15 Female Golfers Who Might Be More Attractive Than Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac is widely considered one of the most attractive women in golf. She's become so famous for being attractive, many fans have forgotten just how beautiful some of the other women in golf are. There is more to beauty in the fairways and on the greens than just Spiranac. The proof is there if you just dig a little deeper.

In an effort to show that not only are there gorgeous women leaving a trail all over the golf course, we're going to go out on a limb and suggest there may be at least 15 women more attractive than Spiranac. Spiranac may be the flavour of the day, but is she really the best looking?

This is not to suggest Spiranac is unattractive. Nothing could be further from the truth. She is absolutely stunning. But, she's often criticized for being less about golf and more about looks, going so far with her wardrobe that she's ruffled feathers in the LPGA and made them reevaluate their dress code. Many of the women we're about to list here have not done the same. They've been wildly attractive without even trying. Perhaps that's Paige Spiranac's issue - she tries too hard.

There is a chance that no one will agree with us. Their argument may be that Spiranac is easily the best thing to hit women's golf in ages. But, if we're right, we think we've found at least 15 women who can compete or knock her off that pedestal if given a chance.

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15 Elise Lobb

via twitter.com

Elise Lobb is definitely a golfer but she's not had the same LPGA success a lot of these other professionals have had. With that in mind, her on-the-course sessions are perhaps more hobby than aspirations at being golf's next big female star. Where she has succeeded is off the course where Elise Lobb is the co-host on Fox Sports show “Swing Clinic”.

If you want to compare her to Paige Spiranac, take one look at Lobb's Instagram profile and you'll see she's easily comparable if not more attractive. Whether she’s on the course or in front of the television camera for a studio production, she's got to be considered one of the industries most gorgeous women. In this particular photo, she’s rockin' the blue and getting ready for some chow. Any girl excited about eating gets extra attractive points.

14 Blair O'Neal

via instagram.com

She's a golfer but, more than that, she's now a famous model and television host. Blair O’Neal won Big Break Prince Edward Island and with that showing made her presence known. She returned for Big Break Dominican Republic and the more she showed she could play the more she caught the attention of producers who realized she was more than good looking, she was likable. Between 2007 to 2010 she took a break from golf to make some money modeling and the rest was history.

She’s been featured in many magazines, including Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, and Golf Magazine. She has also been a co-host the Golf Channel’s “What’s in the Bag” and “School of Golf. She's now known as one of the best-looking women to represent the game of golf and many people believe Paige Spiranac doesn't hold a candle to her.

13 Kelly Rohrbach

via instyle.com

The casual fan might not realize Kelly Rohrbach is a golf fanatic and pretty darn good player, but she is and not just a typical Baywatch babe. Yes, Rohrbach is becoming famous for her role in the newest Baywatch film starring alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson but before that, she got her start as a golfer. There is no denying the newest C.J. Parker is as good looking if not more so than Paige Spiranac. Some people would say it's not even close and that Rohrback easily tops this list.

Rohrbach played golf in some Pro-Am and exhibition tournaments and attended Georgetown University on a Golf scholarship. She used golf to get to where she is now and for most fans (including her 1.1 million Instagram followers), that's completely acceptable.

12 Natalie Gulbis

via sports.ru

In this writer's opinion, Paige Spiranac has nothing on Natalie Gulbis, who is the most attractive female golfer to ever play the game professionally. Where Spiranac comes off as a female golfer who cares more about her looks than her golf game, Gulbis seems to have learned that her success in the game allows her to marry her looks and promotional skills to the industry that allows her to become so famous. In short, Gulbis doesn't appear to be working so hard.

Gulbis basically set the stage for a player like Spiranac to do what she's doing now. Many would argue that the woman who paved the way will always be considered more attractive or a better option than the woman who's following in her shoes.

11 Meghan Hardin

via 247sports.com

If you watched the Golf Channel’s Big Break series you probably know the name or face of Meghan Hardin. At the age of 19, she became the youngest competitor to ever appear on the show, turning down multiple scholarship offers to do so. While she didn't so as well on the show as she might have hoped, the good news is, she'll be returning to the Big Break NFL Puerto Rico Competitors Series and she's currently playing full-time on the Cactus Tour and Grasshopper Tour.

If you Google her name, you'll be treated with a series of photos of her enjoying the sun in a variety of swimwear and workout photos. One thing about Spiranac is that she doesn't seem to post much in the way of outfits that aren't dresses or golf clothes. Hardin is not afraid to get a little more friendly with her wardrobe choices.

10 Lexi Thompson

via shape.com

Lexi Thompson has had some controversy surround her in 2017 when she was informed she received a severe penalty for an infraction she made the day before. It was not her brightest moment and it happened because a fan called in to let officials know she had bent the rules. The result was that it cost her the tournament.

Still, Thompson is a great golfer and she's one of the sport's most attractive talents. At age 12, she was the youngest golfer ever to qualify to play in the U.S. Women's Open. She went on to turn pro in 2010 at only 15 and she's been rocking the sport ever since. Paige Spiranac has nothing on Thompson when it comes to results on the course and that might give Thompson the leg up.

9 Holly Sonders

via youtube.com

Holly Sonders isn’t currently a pro golfer but she is widely known for being associated with the game of golf and as one of the hosts on School of Golf, School of Golf: Extras, and Morning Drive. In short, being that involved in the game, you know she plays.

Her college golf career was pretty successful and she covers a ton of events for the Golf Channel. When all is said and done, she may be the woman on this list that sticks around the longest in the game, even though it might not be as a professional player. That's a lot more than we can say for Paige Spiranac who feels a lot more like the flavor of the month. Sonders is easily one of the most attractive women on this list. It's no wonder the Golf Channel hired her.

8 Belen Mozo

via bunkersparadise.com

A golfer on the LPGA Tour and the Ladies European Tour, Belén Mozo is a 30-year-old Spanish knockout. Clearly willing to show her Instagram followers that she knows how to relax and enjoy herself when she's not playing golf, she may not have the followers Spiranac does, but she's no less attractive. In fact, some would say her Spanish roots give her the advantage.  Mozo enjoys a good day in the sun, likes to hit the beach and is all about rehabilitating the mind and body.

Something else that makes her attractive is the fact that she's not afraid to take on authority. She publicly spoke out against the LPGA tour for making competitors play in dangerous conditions and her stand caught a lot of attention. Meanwhile, Spiranac is fighting for short skirts. Not really a contest.

7 Anna Rawson

via annarawson.com

Anna Rawson is not only one of golf’s most attractive former female competitors, she apparently has a sense of humour to match. Her tagline in this Instagram post, "no glove, no love" is pure gold. Considering the outfit she has on, you can bet there is a line full of men willing to follow every instruction she gives.

If there's a knock on Rawson it's that she's not really relevant on the LPGA any longer. Not since 2010 has she been on the tour and in 2011, she lost her LPGA tour card. But, Spiranac may turn out to be one of those types of female golfers too so we can't be too harsh on Rawson. If that happens, it will be interesting to see if Spiranac can turn her looks into the same success despite the LPGA not keeping Rawson around.

6 Sandra Gal

via wordpress.com

If we're going to continue to make the argument that being good at golf gets you extra points in the contest of who is more attractive, Sandra Gal gets a great deal of attention and earns a ton of respect. In 2017, Gal made 18 professional cuts and had two top-ten finishes. In 2016 and 2015, she was even more productive. A Top-100 ranking LPGA golfer, Spiranac isn't in her league yet.

Another thing that might give her an edge is the wholesome look she has on her social media feeds like Instagram. Her photos are fun, cute and not over the top which for an often conservative golf community is very attractive. Her beauty seems absolutely effortless and you can tell Spiranac is trying to get attention with her looks.

5 Cheyenne Woods

via golf.com

If you think you recognize the name, you do as Cheyenne Woods is Tiger Wood's niece. That means, not only is she set for big things and has the name to live up to but she's got a spotlight (both good and bad) on her. That's a lot of pressure when you consider the fact that making it in golf is already difficult. Thank goodness for her, she's a total knock out and she shines brighter than any spotlight could.

Like Tiger, Cheyanne Woods has been golfing since she was little and while she can't recall the first time she swung a club, we know it's been a lot longer than Paige Spiranac has been at it. We think she'll win before Spiranac does too. Judging by this Instagram photo, she's not afraid to show off her assets either.

4 Valeria Ochoa

via 247sports.com

A lot of the women on our list seem to find their start on the Big Break series. I guess that's kind of the point of the show and Valeria Ochoa is no exception. As part of the show The Big Break III: Ladies Only she definitely got noticed and wasn't shy about sharing her figure with the rest of the world who was learning her name for the first time. 

On our list, she might not be the most famous golfer or the most successful on the links but that's not really what this list is about. If she golfs, she qualifies and it's not like Paige Spiranac has had a ton of success on the LPGA tour. Another woman with international appeal, Ochoa might be a favourite on this list and well ahead of Spiranac in some people's books. 

3 Maria Verchenova

via golfpunk.com

We're stretching our search to Russia to find this next entry. Maria Verchenova is a Russian professional Golfer and we must say that while the Russian athletes at the 2018 Winter Olympics have gotten a lot of bad press, she might be the one thing that makes us forget that Russian athletes got themselves in trouble at all. Her looks have that effect on people.

She is a regular on the Ladies European Tour and the first Russian to become a full-time member of the tour which is a great accomplishment. We're not sure if we'll see her much on the LPGA Tour or on North American television but we'll always have social media which is great for seeing your favorite looking women without having to travel. Verchenova is definitely as hot if not better looking than Spiranac, she just doesn't get as much attention.

2 Michelle Wie

via instagram.com

She's one of golf's first "attractive" women and if you had to ask any random person to name a famous female golfer, Michelle Wie might get the nod even if that person we're a real golf fan. There have been beautiful women before her but at a young age, she took the two worlds of beauty and golf and smashed them together, catching a lot of attention and winning tournaments along the way.

She's made a lot of money in the sport too and that's always a sexy quality. She'd had some huge endorsement contracts, since going pro in 2009, and she's offered up somewhat of a rebound year on the course in 2017. She's got the international appeal and for some, that puts her among the leaderboard in attractiveness.

1 Gerina Piller

via youtube.com

Just because we put her at No. 1 on our list, doesn't mean we're ranking here there, but Gerina Piller could easily be tops on a lot of people's lists as she is absolutely gorgeous in an everyday, natural sort of way. She's extremely cute with her smile that's a wide as a hittable fairway and one of the things people might like about her is that she's not the typical "golf babe". She now lives in Fort Worth, Texas and Texas girls always get a couple extra points.

Again, unlike Spiranac, who appears to try really hard to catch our attention with her looks, Piller is just posting pics of her everyday life and she looks like a million bucks. She may not be as "stunning" as Spiranac, but we could make an argument that she's more attractive overall.

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