15 Female Tennis Players Who Are More Attractive Than Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie Bouchard is undoubtedly one of the hottest women in all of sports. At just 23 years old, this Canadian beauty has taken over the world and the Internet with stunning pictures of her playing tennis and turning heads when she is not practicing.

In terms of skill, Bouchard has proven that she could still be one of the best players in the world. A testament to that is that in 2014 she rose to the rank of number five tennis player in the world. However, a rough patch she hit in 2015 caused a sharp decline in her up-and-coming career. Bouchard currently ranks number 70 in the world, which is no easy feat either.

Now, outside of the tennis courts, there was one little incident that made her popularity around the globe soar earlier this year. If you’re a football fan, you certainly remember the legendary come back the New England Patriots pulled in the Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons. Well, in the heat of the game while the Falcons were up a bunch, Bouchard claimed that the Falcons would win the game. That’s when a fan replied to her tweet and proposed that she should go on a date with him if the Patriots turned it around. The rest, as they say, is history.

The fan must’ve been delighted to be able to watch a basketball game with Bouchard two weeks later. Nevertheless, we believe there are 15 tennis players with whom he would have rather went to watch the game with. It was not easy to decide, but here are 15 female tennis players who are hotter than Eugenie Bouchard.

15 Caroline Wozniacki

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We hope you are ready because we are starting this list off strong. Straight out of Denmark, we present to you the eighth richest woman in the history of tennis in terms of prize money winnings. The total prize money earnings of Caroline Wozniacki’s career are estimated to be somewhere north of $23 million. This Danish beauty was so good that she was ranked number one in the world back in 2010. And at 27 years old, she is still one of the top tennis players around the globe, as she sits in the number seven spot in the rankings.

But statistics are not the only aspects in which Wozniacki is above Eugenie Bouchard. Despite being four years the elder of the Canadian player, Wozniacki is still considered by many, the more beautiful of the two.

14 Ashley Harkleroad

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Sometimes, the history factor can have a lot of weight on a decision. That sure was a factor when we decided to rank Ashley Harkleroad as someone hotter than Eugenie Bouchard. Harkleroad was never the greatest tennis player in the world. As a matter of fact, the highest spot she reached on the rankings was 39. However, she is someone important for the history of tennis. That is because in August 2008 she became the first tennis player ever to pose for Playboy.

Yes, everyone needs their pioneer, and Ashley Harkleroad was the first tennis player to explore the brave new world of posing for a magazine as grand as Playboy. She is no longer a professional tennis player, but she is undoubtedly someone who left her mark on the sport.

13 Laura Robson

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Laura Robson has a few things in common with Eugenie Bouchard. The first of them is that they were born in the same year, 1994. They are both from English-speaking countries. They are almost the same height, as Robson has a slight 1-inch advantage. Both of them peaked early in their careers and have been going through rough patches. And finally, both of them were, at some point, coached by Nick Saviano.

But that is where the similarities stop, and the differences begin. For example, Bouchard is a blonde while Robson is a brunette. One of them is right-handed, while the other one is left-handed. And one of them is hotter than the other. This last one, however, is a tough one to decide. We believe some folks will agree that Robson is hotter than Bouchard, but we would like to know whether you agree with that or not.

12 Gisela Dulko

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Don’t you think it is time to put some South American flavor in this mix? She might be the oldest of the bunch, but Gisela Dulko was without a doubt one of the most beautiful tennis players of her time. This Argentinian beauty graced courts all around the globe between 2001 and 2012, when she was forced to retire due to an injury she sustained in a tournament. Dulko was young when the injury happened too, which made things even more tragic. Dulko was just 27 when she suffered her career-ending injury. Currently a beautiful 32-year-old woman, she has not returned to the tennis courts, but judging by her physique, she could do it at any point as long as the leg doesn’t hurt anymore.

11 Amanda Coetzer

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Tennis is one of the most internationally diverse sports there are. While we are used to professional sports that always have players of the same nationalities ruling the world, tennis is one that escapes the norm. At any point, you can have someone from the United States being the best in the world, and then someone from Slovenia, and then someone from Spain or Switzerland and the list goes on and on.

Born in South Africa, Amanda Coetzer was an excellent example of this international integration. She rose through the ranks until reaching the number three spot in the world. But more than a fantastic tennis player, she was one of the beauties who would dazzle fans all around the world whenever she took her talents to the court.

10 Daniela Hantuchová

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We were talking about international integration in tennis, so how about we bring someone from Slovakia into the fold. Eastern European countries are known worldwide for their beautiful women. Daniela Hantuchova is no exception to that rule. Technically, she was born in Czechoslovakia back in 1983. But ever since the country separated, this 34-year-old has been representing Slovakia. And it is with great sadness that we point out that just earlier this year she announced her retirement.

Hantuchova, who was once a number five player in the world, will for sure leave lots and lots fans heartbroken, missing her skills on the court, as well as her looks outside of it. A great deal of those fans she earned after appearing in the 2012 edition of ESPN: The Magazine's "The Body Issue."

9 Alona Bondarenko

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Still staying in Eastern Europe, we welcome a representative of Ukraine to our list. Born in 1984, in the Soviet Union, Alona Bondarenko is someone who tries her hardest on the court. Not just that, she is one of the few athletes who has made a comeback after retiring.

It was back in 2011 that Bondarenko announced her retirement and stopped playing in professional tennis competitions. She was only 26 years old when that happened. It seems young, but then we have to consider that Bondarenko started playing professional tennis when she was 14 years old.

Nevertheless, this Ukrainian star decided that retirement was not for her and made a comeback last year in an ITF event. And aren’t we all glad that we get to see her playing again?

8 Elena Dementieva

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Another retiree born in the Soviet Union on our list is Russian superstar Elena Dementieva. Once a number three player in the world, Dementieva has been retired for almost seven years, but is still an unforgettable figure for tennis lovers. Throughout her glorious career, she might have never won a grand slam tournament, but reached one Roland Garros final and one US Open final. More important, however, than those two runner-up finishes in major tournaments was the accomplishment she made in 2008 when she became an Olympic champion winning the singles tournament in Beijing.

This Russian beauty is also famous for odd little bits like Lil’ Wayne using her distinctive grunt as a recurring beat in one of his songs, and the fact that she appeared in a Russian music video a few years ago.

7 Dominika Cibulkova

Okay, we talked about how tennis was internationally diverse, remember that? Well, apparently that is not a rule of thumb when we are talking about beautiful tennis players. What seems to be happening here is that the grand majority of the hottest tennis players we have out there are from Eastern Europe. To underline that point, we bring you the Slovakian beauty Dominika Cibulkova.

Cibulkova has only one grand slam final in her resume but makes up for it tenfold by how beautiful she looks. The number 11 player in the world is someone who looks good and has a business that involves making other people look good. Back in 2014, Cibulkova started her own clothing line with the help of a friend. Now imagine if everyone wearing those clothes would look just like her. This world would be a dream.

6 Ana Ivanovic

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A lot of athletes across a whole spectrum of different sports become famous solely for the fact they are beautiful. And we don’t see a problem with that. If you have a trait you can explore to better your life, you should be allowed to do just that. Every once in a while, however, we get to witness one athlete who can take the crowns of both being the most beautiful athlete in her sport as well as being the best player in that game. Ana Ivanovic was one athlete who wore both of those crowns at the same time.

This Serbian superstar who was born in Yugoslavia was once ranked the number one tennis player in the world in 2008 and has her career prize money earnings are estimated to be somewhere over $15.5 million.

5 Jelena Dokic

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Another athlete who was born in Yugoslavia to make our list is Jelena Dokic. Unlike her compatriot, Ana Ivanovic, Dokic was never the best tennis player in the world and won an estimated $4.4 million in prize money over her career, as opposed to Ivanovic’s more than $15 million.

Nevertheless, one would be unfair to say that she is not one of the most beautiful tennis players we have ever seen. Again, this could come up to personal preference, but Dokic is hot enough to give both Ivanovic and Eugenie Bouchard a run for their money.

Her best career result was a semifinal finish in the 2000 Wimbledon tournament. Surprisingly enough, despite never winning a major tournament, Dokic was once ranked the number four player in the world in 2002.

4 Vojislava Lukic

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The hardest part of writing this list was getting the spelling of the names right. And, let us say that Vojislava Lukic did not make things easier for us. Nevertheless, we cannot help but believe we would forgive anything this Serbian beauty ever did.

She is far from being a fantastic tennis player. Unlike nearly all of the other women on this list, Lukic’s highest ranking in the world was a 203 spot. That might sound impressive for a regular human being, but when we are comparing her to the competition, she lingers far behind. Just compare her career earnings, at little over $63,000, to the rest.

Still, when it comes to beauty, we could very well turn those rankings upside down, because she undoubtedly has rank somewhere up in the top 10.

3 Maria Kirilenko

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If you have a thing for beautiful tennis players, we highly recommend you find a way to move and live in one of the former Soviet or Yugoslavian nations. We say that because it is getting ridiculous. Athletes from those regions are dominating the rankings of hot tennis players, and it is not even close. To make it to the top three, however, you had to show a lot of game. And Maria Kirilenko sure fit that bill.

This Russian blonde turned professional back in 2001 and was a certain feature in all major competitions ever since. She might have never won any, but Kirilenko was good enough for her career earnings to surpass the $6.8 million mark. And if you doubt that she should be ranked this high on the list, try to find a way to check out her photo shoot for the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. You won’t regret it.

2 Anna Kournikova

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Eugenie Bouchard is hot. There is no denying that. She could go head-to-head with every single one of the previously mentioned women on this list and win most of the time. The one thing she could not do, however, would be to compete against the top two. It doesn’t even seem to matter how good a newcomer might look in the world of tennis. They will never be able to compete with someone like Anna Kournikova when the subject is who is the hottest.

Just think about it. Kournikova has never won a major singles title in her life. She has never even reached a final of one of the four grand slams. And still, she is one of the most famous female tennis players of all time. Why do you think that is?

1 Maria Sharapova

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The runner-up on this list sure went head-to-head with Maria Sharapova. But when push comes to shove, this Russian legend is a queen who reigns supreme in the world of tennis. For someone to come up to a tennis fan and say that Maria Sharapova is not one of the most beautiful athletes in history would be the same as to commit blasphemy in front of a religious person. Sharapova has risen to a level where she is not even human in the eyes of her fans. She can get injured, go through surgeries, get suspended, get injured again, and struggle with her form, but at the end of the day, people know that she will come back and compete at the highest level.

And fortunately, for tennis fans, the one thing injuries and suspensions cannot take away is how beautiful this diva is and always will be.

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