15 Female Athletes Who Are Hotter On Instagram Than In The Game

Being a female athlete means having to be in incredible shape, and lucky for us these female athletes are quick to show off on social media!

With over 250 million active users, Instagram remains one of the most popular forms of social media. While you may use it to keep in touch and bond with your friends, you're definitely not using it to its full potential if you aren't following some of the most beautiful women in the world of sports. After all, they're actually giving us these stunning images for free, everyday!

It's especially not too wise to disregard these female athletes on Instagram because the 15 women on our list only get even hotter when the uniform comes off. Many of the women we have featured for you such as Genie Bouchard, Miesha Tate, and Nikki Bella, have millions of followers and it definitely is going to become abundantly clear as to why that is. Others like Paige Spiranic and Allison Stokke might not be as popular on the site, but they definitely stack up to the competition.

Even if you don't have an Instagram account or know who some of these women are, we assure you that you won't be disappointed with the photos on our list. Out of the thousands of potential candidates, these are the photos that best personify our list today on 15 Female Athletes Who Are Hotter On Instagram Than In The Game.

18 Miesha Tate


Miesha Tate definitely knows how to lay down a beating when she steps into the octagon. But while she may be efficient in her wrestling gear, you may agree with us in the statement that she looks even hotter when wearing outfits like the one we have featured for you.

Tate's good looks and charismatic personality has led to an Instagram account that features over 1.9 million followers. It definitely helps that Tate keeps her page incredibly active, and has currently uploaded close to 1,900 photos. We don't know if you think she's better looking than Rousey, but this list will see the two ladies going head to head. Regardless on if you prefer Rousey or not, we're sure you'd love to get into a grapple hold with Tate.

17 Eugenie Bouchard


Eugenie Bouchard is one of the most talked about Tennis players in Canada. While there was a time where it seemed her career was only shooting upwards, Bouchard didn't have as successful a 2017 as she had hoped - including losing in the opening round at Wimbledon and losing in the 2nd round at the French Open.

We're sure she'd have no shortage of men who would love to try and make her feel better! Her Instagram account currently has over 1 million followers and features over 800 photos, but none of which may be steamier than the one we've included for you. Bouchard has talked in the past about pursuing a University degree, so it may only be a matter of time before tennis falls by the wayside for her.

16 Torrie Wilson


It might have been years since Torrie Wilson has stepped into a WWE ring, but we're sure you don't have to think hard to remember what a smoke show she was. But just because Wilson isn't competing as a wrestler doesn't mean she isn't looking perhaps better than ever! On her Instagram account, she boasts that she is a "WWE Diva turned Fitness Gypsy" and looking at the photo, it definitely looks like she has the body to back up that statement.

Wilson also promotes her own fitness website and given that she has over 500,000 followers that is probably a smart move. It definitely looks like all signs point to the fact that her showing off her body isn't a trend that is going to stop anytime soon.

15 Danica Patrick


There are some athletes on this list who wear clothes to compete in that happen to highlight their good looks. That isn't exactly the case for Danica Patrick whose beautiful face is often crammed behind a helmet (damn safety) and behind the wheel of a car.

But when Patrick does step out of the car, the world quickly takes notice of how stunning she is. Which is part of why Patrick has had numerous promotional opportunities, including posing provocatively for GoDaddy. Patrick's 453,000 followers despite having over 1,300 photos uploaded to her account may be on the lower end of this list, but that doesn't make the photo we have any less gorgeous.

14 Lindsey Vonn


Lindsey Vonn is one of the most decorated Winter athletes of all-time. On top of constantly being in the spotlight for her accomplishments, Vonn also dated Tiger Woods from 2013 until 2015. Vonn spends a significant portion of her life training at the gym, so it's perhaps not too surprising to see a photo of her where she is definitely putting that body on display.

Vonn is currently 32 years old but she made her Olympic debut way back at the age of 17. Her Instagram account currently features 1 million followers and has over 1,300 photos uploaded. If you're looking for inspiration workout, Vonn also makes sure to post plenty of videos of her in action. Maybe I should take up skiing?

13 Paige Spiranac


We don't know if there has ever been a woman to hit up the golf course who is as gorgeous as Paige Spiranac. Hell, you could pick many gorgeous celebrities, throw them on a golf course and Spiranac is probably still going to outshine them.

And while Spiranac's success as an athlete isn't as prominent as some athletes on our list, the fact that she often puts herself on prominent display has definitely earned her plenty of attention online. Win or lose, we're sure her 1.2 million followers are always going to be eager to hear about how her latest trip to the links went - especially if she remembered to bring her camera along.




9 Aly Raisman


If we're being honest, there aren't many outfits that women can wear that are more attractive than workout gear and spandex. And for Aly Raisman, that was a pretty large portion of her wardrobe when she was competing as an Olympic gymnast for Team USA.

But when you take away the gymnastics mat and outfits, you are still left with perhaps the best looking woman on our entire list. At the very least that is a sentiment that her 2.2 million followers may be more than happy to endorse. Raisman perhaps smartly uses her Instagram account to promote future products of hers, in this case, it's her upcoming book titled Fierce: How Competing for Myself Changed Everything.

8 Eva Marie


Eva Marie wasn't the most talented woman to ever step into the WWE. But when it comes to making this list, your ability as a professional athlete isn't exactly what we are looking for. And when you consider Marie often puts her incredible body on display on a regular basis, perhaps you're not flabbergasted that she made our list. We bet you are grateful though! Especially considering the hot photo that we decided to include. Marie uses her good looks to her full advantage as she also often promotes her own fashion line on her account. Eva Marie is no longer competing in the WWE but her 3.8 million followers on Instagram are sure to be following her every move.

7 Ronda Rousey


You may have fallen in love with Ronda Rousey because of what she wore in the Octagon and her ability to kick some serious butt. But Rousey looks to be all but done in terms of her MMA career after suffering losses her last few times out.

But when looking at the above photo, it's clear that whenever Rousey chooses to pop her head up in public or step in front of the camera for a photo shoot that people are probably going to take notice. Rousey has hinted at the past that a return to the WWE may be in her future, something we're sure many of her 9.7 million followers would be able to support.

6 Maria Sharapova


Maria Sharapova has definitely had some adversity in her life, including recently coming back from a suspension. Perhaps she redirected all that energy into her new book Unstoppable: My Life So Far which she is currently promoting on her Instagram account. It's clear that her talents don't just extend to the tennis court.

But even if you have no interest in her book, we're sure you'd love stopping by and gawking at some of the hot photos that she has on her Instagram account. Sure, she looks amazing on the court, but just because that may be where you started crushing on her doesn't mean she isn't even hotter above!

5 Nikki Bella


Nikki Bella absolutely looks tremendous whenever she shows up in the WWE. But her time is currently spent dancing up a storm on the reality show Dancing With the Stars. But even if you took both of her careers into consideration, we still don't know if she's ever worn something that is more appealing than the photo we dug up for you.

Bella also boasts a following on Instagram of over 6 million fans, meaning that we're sure she is going to have plenty of support in her career regardless of what direction it takes. Bella also recently admitted in an interview that she had already lost 5 pounds through the vigorous workout that comes with DWTS!

4 Caroline Wozniacki


Caroline Wozniacki is definitely comfortable with her body. She has put it on display in the past on several occasions, including electing to wear only bodypaint in a photo shoot with Sports Illustrated. Things like that definitely are known to raise people's attention, which may be why she has over 1 million followers on her Instagram account. With recent posts including several in the past week (at least at the time of this writing), it's evident that Wozniacki loves using the platform.

On the court, Caroline has at times been the most fierce tennis player in the entire world. But we don't think the outfit that she's wearing above would be as practical on the court! That doesn't mean that we're sure you aren't super glad you got to stare at it though.

3 McKayla Maroney


McKayla Maroney is an incredibly talented gymnast. Her biggest claim to fame, however, may be that split second when the world caught her making that infamous face. But when you stare at the photo we have for you, we're sure you aren't left thinking about the face she made back on the podium!

Maroney doesn't always keep her Instagram public, but when she does, she releases photos like the one that we have that definitely leave little to the imagination. Maroney has also recently announced her retirement from the world of gymnastics and is attempting a musical career. While we don't know how good her musical talent is, we're sure her fame will at least give her a solid chance at making it in the industry.

2 Sydney Leroux


Sydney Leroux is one of the most accomplished female soccer players of all-time. Despite growing up in Canada, Leroux chose the opportunity to represent the United States in international play and was an influential part in winning gold medals at the 2012 London Olympics and 2015 Women's World Cup.

Leroux was chosen to show off her body in ESPN's The Body Issue back in 2013. When talking about the revealing nature, Leroux stated "I think a lot of females struggle with the way they look, and I wanted to show that everyone's body is different. I think it's a big deal to be an athlete and feel confident in your body and show it off." We're sure you, as well as her 1.1 million followers also love seeing her show off her body.

1 Allison Stokke


There is no arguing that Allison Stokke looks tremendous with a pole in her hand. But she definitely needs to be in tremendous shape to do what she does and perhaps you think she is even hotter when showing off her body like in the photo we have featured for you.

While Stokke is no longer competing as a professional pole vaulter, she has managed to turn her fame into a successful modelling career. This included sponsorship deals from huge companies, including Nike. It's clear she doesn't need to be competing to keep her workout routine going! Perhaps the companies, along with her 373,000 followers on Instagram knew that Stokke would make their workout gear look tremendous.

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