15 Female Sportscasters Who Are Hotter Than Erin Andrews

The world of sports is full of hotties, that’s for damn sure. Most earn a decent living, live somewhat of a glamorous lifestyle, and of course they’re athletes so take care of themselves – health and fitness is a big part of their lives. A lot of female sports stars not only have the physique, but are also pretty hot; like it or not, that’s part of the reason people tune in to watch them in action. But the athletes themselves aren’t the only people who sizzle in the world of sports. The sportswomen are getting a run for their money, because whilst they’re sweating it out, doing what they’re doing, there’re some equally hot – if not even hotter – women sitting looking beautiful and glamorous in an air-conditioned studio, talking about them, analyzing them.

These media companies that cover sports knows what sells, know what’ll get people watching, watching not only the sporting activity itself, but the build-up to the event, the pre and post-match shows. Increasingly, sultry gorgeous women have been replacing men in suits and ties, in the role of a sportscaster, much to our and everyone else’s delight. There are tons of them out there, working in different countries, covering different sports, and each of them are super-hot. For years, Erin Andrews was regarded to be the hottest sportscaster on the planet, and still is in many people’s eyes. But take a look at the gorgeous women on this list, and you’ll soon agree that they’re right up there, that they’re perhaps even more spectacularly stunning than Erin. Here they are, 15 female sportscasters that we deem to be hotter than Erin Andrews. Cast your eyes on these beauties and let us know if you’re in agreement.

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15Heidi Watney

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This blonde bombshell is a baseball babe, but it’s fair to say that most people don’t tune in to the MLB Network to hear her talk about what’s happening in the baseball world.

Heidi could have become an athlete herself, so it’s only natural that she got involved in sports in some capacity, and turned to sportscasting. She obviously – because of her résumé but also her looks – didn’t have much trouble getting snapped up by networks and media companies, and since she first started out as an on-field reporter for the Boston Red Sox, she’s had plenty more gigs as a reporter and sportscaster.

Heidi used to take part in beauty pageants, but is today known for the beauty she brings to our screens. Even those who aren’t necessarily into baseball tune in to her weekly shows, when she’s sportscasting or is on hosting duties, just to get a bit of Heidi.

14Leeann Tweeden

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Leeann Tweeden gained a ton of exposure as a model, and that’s ultimately what got her noticed, and involved in the media side of sports.

She was once a hostess at Hooters – rated one of the top Hooter girls of all time – did the whole Playboy thing and posed for lads’ mag, was a cover girl for FHM too, and that’s when Fox picked her up and got her on board, after she gained national exposure due to her modeling exploits. She was a correspondent, made a number of other media appearance with Fox and NBC, and is currently back with Fox, on Fox Sports 1's UFC Tonight. The brunette bombshell has certainly made great strides from those Hooter girl days – look at her and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why.

13Meghan Kluth

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Meghan Kluth is relatively new in sports broadcasting but we're going to venture to say that you're probably going to hear a lot more about her int he near future. She currently works at the local ABC affiliate in New Orleans and seeing that ABC is the big sister channel of ESPN, we can only hope that Kluth will be moved up to national television. For now, Kluth mostly covers the Saints and Pelicans. If you follow Kluth on social media, you'll quickly see that she isn't afraid to show off her assets, as she's constantly around the beach or pool, showing you what she's got. She doesn't have quite the audience that Erin Andrews does right now, but we're sure she'll move up the ladder quickly.

12Laura Rutledge

I miss Florida sunsets ?

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Laura Rutledge (nee McKeeman) looks like a sportswoman herself, but fans who watch her reporting for CNN and ESPN aren’t complaining seeing her in a reporting capacity. She’s probably the youngest of this hot crop of sportscasters, at 28 years old, and has already made great strides in the industry, one she got involved in in 2012 when she was in her early 20s.

She’s beauty – won the title of Miss Florida in 2012 – and brains, having gone to university and studied broadcast journalism, so a career as a reporter and sportscaster was absolutely perfect for Laura. She didn’t have any trouble getting picked up and beginning her career either, as she possesses all the right assets, all the right skills for the job, which she’s taken to like a duck to water.

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