15 Female Athletes Who Look Better Than They Play

There is no shortage of amazing athletes in the world who also just happen to be drop-dead gorgeous. And while we don't want to harp on the 15 women below, their talents in their respective sports and accomplishments (or lack thereof) definitely takes a backseat when compared to their good looks.

There is a reason that Ashley Harkleroad never won any prominent tennis titles, but people were still ecstatic that she was the first woman from the sport to pose for Playboy! The world of surfing also has many talented individuals, but Ellie-Jean Coffey's career earnings are also helped by her lucrative modelling career and as you'll see, her willingness to display a different side of herself than the athletic one.

And while there are many talented females in the wrestling industry, there was still a generation of wrestler's who were judged by their ability to rip the clothes off one another instead of their ability to moonsault from the top rope. Several of our entries may also be new to you, such as the Feres twin sisters who have competed in synchronized swimming and golfer Meghan Hardin, but as you'll see, they definitely stack up to the competition!

These women are still extremely talented, so don't think we are knocking their athletic ability in any way. But after you stare at our unforgettable photos, you'll absolutely agree that these are 15 Athletes Who Look Better Than They Play.

15 Allison Stokke (Track And Field)

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Allison Stokke could be one the most talented pole vaulters of all-time, and you may still think she is more attractive than she is talented despite that fact. She's considered by many to be just that good looking! Stokke's talents in the athletic world took a significant hit after she failed to qualify for the United States team in 2012, but she still has managed to snag various endorsement deals.

This includes working closely with Nike, Athleta and utilizing a GoPro to upload popular YouTube videos. Not shockingly, her Instagram page is also full of breathtaking photos, both in and outside of competition. We commend her for her ability to succeed in a career outside of competition.

14 The Feres Twin Sisters (Synchronized Swimmers)

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There are few things in this life that are more important than family. A sentiment that we're sure that twin sisters, Beatriz and Branca Feres, would be more than happy to agree with. The two are talented synchronized swimmers from Brazil but have sadly failed to make any significant splash in the sport, with their closest attempt being trying out for the 2008 Olympics. Although as you can tell, they have other talents.

Despite their less than exceptional performances, the two still have an active (shared) Instagram account that features over 500,000 followers and over 4,000 pictures, so at least they're still very much in the public eye even if they may be less well-known in North America.

13 Ellie-Jean Coffey (Surfing)

Ellie-Jean Coffey has aspirations to become a renowned surfer. And while she has yet to make any significant waves in the industry, she did crack the top 100 in the "QS Rank" with #96 in 2017. The most exciting thing about Coffey, however, may be her steamy Instagram page. Because spoiler alert: a woman who spends her life trying to make it as a surfer finds herself spending plenty of time at the beach.

Her good looks have also caught the attention of the surf company Billabong who hired her as one of their representatives. Though we mean this in the nicest way to Coffey, if you think she's gorgeous, just wait till you check out fellow surfer Anastasia Ashley!

12 Torrie Wilson (Wrestling)

Torrie Wilson's best moments in the WWE didn't come when she was asked to pull off some elaborate moves in the ring. They did, however, come with moments where she left little (or absolutely nothing) to the imagination when it comes to her good looks.

In the ring, you'd have her competing in things like bra-and-panties matches that were sure to capture the attention of everyone in attendance. Not to mention also appearing in Playboy on multiple occasions. Now 42 years old, Wilson may be retired from the ring but she remains in tremendous shape and promotes herself as a "Fitness Expert" on her Instagram page. Judging by how great she looks, we would recommend listening to her advice on fitness.

11 Paige Spiranac (Golf)

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Paige Spiranac is well aware that when she speaks out on an issue, that people are going to pay attention to her. She's not the most talented golfer, but still has over 1 million fans on Instagram. But one of her biggest issues isn't other female golfers, it's the strict LPGA Tour guidelines on wardrobe that prohibits "plunging necklines"

"What even constitutes a plunging neckline? Most likely, this edict was put into place to eliminate the presence of cleavage. In that case, a curvier, fuller-figured woman would be chided and fined far more often than a woman with a smaller bust"said Spiranac when talking out about the rule. She went on to state that women are once again being shamed for their bodies rather than celebrated.

10 Ashley Harkleroad (Tennis)

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Ashley Harkleroad may have never won any prominent tournaments during her tennis career, but she did have one historic milestone that also happens to make her a great candidate for our list. In August 2008, Harkleroad became the first female tennis player to strip it all off and appear in Playboy.

The decision to do so was over 5 years removed from her "career peak" of #39 in the world, but she surely still got everyone's attention. Especially given the tennis-themed nature of the raunchy shoot! While the move may have been a publicity stunt to get her back in the spotlight, we don't think many people were complaining about it. We also can't blame the publication for pursuing such a gorgeous athlete to feature!

9 Michelle Jenneke (Track And Field)

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Michelle Jenneke seems like a tremendous person. She's always seen engaging with her fans in positive ways and has a great attitude about her. But let's be real here, Michelle Jenneke got famous because she looked damn good while dancing to prepare herself to run track.

Is she a great track athlete? She's definitely respectable, but her lack of significant medals may be enough to turn you away from her athletic aspirations. On the plus side though, Jenneke does still have an active Instagram account with over 600 photos where she shares her various ambitions and stunning good looks. She definitely has a very bright future in modelling if she ever pursues that career path.

8 Eva Marie (Wrestling)

Eva Marie has to be well aware that a large majority of fans thought she wasn't the most talented in the ring. She literally had the audience chant insults at her! But it's hard to find fault with her physically, which is something Eva uses to her full advantage by having a successful modelling career. Something that will take up even more of her time now that she has left the wrestling industry. Though the company definitely has a tendency to re-hire old stars, so perhaps we'll see Eva Marie in the ring again in the future. With close to 4 million followers on Instagram, it's evident that even though she is out of the company that millions of people are still interested in her every move.

7 Eugenie Bouchard (Tennis)

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Genie Bouchard was once considered to be one of the most promising women in the world of tennis. Hailing from Canada definitely didn't hurt the amount of media coverage she received. But while Bouchard looks beautiful on the court, she's even more stunning when she steps off of it. Such as when she was selected to pose in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition!

Unfortunately, life on the court isn't going as smoothly with multiple losses in the last little while. Following her loss at the US Open, Bouchard said “My confidence is not high at all at this point in time and I definitely had question marks about what my level would be like coming out today." Making matters worse, Bouchard severed ties with famed tennis coach Thomas Hogstedt in September.

6 Lana (Wrestling)

Lana had aspirations to become an entertainer her entire life, but that didn't necessarily mean in the wrestling industry. When talking with craveonline.com, Lana admitted how she got her start: "With WWE, I got this audition and thought there was no way that I was going to actually get the job. They were doing the WWE Diva Search at the time and I didn’t think I would get the job because I wasn’t a wrestler." It's clear that the WWE was taken in with her good looks and charismatic personality, and not because she was able to compete on a professional level. If it is any consolation, the fans actually do love her on the microphone, so she is at least very talented at some aspects of the wrestling business, just not actual wrestling.

5 Georgia Ellenwood (Track And Field)

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If Georgia Ellenwood wanted to take a stab at the world of modelling, there's probably a pretty good chance that she'd succeed. But instead, her good looks have been sculpted for the various athletic components of Hepthathlon and Penthalons, as well as competing in the Long Jump and High Jump.

At 22 years old, it's possible her best years are still ahead of her, though her top finish at the moment is 3rd place at the NACAC U23 Championships. On her Instagram account, Georgia also makes sure to promote the fact that there are more important things to her life than her sport. It's great to see such a well-rounded individual who is also extremely beautiful!

4 Kaylyn Kyle (Soccer)

When you think of the Team Canada Women's Olympic team from 2012, the name Kaylyn Kyle might not jump out. She played a role in the team coming away with a bronze medal, but her talents extend far beyond the soccer pitch.

This includes promoting herself as a Fitness model, though her Facebook page is down, so perhaps she needs to spend some time working with a social media coordinator! With over 600 photos on Instagram, you may understand that it was hard to pick a favourite, but there's no way you can be disappointed with our selection. While she is a very talented soccer player, she definitely has a bright future as a model or social media personality.

3 Candice Michelle (Wrestling)

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Candice Michelle's life prior to the WWE allegedly involved her engaging in videos involving the glorification of feet in weird ways, though she was adamant there was no full-on "intimacy". Which means that even prior to the WWE objectifying her, she was well aware of the fact that she was being used for more than just her raw talents.

In the ring, she often looked lost, but her clothes also often seemed to appear to be lost. They were gone entirely when she agreed to pose for Playboy in 2006. While Michelle did spend some time as a WWE champion, it's hard to believe many people remember her time in the company for her wrestling ability.

2 Meghan Hardin (Golf)

Meghan Hardin was only 19 years old when she made the decision to appear on the Golf Channel reality show Big Break Atlantis. For those unaware, the show helps aspiring golfers get an opportunity to make a name for themselves. The decision to join the show meant putting school on hold for Meghan, but it was one she was passionate about

“I’ll definitely look to continue school, but with everything I have been through the past two years in college, I’m ready to take that next step in my golf career.”Unfortunately for Meghan, that was in 2012 and her golf career hasn't been all too notable and she instead appears to be succeeding in the world of real estate.

1 Anastasia Ashley (Surfing)


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Anastasia Ashley made a big impact on the surfing scene when she debuted in 2003, winning the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year. She's also taken home several National Titles and like Ellie-Jean Coffey was also once ranked as one of the best surfers in the world as she came in at #59 in 2014. But Ashley's surfing career appears to have at least taken a competitive step back in order for other elements like her modelling career to take off. That doesn't mean she still doesn't love surfing though! Something she is more than happy to share with her 1+ million fans on Instagram. Lucky for us she still finds plenty of time to update us all on social media, and we hope to see her continue that trend going forward.

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