15 Female Tennis Players BORN To Wear Yoga Pants

There are truly hot women in the world of sport. I don’t want to objectify or sexualize women, be crude, but let’s face it, the world of sport is filled with hotties. It’s why many people tune in. The athletes themselves know it too, and you can bet your bottom dollar that many play to it, use being labelled as a sex icon to their advantage to draw in the crowds, get an even larger fan following. It’s just part and parcel of the way the sporting world, the way things work. There’s also a general consensus that the sport with the hottest female athletes is tennis. Over the years some truly beautiful women have graced the courts. Some have retired, but much to our delight, many are still going strong – the WTA is filled with sultry tennis stars. People love seeing them strut their stuff on the courts, in the thick of it in matches on tour.

That’s because a lot of them are beautiful and have sizzling physiques, but their tennis attire adds a whole lot to their mass appeal. But many are equally beautiful, if not more, off the court. When they’re in relaxed mode, or on the practice courts, a lot of players choose to wear the same sort of attire – yoga pants. It’s something sports fans have grown accustomed to seeing over the years, and it’s not something we’ll ever tire of seeing either.

Yoga pants hug a woman’s figure, accentuate her assets, and bodacious tennis stars just seem to love them. Set your eyes on these pics, and you’ll see what we mean. Some just look so gorgeous in yoga pants, it seems as if they were born to wear them. That certainly holds true for these 15 tennis stars – they were born to wear yoga pants.

15 Anna Kournikova

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Anna Kournikova certainly made an impact during her 13 years as a pro. She actually never won a single’s title – that’s hard to fathom considering she’s one of the most famous players on the planet – but had a decent amount of success in doubles events, especially with her partner, Martina Hingis. But because of her beauty, it wasn’t long before she achieved celebrity status; people were just going gaga over Anna. At one point, at the peak of her powers, she was the most searched woman on Google, which is an accolade in itself, and she’s certainly made the most of this fan following. Unsurprisingly, her celebrity status is because of her personality, her beauty, and her body. She’s slim, but super-athletic, and those yoga pants work a real treat; actually, anything does when worn by Anna.

14 Serena Williams

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It really is amazing to think that Serena Williams still gets a lot of grief from haters. She’s arguably the most successful female athlete – not just tennis player – of all time – and is one of the hottest too. But having said that, she still won’t feature on a lot of people’s lists of hot tennis players. That’s probably because Serena Williams can seem to be a tad intimidating for some. Just look at her physique. She’s far from svelte, but instead possesses the physique of a bodybuilder. She’s just massive, has eye-popping assets, and is a successful, powerful, and influential woman – intimidating to some.

Because of her meaty pins, you can assume that Serena has trouble fitting them into most pants. But yoga pants, because of their stretchy, tight-fitting nature, certainly work, and she looks gorgeous in them too.

13 Maria Sharapova

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If there’s any tennis player who’s been photographed more that Ana Ivanovic over the years, it’d have to be Maria Sharapova. She hit the big time as a teenager, but is another one who’s enjoyed many dips and peaks in form over the years. Her inconsistency is infuriating, but it hasn’t stopped her becoming one of the highest earning female athletes in the world. She markets herself superbly, and no matter what she’s doing, always seems to look glamorous. Even whilst training, while working up a sweat, Maria looks super-hot, in this pic especially. It’s a pic of Maria wearing skin-tight yoga pants - sultry attire that’s showing off her perfect athletic figure. It also shows off her perfectly toned legs. We sure see why she's comfortable rocking these.

12 Caroline Wozniacki

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Ever since she came onto the scene, Caroline Wozniacki has always been considered to be hot. But as we’ve seen her through the years, progress to become one of the world’s best, she’s blossomed in terms of her looks too. That’s led to modeling work, and plenty of it. People began to see her in a different light when she began posing for those esteemed lads’ mags, especially ESPN's Body Issue, for which she appeared nude on the cover. It was a glorious shoot, and Caroline acquired a whole new fanbase. It was such a success, because simply put, Caroline’s hot, whether she’s wearing clothes or nothing at all. It’d be a stretch to say she looks just as good in yoga pants as she did in that famous nude shoot, but she does look mightily fine.

11 Eugenie Bouchard

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Genie’s considered to be the new hot girl on the block. Despite having been on the WTA tour for a good few years now, she’s still young, is still in her early 20s, and is still finding her feet on the court. But she’s had no trouble getting into the swing of things when it comes to her modeling. From day one, Genie was labelled as being a sex symbol for the game, which is no mean feat considering the number of sultry beauties on tour. But Genie doesn’t mind, she plays to that label, just laps up the attention. She’s taken part in some splendid photoshoots over the years, but even candid snaps like this one look utterly fabulous. She looks amazing in those tight-fitting yoga pants; that shot from behind is a sight to behold.

10 Martina Hingis

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From the hot new girl on the block to someone who’s been around for a hell of a long time. Martina Hingis turned pro before Eugenie Bouchard was born, and is still going strong, is amazingly still winning majors at the ripe old age of 36. Her longevity is down to the fact that she keeps herself in super-shape, looking fit and trim, like a woman half her age. It really is amazing looking back at all she’s achieved, what she’s still achieving. Look at her record and she has to be rated as being one of the greatest female tennis players of all time. She’s also regarded to be one of the hottest too, has arguably gotten even hotter with age. That smile’s enough to melt hearts, but she possesses an awesome physique too, illustrated by this pic of her in yoga pants.

9 Victoria Azarenka

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We’ve been missing the sight of the Belarussian beauty, Victoria Azarenka, on court in recent months. No sooner had she returned after a hiatus due to her pregnancy, she was out of action again due to personal issues. But hopefully we’ll see her in action again, because when she’s in full flow, there aren’t many better sights on the tennis court.

Vika’s someone who receives a lot of hate. Her ear-spitting grunting pisses plenty of people off, and she’s not the most glamorous person on court. She cares about her tennis, not the way she looks. But off it, she transforms into a super-hot beauty. This pic is evidence of that. Because of her beauty, her physique, she’s had numerous sponsorships deals over the years, and this is from one of those shoots. You can see her curvy yet toned physique in those yoga pants, and can see why a lot of people – aside from the haters of course, although they probably secretly love Vika – go gaga over Vika.

8 Heather Watson

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Heather Watson might not be a star name to people around the world. But for a long time, she was Great Britain’s number one player, and she’s taken part in some epic matches over the years. But those 87K Instagram followers don’t follow her because of her tennis ability, which is very hit and miss. They follow her because she’s hot and she knows it, because she posts sultry pics of herself, giving the fans what they want. Heather is petite but packs a punch, and really does have an amazing figure. Here’s a pic of her showing off that figure in yoga pants, actually doing some yoga. She was taking a break, enjoying some chill out time in France, and decided to partake in a yoga session. Judging from her pics, it’s not her first time doing yoga either; she’s a yoga pro, and certainly looks the part in those yoga pants.

7 Mandy Minella

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Mandy Minella is someone who’s been around for a pretty long time. But it’s fair to say that she hasn’t enjoyed the career that she’d have been hoping for. She’s always been there and there abouts, but hasn’t really kicked on and become the star she was once tipped to be. But she’s become a star name in other areas, solely because of her looks. Because of her beauty, she’s earned a decent amount of corn as a model, and is definitely one of the hottest players on tour. You’ll understand that to be the case when you set eyes on this pic. She’s as hot as Maria Sharapova, as Ana Ivanovic, but because her tennis is mediocre, she’s perhaps not spoken about in the same light, even when it comes to hotness. She rocks yoga pants like very few others can – at least that’s some sort of success.

6 Garbiñe Muguruza

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This list wouldn’t be complete without Garbiñe Muguruza. She’s one of the latest hotties to grace the courts, and she’s had a tremendous amount of success too, already establishing herself as one of the world’s best. It’s amazing to think she’s only 23, because the Spanish-Venezuelan beauty is already up there with the greats, is already regarded to be a sex icon – just another one in a sport that’s filled with them. Not only is she beautiful, she’s got the physique to match. She’s also a bit of a fashionista and loves to strut her stuff on the practice courts in very fashionable attire. One thing that’s a big part of her wardrobe are her yoga pants. They’re evidently comfortable, fashionable, and she looks fabulous in them, as you can see from this splendid shot from behind.

5 Sania Mirza

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Sania Mirza has been around for a hell of a long time. But having said that, she may not be all too familiar to a lot of you. But she certainly is in India and the rest of the subcontinent. Sania’s probably the biggest female star in India, and that means she’s got around 17% of the world’s population in her corner. It’s no surprise she’s treated like an A-list celeb, hangs with the rich and famous. The fact that she’s hot and has an awesome figure has certainly helped. Over the years, many people have noticed that she’s pretty big in the chest region. But down below isn’t too bad either. She’s someone who loves training in tight-fitting yoga pants, and you can see why. Sania obviously finds them comfortable, but due to her physique, she looks mightily hot in them too. Long may Sania continue to wear yoga pants.

4 Ana Ivanovic

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When Ana Ivanovic announced her retirement a few years back, it came as a real shock. Sure, her form had been inconsistent, but she was still in her prime, was still a major draw factor for the WTA tour. She’ll be sorely missed. When she was on song, she was one of the best tennis players on the planet. But aside from her tennis abilities, she’s regarded to be one of the hottest players to have ever stepped foot on the court. Ana has probably had the most modeling gigs out of anyone on the WTA tour. We’ve therefore been able to see her off the court, numerous times, in all her splendor. She has endorsements, modeling contracts, and this is one of those special shoots, a pic of Ana in yoga pants. It’s the perfect workout attire, and Ana’s certainly working up a sweat.

3 Sabine Lisicki

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It’s been sad to see the decline of Sabine Lisicki in recent years. She’s been hampered by injuries, and has never really managed to regain the form that propelled her to the forefront of her sport. At one point, she was considered to be one of the best, and due to her vivacious personality, that beaming smile, and of course her beauty, she was one of the most-loved tennis stars in the game. She still is, although she’s kind of in the wilderness at the moment.

Sabine’s super-cute, and just adorable. Like I mentioned, she’s always upbeat, and that smile makes people go all warm and fuzzy inside. She’s also hot, as is evident from this pic of Sabine in yoga pants. She’s actually practicing yoga in this pic, which is perhaps the reason why she’s always in good spirits.

2 Dominika Cibulkova

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Dominika Cibulkova is perhaps aptly described as being the underrated hottie of the WTA tour. When people compile a list of the hottest female tennis stars, she’s unlikely to feature on many of them, which frankly, is a travesty. Set your eyes on her sultry Instagram pics, and you’ll soon agree that she’s one of the hottest players on tour. Her beauty doesn’t really shine through in this pic, in this candid shot of her on the practice court. So, perhaps some research is in order – you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Dominika is not only beautiful, she’s got a stunning physique. She’s pretty small, but is built like a rock, is very muscular, especially her lower half. She’s got some of the meatiest legs in the game – it’s pretty amazing she managed to find a pair of yoga pants to fit.

1 Angelique Kerber

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Angelique Kerber is enjoying a golden spell in her career. She was at the top of the rankings for quite some time, but for some reason, still managed to fly under the radar with all these other big names around her. It’s fair to say that she’s also not at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to the hottest tennis stars, which is a travesty, is unfathomable. That’s because Angelique’s got it all; the tennis ability, the looks, and the bodacious figure. Just looks at that smile – setting eyes on that smile is enough to light up someone’s day. Another thing that might light up someone’s day is setting eyes of Angelique in yoga pants. It’s a beautiful sight, and Angelique is one beautiful, sultry athlete.

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