15 Female Athletes We'd Trade Our Girlfriends For

Ever wonder what it is like to date a professional female athlete? One can definitely say they have thought about it before. Fans have those specific fantasies with not just women's athletes, but celebrities as well. Some of them have even made fan's dreams come true for a night of romantic adventures. Taylor Swift has done notable things such as be a marine's date for a marine ball, gone to proms with students of disability, etc... There are other celebrities that have done gestures similar to that. Anything can happen in one night. One moment, one instance can change two peoples' worlds for years to come. Now, most of the time; professional athletes will date other professional athletes for the reasons such as similar interests, understanding of the other's training/game schedules, etc... So realistically, we as fans can only fantasize about professional female athletes being on their arms.

The common fan cannot help but wonder: what if? What if they were a professional athlete? What if they ran into a professional female athlete one night and got to know them on a personal level? What if they never met their current girlfriend or current wife? Well, look no further if you want a hypothetical answer to that. This list takes us into an alternative universe where we don't know that our current spouses exist and professional women athletes are just waiting to be swept off of their feet by the right man. Without further adieu, we present the 15 female athletes we'd consider trading our girlfriends for.

15 Danica Patrick

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We begin the countdown with a lady that knows how to get the engine going and live the life in the fast lane. Danica Patrick has been racing in NASCAR for a long time now and she seems to be making quite an impression in more ways than one. She has an IndyCar Series win under her belt as well as 14 career top ten finished and three poles to add to her resume. She knows what it takes to get her car faster than others. She also knows how to show off her beauty as she is the main actress in the GoDaddy commercials. Fans, if you're saying you didn't fantasize about Danica Patrick in the commercials; it would be hard to believe.

Danica Patrick is smart, tough, beautiful, and can do it all which is why she is the first professional athlete that many fans might consider leaving their current spouse for. The best part is this list is just beginning to get good!

14 Sloane Stephens


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Next up on this very dazzling list is a young lady that is seemingly taking the tennis world by storm recently. She has won five Women's Tennis Association titles and she is winning the hearts of all tennis fans. Sloane Stephens is a beautiful woman with grace, tenacity, and heart. She plays with everything she has ever single time she takes the court and it shows. Stephens was having trouble for a while winning her first major singles tournament. Her best finish came in the 2013 Australian Open when she made it all the way to the semifinals. She finally broke through in 2017 when she won the U.S. Open. Her award winning smile, easy-going personality, and toned body make her a complete package for any fan that is looking around. Considering she is only 24 years old, fans will probably only be fantasizing about Stephens as she will most likely be dating a professional athlete of some kind in the near future. We could be wrong, but the odds for that look pretty good.

13 Gina Carano

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There is something truly inspiring and sexy about beautiful MMA fighters. There are a few on this list that definitely made the cut, but we'll go one at a time with them. At number 13, let's consider the case of Gina Carano. She didn't have a long career before she went into the world of being an actress, but her career was a good one. She had eight total fights in her MMA career. She won seven of those fights and won three of them by knockout, three by decision, and one by submission. She is beautiful as she was deadly in her MMA fights. Her strong, muscular legs along with her tight stomach make that a winning combination that any fan can't resist. It would definitely be hard for any man to keep looking at their girlfriend if Gina Carano walked by and stole the spotlight. There will be other MMA ladies later on, but for now; the spotlight is all on Gina and boy can she rock it.

12 Michelle Wie


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The old saying in golf used by former professional John Daly goes, "Grip it and rip it!". The number 12 lady on this list grips it and rips it every time she steps up to the tee during a round of golf. She also handles herself with much size, great fashion choices, and a soft smile. Michelle Wie was a well known golfer who turned professional at the age of 16. She even had the opportunity to play golf at Stanford University, but didn't because her professional status made her ineligible for collegiate golf. Based on what she has done so far with her career, Wie isn't regretting her decision at all. She has four LPGA wins in her career which is highlighted by her big win in 2014 in the U.S. Women's Open. Her beautiful, black hair and quiet personality gives her a sense of mysteriousness that makes a lot of women that much sexier. Wie would be great to have as a girlfriend because you could play on the best golf courses in the world with her while enjoying her company. That is a combination that is hard to come upon with the average woman, right?

11 Eugenie Bouchard

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She has the body of a goddess, a tennis skill set that is through the roof, and the best part of all is: she is only 23 years old! This professional tennis player from Canada has been looking for her first Major Single Tournament win since she started, but she doesn't have to look around for a date. Eugenie Bouchard is an amazing tennis player that is on the cusp of winning that desired first Major Single Tournament win. She made it to the finals of the Wimbledon Open in 2014. She also has made it to the semifinals in both the Australian Open and the French Open as well in the year of 2014.

She also has a body that most women would kill to have. With an amazing butt and toned stomach, she makes tennis conditioning look like it works with instant results! She knows how to smile for the camera and have a playful side as well. What is not to love about Eugenie Bouchard? Except maybe for the small fact that she could steal any woman's boyfriend at any given time! Let's all hope her sole focus is on the tennis court!

10 Tobin Heath

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The number 11 woman on this list has had success at just about any level. She was a High School All-American, won two NCAA soccer championships in college, and has had continuous success for the U.S. National Women's Soccer team. Tobin Heath has been a breath of fresh air for anyone that has closely followed this National team. In 131 appearances for the U.S., she has scored 18 goals. In college, she played for the University of North Carolina where she scored 19 goals in four season while helping the Tar Heels win two NCAA titles. What stands out too is her body. The beautiful brown hair and long soccer player legs help her stand out of all the athletes that have been mentioned so far. She also has a tight stomach that fans would love to see revealed with her wearing a bathing suit. But those can be looked at another time.

Soccer players will be a continuous theme for athletes that girlfriends would be dumped for and Tobin is no exception to this with her play on the field and beauty off of it.

9 Aly Raisman

Massachusetts has had its fair share of recent success stories when it comes to professional and Olympic athletes. Jack Eichel from Chelmsford is looking to be the future star player for the Buffalo Sabres. But for the Olympics, Massachusetts was jumping behind young Aly Raisman. Raisman is an Olympic gymnast that came from the little town of Needham, Massachusetts. Her career has certainly been successful so far. She has won three gold medals in her Olympic career as well as two gold medals in the World Championships and three more gold medals in the Pacific Rim Championships.

The craziest part is that she is only 23 years old. Standing at 5'2 with the body of a fitness model, Raisman is a girl that any guy would be lucky to have. Whether she is dazzling in a bikini, wearing her tight gymnastics outfits, or looking gorgeous in little dresses; she is a sight to behold. Be careful ladies! If Aly Raisman is ever around, might want to shield your spouse's eyes to not potentially lose him!

8 Ali Krieger


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Any professional woman athlete that makes an appearance in the ESPN body issue has to be in this list, right? Right! So therefore, the number nine candidate for this list is a score on and off the field. Ali Krieger has been making contributions on the field for a long time now. She played at Penn State University for four years and scored 11 career goals. She hasn't made much of a difference goal-scoring wise for the U.S. National team as she has only scored one goal since joining the team in 2008. But even though she won't turn heads for her goal-scoring ability on the field, she will turn heads on the streets with the common man.

Krieger's long black hair and tattoos on her body make her an instant sight for any man that is looking. Add onto the fact that she is in shape obviously because of all the endless running in soccer and you have a lady that can stand out. Like we said before, she posed for the ESPN body issue; so she has a lot of confidence in herself which is also attractive. Ali Krieger could kick her way into any man's heart if she wants to, which would make men spineless and leave their girlfriends for her.

7 Elena Delle Donne

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The common theme that all of the previous eight ladies have in common is that they are under six feet tall, more than ideal for the average height of men. For the taller men looking for a taller, beautiful woman; we have the one for you! Elena Delle Donne is a 6'5 professional basketball player that is insanely beautiful for many reasons. First of all, she has the really long legs which make her a sight in the making. Second, she is dominant in her sport. Third, she has a smile that can draw the attention of all fans watching their respective WNBA team. Delle Donne was the MVP of the 2015 WNBA season and was named to the All-WNBA First Team twice in 2015 and 2016. She made an immediate impression when she also won Rookie of the Year in 2013. She helped Team USA win the gold medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. For the gentlemen that are taller than 6'6, they might reconsider having a very small girlfriend after seeing Delle Donne dominate on the floor and pull off looking great in a tight dress off of the court.

6 Julie Johnston

You have to feel bad for Ali Krieger because some professional women athletes contribute more off of the field than on the field. With that in mind, we give you the number six lovely lady that definitely has contributed a good amount of goals to the U.S. Women's National team. Julie Johnston has played for the national team since 2013 and she has made an impact since. She has scored nine goals in 51 games. She also played in college for Santa Clara University. In her four years for the Broncos, she scored 31 goals. Not only does she have a knack for finishing plays, she also has a knack for looking good in front of a camera.

The photos demonstrate her pearly white smile on display and even shows a picture of her posing with the American Flag covering her like a blanket. She clearly loves representing her country just like the other girls mentioned so far do as well. With her blonde hair and luscious body on display for all to see in soccer attire, it is pretty easy to see why Johnston would be a girl guys would leave their girlfriends for.

5 Hilary Knight

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From the octagon, to the pitch, to the court, now we take a look at a beautiful woman on the ice. The number six ice hockey lady on this list will skate her way to the net and could even skate away with any guy of her choosing. Hilary Knight has made a name for herself since her college days. Playing for the University of Wisconsin, she registered 225 points in her four seasons with the Badgers. In her professional career playing for two teams in Boston (Blades and Pride), she has registered 52 goals and 58 assists in five seasons. It is clear that Hilary Knight can do just about anything with a stick and puck. She can also pull off being beautiful. Her black hair and great smile make her instantly attractive from the neck up. From the neck down, she has a very fit body that she earned with her constant hours of working out and skating. She has earned everything she has gotten so far and is looking for a man to share it all with. Hold onto your men tight ladies, because Hilary Knight could be skating away with your man's heart if you look the other way!

4 Ronda Rousey

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She can kick other women's butts in the octagon, she is rumored to love getting her adrenaline going before her fights, and she can dazzle us all in the movie theaters. The number four lady on this list is a popular MMA fighter that everyone came to know and love as a household name. Ronda Rousey is one of the most ferocious and beautiful female fighters the sport of MMA has ever seen. She also happens to show off a pretty good record. In her MMA career, Rousey was 12-2 with three wins coming by knockout and the other nine coming via submission. She also has an undefeated amateur record of 3-0. These are pretty outstanding numbers to boast about. Rousey can also boast about her body. She has shown her sexiness on the big screen such as in the movie "Entourage". Her strong, muscular frame to go along with her 5'7 body mix very well together and produced someone that could easily steal somebody's girlfriend. If ladies want to try to fight for their men against Rousey, best of luck to them! They might end up with losing their love and paying for medical bills!

3 Maria Sharapova

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Winning is sexy, plain and simple. The fact that the number three person on this list has won as much as she has and look the way she does doing it, it is irresistible. Everyone loves her in some way, shape, or form and we love her for having it all. Maria Sharapova has dominated since she turned pro. She has over 600 career singles wins as well five major single tournament victories. She also is 6'2 and in incredible shape. Her long, lengthy legs and blonde hair give her an advantage over the common looking woman. Then, her smile and personality on camera make her seem like the golden child of tennis. Sharapova definitely has had suitors in the past. But as far as everyone is concerned, she is single and could be looking to make the next step in her life very soon. Ladies, make sure not to take your men to a Sharapova tennis match anytime soon!

2 Blair O'Neal

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If it wasn't for the number one lady on this list, this woman would undoubtedly be at the top of this list and probably a lot of other lists as well. For now, we'll let her settle in at number two. She has long drives, great putts, and an incredible body and face. Blair O'Neal has made a name for herself as a golfer and as a model. She has won several long drive championships before during her college days. She has shot in the 60's before in a single round. She definitely has the physical skills to hopefully win a major tournament someday. If she doesn't, she can definitely retire and consider a world of modeling. The long legs and blonde hair once again proves to be a difficult combination to beat.

She also has done many photo shoots of her in a small bikini that are just jaw-dropping. O'Neal can definitely steal the hearts of a lot of men as well as steal the actual men away from their jealous girlfriends. But the number one female on this list is a name that every young fan will love until the end of time.

1 Alex Morgan

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Here she is, ladies and gentlemen! The number one lady on this list is a common answer among teenagers and young male adults that pick the hottest female athlete they can think of. It is without a doubt easy to say this woman can do it on the pitch and off of it as well. Alex Morgan has been an elite goal scorer for the United States Women's National team. In 128 games, she has scored an astounding 74 goals; which is close to one almost every game. She also just loves to tease all the men in the world with her good looks and outgoing personality. Alex Morgan can certainly steal any guy she wanted if she wasn't already taken herself. Good news for all of you ladies out there that were concerned about the state of their relationships!

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