15 Female Golf Stars That Have "Not So PG" Assets

Women’s golf has never been up their as being one of the most watched, most popular sports. The sport of golf was for a long time, stuck in it’s traditions, and that meant, men and only men were allowed on course, were allowed to pick up the clubs and do their thing. But – thankfully, in many people’s opinions – this inflexibility has slowly given rise to change, and as a result of these changes in perceptions, women’s golf has steadily grown. Let’s face it, it’s not quite there yet in terms of being on par with the men’s game, but in terms of the popularity of female golfers, it’s growing all the time. That’s in part because they’re brilliant golfers, but also being a lot of women on tour are super-hot. Not only are they super-hot, looks wise, but some have also got absolutely stunning assets; assets meaning 'assets', a hot set of twins, of even in some people’s eyes, a perfect pair of pins.

When these 15 golfers flaunt their assets, whether it’s on the course, on tour, or in a modeling shoot, things suddenly become “Not So PG,” not that anyone’s complaining. So here they are, 15 female golfers that have not so PG assets.

15 Kathleen Ekey

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When Kathleen Ekey turned pro in 2009, she became an instant head-turner on tour. She’s golf’s sweetheart, has a smile that can make guys become putty in her hands, and, incidentally, she’s more than a decent golfer too. She’s got the looks, has got the pedigree, has tasted success, but she is and always has been known as golf’s sweetheart. Her looks aside, she also possesses Not So PG assets. She’s got a hot set of twins, a perfect rear, but it’s her legs that aren’t so PG. Kathleen’s pretty tall for a female golfer, standing in at 5 ft. 7 in, and that means she’s got a pretty long set of pins, endlessly long, smooth, and muscular, making her legs, without doubt, her finest assets, assets that you’ve got to say are of the Not So PG nature.

14 Natalie Gulbis

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Look up top, then cast your eyes down below, and you’ll see that Natalie Gulbis has many amazing assets, swimsuit model assets. This is one golfer who’s glamorous to the core, knows it, and never tires of flaunting it. She’s got a big booty, a massive set of twins, and a killer all-round physique to boot – she’s just sizzling hot from top to bottom. Her chest is just jaw-dropping; it’s chest above the rest in Natalie’s case, and it’s something that means she has some of the best and most noticeable Not So PG assets on this list, in the golfing world, and in the world of sport as a whole. Those puppies pop out, are striking, and it means Natalie get noticed and gets plenty of attention wherever she goes.

13 Brooke Pancake

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Brooke Pancake hasn’t enjoyed a great time of things on tour since turning pro in 2012, but that hasn’t meant people haven’t sat up and taken notice of the young American beauty. She drew attention the moment she joined the pro ranks, firstly because of her unusual name – plenty of puns have been made about the fact she’s named Pancake! – but also because she’s super-hot. She’s slim, slender, has an athletic build, but there are certain aspects of her body that stand out, that aren’t so PG. Her set of twins steal the show – certainly not as flat as a pancake! – and give viewers an eyeful when on tour, not that anyone’s complaining. She’s also got some of the best legs on tour, long and muscular, which sometimes, divert some of the attention away from her chest area.

12 Sharmila Nicollet

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Sharmila Nicollet’s solely responsible for raising the profile of golf – not just women’s golf, but golf in general – on the subcontinent. She was born in India, is an Indo French golfer, and is yet another golfing babe who’s just drop-dead gorgeous from head to toe, in every which way. It’s little wonder she’s done huge amounts for golf in India, and has become a celebrity figure, due to all the stunning photoshoots and ad campaigns she’s done over the years. Companies, those wanting to sponsor her, get her on board, know that sex sells – even in the still conservative country of India – and Sharmila is someone who just oozes sex appeal. A lot of that’s down to her Not So PG assets. She’s a big booty babe, has a ginormous set of twins, and endlessly long legs. Being 5 ft. 11 in, there’s a lot of her, which means we get to see plenty of her assets – she really does have the entire package.

11 Anna Rawson

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Anna Rawson is basically a model, a career she’s balanced alongside golf for many years, so it’s no surprise she makes this list. She turned pro in 2004, enjoyed a few years in the pro ranks, but her career’s since died down. She hasn’t officially retired, but isn’t currently active, not that fans of Anna mind too much, because they still get to see plenty of her in another capacity. Like I mentioned, Anna Rawson’s other career is modeling, and so needless to say she has model-like qualities, including the looks, the body, and a set of gorgeous assets. Being a model, she’s posed in a number of magazines, in some of the world’s most popular lads’ mags, such as FHM, photos that have shown Anna’s figure off beautifully. This Not So PG coverage has made Anna a star, not only in the golfing world, but amongst those who purchase such mags, and because of them, her and her assets, she’s achieved widespread popularity.

10 Paige Spiranac

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Forget golfing; this 24-year-old could easily earn her corn as a glamor model, and belongs on the front page of some prominent men’s mags or other. She’s absolutely stunning, the very definition of a golfing beauty. People watch her solely to ogle at her, because of the fact she has Not So PG assets, not that she minds. She knows that sex sells, and her social media pages are oozing with sexy pics; she knows what she’s doing, knows how to gain popularity, and it’s certainly worked, because despite not being close to being one of the best golfers, she’s certainly one of the most popular.

She’s another woman who’s gorgeous from head to toe, has some noticeable finely toned legs, but it’s her chest that’s Not So PG. She’s blessed in the chest region, knows her twins are her best assets, and never tires of flaunting them, showing them in sultry pics, not that she could really keep those puppies hidden, under wraps if she wanted to!

9 Lexi Thompson

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Lexi Thompson might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to looks alone, but when she’s out and about, not to be rude, but people aren’t really looking at her face. When she’s on tour, it’s pretty amazing, but Lexi isn’t someone who’s generally regarded to be a sex symbol. She’s hot, has a killer physique, but when she’s at a golf tournament, she focusses on golf, not looking attractive to those watching. But when she doesn’t have the clubs in hand, boy does she sizzle. There are some absolutely stunning pics of Lexi out there, pics that show off her assets, that have meant she’s a must for this list. It’s Lexi’s legs that are Not So PG, that people go wild about. They seem to go on for days, are smooth, toned and muscular, and certainly of the Not So PG nature.

8 Sophie Horn

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Sophie Horn, is in many people’s eyes, the world’s hottest golfer. She’s been around for some time, but it was at the Rio 2016 Olympics that her face and pics started to get picked up. At Rio, she soon became known as one of the hottest athletes around; that’s no surprise considering her sultry looks, amazing physique, and just all-round sex appeal.

Sophie’s one golfing chick who’s not shy about stripping down to her bare essentials – sometimes not even then! She’s posed in a number of – what you’d have to call – nude pics, and is basically a glamor model, in addition to being a decent golfer. What’s Not So PG about Sophie? Well, pretty much everything, but it’s her chest that stands out, and boy have we seen a lot of that chest.

7 Sandra Gal

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Sandra Gal is another golfer, who, much to our delight, has gotten pulses racing throughout the golfing world by posing in a load of hot pics over the years. Unlike Sophie Horn in the previous entry, she hasn’t gone nude for shoots, but she doesn’t really need to, because we can’t miss her best assets, her Not So PG assets. Sandra’s yet another golfer who obviously takes care of herself, and has some terrific assets, but one of her assets in particular steals the show. I’m of course talking about her pins, her endlessly long legs. Her booty’s a sight for sore eyes too, but when she’s out and about, you just can’t keep your eyes off those legs; they just go on and on, are smooth, toned and muscular – she undoubtedly has some of the best legs in the sport.

6 Blair O’Neal

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Blair O’Neal is basically a model. She’s a golfer, but most people recognise her as a model, because she has posed in a number of super-hot shoots over the years. She won Big Break Dominican Republic, and after that, her career’s just skyrocketed, popularity-wise that is. She’s now one of the best-known golfers on the planet, one of the hottest golfers full stop.

Blair possess a svelte, lean physique, with curves in all the right places. But it’s another case of chest above the rest with Blair; set your eyes on her twins and you’d find it hard not to ogle, hard to look away. They’re certainly her Not So PG assets, and she’s delighted people by flaunting them no end in ad campaigns in print, on TV, and on the runway.

5 Holly Sonders

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Holly Sonders is one of the most recognisable golfing personalities in the world. She’s a golfer, model – no doubt – and has become one of the most beloved people on TV, as a broadcaster and reporter of all things golf. It’s little wonder various networks were eager to have Holly on board; having her reporting on golf events certainly ads a touch of glamor, a whole lot of sex appeal, to proceedings.

Holly Sonders has a couple of Not So PG assets. She’s another woman with stunning legs – she possesses a set of pins that are just ridiculously beautiful – but even those beauties are overshadowed by her rack. Her chest stands out, and I mean really stands out. It’s amazing she can even complete her golf swing with those twins up top!

4 Cheyenne Woods

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There shouldn’t really be any need to tell you why Cheyenne Woods is famous in the golfing world. I’ll give you one guess – hint, look at her surname. Yes, Cheyenne is Tiger Wood’s niece, and because of her relation with arguably the best golfer who’s ever lived, she’s received a ton of popularity. She’s decent on the golf course too, and already has two professional wins under her belt. But aside from her golfing abilities and her relation with a golfing superstar, plenty of people keep their eyes on Cheyenne for other reasons. They keep their eyes on Cheyenne, but on something in particular, her Not So PG twins which are very hard to miss. She’s got the biggest – and in many people’s opinion’s – the best chest in the sport. The area’s just truly jaw dropping, and makes her one super-hot golfing babe.

3 Natalia Ghilzon

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Canadian pro golfer, Natalia Ghilzon, has been around on the golfing scene for five years. After being a contestant on the Big Break Atlantis, Natalia’s career really took off, and she gained a whole heap of fans, fans who have stayed with her and have remained loyal as she’s gone about her pro golfing career. And why wouldn’t they? If you’re a fan of Natalia, you’d stay her fan, because there’s no better sight on the golf course than Natalia doing her thing.

Natalia’s a diminutive figure, but that hasn’t hindered her in any which way. She packs a powerful punch on the golf course – is all about strength and power, and it shows. Look her pins, and the muscularity and level of definition is just amazing. but go up a little bit, and you’ll set eyes on her Not So PG asset. It’s her booty that’s Not So PG – her booty and her body as a whole are just spectacular.

2 Belén Mozo

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Belén is tall-ish, lean and muscular, and just has a drop-dead gorgeous figure. She sizzles on the golf course, and in her numerous photoshoots, and there are some really sexy photoshoots of her out there. The Spanish beauty has been wowing golf fans since 2010, and although her career hasn’t taken off, her popularity certainly has, and that’s because of her sultry physique. She’s regarded, by many, to be the hottest woman in golf, and look at some of the racy pics she posts on social media, and it’d be hard to disagree. What’s Not So PG about Belén? You could say many things, but it’s got to be her twins. They're not the biggest, but she’s certainly still blessed in that area, and judging from the numerous pics of her showing off her Not So PG assets, she knows it too.

1 Maria Verchenova

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Maria’s been around on the lady’s tour for over a decade, and you can’t say she’s really taken over the tour. Because of her lack of accomplishments, she’s not really regarded to be the most well-known person in golf, amongst golfing fans anyway. She is popular amongst those who want to ogle, who watch women’s golf for the sex appeal on show. It certainly is on show when Maria’s on tour. She’s just ridiculously hot, so hot in fact, that she herself could be deemed to be Not So PG.

She just oozes sex appeal, sultriness, and it’s not because of her assets in particular. Maria’s stunningly beautiful, and possess a number of great assets; her booty, set of twins, and those pins – they’re all Not So PG, making Maria a sure thing for the number one entry on this list.

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