15 Female Golfers Men Only Watch Because Of Their "Assets"

Female golfers are arguably among the hottest athletes in sports and these ladies aren't shy about flaunting their assets.

Women’s golf has slowly begun to pick up over the years. Recently there’s been a renewed interest in the game, not just from golf fans, but from sports fans, and general people who don’t really have a clue about the game or don’t even particularly have an interest in sport. So, why bother watching and following a sport, firstly one that’s not the most enthralling sport in the world, if you’re not really all that into it? It’s the competitors on show that a lot of people are interested in, not the golf. Although it might sound a tad crude, it’s undeniable that many men out there who watch women’s golf don’t do so because they’re admirers of the competitor’s golfing prowess. They do so because they’re admirers of the women themselves, to ogle at the eye candy on show.

A lot of these golfing babes know that, know that’s the reason they’ve got a fan following, why people are interested, and many play to that. And what better way to play to that than by flaunting their assets. These women have some of the sultriest assets in sport, let alone golf. No wonder men watch them do their thing when there’s a whole load for them to look at.

15 Natalie Gulbis

Natalie Gulbis may have had some notable successes in a career that’s spanned over 15 years, and these may be enough to get diehard golfing fans interested, but a lot of men don’t really give a damn about her golfing accomplishments. Over the years she’s become a major sex symbol on the LPGA tour. That’s because she’s posed in some seriously raunchy shoots, is always looking sultry and glamorous, and always – even whilst wearing her golfing attire - has those noticeable assets on show. When I say noticeable, I’m sure many of you will be able to instantly see what assets I’m referring to. Her set of twins of course. Men see those puppies, and they certainly won’t change the channel. Natalie knows that and has flaunted them no end over her many years in the limelight.

14 Anna Rawson

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35-year-old beauty Anna Rawson has been turning heads on the golf course since 2004. But before she joined the professional ranks, Anna was already a pretty notable name in the modeling industry. Look at Anna, soak in her beauty, gorgeous body and amazing assets, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Walking the catwalk, posing in sultry spreads, and appearing on TV, she’d done it all, and so by the time she turned pro, she already knew how to make her beauty work for her on the pro golf scene, how to strut her stuff for the fans and the cameras.

Thankfully she hasn’t stopped doing this, posing in hot photoshoots, after her golfing career’s picked up. She’s posed in some really sexy shoots, enabling us to get a full view of her delectable assets. Take your pick as to which one is her best; there’s a good few to choose from.

13 Lexi Thompson

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The young, bold and beautiful Lexi Thompson, has already become a pretty big name in women’s golf. She’s already won a major championship, has 11 tour wins, but her golfing success isn’t really why people are interested. If anyone else had the same achievements, they wouldn’t receive the same kind of attention Lexi enjoys. That’s because Lexi’s a dazzler, is known for her looks in addition to her golfing prowess. She’s regarded to be one of the world’s hottest golfers; feast your eyes on her pics, her delectable body with those stunning assets, and you’d have a hard time trying to disagree. Over the years we’ve seen her pose in a number of racy pics, pictures that show off her stunning figure, prove that she’s just gorgeous from top to toe.

12 Jessica Korda

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Jessica Korda is from a family of sportspeople. Her parents were both tennis players, but she decided to pursue another sport. Just think what it’d be like had she decided to follow suit and go down the tennis route. Many people watch women’s tennis because of hot players in their sexy tennis outfits on show, and Jessica would’ve certainly been someone who’d make people tune it. But we still get to see her in some capacity on the LPGA tour. Tennis’ loss is golf’s gain, and she’s had a pretty decent start to her golfing career. But that’s not why people watch her. She’s slim, lean, young-ish, and has some gorgeous assets. Jessica’s also known for her smile and vivacious personality; she’s all smiles, and so are we watching her.

11 Cheyenne Woods


Okay, so Cheyenne Woods isn’t ONLY famous because she’s hot, or because of her body. Obviously, her last name has meant she’s gained plenty of attention when doing her thing on tour. Being related to Tiger Woods makes you an instant celebrity, and Cheyenne has certainly used that to her advantage, basking in the limelight because of her uncle’s success. She has more than the right bloodline though.

Cheyenne has a body on her too, one of the best in women’s golf. She has some very noticeable assets, particularly up top; that set of twins is seriously hard to miss. But having said that, she’s probably used to it, and we’ve become used to seeing Cheyenne and her bountiful assets on tour too, which is only a good thing.

10 Belén Mozo


Spanish beauty, Belén Mozo, has been turning heads ever since she first came onto the LPGA tour. She hasn’t had a great time of it in terms of her golfing achievements, but she’s gained the title of being one of the most beautiful women in golf, an accolade she surely wouldn’t mind. She’s got the looks, and the body too – the complete package. Belén’s someone who’s worked hard at developing an awesome body, and it certainly shows. She’s a fitness freak, considers her body to be a temple, and I’m sure due to the way she’s developed her body, she has many people worshiping her as she does her thing on tour. Those pins, twins, and that perky little behind; she has some hot assets that gets people ogling.

9 Paula Creamer

Tracy Wilcox/GOLFWEEK

The 30-year-old Paula Creamer is one of the wealthiest women in golf. That’s not just because she’s won quite a few titles over the years, it’s also because she’s super-hot. Paula’s gained quite a substantial fan following off the back of not only her success, but her looks and her body. A lot of people also watch Paula on tour because they’ve seen her in ad campaigns, endorsing some product or other. It’s no surprise companies like TaylorMade-Adidas, Citizen Watch Co. and Ricoh want her on board. See her endorsing a product or service, and it’s bound to get people interested. Paula’s so popular, she’s actually become one of the wealthiest female sports stars on the planet. She’s also one of the most followed sportswomen too, and it’s fair to say that a large number of her followers have no clue about her golfing achievements, they just like the sight they see.

8 Sophie Horn


Quite a few people would rate Sophie Horn to be the hottest female golfer on the planet, one of the hottest sportswomen full stop. Feast your eyes on her gorgeous figure, her beauty, those stunning assets, and you’d find it hard to disagree. The only reason you’d know she’s a golfer, is that she often poses with golf clubs, her golf bag in hand. There’s a golfing theme to her sultry pics, and if there wasn’t, you’d probably guess that she’s a glamor model. She has posed in a load of extremely racy pics over the years. Her pictures get people ogling, get people salivating, and importantly – well, for the game of golf anyway – get people watching the LPGA tour, even if it is just to stare at the stunning beauties on show.

7 Natalia Ghilzon


Canadian professional golfer, Natalia Ghilzon, is someone who’s super-hot, and boy does she know it. Much to our delight, she flaunts her assets, her sizzling physique, and her social media accounts are filled with sultry pics of her strutting her stuff, often in very little clothing, looking amazing. But, she doesn’t just get dolled up for photo opportunities. Natalia’s someone who’s smoking hot on the LPGA tour, on the green with golf clubs in hand. She wears these tight outfits, and very short skirts, that show off her assets, and what stunning assets they are. Those twins stick out, but she’s also got a beautifully-shaped behind, and her pins are silky smooth, often tanned, toned and muscular, yet another pair of assets that steals the show.

6 Blair O’Neal


Model golfers don’t come much hotter than Blair O’Neal. The 36-year-old has been around for quite some time in the LPGA, but her looks and her sultriness hasn’t diminished at all; she’s only getting better with age. She’s also one golfer who regularly appears on TV, in videos, that is when she’s not shooting the latest one of her racy photoshoots. It’s no surprise that’s the case, that TV shows and networks want a beauty like Blair O’Neal on board. She’s just sexy from top to toe and oozes sex appeal, no matter what she does. She’s also got a pair of very noticeable assets, particularly up top with those voluptuous, bountiful set of twins, which she’s shown off over the years in a number of super-hot spreads.

5 Maria Verchenova


Maria Verchenova is the first ever female Russian to make it as a professional golfer. That’s an accomplishment in itself, and she received plenty of attention for it. But she’s also received tons of attention, popularity, because she’s one of the hottest female golfers on the pro circuit. She’s helped grow the sport of golf in Russia, and that’s solely because she’s the face of golf, and what a beautiful face she has too. Maria’s been playing pro golf for around a decade now, and has achieved zilch. There really is nothing noteworthy about her career, except that she’s become one of the world’s most popular golfers through being super-hot alone. Even if you’re not particularly interested in golf, Maria’s bound to spark your interest, just a tad.

4 Sharmila Nicollet


Sharmila Nicollet is perhaps the most famous person on this list. That might surprise a lot of you, but her popularity’s skyrocketed over the years as she’s gotten older, because she’s blossomed into a fine young woman. Hailing from the land of a billion and then some, it’s no surprise that being a pro sportswomen, and being hot, her face began to get picked up. In India, she’s modeled for a ton of magazines, in sultry spreads, and is the face of many products, because there are no shortage of companies wanting to endorse her. Because she’s Indo French, she’s got one amazing complexion, and her body’s just ridiculously hot too. Look at Sharmila and your eyes will be drawn up top, then to those silky smooth, long and muscular set of pins, her best feature.

3 Sandra Gal


Take one guess as to why people – men especially – go wild over Sandra Gal. She’s hot stuff alright, and that’s about all she’s known for on the pro circuit. But that suits us, her fans perfectly, because look at Sandra, and you’re not going to be thinking about her golfing accomplishments, or lack of them – you’re only going to be ogling at one thing in particular. Her pair of pins are quite possibly the hottest in sport. She’s got gams that’ll steal the show in every situation, whether she’s on the green or posing for a sexy shoot. Thankfully she’s done so numerous times over the years, and those legs have always been the focus and centre of attention. They’re muscular, endlessly long, toned, and make Sandra one of golf’s most-loved hotties.

2 Holly Sonders

Ok, let’s take a breath, compose ourselves, and try and get something out after setting eyes on Holly’s pic. Some of her amazingly sexy shoots are enough to render any guy speechless – or stop a train of thought and render them writerless! Holly is basically a glamor model. She doesn’t just model. She models in extremely racy pics, pics that show off all of her delectable assets, and then some. She’s one person who knows she’s got it, and much to our delight, certainly isn’t shy about flaunting her hot body. Being a glamor model might not be her official job title, but anyone who’s seen her pics would have a hard time arguing that she’s anything other than a glamor model, and a golfer of course. Holly makes the sport sexy, is certainly one person responsible for boosting the sport’s viewing figures.

1 Paige Spiranac


Paige Spiranac can be put in the same bracket as Holly Sonders. She’s a glamor model, there’s no two ways about it. As a guy, if you could create your perfect women, I bet there’d be quite a few Paige’s walking around. Her beauty’s just flawless, her body’s ridiculously sexy, and she’s not bad with a golf club in her hand too, not that too many people give a damn about that. You can safely say, that when Paige is on tour, there’ll be tons of people tuning in, just to watch her do her thing, strut her stuff on the golf course. She could go 10 over par, and no one would really bat an eyelid. In fact, people would love it if that would happen, because it’d mean Paige stays out on the course for a long time, which means more people would be watching the game for longer too; win win all round!

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