15 Female Sportscasters Better On Instagram Than On TV

Erin Andrews said, “Success doesn’t happen overnight. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t look back.” I’d say Erin Andrews succeeded alright, but she didn’t “make it” just by being pretty, even though she is. She did it through grit, hard work and a “never give up” attitude. Many on-air sportscasters have earned their spot through years of experience and education, but let’s not pretend appearance and look don’t play a huge role for these personalities.

Many of these sportscasters look unbelievably attractive, either through a modeling background or because they are just a natural beauty. Either way, an easy on the eyes person is the best way to attract viewers to listen to the sporting analysis of that show. As a result, many sports talk show hosts or sideline reporters are filled with some of the most beautiful people on the planet. Despite the sex appeal that these ladies bring to their respective shows, their appearance on television actually doesn’t do their alluring good looks any justice. Thankfully, social media is helping fans realize just how striking these women really are.

When these female sportscasters are on television, they are obviously dressed professionally and are clearly not looking to show off their natural splendor. Their Instagram accounts are a different story, however. Some female sportscasters having no problem showing themselves off on their Instagram in ways they certainly can’t do on television. Even those who are modest on their social media accounts display their gorgeousness and can focus on themselves as opposed to the sports and athletes that they are covering. This article is about these women. Whether on ESPN, FOX Sports Net, ABC, MLB Network or Golf Channel, here are 15 female sportscasters that look way better on their Instagram than on TV.

15 Holly Sonders

Holly Sonders entered the golfing world as a player and caught the attention of many golfing fans due to her head spinning appeal. Her career in golf, didn’t pan out as a player after having a serious knee injury requiring surgery, but she transitioned well into sports broadcasting. Sonders definitely had a look for television, and she found herself on the Golf Channel and currently working for FOX Sports. Her marketability and look made her a fan favorite on FOX and has become one of the most prominent analysts in golf.

Her look on FOX is well documented, but Holly Sonders’ look on Instagram is even more breathtaking. Sonders’ pictures on her Instagram show her working hard with pictures behind the scenes and of her hardly working with behind the scenes photos of her shoot with Sports Illustrated, wearing very little.

14 Ines Sainz

Not a well-known personality in the states, the Mexican born journalist, Ines Sainz, hosted the program DxTips a.k.a. Deportips and is also a journalist for Azteca Deportes, a sports division of the TV Azteca network. She has covered a wide variety of American athletes from all sports and has covered huge sporting events such as the World Cup, the NBA Finals, the Super Bowl, and even the 2004 Olympics.

As her career began to take off, her public image began to get noticed. She modeled for Sports Illustrated and Men’s Health magazine and was voted sexiest reporter by FHM in 2009. And this is just Sainz doing her job. On Instagram, Sainz takes the sexy to a whole new level. Whether it’s a stunning gown or a nice summer bikini, Ines Sainz is definitely living up to her sexiest reporter accolade.

13 Jenn Brown

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Jennifer Lynn “Jenn” Brown is broadcaster and television host formerly working for ESPN. She’s often seen on the sidelines covering college basketball and football, but she’s also covered MMA and boxing. Brown became the first woman correspondent to Inside the NFL and sidelined for American Ninja Warrior.

Needless to say, Jenn Brown has kept in plain view of the public eye, and the gorgeous sportscaster’s Instagram pictures can attest to that. She’s not afraid to show off her physique, removing her high heels for a jaw-dropping bikini. She loves boating and the beach and is seemingly never afraid to flaunt her lean bod. She definitely has the model look down pat, which explains why she’s a perfect choice to model for Under Armour’s sportswear ads.

12 Melanie Collins

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If you’re not following Melanie Collins then, that’s something you need to fix right now. Collins worked for Yahoo Sports and filled in on ESPN’s SportsNation and is currently hosting Driver vs. Driver as well as co-hosting Big Break on the Golf Channel. Even more notable are her frequent postings on her Instagram account.

Melanie Collins makes a strong case for hottest reporter in sports, and this picture above from Collins’ Instagram is just one of many strong arguments for that case. I really didn’t think it was possible for Collins to look hotter during her interviews or hosting, but for once, I’m totally okay with being proven wrong. On her shows and interviews, Collins isn’t the center of attention. However, that’s not the case on her Instagram. Although Collins has no history of modeling, she has the look for it, as her Instagram is full of beautiful pictures of her. Keep up the good work, Melanie. On the Golf Channel and Instagram!

11 April Rose Haydock

April Rose Haydock is pretty drop dead gorgeous as an on-air personality for the FOX Sports Network and host of Chicago Face-Off with April Rose on Comcast SportsNet Chicago. She’s even more enticing on her Instagram account. Hell, she probably looks amazing walking to the grocery store, so how is it that she can be so hot without even trying?

Haydock’s start as a former model for Maxim, might have something to do with it. Haydock actually won Maxim’s “HomeTown Hottie” contest in 2008, was on the cover of the first Canadian issue of Maxim in 2011 and listed as #82 in Maxim’s list of the world’s most beautiful women. Check out April Rose Haydock’s Instagram to find out why. Modesty pretty much goes out the window on her account, and she’s clearly knows how to work her curves.

10 Jimena Sanchez


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Fox Sports Mexico is attracting eyeballs by hiring super attractive sportscaster, Jimena Sanchez. She has been named the “Mexican Kim Kardashian” by U.K. viewers, a title which has embarrassed Sanchez. Sanchez doesn’t see the comparison or believe Sanchez herself to be a model despite appearing on the cover of Soho magazine. She does see the moniker as a positive in that Kardashian is a smart business woman, but believes their work ethic is a little different.

Not much else is known about the Mexican born reporter other than she loves the Lakers, loves the Yankees and is incredibly hot. It’s not hard to see why she has over two million followers on Instagram, and trust me, her Instagram pics don’t disappoint. In my opinion, Kim Kardashian has nothing on Jimena Sanchez.

9 Rebecca Grant

Rebecca Grant is a correspondent on ESPN and FOX Sports World. She started as a sideline reporter and worked her way up as a co-host of NFL’s Under The Helmet on FOX. Grant makes it difficult to concentrate with what she is saying with her low cut outfits during her appearances. If you’re hoping to maintain focus, I’d avoid her hot Instagram account. You may get lost there.

Rebecca Grant has a face for TV and for Instagram as well. She’s modelled for FHM and Maxim, and it shows. Her Instagram is full of a wide variety of pics from swimsuits, to gowns, to the shortest of short shorts. Her pics on Instagram are definitely too hot for television. Hell, they’re almost too hot for Instagram.

8 Michelle Beadle


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WWE superfan, Michelle Beadle is a reporter and host on ESPN. She is the co-host of SportNation and former host of NBC’s Sports Network and Winners Bracket on ABC. Needless to say, Beadles’ credentials as a sportscaster are unquestionable. As a professional journalist, she’s not supposed to go out of her way to look good, even though she does. Her Instagram, however, is another story.

Michelle Beadle brings out her underrated hotness through her Instagram pics. You’re not going to find a lot of modeling pics, because she’s not a model after all. However, her Instagram pics could have fooled me about her lack of modeling experience. Michelle Beadle looks like a totally different person on her Instagram, seeming more alive and vibrant in her pics than behind a desk on television.

7 Erin Andrews

For a while, Erin Andrews was considered the hottest sportscaster in all the media, and to many, she still is. Andrews’ already strong popularity gained widespread attention with the peeping incident, but despite being beautiful, Andrews never did anything to warrant the sex symbol status. She went to work, dressed and acted professionally and did her job well. Still, she’s remained on the top of hottest sportscasters, and her Instagram account helps keep her there.

Although Erin Andrews isn’t even trying, her account really brings out her sexy side. Andrews looks red hot in many of her Instagram pics, but you’re not going to find any provocative swimsuit poses or revealing outfits, as she keeps her Instagram relatively modest. Still, her Instagram pics show off her beauty a lot better than her professional demeanor and attire on the NFL sidelines during her reporting on FOX.

6 Heidi Watney

Star of MLB Network’s Quick Pitch, Heidi Watney hosts MLB Network’s baseball highlight show and does a tremendous job at doing it. She also looks tremendous doing it as well. Watney is not just a piece of eye candy, she actually knows her stuff, and her presentation is on point, making her absence felt whenever she’s not there (sorry Sam Ryan). What shouldn't go unnoticed by many is her underrated head over heels hotness on her Instagram which isn’t getting nearly enough coverage.

On Heidi Watney’s Instagram, she doesn’t show off her cuteness as much as some of the other female sportscasters, but her Instagram does her beauty more justice than Quick Pitch. Instead of those annoying wide shots of her, Watney’s Instagram provides her fans with a lot more close ups of the sexy sportscaster, giving fans a much more up close and personal feel as well as a nice bikini shot or two.

5 Leeann Tweeden

In case you were wondering who that hot correspondent was for FOX Sports Net’s Best Damn Sports Show Period and also host of NBC’s Poker After Dark, let me be the first to introduce you to Leeann Tweeden. Tweeden is an absolute stunner, for those shows listed, and a career in modeling helped her achieve that made-for-TV look. Tweeden was a cover girl for FHM and voted as one of “The Top Hooters Girl of All Time.” She even posed for Playboy in 1996, then made our dreams come true in 2011 appearing in the magazine when she went the next step and revealed all.

Tweeden’s looks on television don’t do her justice, believe it or not. If you can’t get enough of her, and how could you, check out her Instagram. It’s full of steamy pics that illustrate why she was such a successful and sought after model.

4 Laura Sanko

Laura Sanko may not be as well-known, but she is no less hot. Sanko actually started as an MMA atomweight fighter under the nickname, “Fancy” before becoming an interviewer for Invicta FC. Sanko’s popularity spiked when fighter, Tonya Evinger caught Sanko, not with a right cross, but a wet smooth on the mouth instead, during Sanko’s interview after Evinger had just won her match. Both were criticized for the kiss, especially Evinger. However, Sanko laughed the incident off and has said it only helped her career.

What also helps Sanko’s career has been the amazing pics on her Instagram. While working, her demeanor is mostly serious, and Sanko is not trying to be the focus. On her Instagram, she is totally the focus, and we’re totally okay with that. Her Instagram brings out her knockout looks and shows everyone how “fancy” she really is.

3 Molly Qerim

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Molly Qerim was an anchor for CBS’s Sports Network and the NFL Network’s NFL AM and NFL Fantasy Live. Throughout her career, she’s covered everything from UFC to college sports. With a degree in broadcast journalism, Qerim knows her stuff, and has a lot of fun on the set hosting ESPN’s First Take. Qerim can also be seen having a lot of fun on her Instagram.

This fun translates well onto her Instagram page with pictures of Qerim behind the scenes and mingling with colleagues. Qerim keeps her Instagram under wraps and professional, but it’s still a fine place to get a better look at the fabulous sportscaster. Don’t waste your breath on any love letters though. Qerim is currently with former NBA player, turned analyst and one of the luckiest men on the planet, Jalen Rose.

2 Jessica Mendoza

Former softball player and member of an Olympic softball championship team, Jessica Mendoza has taken her knowledge and good looks over the ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. When her colleagues aren’t talking over her, interrupting her or flat out ignoring her, Jessica Mendoza can be about as insightful and as entertaining as Aaron Boone. Though, that’s not much of a compliment. Still, I’d much rather see Mendoza, who is far easier on the eyes, sitting in the booth than Boone any day. Whether a fan of her or not, ESPN does a pretty lousy job of promoting her, which is why Mendoza’s Instagram is the place to go for all the happenings and awesome pics of her.

If you’re looking for scandalous pics, Jessica Mendoza keeps those private. Mendoza’s Instagram page remains classy, though it still showcases Mendoza's exotic look better than anywhere on ESPN.

1 Britt McHenry

Brittany May “Britt” McHenry was a reporter for EPSN until she was laid off during the company’s huge sweeping layoffs last April. She appeared on SportsCenter, Outside the Lines, and NFL Live and Baseball Tonight. Although the blonde bombshell remains laid off, she’s still active on social media, blaming her layoff on her political views while continuing with her sports coverage as well.

If you can get through the sports and inescapable politics, her Instagram is the place to see pics of this absolute babe. You almost didn’t even know she was hot on ESPN, but on her Instagram there is no doubt. Without even trying, she makes us drop our jaws with pics of her showing off the 5’10” legs or taking a dip in the pool.

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