15 Female Athletes You Can See Out Of Uniform

While they look good with their gear on, they look even better away from their craft... 15 Female Athletes You Can See Without Their Gear.

Over the years, we’ve seen some gorgeous athletes grace sporting arenas, stadiums, around the world. The world of sport is filled with sultry female athletes, athletes known for their sex appeal in addition to their sporting abilities. Their sex appeal takes precedence though; these athletes could play like garbage, but they’re hot, so people would tune in and watch them strut their stuff anyway. A lot of them are beautiful, have gorgeous physiques, and look amazing when they’re playing their respective sports. Tennis players for example; that’s one sport that tends to breed hotties, is renowned for having a fair few sultry women. In some sports, people don’t really get to ogle at the athletes, because they’re decked out in protective gear and so their beauty isn’t really visible. But when they take off all of this equipment, people are able to lap up their beauty, see them and soak in all of their splendor.

Some have gone a step further. Forget them taking off their sporting attire, some have taken off everything and have been snapped in the nude. Whether they’ve been posing in sultry spreads for magazines, or have had photos leaked, these 15 have been seen in all their glory. These are 15 female athletes, who’ve taken off their sporting equipment and clothes and have had their pics clicked in the nude. Those pics are out there. You won’t find them in this article due to their explicit nature, but should you wish to do so, happy picture hunting!

15 Inge De Bruijn


Inge De Bruijn is a former Dutch competitive swimmer. She retired around a decade ago having enjoyed a stellar career, which included being a four-time world record holder and Olympic champion. But after retirement, she wasn’t content to sit back and take it easy. Inge is someone who just needs to be in the limelight. She’s certainly done just that, has stayed in the limelight after her retirement. One of the ways she’s done this is by taking part in sultry modeling shoots. But it’s not actually the modeling shoots that have gotten people going gaga over Inge. She acquired a whole new fanbase after her appearance on the Dutch version of Love Island earlier this year.

She bore it all for the TV dating show, and was seen walking in the sand next to her potential partner. She later made a fire, and cut open a coconut, completely buff. That’s far from the standard first-date situation; I bet those guys she was with couldn’t believe their luck!

14 Chantae McMillan


Chantae McMillan is an American heptathlete who achieved fame competing in the London 2012 Olympics. She achieved fame, but didn’t really rise to prominence until a few years later.

Chantae only tuned pro in 2011, and I’m not going to lie and say that she’s taken the world by storm or anything like that, because that’s simply not true. She’s still a relative rookie in terms of her experience and hasn’t quite kicked on to become the star athlete she was hoping to be. But one thing that’s gotten Chantae noticed is her beauty. She’s one of team USA’s hottest athletes on the track, and that’s led to plenty of opportunities. One was the opportunity to pose nude for ESPN's Body Issue in 2015. She took it and was featured on the cover in a glorious, memorable spread.

13 Haley Cope


Haley Cope is former competitive swimmer, Olympic medalist and world record holder, and someone who’s known for her modeling credentials in addition to everything she’s achieved in the pool. Her career really took off and she became known to the masses in the early 2000s. She began winning things for fun, and was beautiful too, and so plenty of agencies wanted to exploit her success and get her on board. One company that just had to have Haley, was Playboy. The late Hugh Hefner and his cronies probably had twinkles in their eyes when they saw Haley, and made her an offer to pose nude in their magazine, an offer which she couldn’t refuse. We’re so pleased she went ahead with the shoot, because the outcome, those pics, are just ridiculously hot.

12 Tonya Harding


This former American figure skater tasted a pretty decent amount of success before she left the sport a disgraced athlete. This was all way back in the 1990s, and it was a huge scandal at the time. In 1994, fellow American skater Nancy Kerrigan, was attacked after a session practicing for the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. The injuries she sustained meant she had to pull out, Tonya was deemed to be involved in some way, and in the end, she was found guilty of hindering the investigation and was banned from competing for life.

Following the end of her skating career, Tonya just couldn’t stay out of the limelight. She tried her hand at boxing, speed racing, and has even appeared on a wrestling show. Tonya did pretty much anything to keep her celebrity status. She was desperate to still be in people’s minds, and she definitely was when she released a 'private' tape. She released her tape, an explicit wedding video, to men’s magazine Penthouse, and was paid a sizeable sum for it.

11 Hope Solo


Hope Solo is team USA’s controversial goalkeeper. In the world of women’s soccer, very few have continuously made the headlines for all the wrong reasons as frequently as Hope. She’s not exactly the most popular player, but because of her tenacious, bolshie personality, and of course her looks, she’s become a pretty big celebrity. She’s signed numerous endorsement deals over the years, and has featured on the covers of all the top magazines. Hope isn’t exactly the shy and retiring type. So, when she was asked by ESPN for appear nude for their Body Issue, she jumped at the chance. It was a super-hot shoot, showing Hope off in all of her glory.

You can also see Hope without her keeping kit and goalkeeper gloves in other pics, not that Hope’s happy about it. In 2014 she had nude photos leaked, in what was deemed to be one of the biggest celeb hacking scandals in history.

10 Ellen Hoog


When it comes to the world’s hottest athletes, Ellen Hoog is going to make that list every time. She may not exactly cut a dashing figure on the hockey field, with her shin pads, glove and mouth guard in place, but off it, she’s just drop-dead gorgeous. She’s the face of Dutch hockey, the sport in general, and what a beautiful face it is too. Off the field, she’s had no shortage of modeling gigs. She’s modeled in tons of sultry snaps over the years, has featured in some glorious spreads. Ellen has appeared buff in quite a few sultry shoots too. Shirtless and steamy, she hasn’t been shy about showcasing her glorious physique. She’s got it, and thankfully for her adoring fans, has flaunted it frequently over the years.

9 Kacey Bellamy


Kacey Bellamy with her helmet on, mouth guard, and all the protective gear, may not look all that glamorous on the ice. She plays defense, so isn’t exactly in the most glamorous position either. But when all of that equipment comes off and she’s posing for cameras, Kacey’s got something about her, especially when she’s posing for modeling shoots. But before she did so, you wouldn’t have thought that she’d be the type of woman who could be coerced into posing nude. But she did, to the shock of a lot of people – a pleasant shock, but a shock all the same – when she posed for ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue. It was a glorious shoot, and enabled us to see Kacey Bellamy in a different light.

8 Lolo Jones


When it comes to American athletes, few are hotter than Lolo Jones. Not only is Lolo hot, she’s also holder of the pretty unique feat of competing in both the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympic Games. Lolo competes as a bobsledder and a hurdler – a pretty unique mix of disciplines there. No wander she’s someone people talk about. She’s also been around for a pretty long time, for around a decade, but people haven’t become tired of seeing her. In fact, due to some of her raunchy shoots, she’s left us wanting to see more. Well, you’re able to, because she’s posed bare in a couple of shoots. People were pretty shocked when these pics were revealed, because of Lolo’s conservative nature, but she’s giving the fans what they want, and we’re very grateful.

7 Julie Ertz


American soccer player, Julie Ertz, is a name that tends to get lost amongst the other sultry beauties of Team USA, such as Hope Solo and Sydney Leroux. But that really shouldn’t be the case. At the age of 25, she’s one of the hottest players on the pitch, one of the hottest athletes around full stop. She really is drop-dead gorgeous, has a smile to melt hearts, make people go all warm and fuzzy inside, and beauty to mesmerize, to transfix those watching.

It’s no surprise she’s gotten plenty of offers, and has chosen to pose in some sultry modeling shoots. It’s something her fans were waiting for, and happily for them, she’s obliged. The American soccer team must be one of the hottest sports teams on the planet!

6 Serena Williams


For some reason, when people think of hot tennis beauties, Serena Williams isn’t really a name that tends to feature in their minds. Perhaps that’s because she’s far from svelte, possesses a bodybuilder-type physique, and is someone that quite a lot of people could find intimidating. But Serena Williams is confident in – pretty much everything – her body, the way she looks, and isn’t shy about flaunting it. Over the years we’ve seen her papped in situations where she’s basically been nude. But Serena did the whole nude thing properly recently. She stripped down for the cover of Vanity Fair, posing in her birthday suit, revealing her prominent baby bump and showcasing her awesome figure. Lots of celebs choose to get nude pregnancy shoots done, and Serena’s the latest star name to have done just that.

5 Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey is someone that plenty of people love to hate. But love her or hate her, there’s no arguing with her capabilities, what she’s done in the world of MMA and UFC. She’s enigmatic, hugely talented, and that’s meant that everyone has wanted a piece of her over the years. Ronda was never exactly known for being a sultry beauty. She’s been criticized because of her figure, and doesn’t exactly cut a dashing figure in the octagon – not that she’d be worried about that. But when she gets all glammed up, and reveals all, as she’d done a few times, Ronda looks seriously hot, she sizzles from top to toe. Ronda wouldn’t mind people getting their hands on these pics. But she’s also had nude pics of her released, put onto the web by an obnoxious ex-boyfriend. That’s partly why she decided to pose nude; she wanted people to see her body in a way she wanted them to, not on his terms.

4 Caroline Wozniacki


It’s safe to say that Caroline Wozniacki wasn’t really someone who was spoken about as being one of the hottest in the game. She had something about her, has always had an awesome figure, but in terms of being one of the hottest tennis players on the WTA tour? Nah, initially she wouldn’t have featured on that list. But that all changed when started doing sultry modeling shoots. Fans began to see Caroline in a totally different light, a glorious light in which everything was visible. She’s posed in the buff – not without her equipment, because she technically posed with her racket – for ESPN, and has done a number of other sultry shoots in which she’s basically been bare too, for a host of other publications, including Sports Illustrated when she posed in body paint.

3 Sydney Leroux


And here’s the final entry from the American soccer team, arguably the hottest woman from that team, the hottest woman in soccer in general. Sydney Leroux is actually Canadian, but traded up in an effort to gain more opportunities, further her career. Her decision’s certainly been vindicated, because she’s achieved a whole heap of success with the United States. It’s also meant she’s risen in terms of her popularity. Due to her sultry looks, she still would’ve been famous had she played for Canada, but playing in The States has given her a ton of exposure, led to plenty of opportunities, including modeling opportunities. The modeling companies have just kept knocking on Sydney’s door throughout her career, and thankfully, she’s not the shy type. She’s taken part in a number of sultry shoots over the years, including very tasteful yet awfully titillating shoots for the ESPN Body Issue.

2 Michelle Waterson


The world of MMA isn’t really renowned for having the modeling types. Potentially getting bloodied and bruised in the octagon isn’t really an attractive prospect for hot women who want to maintain their looks. But there is someone who emerges from these battles and still looks amazingly beautiful; Michelle Waterson. The “Karate Hottie” is undoubtedly one the hottest MMA fighters on the planet, although upon first impressions you’d deem her to be a lover, not a fighter. She’s got an adorable face, and a killer physique to match. Unsurprisingly she’s wanted to show off this physique, and has done so in its entirety, in shoots for ESPN. In those pics you can see her rippling muscles, she demonstrates her flexibility, and her beauty’s on show for all to see.

1 Hilary Knight


American ice hockey forward, Hilary Knight, wasn’t really someone who’s known to a whole lot of people, aside from ice hockey fans of course. It’s hard to appreciate her beauty under all of that protective equipment. But then she takes off that helmet, removes that mouth guard and all that body armor, and it’s like wow! You set eyes on Hilary and you become transfixed by her beauty. She really is one of the hottest athletes around. And she’s probably partaken in one of the hottest shoots of all time too. There’s a modeling shoot of her in the changing rooms and on the ice rink, and you’ve got to say that they’re some of the hottest shoots that have ever been taken. That’s all down to Hilary.

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