15 Female Tennis Players Only Famous For Being Hot AF

There’s always been debate and comparisons being made between male and female tennis player. The men’s game is by far and away the main draw for the broadcasters – the men put bums on seats, get people watching. Women’s tennis on the other hand…well, you can make your own minds up. The standard of tennis is obviously different, so should they be paid the same? It’s open to conjecture. Ex tennis great John McEnroe, recently opened up that whole can of worms, saying that if Serena Williams played in the men’s draw, she’d be ranked at like 700 in the world. That may be overstating things a bit, but he got the point he wanted to get across. Look at ratings, viewership figures, and they back his point up. But there is one reason people watch the women’s game. Tennis, you’d have to say more than any other sport, gets people watching because of the women on court. Tennis player in those cute outfits; it’s something most guys have probably fantasized about at some point. There are many sexy tennis pros on the woman’s tour. Many have achieved fame and fortune because of their success, and because of the fact they’re super-hot. Take the likes of Maria Sharapova, Garbiñe Muguruza, and Angelique Kerber for example.

Ex pro, Ana Ivanovic, is another woman who was known for being awesome on court, and for being one of the hottest tennis players around. But what about those who are only known for being hot, have achieved fame, pretty much because of their looks alone? These are 15 of those woman, 15 female tennis players who are only famous for being hot AF.

15 Tsvetana Pironkova

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This Bulgarian pro has been around on the WTA tour since 2005, and has blossomed into a decent tennis player. She’s decent on court, nothing more, and has only won a single WTA title in her 12 years on the pro tour. But she’s still managed to acquire a pretty decent fan following, and that’s because of her beauty. The fact that she’s a tennis hottie has been picked up by many people. She’s got gorgeous long legs, a gorgeous physique – her set of twins steal the show, your eyes can’t help but be drawn to them! – and isn’t bad in the looks department either, so all in all, she brings a pretty decent package on court as I’m sure most of you would agree.

14 Camila Giorgi

Known for her groundstrokes and for being one of the hardest hitters of the ball on tour, that’s about all the 25-year-old is known for on the woman’s tennis circuit. That’s it in terms of her tennis. But ever since she turned pro, her face has been picked up and she’s also gained a reputation for being one of the hottest women on tour. She’s become a pretty big deal, especially in her home nation of Italy, where cameras and the anxious media just can’t get enough of her. Camila is only too happy to oblige, and loves to strut her stuff in front of the paparazzi and loves to give people what they want. She’s got a beautiful body, and is just hot all round; it’s a pity her tennis game’s lacking, otherwise she’d have the complete package.

13 Barbora Strýcová

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Her serious, steely gaze, is something that many people find quite alluring. She’s got these piercing eyes, always has a serious expression on her face, but that’s something that people find pretty sexy about Barbora. This look also ties in with her entire court demeanor too. Some players are pretty light and breezy when it comes to their tennis. Barbora certainly isn’t that. Her brow’s constantly furrowed in concentration, and sometimes she just explodes. She’s known for being pretty fiery on court, for giving umpires a mouthful, and for racket abuse. Although it’s pretty entertaining, it’s not really what people want to witness, not really within the spirit of the game. She’s got the looks and a fiery temper – a deadly combination – but it’s a shame her tennis isn’t up to scratch.

12 Elina Svitolina

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This woman’s pretty young at the age of 22, although she’s in no way a rookie. Elina’s been around on the pro tennis scene, on the WTA, since 2010, and has actually had a decent title haul. She’s not the worst player but her name gets lost in amongst the best of the women’s game, because when it comes to Grand Slam tennis, the tournaments that really matter, there’s nothing to write home about. But Elina’s got plenty in her kitty, and has a substantial fan following, probably one of the biggest among those who aren’t Grand Slam champions. That’s because she’s a highly marketable athlete. Elina’s got a smile that lights up a room, is still young, and when she gets in front of camera, is mightily hot. Some may say she’s cute, and she is one of sweetest women on tour, but hot is a good a word as any.

11 Sabine Lisicki

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German pro tennis player, Sabine Lisicki, was taken into people’s hearts when she made it to the Wimbledon final in 2013. The British public, and the tennis world, just loved her, because she wore her emotions on her sleeve, and proved to be just a very relatable character. That was by far and away her best year, a year during which she received the career high ranking of 35. Due to some serious injuries, Sabine has since slid out the world’s top 200, a remarkable decline for someone who was once pipped to be the poster girl for women’s tennis. But, for fans of the WTA, she hasn’t ventured out their minds. That’s because she’s one of the hottest women on tour, and combine this with her personality, and it’s clear to see why the tennis world just loves Sabine.

10 Donna Vekic

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Here’s another one of the young guns, someone who’s still in the infancy of her career at the age of 21, someone who’s yet to have a major success. But, despite her lack of Grand Slam accomplishments, Donna Vekic has been in the news a hell of a lot over the years. That’s because the blonde bombshell sizzles on court, and looking at her sultry social media posts, she does so off it too. There are a number of hot pics of Donna out there, evidently enjoying the fame and fortune being a tennis star has brought her. Men’s tennis ace, Stan Wawrinka, certainly thinks she’s something special, and the two have been dating for quite some time now, another reason why Donna’s one of the most photographed women in the WTA.

9 Sorana Cirstea

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A lot of these European tennis players are simply stunning! There’s been quite a few on this list, and Sorana is another one of them. The Romanian beauty is probably one of the lesser-known players on this list, although she has won WTA titles. She’s always there or there about, an average tennis player to say the least, but she’s certainly not average in terms of her looks. When it comes to beauties on court, Sorana surpasses a lot of other female players in that aspect, and that’s why she stands out on tour. A number of polls have rated her as one of the tennis players you’ve just got to follow, and a fair few, including MSN, have deemed her to be amongst not only the hottest players in the game, but one of the hottest women in sports, period. Let your eyes take in some of Sorana and you’d find it hard to disagree.

8 Caroline Garcia

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In the last couple of years, French beauty, Caroline Garcia has begun to make great strides. She’s climbed the rankings, is getting better every time she plays Grand Slam tennis, and her career’s certainly one to watch out for, is going in the right direction. But there’s another reason people are talking about Caroline, are already watching her – not in a sinister way of course! Caroline’s made a name for herself as being utterly gorgeous, on court in her tennis attire and away from it too. This year’s Wimbledon was one where her face started to get picked up more and more. She had a good run, eventually crashing out to British number one, Johanna Konta, but although people didn’t say it, there would’ve been quite a few who’d have wanted Caroline to progress further, people who wanted to see a whole lot more of Caroline.

7 Daniela Hantuchova

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Wow! Quite a few of the players on this list are in their early twenties, youngsters and rookie in tennis. Daniela’s certainly not one of them. She’s been around on the pro scene since the 90s, but still, say her name and not a lot of people wouldn’t have a clue who she is. On the doubles scene, she’s actually one of the best, but when it comes to single’s tournaments, there’s zilch. But there is one way Daniela’s been keeping in some people’s minds. As the hot new tennis pros keep coming on tour, surpassing her in terms of her skill on court, off it, Daniela isn’t about to be surpassed off it too.

She’s one pro who’s not shy about getting her kit off for the cameras. She’s posed in a number of racy shoots in recent years, the results of which prove she’s one of the hottest female tennis players in the game. Sexy, provocative, alluring, hot and beautiful – she’s got it all, knows how to work it, and the fans just lap it up.

6 Maria Kirilenko

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At her best, Russian player, Maria Kirilenko, was ranked number ten in the world. That’s because she’s always there and there abouts in Grand Slam events, the tournaments that really matter, but she hasn’t kicked on and actually won any of those coveted title. Many feel that she hasn’t done her talent justice, and she’d have a hard time proving them wrong now, seeing as how she’s in her 30s, and has just spent many months off court due to giving birth. But when she does make a return, she’ll still be one of the hottest players on court. She rivals fellow compatriot, Maria Sharapova, when it comes to being Russia’s hottest tennis player, hottest athlete, and quite a few would even rate Maria Kirilenko higher than her namesake. Feast your eyes on her jaw dropping pics, including the sexy Swimsuit Illustrated pics, and you’d have a hard time saying otherwise.

5 Mandy Minella

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Mandy Minella – the name alone sounds pretty sexy, is memorable, and has a nice ring to it. That’s why it’s a shame she hasn’t achieved more success during her tennis career, because you can just imagine how marketable she’d be if she was at the top of the rankings. I say that, but she still hasn’t done too badly, despite there being nothing noteworthy about her record in Grand Slams. That’s because she’s super-hot, really is stunning. She appears to be in her element when off court posing for the cameras, and she does so superbly. If you saw her pics you’d have no clue she was a tennis player – you’d mistake her for a model. Her physique’s stunning, she’s got the looks, and evidently some decent photographers too. Mandy’s probably one of the hottest, but lesser-known beauties on the tennis circuit, which again, is a real shame.

4 Caroline Wozniacki

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What on earth was golfing superstar, Rory McIlroy thinking when he broke of his engagement to Danish tennis beauty Caroline Wozniacki? The guy must be loopy! Caroline is, and has been for quite some time now, considered to be one of the hottest athletes – not just tennis stars – in the world of sports. She’s pretty decent too, having previously been ranked number one in the world, and currently being ranked a top ten player. But, she still hasn’t won a Grand Slam, which is pretty remarkable. But a lot of tennis fans don’t really care about her Grand Slam record.

A whole load of people began to see her in a different light when she posed in a sultry spread for Sports Illustrated in 2015. That caused a ton of people to sit up and take notice. Caroline’s got one killer body and is just gorgeous from top to toe – certainly one of the hottest athletes in sports, period.

3 Sania Mirza

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On the doubles circuit, Sania Mirza was one of the best. But she’s since got a new partner, and her career’s kind of stagnated. But that hasn’t meant her fan following’s decreased. If anything, over the years, Sania’s popularity has multiplied exponentially. She’s actually one of the most popular, most famous people on this list, something that may surprise a lot of people. That’s because she’s one of India’s most famous sports stars. She’s revered in the land of a billion, is a major celeb. If you don’t see her on TV on some talk show or other or in an ad, you’ll see her picture beaming down at you from a poster on the street. Sania’s hot, has a personality, and because of that she’s a sponsor’s dream woman, a highly marketable athlete, probably one of the biggest earners and most-loved player on this list.

2 Dominika Cibulková

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Slovak tennis beauty Dominika Cibulková has been around for quite some time now. She’s achieved some level of success, has gone quite far in Grand Slams without ever winning one, and is another player who’s yet to fully show the world what she’s capable of. But she’s certainly shown the world what she’s capable of off court, when she gets dolled up and has a camera pointed in her direction. Some of the photoshoots she’s done over the year are just ridiculously hot. She’s another one who’s not shy about showing off all of her assets, and she’s got some pretty prominent assets too. I say she sizzles off court, but she’s actually pretty hot on it too. She’s got one of those likable faces, a smile that lights up the room, and a hot AF body to match. Dominika really does possess the entire package, hence she’s a deserved number two for this list.

1 Eugenie Bouchard

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Even if you’re not really a tennis fan, chances are you’ve heard of Eugenie Bouchard. Genie is the new hot property of tennis; I say new, she’s been around since 2009, but over those years we’ve seen her blossom into a fine young woman, and a pretty decent tennis player too. She’s hasn’t won anything of note, so she’s not famous as a result of being successful. Genie’s famous simply for being hot AF. There was a time, when she first started doing well at Grand Slams, where there was a Genie craze on the WTA tour. She was all people could talk about, and that’s because that time coincided with her appearance in a Sports Illustrated spread. She appeared topless, and has done a number of other racy photoshoots too. Genie’s hot, knows it, and has used her looks and her stunning figure to her advantage, and is today one of the most marketable players on the WTA tour.

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