15 Female Athletes Who Were Born To Wear Leggings

I don’t want to open up this whole can of worms again, but let’s face it, one of the main reasons people watch women’s sports, is to ogle at the competitors. It might sound crude, the athletes themselves won’t like it – well, the majority of them won’t, but I bet quite a few are just fine with it – but that’s just the way it is. And who can blame people for watching female athletes for this reason? What’s wrong with taking in a bit of eye candy? It’s totally harmless and it gives the eyes a treat. These athletes are all super-fit, toned, ripped and muscular, yet still totally feminine – just gorgeous from top to toe. A lot of them are also beautiful, really have the complete package. One thing athletes do to show off their hot physiques – although most probably just wear them because they’re fashionable, sporty, just comfortable – is to wear leggings.

Leggings are a truly gorgeous item of clothing, especially hugging the legs of fit athletes. They accentuate the behind, sexy, lean, toned pins, and they really are the next best thing to an athlete bearing all and not wearing anything. Some athletes just look so incredibly gorgeous in leggings, it seems as if they were born to wear them. These are 15 of those athletes, stunning athletes who were born to rock leggings.

15 Jessica Ennis

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When she was competing competitively, Jessica Ennis - and now you can add Hill onto that name too – could wear pretty much anything and she’d turn heads. The British heptathlete really was one of the most gorgeous women to have ever stepped onto the athletics track. She was a stunner, possessed enviable beauty, and had a ripped, toned physique. In fact, she had one of the best bodies in sports, period. Athletics was lucky to have her for so long, and Adidas was lucky to get her on board. Here’s a pic of Jess modeling these orange Adidas leggings. It’s a flattering fit alright and shows off her perky little behind splendidly, not to mention those toned legs.

Initially, Jess wasn’t too keen on them. Speaking to FoodandLycra in 2014, Jess revealed: “Well I’m warming towards these orange leggings, I was a bit like woah I’m not sure but actually they’re really nice!” They’re more than just nice Jess; she certainly shouldn’t have been hesitant, because if there was anyone, she’d be the one who was born to wear leggings.

14 Sarah Backman

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Sarah Backman might not be everyone’s cup of tea. She’s freakishly big, muscular, for a stereotypical woman that is, and is more ripped, toned and muscular than a lot of guys out there. She’s used this muscle, her strength, to ruled supreme over the world of arm wrestling, a sport in which she’s regarded to be the best of all time.

Sarah Backman in leggings? It’s a different look alright, with her legs being so big, but one that I’m sure you’ll all agree, suits her perfectly. These tight leggings which she wears when working out, fit perfectly around those shapely pins, those glutes and that taut behind. They serve to accentuate her muscular physique, and evidently, they’re mightily comfortable, because she wears them a hell of a lot, she’s a legging girl and they’re her favorite workout attire.

13 Lolo Jones

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American hurdler and bobsledder, Lolo Jones, always turns heads when she’s on the track. She’s regarded to be one of the hottest women in athletics, and even now that she’s in her mid-30s, she’s still sizzling, utterly gorgeous. Being a hurdler, a track athlete, Lolo takes the fitness side of things very seriously, and it certainly shows. She’s another woman with ripped six pack abs, and a set of pins that are strong, lean and muscular. When she’s not wearing that skimpy athletics attire, Lolo is someone who’s a leggings fan. She’s regularly seen wearing tight workout leggings, leggings that just add to her sex appeal when tightly fitted around the contours of her legs. Those calves, meaty thighs, perfect perky behind, are all evident – made to be fitted inside leggings.

12 Maria Sharapova

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Okay, so the majority of you could probably guess that Maria Sharapova was going to feature on a list like this. The Russian beauty has been tennis’ resident hottie ever since she burst onto the scene all those years ago winning Wimbledon as a teenager. She’s a glamor puss if ever there was one, is tall, elegant, graceful, beautiful, and has a mightily fine physique. She knows how to show off that physique too, is a fashionista, as is evident by this pic. I’m sure quite a few of you would’ve been expecting to see a pic of Maria in sporty leggings on the tennis court. There have been plenty of instances where she’s done just that, but not many can pull off the leather leggings look. Her endlessly long and slender legs means she’s able to do so, and what better place to flaunt those pins clad in leather than out and about in the fashion capital of Milan.

11 Jonelle Filigno

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Soccer players have some of the best legs in the business. And if they belong to a beauty like Jonelle Filigno, well, that just makes ogling at those pins all the more titillating. Jonelle’s a Canadian soccer player, and she’s regarded to be one of the world’s hottest. She really does sizzle on the pitch, and isn’t just a soccer player, but she can basically be regarded to be a model too. Over the years she’s posed in a number of sultry pics, just pulls off her look effortlessly. Even in those pics in which she’s not posing, like candid snaps, she’s a stunner. But this is one in which she’s advertising Adidas attire. Getting her on board was a wise decision, because those leggings would have certainly been flying off the racks.

10 Lindsey Vonn

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Who in their right mind would cheat on a woman as stunning as Lindsey Vonn? Tiger Woods – a guy who’s not exactly known for his good looks – that’s who. Well, we now know that he wasn’t really in his right frame of mind, or rather he let his genitals rule his brain – he was, perhaps still is, a sex addict.

Ski champion Lindsey Vonn spends most of her time covered up when on the slopes. But when she’s back in the warm, she’s not shy about stripping down and showing off her ample assets. She’s got other very noticeable assets too, those strong, muscular legs, clad in those pretty snazzy leggings. It’s amazing to think that Lindsey once had body insecurities – certainly couldn’t have been anything to do with those pins.

9 Anastasia Ashley

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Anastasia Ashley is a professional surfer, although she’s more than decent as a model too. It’s fair to assume that the vast majority of people who know her name, do so because of her modeling credentials. These people probably also watch her surf, although that’s probably more just about wanting to see a hottie ride the waves on the beach. Because of her profession, we’ve seen a whole lot of Anastasia and her sizzling physique over the years. Seeing her in a two-piece bikini is enough to get the pulse racing. But covering up those pins with leggings certainly doesn’t detract from her beauty. Those leggings fit her legs splendidly, actually serve to enhance her appeal, if that’s at all possible, because it’s already off the scale with Anastasia.

8 Danica Patrick

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Danica’s hot at the best of times. She makes NASCAR racing glamorous, because she’s beautiful, has a gorgeous physique, but the fact she’s clad in her leathers is something a lot of people find awfully titillating. That attire just serves to increase her appeal to another level. Danica obviously likes a bit of leather. She doesn’t only wear leather during her racing duties, but when she’s off the track, partaking in interviews, being a spokeswoman, she’s also prone to wearing a bit of leather. To most people, wearing leather leggings seems mightily uncomfortable; imagine how hot and sticky it must get under there. But no one can deny how hot they look, especially on a beauty like Danica.

Here she is at a question and answer session in Vegas, and it seems like most people’s eyes were drawn to those shiny leggings, her pins, rather than paying any attention to the words coming out of her mouth, and who can blame them!

7 Paige Spiranac

Paige is one woman who’s made golf hot. Her being out on the course, strutting her stuff on the green, gets people watching alright, brings fans to the sport. These fans probably don’t give a toss about her golfing ability, just want to watch her in action, ogle at the sultry beauty on show. And who can blame them? Just look at Paige! The way she looks, dresses, poses – she’s obviously going for that reaction. She’s got a tiny waist, curves in all the right places, and a set of pins that are just spectacular. We’ve seen a lot of those pins, because Paige isn’t someone who’s shy about flaunting them in skimpy skirts and what not. But when she’s wearing leggings, they just hug her legs superbly, just serve to accentuate that drop-dead gorgeous figure.

6 Paulina Gretzky

via golfdigest.com

If you thought Paige was spectacular, feast your eyes on this golfing (WAG) beauty, Paulina Gretzky. She’s equally as, if not more glamorous, and there are a number of hot pics out there that prove that. One of these pics is from her shoot with Golf Digest. Those canny fellows at the magazine certainly knew what they were doing by putting Paulina on the cover. When it was announced that she’d be gracing the cover, there were actually quite a few unhappy people. But these people closed their lips, or may have actually had their mouths agape, when they set eyes on the cover pic. It had Paulina rocking skin-tight white leggings, and a sexy sports bra, just showing off her assets, showing how Paulina’s in incredibly good shape.

5 Eugenie Bouchard

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When Maria Sharapova burst onto the scene those many years ago, she’s one player who stirred up quite a fan frenzy. That wasn’t just because of her tennis, but because she was, and still is, super-hot. There’s only been one player since who’s elicited the same type of reaction amongst the media and tennis fans. That woman is the Canadian beauty, Eugenie Bouchard. In terms of marketing, sponsorships, she’s a company’s dream. She’s hot stuff alright, and has the physique to match. Whenever the cameras are out, she looks like a million bucks, even when going through a light practice session. You can see that people still come out to watch when she’s on the practice courts. That’s because they get to soak in the sight of her in skin-tight sporty leggings, and what a sight that is.

4 Paige VanZant

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This feisty little woman may seem like a lover, not a fighter, upon first impressions. But first impressions can be deceiving. She may be beautiful, possess a stunning model-like figure, but she’s made a name for herself by pummelling people in the octagon. From the looks of things, she hasn’t received too much punishment herself, still possesses her beauty. Being an athlete, a fighter, Paige is going to work hard on her physique. She trains in boxing, shoot fighting, Muay Thai, BJJ, and wrestling, and these different styles of training and fighting have resulted in Paige having one hot body, among other things. Her assets, those legs! They’re massive, in a muscular way, and are a perfect fit for that perky behind. Paige knows it, and flaunts them superbly in those mesh leggings.

3 Garbiñe Muguruza

via tennisforum.com

Hot women and tennis just go hand in hand. At the moment, in terms of success on the court and the hotness scale, Spanish-Venezuelan beauty Garbiñe Muguruza is flying the flag. She’s tasted a huge amount of success in recent years, and has gained recognition for being one of the hottest players on the WTA tour. She’s also somewhat of a fashionista, a style icon, as is demonstrated by her attire in this pic. Even on the practice courts, Garbiñe knows how to impress, looks incredibly glamorous. Those leggings, wow those leggings, and what’s underneath them too. She’s even got the matching top. To be honest, Garbiñe could pull off any look, but this one’s just super-hot. If only she could wear such outfits during matches!

2 Sydney Leroux

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Here’s another soccer player, someone who’s widely regarded to be the hottest player on the pitch, in the world of female soccer. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why. Sydney really does possess the complete package, one that gets people ogling when she’s on the pitch with the football at her feet. But because she’s so hot, people aren’t just interested in what she does on the pitch. She’s gained a tremendous fan following over the years, people who’ve just become infatuated with her. It’s pics like this that these people look forward to seeing, that get people interested in this sensual soccer star. Sydney’s the perfect person to model these lava leggings, and this pic has probably made sales of them go through the roof. Kudos to Nike’s marketing team for getting her on board.

1 Allison Stokke

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As a teenager, Allison Stokke became an internet phenomenon. She was breaking records as a pole vaulter, and add to that the fact that she’s super-hot, her face began to get picked up. Allison’s just blossomed over the years, and although initially she wasn’t keen on being sexualized in that light, she’s grown accustomed to it, has embraced the fact that she’s a sex symbol. That’s meant she’s modeled for some world-renowned companies, and has taken part in a number of steamy shoots. This pic of Allison in leggings isn’t from a shoot. It’s a candid shot, and just shows how beautiful Allison really is, even when she’s not posing for the cameras. They’re skin-tight sports leggings – certainly a sight for sore eyes, helping Allison to sizzle on the track.

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