15 Female Swimmers We'd Jump In The Pool With

Swimmers are renowned for being some of the fittest athletes out there. The things they put their bodies through, their training, dietary regimes, everything just ties together to result in one awesome package. Consequently, swimmers possess lean, muscular, ripped physiques. The men who take to the pool are Adonises, and the women resemble sultry goddesses, bodies that look like they’ve been created by an artist. Because they’re so lean, possess a lot of muscle, are physical specimens, they’re not really known for being curvy. People don’t really watch female swimmers to ogle at their assets, because they’re kept under wraps, under those tight swimsuits during races. But when they step out of the pool, towel down, and are seen out and about, a lot of them have bodies that they’re mightily proud of, ones they want to show off, and quite a few are prone to doing just that.

On such occasions, we get to see these swimming beauties in all their glory – a far cry from wearing that swim cap, those goggles and tight-fitting swimming attire. In this article, I’m focusing on those swimmers out there who possess not only super-fit bodies, but great sets of twins. Being swimmers, not many have voluptuous, bountiful racks, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be classified as being attractive. Without much further ado, here they are; 15 swimmers we'd gladly take a dip with.

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18 Flávia Delaroli

via girlswithmuscle.com

Brazilian Flávia Delaroli is a freestyle swimmer who’s represented her country at two Olympic Games. She began her career way back in 1999 at the age of 15, and has always been there and there about, without having any major success. Probably her best accolade, achievement – not that she’d agree – is being labelled as being one of the hottest swimmers in the world. Setting eyes on Flávia in a swimsuit, in a two-piece bikini on the beach, is certainly a sight for sore eyes. She’s another swimming beauty who’s very muscular. She’s got rippling muscles, in the chest region too, so she doesn’t possess the biggest set of twins, but they’re still very petite, fit perfectly with her body type, and they’re still spectacular.




15 Zsuzsanna Jakabos

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There's no way you can make a list of gorgeous female swimmers and leave out Zsuzsanna Jakabos. Usually swimmers are known for having very slender bodies so that they can move around a pool quicker. But Jakabos breaks the trend, as she has amazing curves in all the right places. The Hungarian born swimmer has not attracted much attention for success in competitions, but she has certainly gained notoriety for her steamy Instagram page and for bringing something different to the table in swimming. She has represented Hungary three times at the Olympics and she stands at a stunning 6'1. She has all the assets that many are looking for and it's no surprise she's on this list.

14 Stephanie Rice

Now, Stephanie Rice is someone who could very easily be a model, not a former competitive swimmer. Well she is, as she has done both. Think of swimmers who are just hot, sizzling in the pool and out of it, and Stephanie Rice comes to mind. She really is a stunner, belongs on the covers of magazines, in men's magazines, and she’s featured heavily in such publications over the years. Stephanie’s a woman who just possesses flawless beauty, and she’s got the body to match. If this was an article about swimmers with the hottest, legs, behind, or otherwise, she’d feature. Looking solely at her twins, putting her on this list was still a no-brainer. She’s just drop-dead gorgeous, every feature, her entire package – she’s just one ridiculously hot woman.

13 Fran Halsall

Halsall announced her retirement earlier this year from competitive swimming, but she still plans on staying in athletics. The 27-year-old hails from the UK, and in her home nation, she became a pretty big deal, amongst those in the swimming world that is. She competed mainly in freestyle and butterfly events, and took part in a number of competitions and championships, although she hasn’t tasted any major glory, not that the fans are really interested in her accomplishments in the pool. Look at Fran around the pool, when she’s got her game face on, and she doesn’t really cut a dashing figure.

But out of it, when she’s gotten dolled up and has posed for the cameras, she is actually pretty hot. She’s got a very slim physique, so no big, bountiful assets, but they’re still very noticeable, still very hot, and she’s shown them off in a number of hot photoshoots over the years.

12 Laure Manaudou

via parismatch.ladmedia.fr

Laure Manaudou is a world and European championship swimmer. During her time in the pool, she held a number of records in freestyle events, won competitions for fun, and that understandably served to increase her profile. What increased her profile even further is that she’s a hottie in the pool and out of it. She possesses one awesome physique, a perfect set of twins, and has flaunted it and them, shown them off in the glossy pages of numerous magazines, over the years. Laure was therefore regarded to have been one of the hottest athletes – not just swimmers – around. Even now at the age of 30, even though she’s retired, she’s still super-hot, doesn’t look like she’s enjoying retirement and letting herself go too much.

11 Keri-Anne Payne

via wikimedia.org

Keri-anne Payne is a South African swimmer who competes for Great Britain. She’s still competing, specializing in long-distance freestyle swimming and open water swimming. She’s therefore got a load of endurance and is consequently very fit. Take a look at some of her sultry pics, of which there are many, and it shows, her level of fitness is evident. She’s also quite good looking, and a number of magazines, publications have picked up on that, have gotten her board. If she wasn’t so fit, so muscular, she’d probably have a bigger set of twins. But having said that, although they’re not popping out, are often kept under wraps, they’re still very noticeable, very, very hot indeed. Because of her twins, her other assets, beauty, and all-round sultriness, Keri-anne was one of the poster girls for the London Olympics; seeing her and on billboards, in ads, would’ve certainly drummed up interest for the swimming events, got people flocking poolside.

10 Haley Cope

via 1stslice.com

Haley Cope is a former world record holder and enjoyed a stellar career competing in backstroke – unfortunately breaststroke wasn’t her preferred choice. It’s a shame, because she possesses a mightily fine rack, would’ve got some real power in that breaststroke – not sure if it quite works like that, but there you go! Out of all the athletes on this list, we’ve probably seen more of Haley than anyone else. She’s posed in a sultry shoot for FHM, has appeared in Maxim, and has even posed nude for the most prominent, established lads’ mag out there, for Hugh Hefner’s Playboy. She posed nude for Hefner in 2004, and Haley the sex symbol of swimming was born. She’s actually prone to taking off her clothes or stripping down to very little attire. We’ve therefore seen plenty of her fab body over the years, including her perfect, perky, set of twins. When she’s posing in what seems to be her customary racy pics, they’re the focus of people’s attention; people just can’t get enough of Haley and those twins.

9 Megan Jendrick

via seattlepi.com

Swimmers are a group of athletes that get in and get out of competition pretty young. Megan’s another swimmer who’s retired, although she’s only 33, and looking at her, at her sultry physique, she could’ve continued competing for quite some time. But it’s a gruelling schedule that takes a lot out of you, hence Megan’s glad to be taking it easy. She’s a former world-record holder, will always have that accolade, but today schools others as a fitness writer. Again, Megan’s not really someone who’s known for her beauty. But her rack’s definitely noticeable. She’s got a muscular chest, but has still maintained her femininity, she has some curvature in that region too. She’s all woman alright, possesses a splendid set of twins, as those who watched team U.S.A would know.


7 Chloe Sutton

via chloesutton.com

Chloe Sutton’s a freestyle swimmer who also competes in long-distance events. She’s still around, is still competing, and is the young buck of this group. At the age of 25 she’s in prime condition, is in optimum physical health, super-fit, which when combined with her looks, makes for one sultry package. Chloe’s one of those swimmers, athletes, who’s just sizzling hot from top to toe. The blonde bombshell has wowed ever since she began competing, and over the years fans have seen her blossom into a fine young woman and athlete. It’s no surprise that Chloe’s received modeling and sponsorship deals, has partaken in numerous sultry shoots. She really is gorgeous, looks-wise and body-wise too. She’s someone with model-like looks and assets, and none are more prominent than her set of twins.

6 Summer Sanders

via swimmingworldmagazine.com

Summer Sanders was an Olympic champion, what seems like many moons ago way back in 1992. She was the poster girl for American swimming, and today earns her corn reporting on the sport she loves. She’s transitioned into another career as a TV host and actress. It’s no surprise that that’s the path she chose after waving goodbye to competitive swimming, because Summer has the looks, the physique, and was just born to be on screen in some capacity. As Summer’s gotten older, she’s maintained her sultry physique; if anything, she’s actually gotten hotter with age. As she’s gotten older those twins have gotten bigger too, which may also have something to do with the fact she no longer trains like an Olympian, and has had two kids. Those twins are bountiful, voluptuous, contribute to making Summer the hottie she is.

5 Charlene, Princess of Monaco

via quotesgram.com

Yes, Charlene is an actual princess. She’s married to Albert II, Prince of Monaco, and is undoubtedly one of the hottest royals in the world. Swimming’s Charlene’s passion, and it has been from a young age. Seeing this South African beauty in the pool must have been a huge part of why the Prince was attracted to her, and he being royalty, he could certainly do something about it.

Charlene’s someone who just looks like a princess, that title fits her perfectly. She’s beautiful, elegant, just radiant, and is undoubtedly one of the hottest women on this list. Over the years we’ve also seen her in a number of stunning outfits, many of which have served to accentuate her assets. Those twins are just gorgeous, as is the rest of her body.

4 Inge De Bruijn

via laarzenblog.wordpress.com

When I say we know Inge De Bruijn has a sizzling hot set of twins, we really do know. That’s because we’ve seen them in all their glory. After retiring from competitive swimming, the former Olympic gold medallist and world-record holder began to get more and more involved in the media side of things. That involved doing the usual, making the odd appearance here and there, but one that’ll stick in the minds of all Inge De Bruijn fans – and there’re probably quite few – is her appearance on Love Island. She appeared on the Dutch version of the show in a bid to find love, and did so by stripping down and walking around on the beach in the nude. She may not have found love, but because of those gorgeous, voluptuous assets, she certainly gained a whole new fan following, people began to see her in a totally different light.

3 Aliaksandra Herasimenia

via beautymuscle.net

Belarusian beauty, Aliaksandra Herasimenia, is known for being an accomplished swimmer in freestyle and backstroke events, and for being one of the hottest Olympians to take to the pool. When she competes, she gets a lot of attention. This used to be because of her swimming prowess, the fact that she’s hot. But now, the majority of people will always look at her and think drugs cheat. She was banned for a couple of years in the early 2000s, and because of all the doping scandals that are going on today, she’s had a hard time winning back people’s support. But you don’t have to like what someone’s done to think they’re hot.

Aliaksandra is a real beauty, possesses a hot set of twins, and that’s probably one of the reasons why the people that do watch her in action, despite her being hated for being a drugs cheat, she’s very much loved because of the assets she possesses.

2 Franziska van Almsick

via nana88.allmyblog.com

German swimmer, Franziska van Almsick’s twins are just ginormous! Feast your eyes on her and them, and you wouldn’t think she’s a swimmer, you’d think she’s a model or actress of some sort. After tasting a huge amount of success in the 90s and early 2000s, she became a swimming sensation and did do a lot of modeling. Everyone wanted to get her on board, and many did, much to our delight. She’s posed in a number of racy shoots, and has even partaken in a few nude photoshoots over the years. If you’ve got a body like Fran’s, why not flaunt it? She’s done just that, and has continued to do so after her swimming career came to an end. Fran really does have a massive set of twins; it’s amazing they didn’t hinder her when she was in the pool.

1 Amanda Beard

via arizonaalumni.com

Swimmers aren’t really the best-known bunch of athletes out there. You think of superstar names in the world of swimming, and you think of the likes of Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. Female swimmers don’t really feature. But it’s fair to assume that if you were to know a name, become familiar with one female swimmer, it’d be Amanda Beard. She’s a seven-time Olympic medallist, and held a world-record in the 200m breaststroke event, making her the perfect fit for the number one entry on this list. Another, more apt reason as to why she’s at the helm of this list, is because she has a gorgeous set of twins, a sizzling body all-round. From top to toe she’s just ridiculous hot, she knows it, and has flaunted her assets no end in sultry shoots over the years. Thankfully, because of her modeling credentials, we’ve seen a whole lot of Amanda, so can safely put her at the number one spot. It’s fair to assume there won’t be too many disagreements.

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