15 Female Tennis Stars That Have “Not So PG” Assets

Booties, boobies and legs - oh my! These tennis players have it all!

What is a “Not So PG" asset, you ask? Well, the answer’s quite simple, it’s a red hot part of the body that can be anything from one’s booty, chest or even in some cases, legs. When it comes to "Not So PG" assets, the world of women’s tennis is full of examples. With training that requires a hefty amount of cardiovascular skills along with lower and upper body strength, you’re bound to see some fantastic smoking hot bodies and this article proves exactly that.

On this list, we feature a variety of tennis stars both of the known and unknown nature. We also feature pictures from a variety of places whether it be a candid on the beach, in a photo shoot, or even on the court. What all these pictures have in common, they showcase the fantastic “Not So PG” assets these women possess.

Like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Without a doubt, you’ll be watching some extra tennis following this article. Let us know who had the best “assets” of the list! So without further ado, here are 15 female tennis stars that have “Not So PG” assets, enjoy folks! Service!

15 Dominika Cibulkova - Them Legs 


We start the article off with a player that not only has the assets but who’s also one hell of a player on the court. The Slovakian is an impressive player that maintains a rather aggressive style of play, the 28 year old is a gem in the WTA and she’s currently ranked sixth in the entire rankings. Her best finish at a major tournament thus far was reaching the 2014 finals of the Australian Open.

This goddess seems to have it all going on, including off of the court as you see in the picture above. Her legs are of the “Not So PG” nature and without a doubt, one of her finest assets. As for her backside, she also has that going on as well making her the total package both front and back.

14 Venus Williams - Booty & Body 


News flash to all the tabloids out there, even sister Venus has got the booty and the body as you see in the beach picture above. Like her sister, Venus has some strong assets, although sister Serena typically gets all the headlines, well, for the most part because of one asset in particular and we’re pretty sure you know which asset were talking about. In case you don’t, wait for later on in the article.

The overlooked Venus sister is also still relevant on the court with a number 11 ranking, not too shabby for someone inching towards her 40s. She showed tremendous heart recently putting on an epic display of her talents at the Australian Open. Of course, she fell victim to her sister in the epic Williams finale, losing in straight sets 6-4, 6-4.

13 Maria Kirilenko - Swimsuit Model Assets 


Maria Kirilenko is another magnificent Russian born player who has both the looks and skills, not a bad combination. Just ask Alex Ovechkin himself who was reportedly dating the 30 year old beauty at one point. The two actually got engaged but because of differences, Maria called off the entire ordeal. She’s a fiery one folks!

As you see in the picture above, her assets seem to be better suited for a career as a swimsuit model rather than a tennis player. Her competitive days seem to be on the backburner however as her highest WTA ranking came back in 2013 when she placed tenth overall in the world. Seems like she’s enjoying the $6.8 million in prize money nowadays and we can’t blame her for that.

12 Simona Halep - Chest Goddess


Just by taking a quick look at the petite 25 year old, you’d never think she possess such large “Not So PG” assets. The picture above nearly broke the internet when the Romanian rocked some fantastic swimwear out in the water. Her chest area was truly jaw dropping, making her “Not SO PG” assets some of the most impressive on this entire list. That’s truly as tame as we can describe things from the 25 year old goddess.

Her game isn’t suffering either as she’s currently ranked second in the world. 2017 has been a great year for the player as she reached the finals of the French Open. It was the second time in her career she was successful at the event, reaching the finals of the same tournament three years ago back in 2014. In terms of careers after tennis, swimsuit model would be something everybody can agree on pertaining to this beauty.

11 Caroline Wozniacki - All Around Beauty


Thanks to ESPN’s brilliant “Not So PG” coverage, we’ve gotten a chance to see numerous “Not So PG” photos of the magnificent tennis star. The photos started with a tremendous SI swimsuit shoot. ESPN recently took things even further featuring Caroline in the nude for their latest Body Issue Magazine spread. We can place a bet that the issue is going to sell a couple of extra copies with such a steamy cover featuring the tennis beauty. In terms of assets, she’s truly got it all going on folks.

With a million followers via Instagram, her fame is peaking. The 26 year old is also no slouch on the court with a world ranking of number six at the moment. Whether it’s sixth or first, she’ll always be number one in our hearts... or somewhere else.

10 Garbine Muguruza - The Booty 


We add some Spanish sizzle to this article with the impressive 23 year old Garbine Muguruza. We believe we’ve made it pretty obvious as to what her best “Not So PG” asset is judging by the picture above. Make one quick search of her name via Google and you’ll find a plethora of “Not So PG” candid shots of the similar nature.

Putting her backside aside, the youngster is also one hell of a player and perhaps the female with the most future potential on the entire list. At the age of 23, she’s already gathered $10 million in prize money along with being ranked 14th. She’s dipped quite a bit compared to last year however as she was ranked second in the world during the summer of 2016. As we’ve seen with so many players in the past, she’s undergoing a rough patch at the moment but once she gets out of it, she’s got a scary future in the top ten for quite some time.

9 Elena Vesnina - Blessed In The Chest 


When we think of tennis players and their finest assets, we typically think of those strong looking glute muscles along with some finely toned legs. However, another asset some female tennis players also have is the luxury of being “blessed in the chest”. For the viewer, it might be a treat to look at but just imagine for the player having to move them around when they not only run for the ball but swing at it. Most men likely don’t have a clue what it takes, but it can’t be easy.

Okay, enough of the creepy talk, let’s discuss this Russian’s recent successes on the court. Her rank is impressive at number 16, but what’s even better is her recent gold medal victory at the 2016 summer Olympics. It was a moment Elena won’t ever forget, similar to the picture we put above which most probably stuck in her fans’ heads for quite some time.

8 Maria Sharapova - Booty Blaster


Since her enhancement allegations, Sharapova has gone missing in the world of the WTA. Various players on the tour have taken shots at the legend but she isn’t throwing it in just yet. Maria recently announced that she’s returning soon, and her comeback is certainly going to be must watch television.

Her on court dominance is a given throughout the years, and so is her beauty however. The 30 year old rose to fame not only because of her game, but those darn fantastic stunning looks also played a role. Her most notable “Not So PG” asset is showcased above as she’s enjoyed quite the booty gains over the last couple of years. If you need further evidence, you can make a quick search yourselves and you’ll find quite the beach photos which also prove the sentiment to be true.

7 Vojislava Lukic - The Twins 


Like the product of India above, the Serbian has a similar “Not So PG” asset as you see in the candid shot above. Thankfully, she only uses that type of wardrobe for practice; just imagine playing against those things? Or better yet, watching them on television? Let’s just say the ratings would enjoy quite the spike if that were to be the case.

In terms of accomplishments on the court, the Serb' is one of the more unknowns on the list. At the age of 30, it seems like her playing days are a thing of the past. Not surprisingly however, she’s using her talents nowadays as a model and TV presenter. Judging by the picture above and various other photos, we aren’t surprised in the slightest by her new careers.

6 Kristina Mladenovic - Glute Gainer 


Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you the fine booty of WTA star Kristina Mladenovic. You know she’s got a fine “Not So PG” asset when people made a YouTube video on it. Creepy yes, but pretty significant in terms of how great it truly is. This candid shot above sums that up quite clearly, grab a Kleenex and wipe that drool, you’re embarrassing yourself!

The French beauty is still only 24 and having one hell of a career thus far. She was ranked number two last year in the fall. Her current rank is still rather impressive with a top ten ranking at number nine as of the recent WTA world rankings which were published just days ago. Her biggest victory came last year in her native land when she won the French Open, truly Cinderella story type of stuff. Her booty however, is not the Cinderella type and “Not So PG” in nature!

5 Genie Bouchard - Front & Back / Side-To-Side


Some can argue that Bouchard is currently regarded as the most popular Canadian athlete in the entire nation. Her play hasn’t been the same, though, it’s her look and personality that truly sets her apart. She’s got some serious fire in the personality side of things but her look is the true hero as she’s become a household name because of it. In terms of “Not So PG” assets, Genie has it all going on both front and back. This picture, exposes her front in a fantastic cleavage friendly shirt.

Aside from incredible looks, fans of Genie hope the 23 year old can get her game back. She enjoyed a spectacular 2014 but has plummeted ever since due to various injuries. Because of that, her game has declined big time. However, still so young, she’s got time to find her game. She just needs that focus according to various mainstream tennis publications.

4 Ana Ivanovic - Legs For Days


With 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Ana is well known name in the world of tennis. Take one quick look at the Serbian beauty and it’s blatantly obvious what her top asset is; those darn legs that seem to keep going on and on for days. Not to mention her tremendous smile which is also a top of the line asset, just not of the “Not So PG” nature.

Just recently, the 29 year old veteran decided to call it a career after she felt as though she was no longer able to keep up with the new young and old guard of the tour. If it’s the end, she had one hell of a run, her greatest year was the summer of 2008 when she was ranked number one in the entire world. Her victory at the French Open propelled her to the position.

3 Sania Mirza - Chest Gains


Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine the 30 year olds finest “Not So PG” assets, looking at this candid shot, the answer seems to be starring at us right in the face. Seriously though, aren’t candid shots the best, creepy yes, but a legit way to determine a player’s true beauty, or in this case, their “Not So PG” assets.

Hailing from India, Sania had an impressive WTA placement as of May 2017 being ranked eighth in the entire world. She’s another beauty on this list that was formerly ranked number one in the world at a point in 2015, following her heroic victories at both Wimbledon and The US Open. Not to mention she’d go on to win the Australian Open the next year in 2016 as well.

2 Karolina Pliskova - Cleavage Queen 


Karolina is one impressive female both on and off the court. Off the court, she cleans up quite nicely as you see in the candid picture. She didn’t shy away from showing off some cleavage that day, unveiling her fine “Not So PG” assets.

On the court, the Czech native is just as impressive and a big time future gem reaching her first Grand Slam finals in 2016, reaching the final stage of the US Open. Thus far, she has eight singles titles and looks to be a force in the very near future. She currently ranks in the top 15 at number 15. We can expect to see her in the top ten in all likelihood in the very near future.

1 Serena Williams - Booty For The Win 


We close off the article with the most popular tennis player in the world and that’s the beautiful Serena Williams. According to the Daily Mail, Serena has the best body in all of pro sports. Judging by the plethora of photos, it’s truly hard to disagree.

Serena has taken some steamy photos as of late both posing in bikini shoots and of the candid nature. One asset in particular always seems to stick out and that’s her darn fantastic booty. With over six million followers on Instagram, even her entourage of fans are baffled by her finest asset.

At the age of 35, the tennis mega star just keeps going currently ranked forth. Not to mention, her career prize money of over $84 million....Yup she’s got it all going on.

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