Lita from when the guy she was with definitely said the wrong thing when getting busy. Included are also two different entries helping highlight just how wild the relationship between Shawn Michaels and Sunny got.

There's even a former WWE Diva who performed in some adult videos, one of which featured her playing She-Hulk and another Diva who may not want you knowing about her past work as a foot fetish model. But while many of these entries may make these women even hotter, we do have to warn you that Maria Sharapova gets slaughtered by Adam Levine for her lack of skill in bed.

These athletes may live the life in the public eye, but things get even steamier when the bedroom door closes and the lingerie comes out.


15 Trish Stratus Can Go For A While And Isn't Quiet


Trish Stratus has no shortage of moments in her wrestling career where she had to display an incredible amount of stamina. After all, being a wrestler is not exactly the easiest job in the world. But after the adrenaline stops going, Stratus' endurance was definitely still roaring to go for a fun night.

"Usually I like it nice and calm and I enjoy being in control. When I'm really into it/enjoying the sex I can moan pretty loudly, I can also go pretty long," said Stratus in a past interview.

During the same interview, Stratus also revealed that she often walks around naked at home.

14 Sunny And HBK Would Booty Bump All Day Long


Sunny may not have impressed many with her athletic abilities, but she definitely knew how to capture attention with her good looks. This extended to fellow wrestlers, including Shawn Michaels who took a liking to her.

When talking about their relationship, Sunny revealed:

"Shawn was a horndog, like, he instructed me to wear short skirts with no underwear underneath, so it would be easy access...This would happen like four times during the day at the arena and then back at the hotel at night. It was crazy. Seriously, he was like an 18-year-old kid in high school. He just couldn't get enough."

I guess his only cardio wasn't in the ring! Keep reading and we'll also reveal the Heartbreak Kid's biggest fetish.

13 Maria Has A Favorite Way To Get Down


Maria Kanellis spent years captivating audiences in the WWE before she ended up leaving the company in 2010. Thankfully for fans of Kanellis, she remained closely attached to the wrestling scene and this past year Kanellis made her return to the WWE.

Part of her former career in the company involved a photo shoot with Playboy and along with revealing her entire body, Kanellis also gave insight on her love life:

"I like being on the bottom. I have so much control in the outside world, I don't necessarily want it when I'm in the bed. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I can be aggressive; other times I'm pretty passive."

12 Miesha Tate Is Better Than Your Wildest Fantasies


Miesha Tate is one of the most attractive women in the world of sports, so naturally, people are going to try and find out what happens between the sheets. But for our next entry, you'll have to give credit to her once (sorry pal) boyfriend Bryan Caraway.

When describing their lovemaking, Caraway stated:

“I’m not gonna lie. It’s pretty awesome," he was then asked if he choked Tate (yikes!)

"I don’t think we’re into the choking— we have enough of that in our normal daily life. I can tell you it’s pretty interesting. She’s crazy— nothing too weird. But, you know. I’ll let your imagination do it's thing. It’s pretty gnarly, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Think about all of your fantasies. It’s THAT much better.”

We're sure that didn't make the breakup any easier.

11 Stacy Keibler Wants Guys To Talk


Stacy Keibler has often had her love life put in the public spotlight. She dated George Clooney for several years and is currently married to Future Ads CEO Jared Probe. But there was a time in Keibler's life where she was single and ready to mingle. And when that was going on, she was asked what were some signs that a guy was not going to get a second chance to get up close and personal:

"If you're quiet, it's going to be a one-night stand, for sure. I want guys to talk. Be verbal and get into it, but screaming and yelling and taking it to the next level is when it gets a little weird."

Let that be a lesson guys! You'd hate to miss an opportunity to lay again with a gorgeous woman because you were silent.

10 Maria Sharapova Loves Getting Busy But Isn't The Most Skilled


Maria Sharapova has been rumoured in the past to be quite active in the bedroom. When asked in a past interview, instead of denying the question that she had multiple lovers she replied:

"Maybe. Why not, right? Life's too short."

Unfortunately for Sharapova, not all the talk about her lovemaking is positive. Former bed buddy Adam Levine has blasted her skill in a past interview:

"She wouldn't make any noise during sex. I can't tell you how disappointed I was. I really thought, like a lot of guys, that she'd be the loud screaming type. But instead, she just lay there like a dead frog. She even got angry if I started to moan, said it 'ruined her concentration.' It was so disillusioning that I went on Paxil for a month afterward. Really, it was much more of a shock than when I found out there's no such thing as the Easter Bunny."

9 Paige Says Three Isn't A Crowd


Paige definitely wishes that you didn't know as much about her love life as you do. But sadly she has become yet another victim in the WWE who has had leaked photos of her. Paige is perhaps the heaviest hit, with videos showing that her lovemaking doesn't exactly always just involve herself (or the usage of just people for that matter!).

The video featured Paige getting intimate with both Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox, as well as electing to end the session with the usage of her face. If that wasn't enough, the photos also included the NXT Championship belt.

Those are definitely some of the last things in the world you would want to be leaked.


8 Lita Had Someone Call Her Mama


Everyone has some experiences in the bedroom that we're sure were not the most pleasant. That definitely goes for famous athletes as well. Our next entry is courtesy of former WWE Diva Lita, who revealed a horrible moment that her ex-lover had:

"He called me Mama, and it freaked me out. I had to put my hand over his mouth. Positive feedback is nice, but "Give it to me, Mama"? That's just bizarre."

We don't think anyone would blame Lita if that move ended up killing the session outright! Let's hope it served as a lesson for the guy to never make the same mistake again. Especially because a pissed off and sexually frustrated Lita is probably the last thing you want to be dealing with!

7 Ronda Rousey Loves to Warm Up In The Bedroom Before The Ring


Ronda Rousey might be on a downward spiral in terms of her fighting career, but her love life has never been better. She recently got married to fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne and you can imagine the two had plenty of fun celebrating.

But we're sure Browne is also hoping that Rousey schedules a fight in the near future when you find out that she gets extra randy before fight time:

"For girls, it raises your testosterone, so I try to have as much sex as possible before I fight actually."

Which means there are some guys out there that can at least take partial credit for her once undefeated record!

6 Maria Has Done It In Some Crazy Places


WWE athletes need to be prepared to spend plenty of time on the road, which means that having a comfortable bedroom might not always be at your disposal. For Maria Kanellis, this means she's done the deed in some pretty outrageous places

"Oh, gosh, there've been a bunch. Of course, I've done the whole pool table thing. Done the really, really disgusting dirty bathroom on a road trip," said Kanellis.

That wasn't all though, as Kanellis went on to say:

"I hope my mom doesn't read this -- I've done the parents' bed. Never done it in the bathroom [on a plane] but I might have done a few acts in the seat sitting next to someone. I've done it in the car. I've done the balcony at a hotel... that one was recent."

5 Torrie Wilson Doesn't Mind Being Dominant


Torrie Wilson spent years getting hot and heavy with Alex Rodriguez but hasn't been in a high profile relationship since 2015. But that doesn't mean we don't have a quote from her past on just how freaky things can get for Wilson once she gets close to you:

"I'm not one to give it up right away. And I bring out real surprises after a while. I'm not into whips and chains - but I do like being dominant sometimes. That's probably increased since I started wrestling."

You can imagine she gave Rodriguez all kinds of special surprises over the years together! Given that he is currently sleeping with Jennifer Lopez though, something tells us he isn't spending too much time missing Wilson.

4 Chyna Played She-Hulk In An Adult Video (Among Other Things)


While some women on our list have stripped it all off for Playboy or had photos leaked, Chyna is the only one who outright went after a career in the adult entertainment industry.

The fact that Chyna's adult film is titled Backdoor To Chyna should give some immediate insight as to what you can expect from her film. But when talking about the making of it, you'll be happy to know at least she loved the experience:

"I loved every minute of it. It made me feel beautiful, sexy and very empowered. My fans know that I've been through many obstacles and I want them to know that I feel and look better than ever and I'm definitely ready for them to see me close-up."

It's definitely one hell of a close-up! Chyna also appeared in an adult film parody of The Avengers where she dresses up in green paint and portrays She-Hulk. So, that's a thing too!

3 Candice Michelle Did Foot Fetish Videos


Candice Michelle left nothing to the imagination when she posed for Playboy, but that's not the only time she revealed her intimate side. Prior to entering the WWE, Michelle spent some time filming "fetish" videos that primarily centred around feet. We say fetish because Michelle has come out and been explicit about how it was not adult entertainment:

"I have never, ever done p*rn in my life... The most I ever did in any of these is topless… You will never see insertion into any orifice of my body or you will never see a p*nis actually touching any orifice of my body… I guess I feel like I’m a great actor because man you guys really think I did p*rn for some reason! I must have done something good in those films. It’s not p*rn at all.”

2 Stacy, Torrie, And Lita Talk Hitting Behind


While many of our blurbs are dedicated to the thoughts of one woman, we're bringing in the triple threat team of Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson and Lita for the next entry on our list. In a group interview that took a bit of a raunchy turn, all three women were asked their thoughts on receiving a little punishment on the backend while booty bumping.

"STACY: I like it. I mean, I don't do it all the time, but it's not something I'm opposed to.

TORRIE: I like it, too. But I'm a big baby, so if it's too hard, I'm like, "Ouch! OK, no more."

LITA: Yeah, it should be like swatting a fly-not killing a beast."

1 Sunny And HBK (Part 2)

The Heartbreak Kid definitely had plenty of opportunities throughout his career to get his booty bumping on. But if he ever hoped to hook up with more than one woman in one day, he better make sure that Sunny wasn't the first one he did.

In her book, she revealed that HBK had a major fetish for lipstick. In a later interview, Sunny divulged more interview:

"It was kind of funny too because he likes to smear it all over your face and the problem with red lipstick is that it stains, so, like, my entire face would be stained red for the rest of the day. It was terrible."


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