15 Female Athletes Who Are Hotter Than They Are Talented

The following athletes are viewed as hotter and sexier than they are talented at their craft.

Let's be honest, the fifteen ladies on this list are arguably better at their profession than the majority of the people reading this. If you think you're a better UFC fighter, tennis player, golfer or wrestler than the beautiful ladies mentioned below, there's probably a good reason why you're reading the list rather than competing in the same field of sport that they are in.

With that being said, the following athletes for right or wrong reasons are viewed as hotter and sexier than they are talented at their craft. For some, it's a case of being on the downside of their peak, for others, some question that their place in the sports world is based more on how they fill out a bathing suit or tight piece of clothing rather than how they succeed at their sport of choice.

At the end of the day, all the credit in the world and support is given to these ladies to achieve greatness or return to the level of stardom that they once attained, but we aren't writing this piece based on where they were or where they could be, we're just pointing out the obvious fact that as of this moment in time, they're much hotter than talented.

15 Ronda Rousey - UFC


Okay, okay, chances are if Rousey is reading this, a beat down is inevitable, however we are talking Rousey of 2017, not the ass kicking fighting machine of the past. Whether fame and fortune had gotten to Rousey (WrestleMania, Fast & Furious 7, TV appearances, modelling gigs) and taken her out of her game or others had just figured out her weaknesses, the once dominant California native has gone the way of Mike Tyson.

14 Eugenie Bouchard - WTA Tennis

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She may be Canada's best female tennis player and in turn the most well known but the once promising future appears to be a bit foggy as of late. After peaking at the finals of the 2014 Wimbledon Championships, Bouchard saw her best ranking on the WTA circuit reach fifth overall.

13 Paige Spiranac - LPGA Golfer

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The number 1,164 doesn't really mean much to fans of Paige Spiranac. Numbers like 36-24-35 could probably be more meaningful to fans of the 5'6" blonde bombshell from Colorado, especially when they're poured into her skin tight golf outfits.

12 Paige VanZant - UFC

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At 23 years old, 12 Gauge is one of the hottest fighters on the UFC circuit. It just happens that her level of fame relates more to her activity out of the octagon than it does inside of it. Her record isn't the greatest and instead, fans search for the beauty because of her blonde bombshell type of looks.

11 Lana - WWE Superstar 


She started her career becoming one of the hottest (in so many different ways) valet/managers the wrestling world has seen in a long long time. For nearly four years, the Ravishing Russian could be seen in her short skirts and tight tops roaming ringside demanding that her man crush his opponent. With the combination of extreme beauty, horrible accent and controlling demeanor (wouldn't we all like for her to tell us to SHUT UP!), Lana became a fan favorite despite playing an evil role.

10 Allison Stokke - Track & Field

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Sometimes becoming a world-wide sex symbol just happens accidentally (imagine that!) as it did to Stokke about ten years ago. When it comes to Track & Field athletes, many would lean more towards the sprinters or high jumpers as objects of their affections, but the California native captured the attention and eyes of many when pics started to float around the World Wide Web. Ah the internet, seriously just imagine the world without it, would be better off? That's a question for another day.

9 Natalie Gulbis - LPGA Golfer


She has just one LPGA Tour victory to her name and yet not many care when it comes to the 34 year old Sacramento beauty. Consider her kind of the Anna Kournikova of the golf world if you will, talented enough to stay relevant in her sport of choice, but certainly more well known for her actions elsewhere.

8 Carmen Jorda - F1 Racing


Some feel that Jorda is only part of the Renault Sport Formula One team because of her stunning good looks. And to be totally honest, we are totally fine with that, talent or not talent. With only five podium appearances to her credit (all on the Formula 3 circuit), it doesn't appear that Jorda is much of a threat to anyone on the main track, but again, judging by her appearance, that's totally okay.

7 Dana Brooke - WWE Superstar 


As a bodybuilder or fitness model, Dana Brooke is one of the best. As a WWE Superstar, not so much, sorry Dana. One of, if not the most well defined and built wrestlers in the Women's Division, Brooke has struggled to create and maintain any sort of character build on the main roster since being bumped up from NXT in 2016. Once Charlotte Flair's lackey, Brooke's only job was to make sure that her mentor held on to the Women's Championship. Whoopie!

6 Michelle Jenneke - Track & Field


There are numerous steamy female track athletes around the world who not only capture fans attention by their athletic abilities, but also by their tight fitting outfits and finely toned bodies. Jenneke found a way to combine all of that and then take it one level higher with her pre-race warmup routine.

5 Maria Kirilenko - WTA Tennis


There are a few things that have slipped from Alex Ovechkin's grasp over his career, including a Stanley Cup, an Olympic Gold medal and the beautiful Russian tennis star. For nearly three years, the Russian sniper was hooked to Kirilenko, but in 2014, their wedding plans were called off and the object of her affections became someone else. Poor Alex just can't catch a break!

4 Blair O'Neal - LPGA Golf


Quick, name the last time you saw O'Neal's name among the leader board at any LPGA event. Following a successful amateur career as a Arizona State Sun Devil, O'Neal has yet to see the same results since turning pro in 2004. Known more for her multiple appearances on the Golf Channel's BIG Break competition, O'Neal failed to obtain her tour card for the LPGA events and settled for playing on the Symetra Tour (LPGA's development circuit) for a few years.

3 Anastasia Ashley - Surfing


The average male sports fan has no idea who Anastasia Ashley is (and if that includes you, you're missing out). Now fair enough the average male doesn't follow the pro surfing circuit, but if you show them a pic of the California born beauty, they'll probably call their cable provider for the pro surfing channel (if there is one!).

2 Sloane Stephens -  WTA Tennis


There is something incredibly sexy about female tennis players, maybe it's the short skirts and tight tops or maybe it's the grunting or maybe it's both. After making her professional debut nearly a decade ago, Stephens quickly climbed the ranks of the WTA to the point in which she was just on the outside of the top ten, ranked eleventh in the world while still a teenage prodigy.

1 Danica Patrick - NASCAR Racing 

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Fast cars and hot girls, the world of auto racing has not been the same since Danica Patrick stepped in and broke a lot of barriers for women in the auto racing circuits, whether it be Indy or NASCAR, but at the end of the day, if you were to compare her to her competitors, the former Go Daddy spokeswoman has come up short.

Back in 2005, Patrick appeared in her first Indy race and over the course of seven years and 115 events, she managed only a single victory. Five years later and Patrick would make her first competitive appearance on the track, one in which she still takes part in, but has yet to find a place on the podium, with only a handful of top ten finishes.

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