15 Female Sportscasters Who Are More Attractive Than They Are Talented

Tune in to a decent sporting event, and you’re probably hoping to see a great sporting spectacle. But nowadays, it’s not just the athletes themselves, or the actual sport that makes such an event memorable. There’s all the build-up, the pre and post-game shows, side-line reporters, sports anchors – these guys and gals who work in such jobs are a major part of why people tune in. Broadcasting networks know this, and so have to get the right people on board. But what is the right person to be a sportscaster? Of course, you’ve got to know what you’re talking about, know about sports, particularly the sport you’re sportscasting on, otherwise it’s going to be a little bit tricky. But there are plenty of sportscasters out there who get by, who look like a fish out of water when the cameras are rolling and a mic’s shoved in their faces. So, why are such people hired, and why, when it’s clear they’re not terrific sportscasters, aren’t they let go? Because although they might not be the best in the business, their popularity and fan base hasn’t diminished in any which way.

They’re still extremely popular and people still tune in to watch them do their thing. That’s because they’re super-hot. Being as hot as these 15, it doesn’t really matter if some talent’s lacking, because they more than make up for it with their sultry looks. I’m not saying they’re terrible sportscasters, just not the best, and their looks certainly account for a lot as to why they’re still around. These are 15 female sportscasters who are renowned for their looks rather than their talent, who are hotter than they are talented.

15 Holly Sonders


When the Golf Channel decided to get a female sportscaster on board, picking up the phone and giving Holly a call would’ve been a no-brainer. She’s all smiles – well, due to the amount of work she’s had done, her face is in a permanent smile – is very plastic, but is one sizzling hot woman. She turns heads on the green, golf clubs in hand, and in the studio as a sportscaster. Holly seriously is one of the hottest women in sports, athletes and sportswomen combined. But because of that, because she’s so ridiculously hot, people just can’t focus on anything else.

Even those she’s interviewed, her co-presenters and sportscasters, sometimes get tongue-tied. She knows her stuff when it comes to golf, but that’s overshadowed by a massive margin by her stunning physique and beauty.

14 Marisol Gonzalez


Feast your eyes on Marisol Gonzalez, and she’s all you’ll be focusing on – what’s coming out of her mouth could be gibberish and you wouldn’t bat an eyelid. She is another Latin-American beauty – there are a hell of a lot of them in the world of sportscasting, and the profession’s all the better for it.

Marisol started off her career in the limelight competing in beauty pageants. She won the title of Nuestra Belleza México 2002, and after that, her popularity just skyrocketed. She started appearing on TV, as an actress, and then Televisa Deportes snapped her up and she began her career as a sportscaster, off the back of her looks. She’s not bad as a sportscaster, but her amazing body is what keeps people interested. Marisol has an amazing set of twins, and is beautiful too – that’s people’s main focus when she appears on air.

13 Melanie Collins


Melanie Collins has flawless looks, a flawless body, just perfect everything. She’s a blonde bombshell alright, and it’s something she’s used to her advantage as she’s gone about making her way in the world of sportscasting. She’s still a rookie in the industry, but has already accumulated quite a fan following. She’s had a lot of exposure, had plenty of opportunities with different networks, and that’s only served to get her face out there. Melanie’s glamorous to the core, and just looks utterly gorgeous, oozes sex appeal. She’s also not a bad sportscaster, but it’s her model-looks that people are interested in, that’ve opened doors for her – you can’t attribute that to her talent. But give it a few years, and Melanie could be up there with the likes of Erin Andrews, super-hot and very talented too.

12 Shibani Dandekar


Shibani Dandekar has made a name for herself in India as one of the sultriest babes on the subcontinent, and she can’t even speak the local lingo! Shibani has sportscasted on the IPL, the biggest, glitziest, most glamorous cricket tournament in the world. They of course had to get glamorous sportscasters on board too, and so they called upon Shibani. The adoring public instantly fell in love with her, despite the fact she couldn’t converse or conduct interviews in the local language. So why did she gain a whole heap of fans? Take a wild guess. Her Instagram profile is also super-hot, and she’s certainly not shy about flaunting her sizzling body and her hot assets. That’s why she’s one of the most-loved, most-followed sportscasters on the planet, not because of her talent.

11 Sara Carbonero


Sara Carbonero has achieved fame and fortune, firstly because she’s hot, and secondly because she’s married to one of the best goalkeepers in the world, Spanish international goalkeeper and former Real Madrid stalwart, Iker Casillas. She’s not one of the most popular sportscasters around, she doesn’t have over a million Instagram followers because she’s talented. I’m not doing her a disservice here, because she also probably knows that’s the case, and she plays to it, gives her million plus followers what they want.

Her popularity as a sportscaster took off at the 2010 World Cup. She sizzled on screen, and became one of the most photographed people of the tournament; people forgot about the players when Sara was reporting from the side-lines. She’s just drop-dead gorgeous, and has carved out a very successful life for herself. Iker Casillas is a very lucky man.

10 Molly Qerim


Most of the women on this list aren’t exactly bad sportscasters, it’s just that’s not why they’re popular, they’re hotter than they are talented. But some people have actually said that they find Molly’s performances as a sportscaster to be quite cringeworthy. She’s paraded around the studio with her very noticeable assets hanging out for all to see. That’s not everyone’s opinion though, and it’s pretty surprising considering she’s worked with all the major networks. But perhaps they all have the same opinion about Molly – want to get her on board as the eye candy.

She’s certainly that alright, is stunningly beautiful, has a massive set of twins the eyes can’t help but be drawn to, but as for the rest, she and probably a lot of others too would probably disagree with.

9 Laura Esposto

Laura had no background in sports, journalism, or reporting of any kind before she got her first gig as a sportscaster. She was in LA, trying to make it as a model, living the glamorous life, when she got the call from Channel 5 in the UK to come and sportscast on a football show. Italy had just won the soccer World Cup, and so Channel 5 decided that the following season, they’d show Italian domestic league matches, and so they needed a sultry Italian babe to come over and sportscast. Laura was the perfect woman for the job. She was actually pretty decent, but that’s not why her popularity took off. Tanned, beautiful, just flawless, many in the UK became infatuated with Laura during that season. It’s a pity Sky Sports snapped her up, but it’s certainly understandable why they wanted her.

8 Ines Sainz


Ines has beauty as well as brains, really does possess the entire package. She’s got a law degree, and is a model too, and the latter is what made her a perfect fit as a sportscaster on TV. The opportunity fell into her lap when she got hitched to a Mexican TV producer – it was inevitable that she was going to appear on TV in some capacity and become a hit. She’s certainly become just that and is regarded to be the most popular sportscaster in Mexico and Latin America. Her popularity’s because she’s talented, she’s a very clever, astute woman, and would probably make a success out of anything she tries her hand at. But if she didn’t have the looks, forget about it. She’s certainly hotter than she is talented, but she’s got quite a bit of talent for the whole sportscasting thing too, and that’s one awesome combination to possess.

7 Charissa Thompson

Charissa Thompson sportscasts for Fox Sports 1 and NBC and hosts shows as well. She’s become a real TV personality over the years, a much-loved member of the female sportscasting sisterhood. That’s because she’s good at what she does, but more so because she’s super-hot, sizzles on screen as a sportscaster, reporter and host. She’s also very active on social media, keeps fans interested and ogling by posting seriously raunchy pics. Charissa is, without doubt, one of the hottest sportscasters around. She’s blonde, beautiful, hangs with the stars, is considered to be a star herself. People just can’t get enough of Charissa, whether it’s on screen or her pictures. People just adore everything about her, and it’s easy to understand why.

6 Jenn Brown


To win an Emmy Award for her sportscasting duties, Jenn Brown must be talented. And she is, no one’s going to dispute that. She’s probably one of the most talented sportscasters out there. But is she more talented than she is hot? I don’t think do. Jenn achieved a huge fan following simply because she’s one of the hottest sportscasters out there. But she’s relatable too, doesn’t seem unattainable if you get my drift. She possesses that girl next door look. She doesn’t have glamor model looks, like many others on this list, which isn’t doing her a disservice – it’s something people love about Jenn. Jenn’s also tried her hand at acting, and is a TV host – this blonde bombshell was just made for TV, to be in front of the cameras.

5 Lisa Dergan Podsednik


From the girl next door to all out glamor, sex appeal from top to toe – that’s what Lisa possesses. That’s ultimately why she became famous, why she got picked up as a sportscaster in the first place, because she’s super-hot. In 1998, Lisa was July’s Playboy Playmate of the month, and that’s around the time her popularity skyrocketed, understandably so. A few years later she began her career as a sportscaster, eager to be seen in a different light, establish herself in a new career. She did just that, but people weren’t about to see her in a different light. Everyone knew of her modeling, Playboy credentials, and that’s why she achieved such a fan following. It’s probably why she achieved quite a bit of success as a sportscaster too, not because of any huge amount talent or anything like that.

4 Leeann Tweeden


Leeann Tweeden is an American model first, and a sultry sportscaster second. When you transition from modeling to sportscasting, you know why you’ve gotten the job. Networks take on such women because they’re hot, to lend a bit of eye candy to proceedings. Leeann Tweeden is hot alright, she’s super-hot, which is why she initially achieved so much success. But over the years, as we’ve begun to get used to seeing more and more of Leeann on our screens, her talent’s started to shine through. It’s evident that whether she’s posing in skimpy attire for a raunchy spread, or doing her thing on camera as a sportscaster, she’s talented at what she does, knows what people want to see. But in Leeann’s case, her looks and physique still trumps her talent.

3 Meghan Kluth


Meghan Kluth has done some work for the MLB, NHL but is most famous for her work with WGNO. That’s where she grew as a sportscaster, and became the hot new girl on the block in New Orleans. She’s gained a ton of national exposure as a sportscaster and presenter, and she’s just lapped it up. She’s vibrant, energetic, is all smiles, and seems to be loving life. And why shouldn’t she? She’s made a name for herself as one of the hottest sportscasters in the business. Meghan’s yet another blonde beauty who’s talented. But that’s not why people have taken to her. She’s just a bundle of energy, loves everything she does, and that effect rubs off on people. She is of course, also extremely hot. Some of her pics – well, all of her pics – are just ridiculously hot; she knows how to pose and strut her stuff for the cameras alright.

2 Katarina Sreckovic


Serbian model and sportscaster, Katarina Sreckovic is one of the hottest sportscasters out there, certainly hotter than she is talented. One incident illustrates this perfectly. A few years back, Katarina received worldwide attention after she was almost fired in the middle of her sportscasting duties. Why was she fired? Basically, because she was deemed to be too hot, so hot in fact, that just her being there on the side-lines of the soccer field was distracting the players. Because of that, her network very nearly had to let her go, but because the news of the incident spread worldwide, they didn’t want to face ridicule, and kept her on.

How many sportscasters can say that, that they were on the verge of getting fired because they were too hot? Not many can say their hotness has gotten them into hot water.

1 Jimena Sanchez


Jimena is deemed to be a mini Mexican Kim Kardashian; that’s high praise enough, just goes to show how hot people think this Mexican beauty really is. Some – her fans, those who adore her and ogle at her many sultry pics – would say she’s even hotter; look at her raunchy pics and it’d be hard to argue with that. She’s got 2.7m followers on Instagram – yes you ready that correctly, 2.7m! – and is therefore one of the most-followed sportscasters on the planet. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why. Jimena knows that sex sells, and she’s just oozing with sex appeal, which is evident in her many sultry shoots. Those 2.7 million followers follow her for that specific reason, not because of her talent on screen as a sportscaster, which many people think is lacking.

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