15 Female Athletes You Would Never Believe Are All Natural

How you define "all natural" may be different than someone else. In sports, being "all natural" can cover a few bases. In some respects, it means personal appearance and the enhancement of one's body. For example, golfers and tennis (among other sports) are known to have women who outclass their actual talent based on their looks. Whether it's a bigger chest or other areas that have been accentuated, doing so may not be helpful when it comes to dominating the game.

In other ways, "all natural" refers to how one might achieve their goals and expectations. The pressure to be the best can lead athletes in any sport to take enhancers or illegal substances as a way to get that extra advantage. It's not ethical and it's not without consequences but it exists and female athletes are no less prone to getting caught up in that world than men. Today, some of the biggest names in the world of professional sports are women. The pressure on these women to bring viewers to their sport is immense (maybe more than men) and they do so through a combined effort of being the best at what they do.

Below is a list of 15 female athletes we believe are all natural and while super attractive, are considered beautiful despite not doing anything drastic to their bodies. Many of them have been questioned and rumours exist that maybe they're not on the straight and narrow but we can't find any proof to counter the argument that they're doing what they're doing the clean and natural way.


15 Lindsey Vonn

Highly decorated and attractive athletes like Lindsey Vonn are unfortunately going to come with question marks. This is especially true when a history exists of hanging out with someone like Tiger Woods, an athlete who has spent the past few years dodging questions about his life outside of golf.

Vonn has four World Cup Championships in alpine ski racing, a gold medal in downhill racing in 2010, eight World Cup season titles, five Super-G titles, and 20 World Cup crystal globe titles on her resume. That kind of dominance gets people asking questions. But, she seems squeaky clean and an athlete who hasn't gone anywhere near that stuff. She’s even managed to do so while navigating some pretty serious injuries. Injuries are often how people get on PED’s in the first place.

14 Paige Spiranac

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When people have to ask the question "is this woman too hot for the golf course?" you know that the focus is on the wrong thing if you want to make women's golf a legit deal. But, Paige Spiranac is a pro golfer known more for her social media and Instagram accounts, sexy pictures of her and people commenting on her looks than anything she's ever done on the course. She wears skin-tight outfits, has an hourglass figure and people have wondered if she's had any work done.

She makes our list in the top spot solely because she's so well known and caused such controversy over what women should wear, look like and focus on while trying to perfect their sport. It's unfair but when you're this good-looking, apparently, it's part of the game. Oh, the problems one has when they're too hot for their sport.

13 Julie Johnston

We'll be the first to admit that Julie Johnston is on this list more because of how she looks than anything else. An accomplished soccer player and FIFA World Cup Champion, we were looking more for an excuse to add to her to any list than we did think she might have a reputation for not being "all natural". The truth is, we're just astonished that someone so attractive is just naturally this good looking. Maybe her hair isn't real, but we're honestly grasping at straws now.

Johnston is absolutely not shy about showing off her looks on social media and the fact that she's completely herself makes her even more attractive a female athlete to follow. She can be a strong positive role model for women and young female athletes everywhere.

12 Natalie Gulbis


We like Natalie Gulbis and she's a pretty good golfer but the trend of being a female on the golf course who is more attractive than talented probably started with her. Since the day she showed up and started posting pics of herself and posing for magazines, people have been more enamoured by her bra size than her golf skills.

There are many who believe she's had the benefit of plastic surgery and if she has, she has a wicked surgeon because her photos are pretty consistent from the start of her career to now. She once joked she might have a procedure which fuelled all sorts of speculation but there's no record of that actually ever happening. The reality is, Gulbis might just be the beneficiary of some wonderful genetics.

11 Michelle Jenneke

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She's a viral sensation but she's all natural, at least we think she is. A track star who got famous for her warmup dance and .gif's and memes that basically showed everything she owned bouncing up and down almost wrecked the Internet. Everyone was searching for "the bouncing track star from Australia".

Is all that goodness that had everyone so gaga over her online real? It seems to be. There is no sign that Jenneke was ever subjected to augmentation or additions that weren't natural and despite the popularity of her photos and video going online, why would she want to enhance that? She's already a huge star because of it and it's not as if making her "assets" bigger would help her in the track game.

10 Ronda Rousey

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In the world of professional mixed martial arts, a world where everyone seems to be caught up in illegal substances to help their performances, Ronda Rousey was not like Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones or other fighters who got caught using banned substances. In fact, Rousey was extremely popular because she didn't exactly fit the traditional mold.

Yes, she wiped the floor with her opponents until her final two fights (which of course meant people would ask how she could be so dominant). Rousey simply dominated based on pure aggression and skill. These days, as a retired MMA fighter and budding professional wrestler she needs to be extra careful. She can't afford to get caught taking banned substances if she wants to get her WWE career on track right away. They have a strict Wellness Policy and it's a smart bet that Rousey isn't taking anything she shouldn't. She probably never did.

9 Serena Williams

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How do you look at Serena Williams and not think cyborg or some kind of genetically enhanced machine ready to tear her opponents limb from limb? Few female athletes, if any, look like she does. That's both a compliment and an excuse as to why people wonder what she's on. So too that she has dominated her sport for a decade almost seems too amazing to be true.

While there are rumours she's had some work done on her face, those people looking for a conspiracy will have to look elsewhere. Williams is, in fact, one of the most respected athletes in all of sports. Her measurements physically only fall short of her reputation for being natural, clean and overall, just a nice person. That brand is worth millions. She'd be foolish to jeopardize anything and she has a fairly pristine image to live up to.


8 Jessica Ennis

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Usually, a sign that athletes are taking something they shouldn't be is a physical appearance that dwarfs other competitors. If you wanted to look at track athlete Jessica Ennis as an example of this, you might think by taking a glance at her abs that there was no way she wasn't on something. But, the gold medal winner in the heptathlon in 2012 has no history whatsoever of taking or being linked to substances she shouldn't have taken.

The question people should really be asking is how she got abs like that. If she doesn't have a series of workout videos on the market, she's missing out on a golden opportunity. People would kill to have a stomach like that. This isn't even a flattering picture of her six-pack and that should tell you something.

7 Whitney Miller

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Want to see a rare athlete? Look no further than Whitney Miller who was a Miss United States 2012 winner turned MMA fighter. Of course, we shouldn't discount the fact that she's also an accomplished wake surfer and all-around physical freak. This is a person who decided to give Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and boxing a try simply because it was the hardest thing she could do.

If you're wondering if someone like Miller, who is extremely attractive and not afraid to show it on social media, is taking anything to help her marketability, she actually said, “I’m never going to be tiny and skinny with big boobs. So, I’m just going to go out there and be completely who I am.” I suppose that tells us all we need to know.

6 Sarah Backman

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"No, I'm not taking steroids." is a post that Sarah Backman had to write in 2013 after people assumed someone as ripped and as dominant as her in arm wrestling couldn't possibly be doing what she was doing without help. There's been no record of her doing anything she shouldn't and from what we can see, her talents are all natural. I guess we're all just jealous that she could destroy 99 percent of us in an arm wrestling contest. She's likely stronger than most of us in a lot of ways.

She is a multi-time Swedish world champion arm wrestler.She signed for a year to try her luck as a professional wrestler with the WWE between 2013 and 2014 just for kicks, and is extremely attractive. It's fair to wonder if she's had help but we can't find any record of her not being clean.

5 Camille Leblanc Bazinet

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They say CrossFit athletes are a bit different than other athletes. To be a CrossFit junkie you have to be willing to push yourself harder than in almost any other workout and some CrossFitters believe if you don't CrossFit, you're not good enough for their little circle of people. Being big into CrossFit means you also tend to dig up a bunch of nagging injuries which is a great way to get hooked on PED's.

Fortunately, not all CrossFit enthusiasts are like this and Camille Leblanc Bazinet seems to have her head screwed on straight. She is a Canadian CrossFit athlete and winner of the 2014 CrossFit Games. There are no signs of her cutting corners to improve her workouts and perhaps she's one of the few who hasn't gotten caught up in that mess.

4 Alicia Sacramone


Alicia Sacramone is a retired gymnast who hasn't competed since 2012. That hasn't stopped people from wondering if she's all natural or not. Perhaps to help lessen people talking about her looks, most of her photos on Instagram these days show a very active family woman both proud as a mother and someone who stays healthy.

So why is she on this list then? During her time as a professional athlete, Sacramone had a very different profile than many of her fellow athletes. Most gymnasts are not well endowed while Sacramone was. Being blessed in that area, she proudly showed off her assets in a photo shoot for ESPN Magazine’s The Body Issue in 2013. Of course, that led to people wondering if she was real or not real and while she's blessed in that area, it looks like it's natural and not enhanced.

3 Brie Bella

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Yes, nearly every other woman in wrestling at the time Brie Bella was popular had work done. Even her sister Nikki Bella was well known for having breast implants. So, it's not completely unexpected that some might ask if Brie ever got any work done. We believe the answer is no.

If you compare the two side by side, it's almost impossible not to notice the difference. Twins and very much look-alikes, one difference stands out. One has a much bigger chest than the other. Of the two sisters, Brie seems a little less into her looks and more concerned with being a good mom for her new child and strong wife to Daniel Bryan. Enhancement  or not, Brie is still extremely attractive. Good on her for not caving to the pressure.

2 Caster Semenya

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We're going to try to say this in the most polite way possible. Caster Semenya got all sorts of flack and was pulled from professional competition as a track star because she looked so much like a dude, people wondered if she was, in fact, a male athlete competing as a female. That's the kind of look that makes everyone wonder what a female competitor must be taking. It is a very sad reality.

After a series of tests to prove she was a she, Semenya was allowed to return to competition. The results of the test were never officially revealed but the fact that she was brought back and officially apologized to means we can assume things came back in her favour. What's worse... being accused of being a different gender because you’re just too good and too masculine to be believable or people thinking you're taking something to look that way?

1 Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick is a terrific driver but more than that, she's a huge star because she's incredibly attractive. Is a woman who does so well in a traditionally male-heavy sport expected to take anything to keep up? Is someone who makes huge bucks out of being extremely hot someone who might bow to the pressure to add even more to her figure and really take the next step in terms of modeling?

Despite comments in the past about her willingness to take PED's if she thought she'd never get caught, there is no record that she's ever taken anything and she came back later after that statement to suggest it was a joke that was taken out of context. It was enough to get people asking questions. So far, if she's done anything, she's not been busted for it.


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