15 Female Athletes Who Accidentally Flashed On Camera

If there is one aspect in which athletes who competed at the time when the Olympics first started all the way back in Greece had an advantage over our athletes today, it's that they did not need to care about what they were wearing.

First things first, we highly doubt that when the athletes of back then were about to take the field and compete at whatever brutal sport they were about to, they gave two damns about what the hell they were wearing. To go one step further, we also doubt that any of them had to put on makeup in order to look good for the public. We might be right, or we might be wrong, let the historians tell us the truth. But the one thing we can say for certain is that the old-school Greek athletes certainly did not get as much backlash about showing a little skin back then as some of our athletes today get for the occasional wardrobe malfunction.

Seriously, most of these sports are high contact and high impact activities that are bound to make some clothing articles their victims. We are not saying that someone is going to get into a karate match and come out with their clothes torn up as Goku did after fighting somebody in Dragon Ball Z. Nevertheless, wardrobe malfunctions happen, and we’re here to show you some of them. So sit back and relax because here are 15 female athletes who accidentally flashed on camera. And a word to the wise: we are being very broad with the term “flash.”

14 Venus with the Smash

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Venus Williams is arguably one of the best female tennis players of all time. She has 22 WTA titles to her name and has won grand slams like Wimbledon and the US open. This is a woman who even went to the Olympics and won nothing less than four gold medals and one silver medal. So we can safely say that Venus has enough credit to her name that people would not care if she ended up showing a little more skin than the usual during the game, right?

Wrong. It only took one moment of carelessness for Venus to go up for a smash against an opponent in a tournament for a quick-triggered photographer to snap up this pic. As we said before, we are being a bit too broad with the word flash, but this certainly is a picture that deserves a place on our list.

13 Stephanie Gilmore with the save

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This is what we call one helluva save. Stephanie Gilmore is still only 29 years old, but she's already regarded as one of the best surfers out there. And that is nothing but fair since this is a woman who has been crowned a world champion on the Women’s ASP World Tour nothing less than six times. Yeah, if you’re a six-time world champion, regardless of your sport, you are a boss.

But all of that only makes this image even funnier, because even though she's an amazing surfer, Stephanie had to perform some magic to save her assets from being snapped on camera as they almost slipped out while she was surfing. Perhaps they did get out, and the photographer just messed up the timing, but we will repeat it: this was a helluva save.

12 The Colombian cycling team fiasco

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Designers are a breed of a different kind. While most of them come up with inspiring and beautiful works of art, some of them just come out with plain weird stuff. We have seen architects design amazing bridges and stadiums, but at the same time, we have seen them design buildings that look more like people’s private parts than anything else. Now when it comes to sports, the biggest example of this was the design of the uniform for the Colombian cycling team a few years ago.

They might not be flashing anything, but you would have to look really close to make sure of that. Or are they flashing? We cannot sincerely tell. What we can be sure of is that we would rather not take our kids to any sporting event where these exquisite outfits would be on display.

11 She did not give a f***

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We talked about high impact sports and how they provide the biggest potential for wardrobe malfunctions to happen. But here is an exception that we did not expect. When people talk about figure skating, you think about grace and beauty, both of which Russian figure skater Ekaterina Rubleva has in abundance, but you don’t think that wardrobe malfunctions would happen so often.

Well, here is one instance in which not even the soft grace of the sport managed to keep Rubleva‘s assets from showing.

You gotta give her some credit though, since even though the wardrobe malfunction happened, Rubleva didn’t seem to care about it in the least, as she just fixed her clothes and went on with the routine. That is more mental toughness than a lot of other athletes have.

10 Who needs bras?

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While they might be a certain feature of the gear of almost all female athletes these days, sports bras were not always used by top athletes. Just take the example of Argentinian tennis player Gabriela Sabatini. This former number three tennis player in the world had this picture taken after she didn’t wear a sports bra during a particularly tough match. You can probably get a good idea of how much running she had to do in order to get this drenched in sweat.

Nobody’s complaining about the results, but this is something that probably would not have happened if the 1988 Wimbledon champion played tennis today. But who cares about a little wardrobe malfunction when you are a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame? With her resume, Gabby doesn’t have to explain herself to anybody. #Respect

9 cheerleader problems

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Whether most people agree with it or not, cheerleading is a sport. It might depend on other sports like football and basketball, but cheerleaders have their own competitions, and some of them make pretty good money out of it. Either way, these women are athletes and should be treated as such. With that in mind, we would very well like to dedicate at least one entry on our list to these high-flying athletes.

As it turns out, despite not being a contact sport, the dancing and acrobatics involved in cheerleading make the cheerleaders very prone to wardrobe malfunctions. It's not all that hard to see one or more embarrassing slips during the breaks of a football game. So here’s one little cheerleading wardrobe malfunction we separated for you guys.

8 Queen of the Beach

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As one of the sports in which female athletes wear the least amount of clothing, beach volleyball was bound to have an entry on this list. And who better to represent the sports than the American legend Kerri Walsh?

Walsh is without a doubt one of the most successful athletes in the history of the game. She has won three Olympic gold medals and one bronze medal in her career. When it comes to World Championships, it's also hard to get even close to her success as she has won the competition three times and was the runner-up in one.

However, none of those many titles were able to save Walsh from a little exposure during her career. More specifically, this one time when her bikini bottom decided to cling onto the sand a little tighter than it held on to the Olympic champion.

7 When getting knocked out isn't enough

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Arguably the most savage entry on our list, it's hard to ignore this particular wardrobe malfunction. Female mixed martial arts fighters do not have it easy, but it's rarer than you think to witness a wardrobe malfunction in the UFC. It probably relates to the fact that the fighters use super tight clothing to keep their opponents from using their clothes to grapple and get an advantage during a fight.

This one time, however, the American fighter Elizabeth Phillips was not so lucky. Not only does it seem like she got knocked out, but her top also gave away one of her assets while she was on the ground. Later on, she might’ve recovered from the knockout, but the memory will never fade away as that picture will always be on the Internet.

6 A sad swimming story

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A lot of the times, we can just have fun and laugh about somebody else’s wardrobe malfunction, but this specific one left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. And that has nothing to do with the fact that Italian swimmer Flavia Zoccari had to endure the shame of her swimming suit bursting open at the rear. The real problem was that not only her wardrobe malfunction was embarrassing, but it also caused her to be disqualified from the competition. That is some sour, sour, pill to swallow. Do you know what makes this even worse? It’s the fact that this suit she was using was not only one of those super high tech suits that make you swim faster but that apparently its cost at the time was around £318.

5 Rosa Mendes caught by surprise

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This was clearly on purpose. But the fact that it happened on purpose does not take away from the idea that this was one of the greatest wardrobe malfunctions of all time. In wrestling or any other sport, it will be tough to find an instance in which one athlete literally pulled down the pants of the other just for the hell of it.

Rosa Mendes was kicking some ass against two opponents when one of them had a peculiar idea. As Rosa was trying to climb her way back into the ring to finish off one of her foes, the other woman just went on and pulled her back down to the ground by her undergarments. A move that, even in wrestling, should be illegal from a safety standpoint; from a fun perspective though, it should happen all the time.

4 Stephanie McMahon

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Wrestling might be the only sport, if you wanna call it that, that could come close to the likes of the Lingerie Football League and water polo in the department of wardrobe malfunctions. So what better way to describe how wrestling is prone to these embarrassing happenings than to show one in which the boss’s daughter was the one who had her assets exposed.

We don’t even know what Stephanie McMahon was doing when that happened. The truth is that it seems like the only possible outcomes out of that exchange were either Stephanie and that guy getting past second base right there, or what ended up happening anyways. And what happened was that her boobs popped out of her shirt and she desperately tried to hide them while trying to stay true to the script of the fight. Honestly, this is about as hilarious as wardrobe malfunctions get.

3 Same problem, different outcome

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We told you the sad story of Flavia Zoccari and how she was disqualified from a competition because the back of her suit burst open before her race. Well, here we have an eerily similar story, but one that had a happy ending.

It was at the World Bobsledding Championships before the 2010 Vancouver Olympics that the British bobsledder Gillian Cooke suffered the same embarrassment as Zoccari. Just before her team’s run, the back of her suit just burst open and gave the fans something to cheer about. Despite what happened being similar to what happened to the Italian swimmer, the outcome was the exact opposite. Not only was Cooke able to complete her run and was not disqualified from the competition, but she also qualified for the Olympics. So yeah, the same problem can have different outcomes.

2 Water Polo

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If we wanted to, we could literally make this whole list to be a collage of water polo wardrobe malfunctions. If you ever watch a water polo game, it looks fun and clean from the outside. But it's when the TV stations show what is happening under the surface that you can get a real glimpse of what this sport is all about.

While on the surface the athletes are trying their hardest to put the ball on the back of the opponents’ net, underwater they're trying to drown, kick, punch, or pull down their opponents’ swimsuit. It's a savage sport, definitely more savage than anyone would imagine from a quick outside look. And with that savageness comes an exorbitant amount of exposure of private parts. Here is just a tiny taste of it.

1 The LFL

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As we mentioned before, the three sports that have the most potential for a volume of wardrobe malfunctions are water polo, for the sheer physicality of the sport. Wrestling, for the novelty of a wardrobe malfunction in the ring. And, last but not least, lingerie football just because this is exactly what that sport is there for.

If anyone comes up to you and tells you that the people who thought this sport out did not have the intention of attracting crowds simply for the fact that they were putting hot women in lingerie and making them play football, you can laugh at their face.

Sorry, but if that was not the whole purpose of this sport, you should have these athletes wearing the same kind of gear that the guys in the NFL do, as it happens in professional basketball. But then again, we are not complaining because whether their intentions were good or not, the outcome is fun to watch.

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