15 Female Sportscasters Who Aren't As Attractive As People Claim

Sport and sultriness – the two go hand in hand nowadays. People tune in to events, matches, to see some amazing sporting feats, see their favorite sporting stars wow and mesmerize with their prowess. But today, sport is a whole lot more than just the athletes on show. Those networks, shows, who broadcast such events, want to get people watching the whole show, the pre-and post-game shows included. They also want viewers to remain with their eyes glued to their screens for the duration of the show. How do many of them do this? By getting sultry sportscasters on show, that’s how. It’s something that’s being done with increasing regularity.

These broadcasters know that good looks help, and so getting such women on board – women who are just oozing with sex appeal – does the trick, keeps people watching. We’ve become used to seeing such babes on our screens. There’s been a sort of hype around beautiful sportscasters in recent years. A lot of them are labelled as being super-hot, but sit back, look, and think for a minute, and you’ll probably realize that they can’t all be lumped into that same category. I’m in no way saying that those that aren’t aren’t beautiful – they are beautiful in many ways – but they’re just not as hot as the rest, not as hot as people make them out to be.

Here are 15 female sportscasters, many of whom can still be regarded to be hot, but are certainly not at the top when it comes to the hotness scale, aren’t as attractive as people claim.

15 Heidi Watney

Host and sportscaster for the MLB Network, Heidi Watney, really made people sit up and take notice when she first began sportscasting. Since then she’s become a permanent fixture of the sportscasting sisterhood, and someone people just love seeing do her thing on screen. She’s vivacious, got that vibrant, bubbly personality, has a smile to melt hearts, and in many people’s eyes, is considered to be super-hot.

She is appealing in terms of her personality – what we’ve deemed her personality to be from seeing her on screen anyway – and has the looks too. But – and I’m probably going to get flamed for this from all of you with differing opinions – I wouldn’t say she’s as hot as people claim. I’d deem her to be more cute than smoking hot. She’s got that girl next door look about her, is sweet, cute, but in terms of being smoking hot – something a lot of people make her out to be – being a blonde bombshell and all of that, I think not.

14 Sam Ryan

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For someone approaching her half century, her 50th birthday, yes, Sam looks incredible. But being that age, she should belong in another type of hotness category – you can’t have her competing, being compared against the young guns, because she’ll come up short every time. She looks great for someone her age, but put her against the likes of Erin Andrews and Holly Sonders, and the other super-hot sportscasters out there, and I’m sorry to say, she’d come up short every time. People rave about Sam, about how she’s super-hot. But I reckon what they’re getting at is that she’s hot for someone her age, which she is, she looks splendid. But, as bad as this may sound, strip back the makeup, get rid of the stylists who work their magic, and you’ll begin to see that Sam Ryan looks every bit the age she is.

13 Jaymee Sire

Jaymee Sire’s got one pretty awesome, memorable name, I’m sure you’ll all agree. It’s a celeb name alright, and that’s something she’s certainly become over the years due to her sportscasting and reporting abilities. In addition to sportscasting, she’s a travel blogger and a foodie too, so just seems to be enjoying life, having a whale of a time doing what she loves. That’s evident when she’s on screen. Her smile is what people love about her, one of her most attractive qualities. Would I go as far to say that her looks, the package she brings on screen, is one of her attractive qualities? Not really. Not body-shaming here, but she really doesn’t have the greatest of physiques, or looks for that matter. But she’s someone who doesn’t seem to care, as that beaming smile’s gotten her some great gigs over the years.

12 Alex Flanagan

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Here’s another blondie, a blonde sportscaster who works for the NFL Network. Most of the blonde sportscasters in the industry are sizzling hot, but blonde doesn’t always mean beautiful. Alex isn’t ugly, far from it. It’s just that she’s not as hot as people claim, not up there with the other blonde bombshells we’ve grown accustomed to seeing sizzling on our screens. But people see blonde and something starts whirring in their heads. Like I said, I really don’t want to call anyone ugly. But just like quite a lot of people would deem Alex to be hot, many would also deem her to be the opposite. She just doesn’t measure up to a lot of her fellow sportscasters in terms of her looks, and her sportscasting ability is pretty average too. But she’s managed to make her way in the business so kudos to her for that.

11 Melissa Stark

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Mellissa Stark works for the NFL Network, and has become something of a media personality of late. That’s because of her skill, talent as a sportscaster. the way she conducts interviews, comes across on screen, and not really because of her looks. Because of her talent, people tune in and watch, and it sways many people into thinking she’s hotter than she really is. Melissa’s got the talent, is hot in some ways, but look at Melissa and you wouldn’t really say that she’s hot stuff. She’s not bad looking by any means, just not my, and I’m sure not plenty of yours either, cup of tea. For all of you who think I’ve gone cuckoo, upon closer examination of Melissa, you’ll probably come around to my way of thinking.

10 Mayanti Langer

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There aren’t many women who are involved in the sport of cricket, especially in India, a nation where cricket is basically a religion, and the cricketers are revered like gods. But there is one woman, Mayanti Langer, who’s been around for quite some time as a sportscaster and reporter. She knows her stuff when it comes to the game, has a sexy, voice that many people find titillating, and because she’s the only woman on such shows, she’s the only person who can be considered to lend a touch of glamor to proceedings. And she is hot, in many ways, don’t get me wrong. But she’s certainly not as hot as many people deem her to be.

Firstly, strip back the makeup – many would say even with the makeup – she doesn’t rate highly in the looks department. Secondly, her body – you wouldn’t exactly say she’s got a svelte physique, although that type of body does rock a lot of people’s boats. And lastly, part of a reason she’s achieved so much fame, is that she’s married to a professional cricketer, so she is a sporting WAG so to speak. All of these things have made Mayanti a far hotter entity than she is.

9 Erin Andrews

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Erin Andrews is definitely a looker and she is among the more attractive sportscasters in the world. So why is she on this list? Well, it's because many people act as if she's the hottest female broadcaster in the world, when that is definitely not the case. Yes, she is undoubtedly the most famous female sportscaster in North America and among the most famous in the world, but there are plenty of other sportscasters that have her beat in the looks department, as we can prove here. It's all a matter of circumstance, as Andrews has been in the business a while now and she has taken measures to grow her name outside the sports realm, such as participating on Dancing With The Stars. She's gotten her name out there and it has successfully increased her hype and her brand name. But we're not prepared to dub her the hottest sportscaster there is, unlike many others.

8 Lisa Guerrero

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How on earth am I going to put a model on this list of sportscasters, who aren’t as hot as people claim? If she’s a model, and a sportscaster, she’s surely got to be one of the hottest women in the industry, right? Those are the thoughts that are probably running through a lot of people’s minds. But bear with me, I have my reasons. Firstly, Lisa looks very plastic. While some people enjoy that look, if it’s noticeably obvious, it’s a bit of a turn off. Secondly, she tends to slather her body in fake tan, and that’s another thing that’s very obvious. If you can look past that, then great. But just her looks in general – people go wild for Lisa, and she’s nowhere near the hottest, most glamorous woman on screen. Lisa’s also never had the trimmest physique.

Sure, she’s in her 50s now, but even back in the day, she was never really known for possessing a hot body. I’m not denying she’s hot in some ways, but Lisa as a sex symbol? I can’t quite fathom that, get around to that way of thinking.

7 Jacqui Oatley

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In the UK, networks have recently attempted to follow those in the U.S. by sexing up their sports shows and events by getting a bit of eye candy in the studio to sportscast and report. Soccer, the biggest sport in the UK, the world actually, is a seriously male dominated game. But now there’s one woman who’s become increasingly more familiar to UK audiences, and that’s Jacqui Oatley. It really is remarkable that people have gone crazy for Jacqui. She’s arguably the hottest woman in football, in the UK anyway, which again, is remarkable, because she’s not really all that hot. She does wear revealing outfits, flash a bit of leg, and that kind of serves to enhance people’s opinions of her, as does the fact that the average football fan would be with their mates, talking smack and drinking beer whilst ogling at her on screen. Sober up people, have another look, and you’ll realize that she’s not all that.

6 Laura Esposto


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This soccer babe got into the world of sportscasting solely off the back of her looks. She was living in L.A., living the glamorous life of a model, when she got the call to come to the UK and sportscast on Italian domestic soccer matches. I say she got the gig because of her looks, but if you take the time to really look at her – not in a creepy kind of way of course – I’m sure plenty of you would agree, she’s not actually all that great looking. Her body, wow that body, is sizzling hot, I’ve got to give her that, but her face? She’s got some great assets but certainly isn’t one of the hottest sportscasters around, isn’t as hot and people claim. She was an exotic Italian beauty when she appeared on British TV and first got into sportscasting, which is why people went wild over her, but in reality, she’s not all that special.

5 Meredith Marakovits

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Here’s another blonde beauty – well, that’s what people claim, but maybe not so much. She’s a sportscaster and reporter or the YES Network, and is a baseball babe through and through. Meredith does add a touch of glamor to proceedings, but aside from that, her dress sense, there really isn’t much to rave about. She’s is of course, also decent with a mic in hand, but in terms of being eye candy? Not really. Meredith isn’t exactly known for possessing a great body, doesn’t have a svelte physique, and is not really all that hot in the looks department either. I don’t want to say the word, but some may actually deem her to be the opposite of good looking. But I guess because she has that all-American look, because she’s on our screens, because she’s involved with the sports profession, a whole load of people have taken to her.

4 Lauren Shehadi

Here’s another baseball babe, but this one earns her corn with the MLB Network. She’s worked for a number of other networks too, but, something which is by far and away her biggest accomplishment – in the eyes of her fans and those who love to watch her anyway – is the fact she was in Playboy’s sexiest sportscaster contest. She didn’t win, which is kind of understandable, despite all the hype that surrounded her.

Lauren, unlike other sportscasters, doesn’t go for that whole sexy, sultry look. She’s happy being herself, and that naturalness about her endears her to a lot of people, people who perceive that easy-going persona to be a level of hotness. It might be for some people, but if we’re looking at looks alone, and her physique, she really isn’t up there on the hotness scale.

3 Jenn Sterger

Okay, so ease back with the abuse here. In a lot of people’s eyes, Jenn Sterger’s smoking hot. I’ve got to admit, she has appeared in some seriously racy shoots over the years. She is after all, a model as well as a sportscaster. There are certain aspects to Jenn, certain assets that stick out, that are very noticeable, that are seriously hot, assets the eyes are drawn to when she’s modeling, or wearing one of her tight tops on camera. Her body’s just sizzling. But in terms of the overall package she brings on screen – aside from those assets, there really isn’t much to rave about. Looks-wise, she’s not as a hot as people claim, and although her body may more than make up for it, it’s still something that loses her a few points on the hotness scale.

2 Samantha Ponder

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Samantha Ponder has been target by haters, pretty much throughout her career in the limelight. That’s in most part, because on screen, she’s sizzling hot, and so a whole lot of jealously comes her way. She’s also a pretty feisty woman, says what’s on her mind, and dishes it out if needed. That’s what people love about her, that and the fact she’s deemed to be one of the hottest sportscasters around. She is hot, I’m not denying that. But is she as hot as a lot of people claim her to be? I think not. Samantha really looks splendid when she’s all dolled up and looking all glamorous in front of the cameras. But there have been a few pics of Samantha in which we’ve seen her stripped down and makeup free, and let’s just say, it’s not a pretty sight.

1 Molly Qerim

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I assure you I don’t need a CAT scan; my cognitive functions are all intact. Molly Qerim has one amazing body. When she’s doing her sportscasting duties, the eyes are drawn to one thing and one thing only; her hot set of twins which pop out and take up most of the camera space. That’s mainly why people are so obsessed with Molly, deem her to be seriously hot. But, I, and I’m sure many others would have a differing opinion. Her body’s great, but she’s had way too much work done, work that’s very obvious. It’s affected her face as well. Sometimes, Holly’s face is seen stuck in this kind of weird expression. That serves to bring down the hotness of her body, reduces her appeal a bit, to the point I’d have to say she’s nowhere near as hot as people claim.

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