Yoga pants are like the Swiss Army Knife of women’s clothing, they work with pretty much anything. Yoga pants and sports bra. Yoga pants and hoodie. Yoga pants and t-shirt. Yoga pants and high heels. Regardless of what ladies choose to match them up with, yoga pants can do amazing things for women, grabbing all the right curves and all the right places. Let’s be honest here, when have you not been walking down the street or in the gym or even at work and had a woman walk by you in a pair of yoga pants and not taken even the slightest bit of a double take just to see how her body looks from the other side….

So when you consider how the average man reacts to the average woman in a pair of these skin tight pants, just imagine the reaction the following fifteen lovely ladies get when they don a pair of yoga pants (which by all accounts is the best thing since the push-up bra). When you take a list of some of the best conditioned female athletes in their respective sports, add to that their stunning good looks and then shallowly throw them into a pair of yoga pants, you pretty much have the most unbeatable combination since peanut butter and jam. Whether these following fifteen ladies are in the gym or out and about the city, chances are heads will turn when they walk by.

15. Allison Stokke (Pole Vaulter)


Some might know that she participates in Track & Field and there are a small amount of fans that can claim they know she’s a pole vaulter. But most male sports fans know the face and body of Allison Stokke.

Rising to fame during her final year of high school and her first year as a member of the California Golden Bears Track team, Stokke became known more for her looks than for her accomplishments. After attempting to join the US Track & Field roster for the 2012 Olympics and coming up short, Stokke took to modelling and working with a number of sponsors including Nike and GoPro. While many of us have to settle for her social media posts to enjoy the 28 year old, her boyfriend PGA pro Rickie Fowler gets to be up close and personal.

14. Nikki Bella (WWE)


She may be taking a hiatus from in-ring action but the new leader of the Cenation has definitely left a lasting impression on the WWE Universe. Now considering that they’re twins, is if fair to have Nikki on this list and not Brie, maybe yes, maybe no. But as the Bella twins have found during their run in the WWE, there are different strokes for different folks and in this case, Brie cast the short straw.

While sadly both Bella’s are taking time away from live action, their beauty can still be found on Total Divas and Total Bellas. And if that isn’t enough, check out Nikki’s social media posts that often include the former Divas Champion in a variety of body clinching gym and active wear. Whether she’s in her ring attire or yoga pants, watching that rump pivot and shake is a sight to see.

13. Silje Norendal (X-Games Snowboard)


The 23 year old Norwegian beauty is one of the top snowboarders in the world today and one of the best looking! A multi-event competitor, Norendal specializes in slopestyle, one which has brought her the most success, including three gold medals in the Winter X Games (one in Europe) over the past three winters.

As a member of Norway’s Olympic snowboarding team, Norendal is often seen covered up by bulky winter jackets and boarding pants and googles and touques or helmets, but when that gear comes off, oh my! Throw her in a pair of Nike yoga pants and watch the snow melt away as you see in the picture above. Like most of the others, you can check out her Instagram page for more salivating type photos.

12. Skylar Diggins (WNBA)


There is a lot to like about the Dallas Wings point guard. First off, she’s a baller. Then we jump immediately and somewhat shallowly into the fact that she is one of the sexiest women in the league. The only speed bump is the fact that she recently tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend. So that makes Diggins a look but don’t touch situation.

After collecting a truck load of awards as a prep star, Diggins took her talents to Notre Dame for four years before being nabbed with the third pick in the 2013 WNBA Draft. Oh, the other negative when it comes to Diggins (through no fault of her own) is the limited amount of media coverage she gets from the WNBA. While we are praising how good the 27 year old Indiana native looks in a pair of yoga pants, if you check out her Instagram, there are a number of other captivating photos for your viewing pleasure.

11. Natalie Gulbis (LPGA)


As one of the veteran sex symbols on the tour (she’s 34 years old, yes, sadly that makes her a veteran compared to some of the ladies roaming the fairways) Gulbis has been known more for her looks than for the final numbers on her scorecard. Trust us, nobody here is complaining about that!

After winning the LPGA Rookie Of The Year and setting the bar of expectations, unfortunately Gulbis could not continue to match her first year success and has dropped dramatically in the Rolex Rankings. But for the rankings that matter, she’s arguably one of the top fifteen sexiest female athletes to rock a pair of yoga pants. And for the LPGA dress code committee that wants to curtail the sexiness, shame on you!

10. Alex Morgan (NWSL)


You know you have made it when you appear on the cover of a video game and for Morgan, her cover of FIFA 16 (along with Christine Sinclair and Steph Catley) was the first time female athletes appeared on the franchise cover. For those who prefer the real life version as apposed  to the animated one, Morgan’s girl next door sexiness has graced the pages of the SI Swimsuit Issue, along with numerous fitness related magazines like Health, Shape and Self.

So what does this all mean for the Orlando Pride and Team USA striker? Well you can best believe that the Olympic gold medalist and World Cup Champion’s well maintained body will look damn fine in a pair of yoga pants.

9. Paige VanZant (UFC)


It’s been a while since fans have seen “12 Gauge” in the octagon as the 23 years old bombshell last fought in December 2016. Since that time, VanZant has been making the rounds on a variety of reality TV shows and making media appearances. Even though she hasn’t been in the ring, the California native is still one of the more popular names in the UFC Women’s Division, but not necessarily due to her fighting ability….

There is so much to like about VanZant; legs, abs, booty, smile and eyes. Basically a complete all-round package of ass-kicking beauty for the tenth ranked Women’s Strawweight fighter. With a fight scheduled for October 7, 2017 against Jessica Eye, look for more coverage of VanZant over the next couple of months.

8. Paige Spiranac (LPGA)


For those that think Gulbis is a bit out of their age bracket, we give you the current gen’ version, the 24 year old Spiranac. Imagine being one of the more popular golfers on the circuit, yet never having won anything of significance. Sitting roughly one hundred spots higher on the Rolex Ranking list than Gulbis (which is completely irrelevant as they’re both hovering in the 1100s), Spiranac is more known for her actions away from the fairways than she is on them.

One of the main targets for the recent wardrobe rulings sent down from the LPGA higher powers, fans of the leggy blonde will have to settle for one of her many social media posts in order to catch some of her more tantalizing outfits, which often includes yoga pants and leggings.

7. Alexa Bliss (WWE)


She has only been part of either the SmackDown Live brand or most recently the Raw roster for just over a year, but “Little Miss Bliss” has certainly captured the attention of WWE fans regardless of which show she’s on. With two SmackDown Championship reigns on her resume and as of last Monday, now a two-time Raw Women’s Champion, “Five Feet Of Fury” has taken over WWE TV!

And what does that mean, well for starters she’s a talent in the ring that gets better night in and night out and secondly and more importantly, fans get to enjoy the package that is the Goddess of WWE. If you think that Bliss’ Harley Quinn look is sexy, you will no doubt enjoy viewing her petite frame enclosed in a pair of Lululemons.

6. Elena Delle Donne (WNBA)


At just 27 years old, Delle Donne has won or been a part of nearly every individual award or accolade possible for a WNBA player. MVP, Rookie Of The Year, scoring champ, All League Team and All-Star. The only thing that is missing from her resume is a WNBA Championship ring.

Not only gifted with on court talents and athletic ability, Delle Donne’s beautiful 6’5″, 185lb frame fits superbly into a pair of yoga pants, you can also see for yourselves her social media accounts. As one of the most finely tuned athletes in the league, Delle Donne off season training regiment has not only helped keep the combo forward on the court for over 31 minutes a game, but also makes her body very easy on the eyes.

5. Dylan & Dakota Gonzalez (NCAA Basketball)


Jason and Jarron Collins. Marcus and Markieff Morris. Brook and Robin Lopez. Horace and Harvey Grant. All four of these sets of twins have reached a certain level of basketball fame, either separately or together. But regardless of their credentials, none of the four will reach the same following that Dylan and Dakota have.

After kicking off their NCAA career in Kansas, the twins headed to UNLV for two years with the Runnin’ Rebels. While they certainly have on court talent at the college level, it is unknown if they would have been able to transfer that same skill to the WNBA level. With one year of eligibility left, the stunningly beautiful twins decided to hang up their kicks and pursue a career in music, something that NCAA rules and regulations would present a challenge. So sadly for those who are unfamiliar with the Gonzalez twins, you may have to settle for enjoying their sexy social media posts.

4. Malia Manuel (Surfing)

Surf chicks are hot, plain and simple. Throw in a well toned booty and life is good to go! Consider the fact that for most of her day, Manuel spends most of her time either working out, getting soaking wet or riding waves that many of us can only dream of. Haven’t heard of her?

Well considering that the Hawaiian surf goddess has been tending to a torn MCL injury for the better part of the year chances are you might not know who she is. However that could all change for the 13th ranked surf star as she was recently given the okay to return to competition. While there are pics of Manuel in yoga pants, they aren’t the easiest to find. The plus side to that comment is, pics of her in a bikini are plentiful.

3. Jaqueline Carvalho (Volleyball)

Aproveite cada momento! ? #deusdoimpossivel #deusemaravilhoso #deusnocomando #amando #artededançar

A post shared by Jaque Carvalho (@jaqueline) on

If you thought that few people knew of Silje Norendal, than it is completely possible that even less know who Jaqueline Carvalho is, at least on this side of the water. A member of the Brazilian National team, the 33 year old two time gold medalist is an absolute stunner whether she’s rocking a pair of yoga pants or a pair of booty tight volleyball shorts, all eyes are on her.

Don’t think that her two Olympic podium appearances are a fluke, keep in mind that she has also grabbed a sack full of hardware over the past decade from various international competitions including the World Championships, the World Grand Prix and the Pan American Games. Despite not understanding a single word that left her mouth during her Adidas Speed Takes Guts promotional spot, her body language speaks volumes.

2. Eugenie Bouchard (WTA)


On the court, it seems as though Bouchard can do no right, as evidenced by her recent first round loss at the US Open. Add that to the list of disappointing exits from many of her events over the past two years. But this list isn’t about the success on the court, this list is about how lovely the Canadian tennis pro is in a pair of yoga pants. Sure the #76 ranked Genie is in a funk and can’t really figure out how to get out of it. But then we come back to yoga pants.

Sure it was just three years ago in which she was ranked as high as fifth in the world. Yoga pants. Yes she made the semi finals at the Australian Open and French Open and the championship match at Wimbledon all in the same year. Ah maybe the 23 year old should quit tennis and stick to modelling Nike’s yoga pants and tights.

1. Serena Williams (WTA)


She has a body of a glamazon, which many feel is too much to handle, but for some, the sight of the arguably greatest women’s tennis player of all time in a pair of skin tight yoga pants. WOW! With all appreciation and credit towards one of the baddest (read: best) bottoms in all of sports, it would be a crime not to have Williams on this list.

While she has taken a hiatus from the court to welcome her first child, it’s a testament to her skill and achievements that even while she hasn’t competed in some time that she still ranks within the top 15 on the circuit. It is without much doubt that upon her return that the younger of the Williams sisters will once again claim her spot on top of the WTA.

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