15 Female Golfers Who Are Only Famous For Being Hot AF

Ok, so the sport of golf has to be one of the most watched sports in the world. It’s normally played by affluent folks, people with a bit of money, hence it’s regarded to be a rich man’s sport. And when I say man’s sport, I mean man’s sport. Over the years, there have been a number of prestigious golf clubs that have come under heavy fire for being single sex clubs – male only clubs. It’s all about tradition they claim. Well, tradition’s slowly changing. More and more women are picking up the golf clubs, going to events, going on tour. Let’s face it; it’s still nowhere near as popular as men’s golf, but it’s certainly gaining momentum. One of the reasons why people have begun to get more and more interested in women’s golf is because, of course they’re talented, but – being the crude individuals we are – also because a lot of players on tour are super-hot. There are quite a few golfers who are sultry on the course, and have made names for themselves because of it. If you’re as hot as these players, titles, trophies, prize money and tournament wins don’t really matter. It’s not about the dough or success – these 15 women have found fame solely for being hot.

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15 Veronica Felibert

Taking advantage of a gorgeous sunny day to work on my golfers' tan lines and let go of all that I can't control. I encourage everyone, especially my Venezuelan friends, to practice yoga and let go of the grief and frustration we are going thru. It's good for the mind, the body, and most importantly during these tough times, the spirit! #staystrongvenezuela #yoga #practice #bodymindspirit #thesweatlife #teamarteasan #miamibeach @lululemon // Aprovechando un día espectacular y soleado para emparejar las marca de golfista y despejar la mente de todo aquello que no puedo controlar. Les recomiendo a todos, en especial a mis amigos Venezolanos, que dediquen un tiempito del día para hacer yoga y soltar toda la frustración, dolor e impotencia que llevamos por dentro ante la situación que estamos viviendo. Es bueno para el cuerpo, la mente, y el espíritu que tiene que seguir esperanzado, luchador, fuerte y perseverante! #cuerpomenteespiritu #arribavenezuela #fuerzayfe

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This Venezuelan beauty features on pretty much everyone’s lists when it comes to the hottest female golfers. But that’s about the only list she features in. She’s currently ranked 915 in the world, going by the Rolex Ranking, has been in the top 10 once in her career, and hasn’t had any career victories since her rookie year in 2012. So, look at these stats and you wouldn’t think she’s anything special. But when people are talking about Veronica, they’re not talking about her stats. She’s known in the world of golf for being one of the hottest players on tour; it’s just a shame she doesn’t make the cut at most events, and we don’t get to see more of her in a golfing capacity.

14 Kathleen Ekey

Karen Bobotas/for the Concord Monitor

After playing college golf, Kathleen Ekey made the leap to the pro ranks in 2009, and boy were golf fans glad she did. She’s established herself as a decent player on tour, has a couple of pro tour wins to her name, but, let’s face it, it’s not really her golfing prowess people are interested in. She’s a head-tuner on the course, on tour, because of her looks, her physique, not the way she wields her golf clubs. She’s rated as being one of the hottest women in the world of golf. She’s got that girl next door looks about her, is really sweet, and just loves doing what she’s doing, and it comes across. Her smile lights up whichever event she’s at, and the cameras just can’t get enough of her; it’s easy to understand why.

13 Natalie Gulbis

Happy First Day of Spring. @Lpga in Southern California this week! ☀️? Aviara. #offday #beachday #californiagirl#nofilter

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Natalie Gulbis’ career has been pretty underwhelming to date. She joined the pro ranks of the LPGA in 2001, has since racked up a record of, wait for it…one LPGA tour win. That’s hardly a record for Natalie to be proud of. But despite her lack of tour wins, she’s hot property on the golf circuit, everyone knows her name. That’s because she’s regarded to be a sex symbol in the LPGA. She’s super-hot and boy does she know it, and much to our delight, never tires of flaunting her stunning physique. She’s posed for a number of men’s magazines over the years, taken part in very sultry shoots, and because of that, she’s gained a tremendous fan following and has become a golfing megastar, adored by the masses.

12 Beatriz Recari Eransus

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Beatriz Recari Eransus is currently ranked 96th in the world, and hasn’t been enjoying a great time of it over the last few years. Although she’s achieved four pro tour wins, she hasn’t gone on to reach the heights many people felt she would reach, and her inconsistency has meant she’s kind of faded away. She’s faded away in terms of her golfing ability, but not from the limelight. The Spanish golfer is smokin’ hot, and has even been deemed to be the goddess of Spanish golf. Look at some of her pics out there and it’d be hard to disagree with that label. But she’s also hot when she’s not even trying to be.

Beatriz is just naturally a stunner, and carries herself gracefully around the golf course, even though she knows all the cameras are pointed in her direction, following her every move all the time.

11 Paula Creamer

Photo by Tracy Wilcox/GOLFWEEK

Okay, so Paula Creamer is actually a very talented golfer, has racked up an impressive record, and is one of the best golfers on this list. But having said that, it’s safe to assume those who’ve heard of Paula don’t have a clue about her stats. Paula’s achieved fame in golf, and in sports in general, because of her looks; of course, it’s helped that she’s talented too, but she’s known primarily because she’s incredibly beautiful – she really does possess the entire package. She’s currently ranked 87th in the world, but she remains one of the wealthiest athletes on tour, because of the many endorsement deals that have come her way over the years. Many companies have been eager to get her on board, and it’s no wonder why; have Paula’s face on posters and ad campaigns endorsing your products or services, and you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll sell.

10 Valeria Ochoa

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Valeria Ochoa first came into the limelight when she appeared as a contestant on The Big Break, but since then she hasn’t really kicked on and become the golfer she and everyone else thought she would be. But she’s still stayed on the minds of many golf fans. That’s because she’s one of the hottest women in golf. She is basically a model. In terms of her golfing prowess and stats, well, they’re non-existent really, not even worth talking about. But she’s still up there as being one of the most famous golfers on tour. Set eyes on this pic – and I’m sure you’ll be checking out a lot more of her pics in a bit – and you’ll see what I mean. She’s absolutely stunning, knows it, and thankfully for us and golfing fans, isn’t shy about showing off her assets.

Valeria’s posed in a number of racy pics over the years, and because of her looks and her body she’s achieved a whole lot of fame and fortune.

9 Anna Rawson

via golfpunkhq.com

I’ve said that quite a few golfers on this list are basically models who can play a little golf. Well, Anna Rawson isn’t basically a model, she is a model. She actually started modeling before she got into golf, at the age of 16. As a teenager, she was already walking catwalks, appearing in magazines, in ad campaigns, and was a pretty big deal in the modeling industry Down Under in Aus.

She began playing golf at university, got the golf bug and decided to pursue it further. Anna turned pro in 2004, but hasn’t really achieved anything of note. In fact, she’s achieved nothing. But one thing she has done is make golf more popular. Model turned golfer, it’s usually the other way around, but being a model and transitioning to golf meant Anna was in the limelight the minute she decided to turn pro, and she’s remained a prominent figure on tour ever since.

8 Belén Mozo

??????? IS ⓑⓔⓐⓤⓣⓘⓕⓤⓛ ? ? cred: @archangelphotostudio @skechersperformance

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Belén Mozo, even the name sounds kind of sexy. The Spanish golfer had a stellar amateur career, but she couldn’t translate her success into the pro ranks. In fact, wins and accomplishments on the LPGA have been pretty much non-existent, but despite this lack of success, she’s still talked about on tour and amongst golf fans. The amount people speak about her, you’d think that she was killing it on the golf course, but nope, she’s killing it in other ways. In front of the cameras, Belén Mozo’s one sultry woman. She’s acquired a massive fan following, despite her lack of accomplishments, and that’s because she’s one of the hottest women in golf. She’s beautiful, and a fitness addict too, and never tires of showing off her hot physique by taking sexy snaps.

7 Cristie Kerr

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Cristie Kerr is one of the oldest women on tour – one of the oldest on this list anyway – but her gorgeous looks haven’t diminished in any way. In fact, as she’s approaching her 40s, people may say she’s gotten ever more stunning; her ranking may have begun to slide, but not her presence on the golf course, not the way the cameras remain fixed on her when she’s doing her thing.

When Kerr first burst onto the scene as a teenager in 1996, it’s safe to say she wasn’t one of the fittest or hottest athletes on tour. She was overweight and still in the teenager phase. But as the years rolled by, she made a conscious effort to lose the pounds, exercises regularly, and is now fit and lean and has blossomed into a fine woman, one of the hottest on tour.

6 Lexi Thompson

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From one of the oldest players on tour to one of the youngest. Lexi Thompson is still in the infancy of her career, at the age of 22, although she’s wise beyond her years on the golfing circuit, having turned pro seven year ago. She’s been climbing the pro rankings since her first appearance, and has consistently been ranked in the top 10 over recent years, and the fact she’s hot has certainly meant she’s stayed in the limelight.

Being one of the youngest and hottest players on tour has meant she’s achieved a ton of fame at a pretty young age, meaning the fans have stayed interested, and plenty of sponsors have too. Lexi’s signed some pretty lucrative deals over the years, which isn’t that surprising; get Lexi on board and anything you sell will be flying off the shelves!

5 Sharmila Nicollet

via thestorypedia.com

Read the name, Sharmila Nicollet, and where do you guys think she’d be from? Not many of you would’ve said half Indian and half French; that’s one hell of a mix, but one that’s evidently worked incredibly well, because the outcome is Sharmila. After turning pro at the age of 18, Sharmila has blossomed into an Indian Golf Goddess. She’s got some pro tour wins under her belt, but in the country of a billion and then some in India, and millions of golf fans around the world, she’s probably only known for being a fashion icon.

Magazines in India picked her up, and she’s since featured as a model for prominent publications around the globe. Incidentally her Twitter feed is also off the hook, she’s sassy, and super-sexy too with her posts, which has led to her gaining a whole heap of new fans, most of whom don’t have a clue about golf.

4 Blair O'Neal

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Including Blair O'Neal on this list was a no-brainer. She basically made a name for herself in the world of golf for being super-hot. It’s her modeling that got her noticed, got her name out there and known to the masses, not her golfing ability. She’s had a hugely successful time of it as a model, but still loves to play golf, hence she balances her schedule. Her hybrid schedule also includes her media activities; if anyone from the women’s pro golf ranks was to get snapped up as a host and golf personality for the Golf Channel, it would have been Blair. The camera just loves her, as do we, she knows it, and has carved out a number of very successful careers for herself because of it.

3 Sandra Gal

via tqn.com

This German golfer has been in the pro ranks for a decade and only has the solitary pro win under her belt. But that doesn’t really matter, doesn’t mean she’s not on everyone’s minds. That’s because when it comes to golf, Sandra is one of the hottest women on tour. Pretty much everyone thinks so; even prominent magazines, sports and lifestyle magazines have rated Sandra to be number one when it comes to the hotness scale. She’s the hottest of the hot, and people knew it when they saw her in all her glory on the front cover of Golf Digest Czech Republic. Since then she’s done a number of other sultry shoots, and keeps fans delights by posting hot snaps of herself on social media.

2 Maria Verchenova

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Maria Verchenova has had several top 10 finishes since turning pro, but in terms of tournament wins, there’s nothing to write home about. People were expecting a lot from Maria, because she had strong amateur pedigree, but has had a hard time adjusting to life in the pro ranks; on the course that is, not off it, because Maria’s basically made a living out of being able to market herself superbly. She’s able to market herself with relative ease, because of the fact that she’s one of the hottest women on tour means that a whole heap of attention is already directed her way. She’s a model golfer if ever there was one, looks angelic on the course, and steals the show off it too; it was a hard decision not to put Maria at number one.

1 Paige Spiranac

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Set your eyes of Paige Spiranac and you’d have no clue that she’s a golfer. She’s absolutely stunning, drop-dead gorgeous, and looks like a glamor model, someone who belongs on the front cover of lads’ mags. The blonde bombshell is the LPGA’s latest phenomenon, a rising talent who as of yet hasn’t hit her straps, but is nevertheless doing just fine in the world of golf. She’s become a golfing media personality, is super-hot, athletic, has beauty as well as brains, and basically just plays golf because she loves it, for the fun of it. Whatever her reasons might be for picking up the clubs, we don’t care, because so long as Paige is present, she adds a touch of glamor to the LPGA and to the world of golf in general.

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