15 Female Fitness Models Your GF Doesn't Want You To Look At

As if being a relationship isn't hard enough sometimes. Especially if your girlfriend happens to insecure. Who are we kidding? Everyone, men and women alike, get insecure from time to time. It's a human condition that we all share, someone we perceive is better looking or more appealing in some form of fashion than ourselves and our significant others.

For anyone that knows that they're GF would hurt them severely for looking at this list, keep your phone away from them while looking at this one. Not only are some of the most beautiful women in the world on this list, but some of the best physiques are too. It's a double whammy so tread lightly and enjoy 15 female fitness models your gf doesn't want you to look at.

15 Courtney Tailor


There is little doubt that ever single girl on this list is dynamite, jaw-dropping, tent-popping material. Might as well start out with a fitness model who was named “Playboy’s Perfect Next Door.” Courtney Tailor has been shaking what working out in the gym gave her since 2010, when the then 14-year-old began working out.

Thanks to appearing in films such as American Psycho and being a fairly accomplished diver as well, the Texas native already knew the benefits of being healthy when she really started to go hard in the gym in 2017 and eating a healthy diet consisting of energy-boosting meats, fishes, egg whites, and nuts.

At just 21 years old, the fitness model has already taken first place in the 2016 NPC Brew City Bikini competition and placed in the top ten in two others. Already a force on the fitness world, Courtney has years ahead of her to dominate her fellow competitors and entice fans all around the world.

14 Callie Bundy

“Bundy! Bundy! Bundy!” Is what extras on the set of Married…with Children used to chant whenever the smoking hot Kelly Bundy strutted onto the scene. Hopefully, fans of CALLIE Bundy continue the tradition whenever she poses in IFBB Bikini competitions. After they've collected their jaws up off the floor. The real-life Bundy is just phenomenal.

The surname isn't the only thing Callie shares with the TV family. Just like Al, she has an affinity for football and has gained a viral following on YouTube for her ability to throw a wicked spiral, which even garnered the attention of ESPN.

The model has made her bones by flexing her super-toned stomach in a series of workout videos. A super-fit girl with a toned tummy who loves football and tosses a wicked pigskin? Yeah, you're girlfriend will kill you for leering at Callie, so gawk with caution.

13 Kiana Tom

While Kiana Tom is easily the oldest model on our list, that doesn’t mean she’s “old” in the way we think about old ladies. She is definitely not the blue-haired and curler old lady approaching her twilight golden years. Tom is one of the hottest women in the world, let alone this list!

With a body that most women that are younger than Kiana by at least twice her age would kill to have, Kiana has been a fixture in the fitness world since the mid-eighties, as a part of the ESPN workout series, Bodyshaping. From there, Tom starred in her own series, Flex Appeal for several years.

In 2002, when she felt her body was perfect, Kiana posed for Playboy. From there, marriage, a couple of kids, and continuing her fitness career have shown that no matter how old you are, you can get in shape and stay in shape. Not to mention, being able to manage a fitness empire that includes everything from food to clothes to good old fashioned workout videos.

12 Caitlin Rice


If you were to look at pictures of Caitlin Rice (which is one of the reasons you're reading this list!) she loves to show off how toned her backside is. She should - it's a hell of a backside. Rice has clearly devoted a tone of time to it. And we haven't even begun to talk about her butt and amazingly sculpted it is!

Se began her modeling career at 16, but as a runway model, and we all know that you're pressured to eat as little as possible to be able to the point of possible eating disorders. Rice did not want to be unhealthy and started to pursue a life of fitness and looking exactly how she wanted to look.

She fell in love with lifting weights and has never looked back, shedding the dreaded “freshman 15” and starting a journey to make herself look like the buxom-raven-haired beauty she is today.

11 Tana Ashlee


As social media has made the world incredibly smaller and infinitely more accessible to everyone, everywhere, trainers like Tana Ashlee can come along and more or less solely make their mark by using Instagram. According to her IronMan.com profile, the fitness freak is dedicated to helping people transform their bodies and their lives.

The Las Vegas native has over 200 clients come see her. You'd have to assume living in Sin City, where all of the natives are either trying to look phenomenal or already do, that it's easy for Ashlee to show off what she has worked for. But as much as the tight-body hottie lies to show off on IG account in order to inspire people, she has actually been in just one IFBB Bikini Contest.

“I don’t do well in the spotlight. It was not my thing. I don’t like contest dieting. I want to live a healthy, balanced life. God bless the people who can do competitions, because I don’t have it in me.”

10 Heidi Somers


Thanks to the now dearly-departed Hugh Hefner, the term “bunny,” means a lot more than a small rabbit with a fluffy tail. Thanks to Heidi Somers, we also now have the term “Buff Bunny,” to refer to amazing women with physiques as fantastic as Heidi’s. But even more amazing is that it's still cold in North Pole, Alaska where Somers hails from, she's too smoldering.

Not only does Heidi work out hard, she's a workhorse. She juggled four different jobs to be able to afford to move to San Antonio, Texas and the rest is history. Growing up, Somers wasn’t terribly active and ran both ends of the spectrum from skinny to chunky.

For ladies that aren’t striving to look like musclebound Amazonian goddesses, Somers is your inspiration. She’s tight, fit, and beautiful, without having muscles on top of muscles.

9 Rachel Brathen


If ogling ladies who might have veins popping out of their muscles and look way more buff than you do isn’t your thing, perhaps watching “Yoga Girl” do her thing is. Meet stretchy, sexy, Swedish bombshell, Rachel Brathen. She speaks four languages, lives on the beautiful island of Aruba and not only would any lady be jealous of her physique, they’d murder just to have her lifestyle as a yoga teacher living in a place nicknamed, “One Happy Island.”

But seeing as how a lot of girls, perhaps your girlfriend too are / were into yoga at one point in their own life and if you’re rich enough, you can book a week in Aruba that includes yoga classes with Brathen, but she’s booked until October of 2018. So for now, you’ll have to keep your internet search history of Rachel far away from your partner.

8 Laci Kay Somers


When you look as good as Laci Kay Somers, you look hot just heading out for a few groceries. Whether she should dress like this to grab some grub is debatable; she's clearly allowed to, but it's also a very “look at me” kind of outfit. That said men, keep your eyes to yourself at the Farmer’s Market.

With a face that rivals Megan Fox’s, hair as blond as Jenny McCarthy’s, and a body sculpted strictly for hotness, the Playboy model is definitely one of the raunchier members of our list, which is never a bad thing for red-blooded, drooling males.

According to the fitness model’s website, she loves to cook, travel, and Netflix and Chill. Combine that with her love of Northern Cali sports teams and being a registered nurse, and boys - suffice to say Laci Kay is your new double-secret-fantasy gf.

7 Eva Andressa


The ladies of Brazil are among some of the most beautiful women in the world. What a nice stereotype to have! Even the girls who aren't shredded AF would count amongst some of the sexiest girls in the world. The exotic air, the seemingly mythological beaches, and being so close to the equator makes the land of the hottest in the world and the ladies help to make it the steamiest.

Then there's Eva Andressa. She's the type of girl that plenty of people think about when they fantasize about “Terra de Garoa.” Meu Deus just look at her, all the beauty of a girl from the southern part of the country combined with the sexy shredded physique and Andressa certainly has what it takes to garner more than a few fans on her social media accounts.

When you're inevitably caught by your girl for gawking since she's incredibly gawkable, don't say we didn't warn you.

6 Claudia Alende


We’ll stay in Southern Brazil but move a little inland to Francisco Beltrao and another raven-haired buxom Brazilian Bombshell - Claudia Alende. Guys, hold your phones tight when looking at her Instagram.

If you ever wanted to make a girl jealous, just start dating someone like Claudia, who was so beautiful growing up that even the neighbors and complete strangers were pushing her parents to try her out as a model. But all Claudia wanted to do was play video games and be a tomboy.

At 20, she realized she was actually a super-sexy tomboy and moved to Sao Paolo to begin her modeling career. Now residing in another perceived hot girl capital of Miami, Claudia is also focusing on adding acting and singing to her modeling career, she even recently released her debut single earlier this month. If her acting and singing are as good as her looks, the Brazilian Ariel Winter lookalike will be a shining star in no time

5 Jen Selter


From the North Shore of Long Island, New York comes 24-year-old, Jennifer Leigh Selter. She is (so far) merely an internet fitness model, but she also has a following of clients that have showcased their own gains on her website. While a lot of people have gotten themselves in shape, thanks to Jen, none of them share her phenomenal curves.

She has that classic Long Island girl triangle-face and a NY attitude to boot. Her workout routines include the ever-hard burpees, just for warm-ups! Selter has no issue breaking herself down just to put herself back together again and gaining dangerous curves for her efforts.

A real New Yorker on this list – you know you better hide your phones, fellas. But you can also help your gf out thanks to Jen, she has her own fitness app to help anyone get in shape.

4 Marzia Prince

Starting your fitness career after hitting 30 is no small fete. But when you win Miss Bikini Universe at 32 years old, it’s clear that you’re a force to be reckoned with. From there, the Dallas cutie showed that the Cowboy cheerleaders aren’t the only beauties in the Lone Star State.

She earned her IFBB pro card at 35, which is something that generally doesn’t happen. Now in her forties, Prince is still just amazing looking and puts any girl at any age to shame, especially when she can deftly juggle 3 kids, a husband, and being a fitness instructor.

Her body of work (pun intended) has been seen in all kinds of beauty and physique magazines like Oxygen, Iron Man, Fitness, and Natural Muscle to name a few. A lot of us do think “smiling blond bombshells,” when we think about the girls from Dallas, and Ms. Prince certainly fits that bills 100 percent.

3 Bakhar Nabieva


In between the European countries of Russia, Georgia, and Armenia; and just north of Iran and Turkey sit the country of Azerbaijan. Hailing from the nearly unpronounceable nation is Bakhar Nabieva – also one of the greatest bodybuilding physiques a girl, or anyone could want.

For the guys who crave the leg and thigh meat, your new obsession is here. After being bullied by classmates for having skinny legs, Nabieva hit the gym and just started doing what she felt was natural to craft those legs that now look carved out of glossy marble. She then started to read bodybuilding mags and the rest was history.

Now, Bakhar is one of the most beautiful and most fit models in the world and her colleagues should be very thankful that she likes eating too much to diet the way competitors would have to in order to compete and has yet to join the fray of competition. If she does ever decide to start eating strictly dried oats and cutting water weight down, the rest of the IFBB world better watch themselves.

2 Rachel “Rocky” Barnes


Hard to believe, but we have to thank the Biebs himself, Justin Bieber for helping to get Rachel “Rocky” Barnes some major exposure when she appeared in his video for “Boyfriend.” But the divisive and diminutive pop star is the reason Rocky has come along into many fans’ hearts and minds.

The Manhattan Beach native has always been around the entertainment industry; she is the daughter of a Fox television stylist. As for fitness style, she's a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, as well as hiking and yoga to keep her lithe but super fit frame.

Out of all the ladies on this list, Rocky’s look is the most attainable. While she does look unbelievable, she looks like plenty of hotties you'd see prowling around on the beach, which makes her on of the hottest on this list.

1 Celeste Bonin


Wrestling fans might have not given a whole a lot of love to former WWE Diva’s champion, Kaitlyn, but they should start giving the women behind the Diva, Celeste Bonin a second look, if not a third, fourth, fifth, twentieth look! Bonin has reinvented herself into the hottest and fittest woman on the planet!

Simply put, there are not a lot of girls on this planet who look as perfect as Celeste does - curves in all of the right places, all the right sizes, and sexy muscles that wouldn't scare anyone away, he body would entice followers instead.

After getting divorced, the flawless Ms. Bonin is not only back on the market but working her moneymaker off to get back in the ring. When she inevitably does, the WWE women’s division needs to understand just how on notice they'll all be.

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