15 Female Sportscasters We'd Swipe Right To

There aren't enough camera angles in sports studios ... 15 Female Sportscasters We Love To Watch Walk Away.

Nowadays, when people tune in to watch sports, the athletes on show aren’t necessarily the star attraction. Broadcasters and networks have taken to hiring sultry babes to do the sportscasting, so if what’s going on on the pitch, court or field of play is dull and uninteresting, viewers will still stay glued to their TV screens because they have something else they can sink their teeth into. That sounds a tad sinister, but you get my drift. Some of the sportscasters out there nowadays; well, let’s just say they’re a sight for sore eyes, can brighten up and add to the glitz, glamor and frenzy of any sporting occasion. Lucky us, because we get to see most of these sultry sportscasters week in, week out.

Most female sportscasters have the looks, are stunningly beautiful, perfect for TV, and there are some that possess killer physiques too, such as these 15. These are 15 sportscasters who really do have the entire package; looks, a sultry physique, and most have a brain – for the sportscasting profession anyway – to boot. But when people watch them strut their stuff, as crude as it may sound, in addition to being transfixed by their beauty, people can’t help but ogle at their assets. These 15 are certainly blessed for having a certain asset, so to speak.

15 Allie LaForce


Allie LaForce is a sportscaster for CBS Sports and Turner Sports and has had plenty of sportscasting and reporting gigs for various other networks, different shows, over the years. Unsurprisingly, judging by her looks and her sultry physique, Allie’s done the whole modeling thing too. Before getting into sportscasting she was winning beauty pageants, and even got a contract with Trump Modeling Management – probably part of the reason she decided to try her hand at something else!

Allie’s renowned for her charm, her persona, for having a constant smile plastered across her beautiful face, and oh yh, her body. She’s a woman who enjoys life, but is also all about fitness. She’s a gym nut, works her body hard, and evidently works, tones and shapes those assets. We’ve all gotten used to seeing her perky behind over the years, and what a beautiful sight it is.

14 Jaymee Sire


If this was an article about the hottest sportscasters, Jaymee Sire wouldn’t necessarily make it as an entry. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not ugly by any means, just isn’t in that category as being one of the hottest sportscasters out there. But in terms of having junk in her trunk, she certainly fits that criteria. She’s not exactly svelte, renowned for her physique. I don’t want to body shame, but on occasions she’s actually looked a bit chunky. That type of body type might not float your boat, but it does result in her having larger assets, which can only be a good thing, I’m sure you’d all agree. In Jaymee’s case, that bit of excess weight seems to have gone to two regions; her twins and her behind, the trunk region, resulting in some very noticeable assets.

13 Federica Fontana


This Italian sportscaster is wow, just wow! She’s absolutely stunning and has been wowing sports fans for a hell of a long time, since the early 2000s. Unsurprisingly, before she got her break as a sportscaster, Federica was a model and participated in beauty contests. Appearing on TV, mixing being a beautiful woman with soccer – a sport Italian’s are mad about – was the natural progression. She’s continued her modeling exploits over the years too, which is just terrific for us and her fans because she’s posed in a number of racy shoots. Consequently, we’ve seen a whole lot of Federica and her sultry assets, and can safely say she’s got a lot of junk in the trunk. It’s more about those twins and pins with Federica, but her behind isn’t half bad either.

12 Kirsty Gallacher

Kirsty Gallacher is one raunchy sportscaster. She’s got a background in fashion, but after getting her sports presenting break, she’s become one of the best-known sportscasters going around. She’s been in the industry since the 90s, and today, at the age of 41, she still looks absolutely stunning. We know she does because Kirsty isn’t shy about stripping down to her bare essentials. Kirsty really does have an amazing body, the body of a woman half her age. But she’s very fitness-orientated, and it shows. She’s super-fit, has some very noticeable assets, curves in all the right places which she’s not shy about flaunting. She’s got a pair of massive puppies – they really are ginormous! – and her behind’s extremely noticeable too. She really does possess the perfect body, the body of a glamor model, who just happens to be a sportscaster. It doesn’t get much better than that.

11 Melanie Collins


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Think of young, fresh faced beauties in the world of sports entertainment, and one name comes to mind; Melanie Collins. She’s absolutely stunning, a blonde bombshell if ever there was one. She’s also a pretty raunchy sportscasting babe, has taken part in some racy shoots over the years, and her social media accounts are often a hive of activity of people wanting to ogle at her sexy pics. That’s why she’s become a fan favorite, and oh yeah, she’s not bad at sportscasting either. Melanie’s hot stuff alright, another sportscaster who you could very easily mistake for a glamor model. In addition to her looks, Melanie’s got a smoking hot body. She’s got curves in all the right places, a set of twins that’ll make your eyes stick out on stalks, and an ample behind that means a back view of Melanie isn’t that bad either.

10 Rebecca Grant


Rebecca Grant’s a pretty common name, but there’s nothing run-of-the-mill about this woman. This Rebecca stands out from the rest, her namesakes, and the other sportscasters around the globe, because she’s sizzling hot. She may be better known to a whole lot of you for her work in her other profession as an actress, but she’s dabbled in modeling – surprise, surprise – and she’s worked as a sportscaster too. When she’s doing her thing on the sportscasting scene, her videos go viral, and that’s not because she possesses any huge amount of talent or anything like that. It’s because people want to feast their eyes on her assets, and there is plenty to look at. There’s her big bountiful twins, but that behind is also absolutely stunning, especially when she’s strutting her stuff in her tight-fitting outfits.

9 Katarina Sreckovic

When you get told to go away and stop doing your job because you’re too hot, you’re going to make this list. That’s why Serbian beauty, Katarina Sreckovic features; she was considered to be so hot, that she acted as a distraction to the soccer players when she was on the touchline. They could have been ogling as any number of things. Her beauty could have had them transfixed, when front on those twins would’ve been hard to ignore, and from behind she’s got plenty of junk in her trunk too which would most certainly capture people’s attention. You can kind of see why she may have been a distraction. Players have gotten used to her now, but her fans can’t get enough of her, are constantly gagging to see more of this sultry sportscasting beauty, and Katarina’s happy to oblige in the form of posting sexy pics on social media.

8 Inés Sainz



Inés Sainz is someone who’s been drawing people into watching sports for a hell of a long time. It’s fair to assume, that although she works as a sportscaster in Mexico, quite a few people around the world – despite the possible language barrier – tune in to watch her in action, or follow her social media accounts. She’s just that gorgeous. Even athletes can’t contain themselves when she’s on the touchline, and there’ve been a few incidences of them behaving raucously when she’s in the vicinity. Testosterone coursing through their veins, the adrenaline pumping, and then you see a beauty like Inés; I’m not condoning their behavior, but you can appreciate that it’s going to elicit a reaction. With Inés, it’s her whole package that elicits such a reaction. There’s been speculation that she’s had breast and bum implants, and looking at some of her sultry pics, that could very well be the case. But whether she did or not, we don’t really care – it’s for our viewing pleasure.

7 Holly Sonders


When the Golf Channel wanted to get a female golfer on board to take up the sportscasting duties in 2011, there was only one golfer they were going to pick. When Holly first began appearing on the channel, she was all people could talk about, she became an overnight sensation. Trading her driver for the microphone was a fabulous decision, because it means her fans get to see a whole lot more of her, see in in a different light. And there is a whole lot of Holly to see. She’s bought glamor to the sport, not just with her attention-grabbing looks, but because of her smoking hot physique, those very noticeable assets. Her pins and that ample behind just marry together beautifully, are certainly a sight for sore eyes, eye’s which will be glued to the screen when she’s strutting her stuff.

6 Marisol Gonzalez


Mexican sportscaster, Marisol Gonzalez, has come a hell of a long way since she first appeared in the limelight, competing in beauty pageants in the early 2000s. She competed in Miss Universe 2003, and although she didn’t win, it propelled her onto the world stage, and a couple of years later she’d begun turning heads as a sportscaster. A lot of people deem Marisol to look like socialite Kylie Jenner; there are similarities, but body-wise, Marisol’s far more developed, far more mature. Everywhere, as a fan, you’d want there to be curves, there are on Marisol’s body. From the front, it’s all about those twins. But from behind, it’s those muscular pins and that big booty that become the focus of people’s attention. With a whole lot of junk in that trunk, you just can’t divert your eyes away from it!

5 Meredith Marakovits


Meredith Marakovits is a sportscaster reporting on all things New York Yankees related. She’s different from the stereotypical image of a female sportscaster we all now have firmly implanted in our heads. I’m certainly not saying that she’s ugly, just that she’s not the hottest sportscaster out there. But she’s good at her job, and so the networks had no qualms about getting her on board. She also differs in that she doesn’t exactly have a svelte physique. She’s rather chunky, has put on quite a bit of weight over the years. But that kind of works in her favor when it comes to an article like this. As she keeps getting more exposure covering the Yankees, she should get more and more props for what she's packing.

4  4. Kacie McDonnell


From one of the biggest, to one of the slimmest sportscasters in the industry. Kacie McDonnel was recently thrust in front of the camera, working for NESN in Boston, and her popularity, and the network’s, just skyrocketed. She’s also gained popularity for being in two pretty high-profile relationships, but she’s more than just your dumb, mundane, stereotypical sports WAG. She’s a sports’ nut, has built a background in sports entertainment, and just in case you hadn’t noticed, she’s sizzling hot. When she flashes those gnashers, she’s drawn you in, then you begin to realize the rest of the package she’s flaunting. Considering she’s quite slim, proportionally she’s got a pretty big behind, and she knows it too, is prone to wearing tight-fitting skimpy attire to show off her ample asset.

3 Molly Qerim


Molly Qerim’s gained the rather unflattering reputation for not exactly being the brightest tool in the box. Whether that’s true or not, you can make up your minds, but it’s safe to say that not a lot of people are going to be concentrating on her level of intellect, what’s coming out of her mouth, when she’s on screen. Molly’s known for her luscious, curvaceous body, and she really does have plenty of curves, curves in all the right places. Her twins are ginormous, she knows it, and much to our delight, regularly shows them off, puts them on show. But in terms of her behind, it really is as wide as a house – she’s got a backside that could match Kim Kardashian’s, and that’s saying something.

2 Leeann Tweeden

This brunette bombshell is basically a model. That’s how she achieved fame, and amongst her highlights, there’s modeling for Playboy, FHM, and her being regarded as being one of the top Hooters girls of all time. That’s enough to get someone recognized, to kick-start a career as a sportscaster. Networks are looking for hot women to bring on board, and they don’t get hotter than Leeann. Even now that she’s in her mid-40s, she still resembles a glamor model, and she’s certainly still got it, as is evident from her sultry pics. Due to her modeling credentials, we’ve seen that behind a hell of a lot over the years. No one ever tires of seeing it though, or the rest of her smoking hot assets which she still frequently displays proudly for raunchy pics.

1 Jimena Sanchez

Saturday in SF... w/ @levismx #liveinlevis 👖

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I said that another woman on this list, Molly Qerim, has a behind that could rival that of Kim Kardashian’s. Well, in terms of that asset, Molly could very well be on par with the world’s most famous socialite, but Jimena’s certainly more like Kim; she’s deemed to be the mini Kim Kardashian – mini because of her diminutive frame, not her assets. She really is just ridiculous hot, and Mexican Fox Sports did mightily well to snap her up. Her killer curves include her twins, and that ginormous behind. She really does have plenty of junk in her trunk, and she displays it, and the rest of her assets, proudly in what many people may deem to be explicit social media pics. There’s a fan frenzy around Jimena, and it’s clear to understand why.

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