15 Female Sportscasters Who Have "Not So PG" Assets

There are some great female athletes out there, there’s no doubt about that. People tune in and watch them because of their athletic feats, but a whole load of people watch them because they deem them to be a bit of eye candy – it may sound a tad crude, but you can’t deny that that’s the case. Sex sells in sports, and those with a huge amount of sex appeal get people watching. The athletes know this, but the broadcasting networks that cover such events know this too. That’s why they’ve taken to getting hot, sultry sportscasters on board. Some of these women are so hot, people tune in just to watch them do their thing – they overshadow the athletes themselves.

Nowadays there are quite a few stunning sportscasters, women who just ooze sex appeal. They look amazing looks-wise, are stunningly beautiful, but each of them – these 15 anyway – have something, an aspect, or two, or three, of their bodies that grabs people’s attention. They all have one or a few very noticeable, assets, assets that are of a "Not So PG" nature. Nobody’s complaining though. People love the fact their assets are not so PG, hence these 15 sporstcasters have gained a whole heap of attention, have acquired tremendous fan followings. Here they are; these are 15 female sportscasters who have Not So PG assets.

15 Shonali Nagrani

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Shonali Nagrani has been voted as one of the "50 Most Desirable Women" in India, by the Times of India, and it’s easy to understand why. She’s just drop-dead gorgeous, and ventured into sportscasting because of her beauty, her looks.

Shonali came into the public eye when she was competing in beauty pageants. She won Femina Miss India International 2003, and came first runner up at Miss International that same year, a pretty massive accomplishment. This kick-started her career, not only as a model, but has opened many other doors for Shonali too. She’s done a bit of acting in Bollywood movies, has done some hosting, and was called over to the UK to sportscast and host their coverage of the Indian Premier League, the nation’s biggest domestic cricket competition. Fans in the UK fell in love with Shonali, and that’s because not only did she know her stuff, she sizzled onscreen and had a huge amount of sex appeal.

Adding to that sultriness, were her hot set of twins, her Not So PG assets. A few prudes actually complained when she was sportscasting, because some of her outfits were a little too revealing in their eyes, but the rest of those watching just lapped it up, loved her for being so daring, for showing off her ample assets.

14 Jenn Brown

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Jenn Brown is just perfection personified; everything fits in with everything, she looks utterly gorgeous – really does look a million bucks. That’s understandable why ESPN, and other networks, shows, wanted to get Jenn on board, and over the years she’s filled her boots with these offers, and has hosted shows, sportscasted on different sports, much to the fan’s delight. Due to her looks, Jenn’s also had a decent time of things as a model, and has been a part of some fine ad campaigns. What’s Not So PG about Jenn? You’ve got to say it’s her chest. It’s a case of chest above the rest with Jenn, and in certain shoots, ad campaigns she’s done, those puppies really do stick out, and it can be seen why they’re of the Not So PG nature.

13 Inés Sainz

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There are images out there in which Inés Sainz just looks ridiculously hot. She’s got a body to die for, is super-slim, but has some perky and pretty prominent assets, which, because of her slim figure, become even more noticeable.

Born and raised in Mexico, Inés married someone who owns a TV production company. He obviously knew he had to get her involved, and that’s where her sportscasting career started. Most would feel pretty uneasy about parading their spouse on air like prized cattle at a horse show. But her hubby obviously knew that she’d boost their ratings like crazy, and she was on board too, so they used it to their advantage.

Inés is a flirty, sassy reporter, dresses provocatively, and shows off her Not So PG assets no end. Her legs, arse, or her set of twins – you make your own minds up as to what’s Not So PG, because they all fit in that category.

12 Erin Andrews

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Erin Andrews is regarded to be one of the best, hottest, and most-loved sportscasters around. When it comes to polls of the hottest sportscasters, she’s very often sitting pretty at the top. She’s also got one hell of a bubbly, vivacious personality, which means that viewers just lap her up when she’s doing her thing on screen. It helps of course, that she’s got a sizzling body, one that she’s not shy about showing off in sultry shoots, much to our delight. And boy has she taken part in some hot, steamy shoots. She’s got swimsuit model assets, but there are a couple of pretty ginormous ones that stick out. Avert your gaze to just below her face and you can’t miss them; her Not So PG set of twins.

11 Holly Sonders

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Holly Sonders is still active on the golf scene, is still playing professionally, but shares her time on the course with sportscasting and presenting shows, mainly for The Golf Channel. It doesn’t take a genius to realize why they wanted Holly, of all those they could choose, on board. Take one look at Holly, and you don’t think golf, you think model. She is basically a model, and a super-hot one at that, judging by all the steamy pics of her out there. Holly knows how to gain popularity, knows what works, and that’s by showing off her Not So PG assets. Her beautifully smooth and toned pins, along with her rack, are certainly of the Not So PG nature. She’s blessed in many areas; golf’s not really one of them, but nobody really gives a damn about her golfing abilities.

10 Shibani Dandekar

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Shibani Dandekar probably won’t be too familiar to a lot of you, but I bet she will be after setting eyes on her pic. Shibani earned her corn as model, before being brought in to sportscast and report on the IPL, India’s premier cricket tournament. She’s also done a bit of acting, a bit of singing, has hosted numerous other shows and events, but it’s her modeling that’s brought her plenty of fans. Those 819,000 Instagram followers don’t follow her because she’s a great sportscaster. They follow her because she’s unbelievably hot, and – something that’s unusual in the still conservative country of India – she posts super-sexy pics of herself, keeping her fans ogling and salivating, baying for more. From top to toe, Shibani’s just gorgeous, is Not So PG; set eyes on her racy pics and you’ll definitely agree.

9 Laura Esposto

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Laura’s someone else on this list who got into sportscasting as a direct result of her modeling career. She got noticed, simply because she’s super-hot, and was living the glamorous life in LA, before Chanel 5 in the UK, called her up, seemingly out of the blue, to sportscast and host their weekend Italian soccer show.

Laura’s the very definition of an Italian beauty. She’s tanned, has a gorgeous complexion, and just has that whole Italian model look about her. She also has some amazing assets – no prizes for guessing which ones are Not So PG. She’s got an awesome set of twins, but it’s those legs that are of the Not So PG nature. They’re endlessly long, just seem to go on forever, are tanned, smooth, slim, and just perfection. Perfect pins, and boy does Laura know it.

8 Meghan Kluth

The floor is lava

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WGNO sportscaster, Meghan Kluth, is the latest hidden gem to emerge from New Orleans. When she began reporting for the network, people instantly took her into their hearts, and took to her in other ways too. Although she’s got model-like features and assets, she’s still very down to earth, has that girl next door persona about her too. Well, if the girl next door to you has assets like Meghan, you’re one extremely lucky individual. Meghan’s hot top to bottom, but there’s one thing – or a couple – in particular that’s Not So PG about Meghan. That’s her set of twins. Meghan’s certainly blessed in the chest area; her twins are truly jaw dropping, as is the rest of her body, but it’s definitely a case of chest above the rest with Meghan.

7 Kirsty Gallacher

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Again, it’s a case of that rack, those puppies popping out and setting the screen alight when Kirsty’s sportscasting. They’re just ridiculously hot, as is she, and she’s made a living out of her looks too, no surprise there! Kirsty’s got a tremendous amount of sex appeal and knows it too. Over the years, during her many years as a sportscaster and reporter, Kirsty’s taken part in a number of racy shoots. She knows how to strike a sultry pose, and when she does she’s able to get anyone she wants eating out of the palm of her hand. That’s because they, like us, can’t keep their eyes off her Not So PG assets, her set of twins, which are big, bountiful, and just sheer perfection in every which way.

6 Sara Carbonero

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There aren’t many sportscasters in the world that have over a million Instagram followers, but this sultry sportscaster from Spain is one of them. Part of the reason she’s got such a massive fan following, has got to be because she’s married to Spanish international soccer goalkeeper, Iker Casillas. Another, smaller reason, has got to be that she’s a decent sportscaster for the Spanish TV channel, Telecinco, but the main one’s got to be that she’s super-sexy. Iker’s a very lucky man to be hitched with one of the hottest sportscasters in the world. He’s also lucky, because he’s able to enjoy those Not So PG assets. We can only look and ogle, but Iker can do what only spouses can do. Sara will certainly keep him preoccupied when his career comes to an end in the not so distant future.

5 Marisol Gonzalez

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Here’s another Latin beauty who made her name, first in the world of modeling, then as a sportscaster. Today she’s more than just a sportscaster; she’s added being a TV personality and actress to her repertoire too.

Mariosol, started out competing in beauty pageants. She competed in the Miss Universe contest in 2003, and that’s when she got noticed. She started acting in soaps, telenovelas, and worked as a sportscaster for Televisa Deportes. She’s serious hot property in Mexico and amongst Latin Americans, and that’s because she’s sizzling hot. It’s no wonder she was picked up by the channel, because if she wasn’t sizzling on screen, she’d be doing so as a glamor model. Many people would say that Marisol is Not So PG from top to toe, but there are some assets that stick out. Her twins are certainly of the Not So PG nature, and thankfully for her fans, there are tons of pics out there of her flaunting them no end. She and everyone else knows that sex sells, and it certainly does with the amount of sex appeal Marisol’s got.

4 Melanie Collins

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One of the freshest faces on TV, viewers have just been lapping her up ever since she began appearing as a sportscaster. Melanie is currently with Yahoo! Sports, she’s the face of the network, and she co-hosts on The Golf Channel, and contributes to other shows, other networks. People just can’t get enough of her, and it’s clear to understand why. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, would give any glamor model a run for her money. The blonde bombshell has also posed in a number of sexy pics, pics in which she’s wearing very little attire. We’ve therefore been very lucky, in that we’ve been able to see a whole lot of Melanie, a lot of her Not So PG assets.

What’s Not So PG about Melanie? It’s got to be her twins. They just add to her all-round stunning beauty and tremendous figure.

3 Molly Qerim

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Molly currently works for ESPN, but achieved fame and popularity for her work on the NFL Network. Fans took to her immediately, were instantly drawn to her, and it’s little wonder why. Molly’s a stunner, but there are certain aspects, certain assets of the ESPN queen that are more prominent than others, way more prominent. Molly’s certainly blessed in the chest area. Her twins are Not So PG, and they’re pretty voluptuous. Molly’s a decent sportscaster, knows her stuff, but it’s fair to say quite a few people tune in just to see those twins in all of their resplendent glory. She's worked on ESPN First Take for a while and she deserves praise for putting up with the loudmouths the show has to offer.

2 Jimena Sanchez

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Here’s another Spanish beauty, someone who’s on hosting duties for Fox Sports. But again, her hosting and sportscasting isn’t really what people are interested in. She’s deemed to be the hottest sportscaster around, and 2.7m Instagram followers would certainly agree, making her one of the most popular sporstcasters too. She’s achieved a ton of fame because she’s drop-dead gorgeous, is considered to be a mini Kim Kardashian. Think about Kim, someone whose entire body is basically Not So PG.

That behind, those massive twins, big pins – Jimena is perfectly proportionate, possesses the same assets, although some would say they’re even more noticeable, even more delightful and striking than the socialite’s. Take one look at Jimena and all of her sultry pics out there, and you’d be hard-pressed to disagree.

1 Katarina Sreckovic

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Katarina Sreckovic sportscasts in Serbia for domestic soccer matches, but her popularity is widespread. That’s because she’s sizzling hot, so hot in fact, that she was almost fired, asked to leave the touchline because her attractiveness was distracting some of the players. That incident made worldwide news, and has only served to increase Katarina’s popularity. Thankfully, she hasn’t deliberately made herself less attractive – that would be madness! – but players have found a way to deal with it. It would have been ludicrous for that Serbian sports show to fire her anyway, because she’s the woman people want to see, probably the reason a lot of people tune in in the first place, to see Katarina and her Not So PG set of twins, not to mention her other amazing assets.

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