15 Female Athletes Who Are Only Famous For Being Hot AF

These are 15 female athletes who have achieved fame – and in some cases fortunes – for being hot AF.

Let’s be honest here. People watch sports and athletes doing their thing for the spectacle of it all. They want to see some amazing athletic feats, be it on the court, in the pool, on the pitch, field or any other arena they apply their trade in. But if the athletes are hot, that’s always going to be a factor that makes people tune in too. Some who may be watching sports or athletics may not have a clue what’s going on or be particularly interested in the athletic feats of some of the athletes, but they tune in nonetheless. Why? To see a bit of eye candy. Women do it, and boy do guys do it too. It enhances the sports viewing experience, but sometimes it’s not the experience people are after, are interested in watching, it’s the athletes themselves. It sounds a bit crude, but you know that’s the case. A lot of these female athletes know that too, and play up to it, to the role of the super-hot and sexy athlete. Forget about their sporting prowess, they know how to get people interested, how to get people watching.

The athletes on this list aren’t really known for their achievements in their respective sports. They’re known for drawing in the crowds because of their looks, because they’re super-hot. These are 15 female athletes who have achieved fame – and in some cases fortunes – for being hot AF.

15 Sania Mirza


Unless you’re a tennis aficionado, or Indian, it’s unlikely you’re ever going to have heard of Sania Mirza. She’s been around on the tennis circuit for a long time, and has achieved a decent amount of success in doubles tournaments. But if you’re looking at success alone, she hasn’t achieved anywhere near the amount of success that warrants her being one of the most famous tennis players in the world. You might be scratching your head that I’ve called her that, but bear with me. She’s famous, simply because she’s hot AF.

Go to India, her country of origin, and she’s a megastar – you can’t walk the streets without her face beaming down at you from a billboard or poster, can’t turn on the TV without seeing her on a talk show or in one of her many ads. She’s beautiful, has an awesome bubbly personality, and that’s why she’s achieved all the fame and success. It’s safe to say around a billion people – yes, a billion! – adore her, and it’s pretty much because she’s hot AF.

14 Eva Marie


Eva Marie’s only been around on the wrestling scene for four years, but has already made quite a name for herself. She hasn’t made a name for herself because of any accomplishments in the ring, in the wrestling industry, because these are non-existent. She’s made a name for herself because she’s smoking hot, one of the hottest wrestlers on the roster.

Eva Marie has definitely improved her skills in the ring, but she’s still nowhere near the level it takes to win titles. But she’s certainly on the right path, although those who tune in to watch her don’t really give a damn how many titles she wins; they just want to see her in action, because it really is a pretty sight. She’s red hot, and it’s because of that she’s got quite a substantial fan following.

13 Blair O’ Neal


Blair O’ Neal is a professional golfer, but she’s not famous for any of her golfing feats, which you have to say are pretty mediocre. On the pro golf circuit, she turns heads - just look at her pic and it’s clear to understand why. She’s a head-turner because of her looks, because she’s hot AF, not because of her golfing ability. Unsurprisingly, because she’s a stunner, she’s also gotten into modeling, and is today perhaps more famous for her sultry shoots than for anything she does on tour as a pro golfer. She’s 36 years old but is still sizzling hot, looks about half her age, and therefore makes most of her money posing in front of the cameras looking stunning, much to our delight.

12 Larissa Reis


Brazilian bodybuilding beauty Larissa Reis has done reasonably well as a professional bodybuilder. Many years ago, she came to the US in the hope of taking over the bodybuilding scene, becoming the best bodybuilder on the planet, and although she’s done well, it hasn’t quite worked out for her. Let’s be honest, even if she was crowned as the best bodybuilder in the world, she still wouldn’t have really achieved a great deal of fame, because pro bodybuilding – especially female bodybuilding – isn’t really a very popular sport.

Larissa is famous because of her social media, and her social media accounts are so popular because Larissa’s one hot gal. With her gorgeous figure, rippling muscles, and stunning looks, she’s got what many people deem to be the complete package, and she’s used that to her advantage, gaining success in her other business endeavors due to her popularity.

11 Paige VanZant


As MMA fighters go, Paige VanZant isn’t setting the world alight, although she’s racked up a decent number of wins and is still a rookie in terms of her life as a pro MMA competitor. With seven wins and three losses in a ten-fight career, Paige would be looking to improve on that win percentage, but she’s had no trouble adjusting to life as a pro because she’s already got a ton of people by her side when she competes.

That’s because she’s regarded to be one of the hottest female fighters out there. She’s young, super-fit, hot, and she knows it and has used it to her advantage as she’s gone about acquiring a fan following. She’s fiery and can kick ass too which only adds to her sex appeal.

10 Danica Patrick


Unfortunately for a lot of her fans, Danica Patrick, the American professional stock car racing driver, spends a lot of her time behind the wheel clad in a load of protective gear, so we don’t really get to see too much of her doing what she does best. But many would actually say that racing cars isn’t what she does best; look at her professional racing record and it’d be hard to disagree. What she does best is modeling, posing in sultry shoots for the camera. That’s because she’s hot AF, and it’s pretty much because of that that she’s gained so much fame and attention over the years. Some of the shoots she’s done are just ridiculous, and I’m sure people would much rather ogle at these than at her in a racing car.

9 Anna Prugova


Again, when we see this beauty playing her professional sport, ice hockey, we can’t really tell that she is a beauty. But as soon as she takes off her helmet and all of that body armor, she turns heads.

We first saw Anna on the world stage at the tender age of 16 when she represented her native Russia at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Over the years we’ve seen her blossom into a fine young woman, whilst her hockey career has remained pretty stagnant. But then again, people aren’t really interest in Anna because of her ice hockey abilities. They’re interested because she’s an absolute stunner, and as she’s gotten older, she’s begun to flaunt her body more and more in front of the cameras, much to our delight, which has only served to increase her fan following.

8 Maggie Vessey


Maggie Vessey’s been around on the U.S. athletics’ scene for a pretty long time now. She competes in middle distance track events, in 800m races, and has always been there or there abouts in terms of her placings. Despite having been running for around a decade, Maggie only really began to get noticed in 2014, when she started her own fashion line. She was noticed before, because of her looks, but this enhanced her profile even further, as she started wearing items from her fashion line on the track. The combined effect of her beauty and amazing outfits propelled her even further into the limelight, and today she’s a hugely popular figure, one of the hottest – and consequently, one of the most famous - track girls around.

7 Sydney Rae Leroux


This professional soccer player is absolutely stunning. See her out and about and you wouldn’t fathom that she’s a pro soccer player. She’s amazingly beautiful, has a massive set of twins, a lean yet svelte physique, and is just beauty personified. Sydney hasn’t achieved most of her fame because of those who watch her on the football pitch. She’s an instaceleb, and it’s clear why, because whenever she posts one of her sizzling pics, she sends social media into meltdown. Recently, most of her posts have been family pics with her new-born baby, but somehow, she’s maintained her physique, and you wouldn’t be able to tell that she’d recently been pregnant. You’ve got to say, if there were more women like Sydney in the pro soccer ranks, there’d be a lot more people at the stadiums!

6 Camille Leblanc-Bazinet


The sport Camille competes in has a pretty niche fan following, so it’s safe to assume that most of you probably don’t have the foggiest who Camille actually is. Yes, she is an athlete – a super-hot one at that – who’s a professional CrossFit Games – yes that is a thing – athlete. She’s also an accomplished weightlifter, has tried her hand at soccer, volleyball, running, skiing and rugby, and is just basically an all-round accomplished athlete.

The CrossFit Games are to determine the “fittest athlete on earth,” and Camille’s certainly that. She won the event in 2014, but that’s not why she’s famous. She’s famous because she’s hot AF; set your eyes on her stunning looks, muscular yet lean and ripped figure, and you’d find it hard to disagree.

5 Jonelle Filigno

Take me back ☀️?

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Let’s face it, female soccer is one of those sports that doesn’t really get a huge fan following on a consistent basis. Its popularity has picked up over recent years, but it still doesn’t attract the type of fan following its athletes would be hoping for. But when certain players come on the pitch, there’s suddenly a buzz around the stadiums, among the few hundred who have come out in support.

Jonelle Filigno is one of those players who causes that buzz, and it’s not because she’s the female equivalent of Cristiano Ronaldo or anything like that; it’s because she’s super-hot, one of the hottest female pro soccer players going around. She really does have model-like looks, she knows it, and therefore poses no end off the pitch in some awesome photoshoots.

4 Anouk Verge-Depre


A lot of people have problems with certain sports being in the Olympics, at the expense of others. There are sports that people don’t really know about, sports that people don’t hear about or get to see when they’re not on the Olympic stage. Some don’t really capture people’s attention, but you won’t hear anyone complaining about beach volleyball being in the Olympics. Some of the hottest athletes at the Olympic Games participate in beach volleyball, and one of those is Anouk Verge-Depre. The Swiss international came 9th at the Rio Olympics, but was ranked first by many who deemed her to be the hottest athlete at the Olympic Games. She really is beautiful; all you have to do is stick around after events and you’ll see the streams of people waiting around wanting to get a picture with her, and that’s not because she’s a great volleyball player.

She’s often only too happy to oblige, is really accommodating, and she must also know why people want to get a snap of her. Anouk has the looks, and seems to be a real sweetheart too, and that’s been enough to get her famous.

3 Allison Stokke


American track and field athlete, Allison Stokke, started making waves on the athletic scene when she was just in high school. She was breaking records, but this success hasn’t really translated into any form of success with the U.S. athletics team. When Allison was just 17, her face began getting picked up. She essentially became a sex symbol, an internet phenomenon – set your eyes on the beauty and it’s clear to understand why. At the time, it sparked debate about the sexualization of sportswomen, and Allison wasn’t really into being considered a sex symbol.

But over the years she’s certainly used this popularity to her advantage, and now also earns her corn as a fitness model, modeling for some prominent companies such as Nike, amongst many others.

2 Federica Pellegrini


Federica Pellegrini has had a decent time of it in the pool as a swimmer, but it’s safe to assume the average person, the average athletics’ viewer wouldn’t have a clue who she is. But if you see her face, see her picture, you might just recognize her. That’s because this Italian beauty has achieved superstar status in Italy, and that’s more because of her physique and her looks. She’s got model-like looks, is tall, svelte, and cuts a graceful figure, and is therefore the subject of a lot of media attention. She’s hot in the pool but sizzling hot out of it too, and is undoubtedly one of the most famous female swimmers around. Federica also models regularly, and is a common face at various fashion events, such as Milan Fashion Week, where she’s often spotted stealing the show.

1 Maria Sharapova


Pretty much everyone knows who tennis star Maria Sharapova is. She’s held five Grand Slam titles, but even so she’s considered to be a massive underachiever. Those who know tennis would say that after coming onto the world stage and winning Wimbledon at the age of 17, she should have achieved a lot lot more. But her career’s been marred by injuries, some debilitating injuries, and recently, a controversial doping ban. If it was any other player, even if they had five Grand Slams, they’d be forgotten about. But Maria’s become such a high-profile athlete over the years, and that’s because she’s super-hot. Tall, elegant, graceful on the court, it’s little wonder she was once the wealthiest female athlete on the planet, and that’s because of the numerous companies all wanting to get Maria on board.

Due to her looks, she’s become rich through sponsorship deals, and it doesn’t take a genius to realize why such companies like Nike and TAG Heuer Watches wanted her to be the face of their products.

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