15 Female Golfers Who Are A Definite "Hole In One"

Unfortunately for women, becoming a professional athlete is a tough path to follow, much harder than that of their male counterparts. Men have been playing sports for thousands of years now and have a considerably large chunk of the pro sports space already locked up with fans. Between the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, fans are lined up all over the country by the millions, to watch their favourite men's sports teams. It leaves little space for women to get themselves into the spotlight.

That road needs every little piece of help it can get if women want to succeed in pro sports because, as we all know, the only way to be a successful athlete is if there is a sport to play professionally and that means fans are needed. The popularity of leagues like the WNBA, FIVB, WTA, and the LPGA relies on getting fans in the stands.

Luckily for the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golfer's Association), there is a distinct advantage for some women: their beauty. Female golfers have figured out a way to help their sport using their beauty as a ploy to get the fans to show up every weekend. What better sport than golf, which allows women to wear short skirts and not much else on top?

Here are 15 incredibly beautiful and amazingly talented female golfers that we can all agree are equally a hole in one. Some of them you might see in the LPGA, but not all of them. A few of them are still working their way to the big show and we wanted to make sure we covered them too.

15 Natalia Ghilzon (IGTA)

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What is it about a nose piercing on a woman that makes them about five times more attractive than before? No offence but the nose piercing, if subtle and cleanly done, makes us think about how much fun she likes to have when she goes out on the weekends. Natalia Ghilzon shows off her piercing on Instagram all the time and it is never a disappointment.

If you have not heard about her, that is ok. She is working her hardest to get to the LPGA but has to improve her game first. She is currently on the IGTA tour, which is basically a minor league tour to help her get better while competing with players closer to her handicap instead of the LPGA tour champions that are way ahead of her, for now. Natalia is a bigger fan of posting bikini photos and selfies than the ones on the golf course but hey, who is complaining about it?

14 Natalie Gulbis (LPGA)

For the last two seasons, Natalie Gulbis has played a limited schedule by choice to pursue other endeavours, and golfing fans have missed her more than they thought they would when she announced she was slowly starting to play less. She is still the most popular woman on the LPGA tour even though she has not won a tournament since 2007. When she goes to an event, the fans come out to see her.

When she isn't playing an event, she is posting some of the hottest photos on Instagram thanks to her amazing body and perfect frame. Her beauty combined with her talent turned her into a superstar in the mid-2000's. Since then, she has been considered the most beautiful female golfer of all time, and it would be tough to argue with that type of ranking either being as she is truly one of the all-time hottest golfer we have ever seen on the golf course.

13 Cheyenne Woods (LPGA)

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Life can be full of advantages for some people. Cheyenne Woods has been given one of the greatest advantages of all time, she is the niece of legendary PGA master, Tiger Woods. How about having Tiger Woods for an uncle and calling him to ask for advice all the time?

Good news for Cheyenne is that she is not just Tiger's niece, she is a truly gifted LPGA golfer that is only in her third season on the tour. She has gotten better each year and is now one of the scary ones that the rest of the field is always keeping their eyes on during a tournament. Not only is she good, she is getting better by the minute. Her Instagram is on point and she continues to find a balance between playing great and doing beautiful magazine shoots. She is just 27 years old and is going to continue to get better so make sure to get on board now, before it is too late.

12 The Korda Sisters (Jessica & Nelly)

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The Korda sisters bring something to the LPGA tour that has been missing for quite some time, a pair of beautiful sisters that are as talented as they are gorgeous. It is something people want to see, and that might sound creepy but if you want to watch golf, go ahead and watch it. But if you want to enjoy golf, you want to meet the Korda Sisters.

Jessica Korda is the older sister at 24 years old and has been on the LPGA tour since 2011. She has four career wins, her most recent in 2015, and 23 Top-10's, 61 Top-25's, and $3.5 million in career earnings. Nelly Korda, the 19-year old younger sister of Jessica, is just starting off her LPGA career and is actually currently in her rookie season this year. Besides being ranked 3rd for the Rolex Rookie of the Year award, she is currently holding onto the second spot for most eagles in 2017 with 12. That alone makes her a closer and a star in the making.

11 Danielle Kang (LPGA)

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Let's be honest with you for a minute, we had no idea who Danielle Kang was until today. In fact, she was not in our final cut for this list until a reader gave us a heads up to check her Instagram out. Within seconds, we had our newest member on the list.

Danielle Kang is a 25-year old Cali girl from San Francisco who played college ball at Pepperdine University in Malibu. She is as Californian as they come. She joined the LPGA tour in 2012 and is currently ranked 9th for the Rolex Player of the Year and 6th in points for he US Solheim Cup. She has steadily improved each season and is someone that could challenge for the overall title in 2018 and 2019.

10 Blair O'Neal (LPGA)


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Although Blair O'Neal has not become a superstar golfer yet, she has not stopped trying. She has been on the LPGA tour since 2004, shockingly, and has yet to get herself a shot at a LPGA tournament title. After winning the reality amateur golf show, Big Break: Dominican Republic, she has done her best to get better but her opportunities as a model have given her plenty of other options to work with instead.

So instead of becoming a pro golfer or bust, she has multiple modelling gigs, sponsorship deals, and hosting jobs to fall back on. She can continue to play golf if she wants but her beauty dominates all else and she is always going to be one of our favourite female golfers, regardless of how many titles she ends up winning before she retires. Thanks to social media, her selfie posting game has risen to levels we haven't seen for female golfers, not yet at least.

9 Belen Mozo (LPGA)

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When she is not down in New Zealand, Belen Mozo is working her way into becoming one of the next big superstars of the LPGA tour. From USC to the LPGA tour, Belen Mozo has done her best to grow her brand on social media while getting better on the golf course. She is constantly posting pictures from all over the world while squeezing in a few golf tournaments in the process.

Since her Instagram is one of the more respected among female golfers, we wanted to give you a chance to go check her website out and judge for yourself. Like most of these women, you will have a tough time trying to focus on the golfing photos (Instagram - @belenmozo).

8 Lucy Robson (Amateur Golfer)

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In October of 2015, the internet made yet another discovery of a young talented female golfer that is causing problems on the greens in her short skirts and tight tops. Lucy Robson, at that time, was still at Cal Poly and was quickly becoming an internet sensation for two reasons, her beauty and her golf game.

After she graduated from Cal Polytechnic University, her golfing career took a dip and she has not been able to reach the LPGA tour yet, but that has not stopped her from trying. We spent hours studying Lucy's Instagram portfolio, looking for any information we could find and we forgot what we were doing there after about five minutes of selfies and skirts shorter than the day is long.

7 Melissa Jones (Amateur Golfer & WAG)

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There is only one WAG on our list and it belongs to Melissa Jones, Matt Jones's wife and beautiful arm candy. Her popularity came to light following Matt's 2014 tournament win at the Shell Houston Open. It was his only career win but it was a great one because it introduced his fans to his wife.

Since that victory, people have wanted to learn more about her including finding out who she is and where she came from. It turns out, she is a former beauty queen, winning the Miss Idaho crown in 2009 before finishing in the Top-15 at the 2009 Miss USA pageant. So why is she on the list? She is not just a WAG, she is a golfer herself. She just does not do it professionally or for the LPGA tour. From the looks of things, we are not going to hold that against her.

6 Lexi Thompson (LPGA)

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Of all the women on this list, Lexi Thompson is easily the best. For the 2017 LPGA season, she is currently ranked first in the Race to CME Globe Season title, Sand Saves, Scoring Average, and US Solheim Cup Points. She is also third on the official money list having earned $1.69 million so far this year.

She is also hitting 77.63% of Greens in Regulation (2nd) with an Average Driving Distance of 274.10 (3rd). Her domination continues as she continues to get better each season. Her rookie year was 2012 and four years later, Lexi Thompson is now one of the hottest female golfers in the world on top of being the most talented. As her stardom grows, so does her ability to use Instagram, especially during Halloween when she nearly broke the internet posting her schoolgirl costume which was better than the German beer girl she was in 2012.

5 Brooke Pancake (LPGA)

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There is nothing better than a beautiful woman with a killer smile, rocking body, and the ability to sink a hole in one from 245 yards out. Let's introduce you to Brooke Pancake. Her last name has given her an easy choice for a sponsor and she is signed with Waffle House (Ironic, right?)

By the end of 2012, she was one of the most popular names coming out of college where she attended the University of Alabama. Her rise to the top was met with a sudden realization that she needs to improve much quicker if she wants to compete with the women of the LPGA tour. Today, she continues to hit the greens and works on her long ball having failed to qualify for one tournament but finishing in another. She will get better folks, and so will the Instagram photos.

4 Holly Sonders (Golfer & TV Personality)

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One of the only women on this list that has all but given up her dream of becoming an LPGA Tour champion is Holly Sonders. She figured out a long time ago that her talents were never going to match the likes of Natalie Gulbis or Michelle Wie. Sure, she was always a beautiful woman and easily defeats both of them in that category, but just not on the golf course.

So she quickly took her chance at becoming a sports journalist by taking a job with the Golf Channel a few years ago. She has since moved on to bigger and more luxurious opportunities, and now works for Fox Sports. She is great for golf because she brings in more fans, regardless of where she is currently working. Her time with the Golf Channel was enough to earn her a female golfing enthusiast label so whenever we see her, we all think of golf.

3 Elise Lobb (Amateur Golfer)

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According to the internet, Elise Lobb is the next Paige Spiranac. The only difference is she might be a better overall golfer and could wind up with the best career in the sport. Elise Lobb's career began in the beauty school pageant circuit where she was named Miss Jacksonville Teen USA in 2013, Miss Atlantic Beach USA in both 2014 and 2015, and finished in the Top 5 at the Miss Florida Teen USA pageant. It was very obvious that she was a gorgeous young lady but she quickly started to become famous when the internet noticed she played golf too. She has the scary combination of good looks and above average golfing skills which makes her an Instagram Queen in the making. If you don't believe us, go check out her Instagram page and search through her portfolio of photos.

2 McKenna Pautsch (Amateur Golfer)

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Thank to the growing presence of social media in our lives today, it only takes one website uncovering a hot young potential female golfer's Instagram account to turn that person into a star. McKenna Pautsch was virtually just a regular beautiful blonde that loved pastries, wine, food, and golf. But then, in 2016, Busted Coverage did a piece about her that was basically a coming out party for the gorgeous golfing girl. Since then, her Instagram has turned into a modelling portfolio featuring everything from bikini shots to evening gowns that could cause a traffic jam without a doubt. Hopefully McKenna will continue to improve on the golf course and one day become a star in the LPGA so we will have another excuse to stare at her all the time.

1 Paige Spiranac (LPGA)

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If the LPGA was ever in dire need of someone to have the talent to compete on the tour but also have the beauty to bring in more fans, it would be 2017. They aren't struggling but adding Paige Spiranac to their roster would add a whole new element to the sport.

Paige, if you have not already heard about, is one of the internet's hottest new superstars in the making. She came onto the scene as a female golfer but has since become a star because she is actually one of the most talented golfers on this list. She has the ability to be a tour champion one day. Her biggest issue with the LPGA is going to be her wardrobe because apparently the LPGA has a problem with the way she dresses and the small amount of clothing she usually golfs in. If the LPGA wants the fans and the popularity back, then letting her golf in a bikini should be allowed. They should never try and cover her up.

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