15 Female Athletes Who Are Better On Instagram Than On The Field

Professional athletes spend their entire lives working towards one goal, to become the best athlete in whatever sport they are competing in. But not all of them turn out to be the best. A majority of the athletes that earn a living playing a professional sport only do it for a few years before calling it a career and moving on in life.

In that majority lies another group of athletes, those that you either might not have heard of yet, or simply have no care to follow. From competitive skiing to women's golf, there are some sports and some athletes that we simply do not know anything about yet because their impact has either been minimal or not yet noticed.

Regardless of your reasons, the following 15 women have won over our hearts and souls using their Instagram account better than the rest of us. So kick back and enjoy the show.

15 Amber Hill

Of all of the sports we only get to enjoy during the Olympics, shooting has to be among the rarest because of its' lacklustre following and low attendance. The popularity of that sport relies soley on the amount of people that support it.

One of their biggest names in particular has been Amber Hill, a gorgeous skeet shooter from Berkshire, England that has been shooting since she was 12 years old. She has discovered that the mystery to turning her sport into a successful one is by using a gift she was born with as leverage. Thanks to Instagram, she now has a channel to express her feelings through pictures, and they are all worth taking a look at.

14 Katie Kearney

It is nothing new to see a beautiful young woman become a superstar after being spotted on a golf course. Most of the times, it does not even matter how talented she is, as her beauty explodes on the internet and turns her into a star overnight. But in the case of Katie Kearney, the story is in reverse. She was already a beautiful star model and former Miss Missouri before becoming a pro golfer in 2012. It was not until she started using Instagram correctly that the world began to notice her. Her photos are nothing short of amazing so when you explore her page, be careful not to spend too much time on it. You have been warned.

13 Danica Patrick

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It appears that Danica Patrick is going to be a free agent in 2018 after Stewart-Haas Racing opted against retaining her services next year. Since she left IndyCar racing, Danica Patrick has found herself struggling to earn a spot among the best drivers in NASCAR, which is something that can be disastrous.

She never even had a Top 5 finish since joining the sport. Her best finish was a sixth place finish in Atlanta back in 2014. Rumours are swirling about where she will end up or if she will even race come next season. In the meantime, you can safely assume that a modeling career isn't out of the question as she has abused us with her naughty Instagram posts time and time again. Or if she just wanted to keep posting her bikini shots, we wouldn't mind that either.

12 Rachel Wray

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Rachel Wray's story is much different than any other former cheerleader before her. She grew up in Arkansas and would attend the University of Arkansas where she would also earn a spot on their cheerleading team. Following her collegiate career, Rachel got a job working as a professional cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs. It did not take very long before she became a celebrity thanks to her amazing beauty and captivating smiles.

However, she only did that for a year and then decided to pursue another passion of hers, mixed martial arts. Her path from being a beautiful blond cheerleader to a ripped up female MMA fighter is one that many of us would like to hear more about one day. While we await the story, we can always enjoy the Instagram pics.

11 Lexi Thompson

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Since joining the LPGA tour in 2012, Lexi Thompson has won a total of 9 tournaments including the 2014 Kraft Nabisco Championship. She started playing golf when she was very young and she became the youngest woman to ever win an LPGA tournament, winning it at 16 years old.

Her fame and popularity quickly grew from there and when she turned 18, she gave us all another reason to like her by growing up on social media. Overnight, she went from being a young prodigy to a sexy superstar on the greens. However, that same career has been on cruise control for the most part so while she works out the kinks to her current golfing game, we are fine with settling for her Instagram posts, all of which are worth our time.

10 Lisa Ryzih

By the time she was 15, Lisa Ryzih was already setting world records at the World Junior Championships for pole vaulting when she cleared 4.30 m, her personal best at the time, and won the gold medal. She would go on to win three titles throughout her career and clear 4.75 m just this past year for a career best.

Although the next Summer Olympics are still three years away, she is earning a reputation as one of Germany's next biggest stars. She has already competed for an Olympic title but failed to win, finishing 6th overall. It was a disappointing showing for Lisa and she has since worked herself into a better spot for the next Olympics. Thankfully, we get to watch all of the working out and preparation via Instagram.

9 Anastasia Ashley

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One day, professional surfing is going to become a sport that we all enjoy. But until then, we just have to settle for whatever we can find online or in gifs. Anastasia Ashley, in the meantime, has done a wonderful job of helping get the sport into the spotlight by using both her talent and her beauty to bring in a whole new crowd of fans.

Whether it is through her ironic shark attack bikini, also being referred to as a sharkini, that looks as if someone attacked her, or if it is her pre-game ritual of bouncing around on the beach while dancing to her favorite tunes, Anastasia has done her part and posted all of it on Instagram along the way.

8 Allison Stokke

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One of the first female athlete to ever be considered more beautiful than talented was the infamous Allison Stokke, who was pictured competing in New York back in 2007. Those photos were exactly what the internet was made for and it nearly broke it in the process.

When they surfaced, people from all over the world wanted to know more about this nearly perfect female athlete that was not very well known back then and that might be because she was only 17. Before long, her fame rose to unspeakable heights and she eventually disappeared for awhile only to reemerge in the past few years on Instagram and other social media outlets.

7 Christina Vukicevic

As far as the internet is concerned, Christina Vukicevic is a former Olympic hurdler from Norway that became famous back in 2008 when she was spotted on the track during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Since then, she has been among the highest rated female athletes on the planet, constantly making lists such as these.

However, her talents could have outweighed her beauty but a devastating injury in 2012 has since forced her to shut down the athletics and concentrate on her husband and their family. During that free time, she has used Instagram to perfection, giving us all the perfectly amazing updates we would hope for from the beautiful blond athlete.

6 Alexandra Raeva

Back in 2014, it was discovered that female Olympic curlers had some of the hottest women the world had yet tosee, mostly in Russia. It was at that time that the Women of Curling calendar was born and an entirely new line of beautiful female athletes were discovered. Alexandra Raeva gained fame from her appearance at the 2014 Winter Olympics as a member of Team Russia. Her time in the spotlight has turned her into a celebrity on Instagram, giving her more than enough motivation to continue posting photos. From playing the piano to posing on a private boat in the middle of a lake, Alexandra's portfolio of Instagram shots continues to impress us, even today, long after her popularity from being a professional curler has dissipated.

5 Michelle Jenneke

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It has become some kind of competition today to find the next hottest female athlete the world has never heard about. Michelle Jenneke gained notoriety when she was participating in the 100 m hurdles at the 2012 World Junior Championships.

The fame grew from a video that was posted online showing her warming up before the race by rocking her hips side to side and bouncing around, all the while smiling. Someone took the video and slowed it down to make one amazing viral video. She would go on to easily win her race and a celebrity was born. She keeps on smiling, even today, and continues to grow her fan base as she prepares for another Olympic run in 2020. Thanks to social media, she has given us a few teasers to prepare us for the future.

4 Alana Blanchard

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As a pro surfer, Alana Blanchard was not a top tiered talent. She was good but never great. Sure, she was on the ASP World Tour but her fame and popularity was not derived from her talents but from association. She was family friends with the pro surfer Bethany Hamilton, who was attacked by a shark and lost her entire arm.

Alana Blanchard was featured in the movie Soul Surfer and it helped grow her fame by forcing people to ask about this mysterious blond beauty. Thanks to Instagram and a modelling career, Alana Blanchard turned herself into one of the most successful pro surfer in her time.

3 Lindsey Vonn

Of all the women on this list, none of them are as talented as Lindsey Vonn is at skiing. She has been doing it her entire life and has won countless awards, medals, and honors from it. However, multiple injuries over the years have forced her to slow down her time on the alps and given her time to prefect her photo taking skills on Instagram.

When she started dating Tiger Woods, that was when she really turned into a star. She was not skiing but was still making the rounds, traveling and supporting her boyfriend Tiger Woods. Meanwhile, she was also posting photos and slowly growing a fan base that she did not have before. It was as simple as a few shots of Lindsey working out in a gym and has since grown into a huge portfolio of shots that are almost too sexy to take in all at once.

2 Paige Spiranac

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If Paulina Gretzky was talented enough to play golf, than Paige Spiranac would be the deadly combo of Paulina and the hottest blond you can think of. Her rise to stardom came thanks to her Instagram so it comes as no surprise that she continues to rise through the ranks because of her beauty. Oddly enough, she was posting photos for awhile but it was not until someone spotted her as a golfer that she turned into a superstar overnight. She is a professional golfer and continues to get better but since she has not really won anything or become the next Natalie Gulbis, we will settle for her Instagram shots for now, and no one is complaining.

1 Alicia Schmidt

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Apparently, the world has found a new hot international athlete to flock towards and this time, it is a sprinter from Germany named Alicia Schmidt. Since the internet discovered her a few months ago, she has literally broken Instagram with her sexy shots and amazing photos of her sprinting. She is just 18 years old and yet, she has become the biggest future Olympic star, as we head into the final few years before the 2020 Toronto Olympics. Each time she posts another picture on Instagram, it becomes the most viewed image on her page. That trend should continue as her fame grows and we should all be on the lookout for what she posts next.

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