15 Females Athletes Who Should Just Retire And Become Models

Some people are lucky in this life to be blessed with more than one particular attribute that makes them special. Some people can cook and also have a great handle on mathematics. Some people are fantastic organizers who also have an affinity for fixing cars. And some people are blessed with a talent in athletics paired with stunning good looks. That pairing in our current society happens to be the right mix for a superstar on the field, track, or court and in front of a photographers lens.

It just doesn’t seem fair that the beauties on this list can kick all of our butts in the gym and pretty much at whatever sport they decided they wanted to humiliate us in. Including everyone from soccer players, javelin throwers, pole vaulters, MMA fighters, tennis players, snowboarders, skiers, drivers, volleyballers, a field hockey player, and and one hurdling bobsledder, the ladies on this list have had illustrious careers. For some, their time at the top of their sports is coming to a close so we decided to nudge them in the right direction and let them know that if and when they decide to call it quits in athletics that they will always be more than welcome to bust into the world of modelling. With many already sporting an active social media presence, it would not be surprising to see them transition into modelling very easily!

15 Miesha Tate

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Miesha Tate is the second former MMA star on the list who was the first real all-star rival of Ronda Rousey and although she did technically retire this year it’s tough to talk about the beauty of Ronda and not bring Miesha into the mix. After some great battles with Rousey, Tate became a household name and we were all struck by the beauty and the skill who had arrived to challenge the champion both in categories. Miesha was born in Tacoma, Washington and played the perfect foil as the small-town girl next door to Rousey’s California persona. We can’t wait to see in she decides to step back into the lights of the flashing cameras and do a little modelling now that her career in the cage has come to a close.

14 Eugenie Bouchard

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It appears as though female tennis players automatically have job security after tennis. As you will see throughout this list, there is no shortage of beauty in women's tennis. While there is also no shortage of talent, one struggling tennis star should definitely consider a career change sooner rather than later. We are of course talking about Eugenie Bouchard. The Canadian bombshell burst onto the scene and quickly caught the world's attention, but has recently fizzled out. While she has struggled to find her game on the court, her Instagram game has never been better. She has already done some modelling, but it may turn into a full time career if her play doesn't improve soon.

13 Maria Sharapova

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Maria Sharapova is probably the tennis player that most of the world associates with being beautiful and skilled. Maria is currently winding down one of the most exciting tennis careers in history. She recently faced controversy for using a banned substance, but most fans believe that was all a misunderstanding. In recent years her stunning looks have been garnering more attention than her play over the net, but we don’t mind that at all. In the long line of attractive players from the nation of Russia, Sharapova has captured our hearts with her fierce play and her gorgeous smile. And what better place to show off that smile than in front of a camera? She could probably make a whole new fortune modelling.

12 Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey is an American mixed martial artist and judo champion from Riverside, California. Rousey has always been easy on the eyes but tough on opponents and collected some Olympic hardware at the 2008 Beijing games coming home with a Bronze Medal around her neck before launching one of the most successful female MMA careers of all time with the UFC where she defended her Bantamweight title 6 times. Rousey has never been shy in front of the camera and when she’s not pounding on people in the ring she always looks great for a night on the town. After a few tough losses she has stepped away from the octagon recently and it looks like she’s close to hanging up the gloves and hopefully picking up the lens.

11 Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick made waves back in 2005 where she became one of the only women to ever compete in the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500 and she quickly became a household name not only because she was a great up and coming driving but because when she stepped out of that race car she was an absolute stunner at that. Danica became the first woman to win an IndyCar Series race and lead both the Indianapolis and Daytona 500s and became the first woman of racing in our hearts. Patrick’s been racing for a long time and it’s probably time she step aside sooner rather than later, which may be beneficial for us fellas because she still looks as good today as she did when we first saw her behind the wheel.

10 Serena Williams

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Serena Williams is one of the most decorated tennis players of all time (Male or Female) and for nearly two decades has been dominating the women’s game. She is ranked #22 in the world at the writing of this list but has consistently hovered around the #1 rank throughout her career. Serena already has 23 Majors wins and is rumoured to return after her recent pregnancy, perhaps at this year's Australian Open. Personally, we wouldn't mind one bit if she hung up the racket and spent more time posing in front of the camera. Williams is as attractive for a number of reasons. Her will and determination along with her incredible physique are a major pull for fans. She recently appeared in Sports Illustrated’s Swim Suit Issue.

9 Maria Kirilenko

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Maria Kirilenko has been playing tennis for a long time. In fact, she has been turning our heads by setting the WTA on fire since 2001. Though she is currently taking a break from tennis for an undetermined period, we are happy to say that she still looks fantastic. The native of Moscow, Russia has always been able to keep fans on the edge of their seat. Though she was never as successful in singles as she was in doubles, there is little doubt that she is a phenomenal tennis star. There is even less doubt that she would be the perfect example of a female athlete who went on to be a top model in the fashion world. Fans across the world can dream of it, and hopefully their dream comes true.

8 Leryn Franco

Leryn Franco is undeniably one of the most gorgeous women in sports, maybe in sports history. The Paraguayan javelin expert never quite reached the top of her sport on the podium but she did create millions of sore necks as she walked across our screens competing in three consecutive Olympic games from 2004-2012. And yes, technically Franco is currently retired from her career as a javelin thrower but she is currently the Director of a Paraguayan athletics club including a track, basketball team, and soccer team, so she can still retire from that career and become a model and put a smile on every man’s face across the globe. Leryn has graced the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was runner up in a Miss Universe Paraguay pageant.

7 Melanie Adams

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Melanie Adams is an Australian pole vaulter who competed in the 2012 Olympics in London. She began pole vaulting at the age of 11 and went on to win 2 under-21 in her native Australia. Melanie is also a very accomplished volleyball player and at a the age of 28 it’s pretty tough for us to ask her to give up her athletic aspirations just yet but one could argue that this stunner would have far more success with a career as a model than she has ever reached in her 2 chosen sports. With her natural smile, flowing blonde hair, and absolutely amazing body from every angle it’s just not fair that we don’t see her in more photo shoots and at the peak of our attentions.

6 Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is an absolute babe and we’ve had so much fun watching her rip down the slopes over a long and accomplished career. The American from Saint Paul, Minnesota made her debut at age 16 at the World Cup and has 2 World Championship Gold Medals and 1 Olympic Gold medal to her name, and it’s no wonder, she’s so hot that the snow must melt under her skis. Vonn had a recent relationship with PGA bad boy Tiger Woods and is currently getting ready for the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics is Seoul, South Korea. This will Likely been Vonn’s last Olympics which sounds good to us so we can all kick back in a hot tub for some apres ski. C’mon Vonn, time to focus on some more photo shoots after 1 more Gold Medal.

5 Lolo Jones

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Lolo Jones is an American hurdler and bobsledder who has competed on the world stage for many, many years. This 2-sport beauty has some Gold Medal hardware from the World Indoor Track-and-Field Championships and has competed at the Olympic level (although not with that much success. The babe from Des Moines, Iowa is definitely coming down to the end of her athletics career and that’s a shame because we do all enjoy watching her compete in those track outfits and that shapely one-piece speed suits developed for the bobsled track, but perhaps it’s time for Lolo to strike up a new career as a looker in front of the camera. Please Lolo, don’t say no no to our request, we don’t want to see you go go.

4 Ashlyn Harris

Ashlyn harris has been all over the world with the gloves on as a premier goaltender playing between the posts. She has played as far away as Sweden and is currently a teammate of Ali Krieger on the Orlando Pride who also appears on this list which makes it hard for us to not imagine that someday they might team-up in front of the camera as well. Harris is an accomplished goalie who has strutted her stuff across many leagues and at the national level but as her career begins to wind down it might be time to look towards a future career in front of the lens. We’re not sure that’s asking too much Ashlyn, at least think about it.

3 Jaqueline Carvalho


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Jaqueline Carvalho is a great athlete but does she ever have the features of a model. The Brazilian born beauty is a very accomplished volleyball player who has had an outstanding career littered with gold medals including 2 at the Olympic games in 2008 Beijing and 2012 London. She’s been playing for the Brazilian national team since 2001 and is definitely one of the elder stateswomen of the team, that’s a long time to put your body through the rigours of athletics. Maybe it’s time for Carvalho to take down the net and put her gorgeous 6 ft 1 in frame in front of the camera more often. We’d like nothing more than to see those beautiful sharp features well lit and spread out on the page.

2 Ellen Hoog

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Ellen Hoog is a Dutch field hockey player who looks just as good in front of the camera as she does when she’s swinging the stick around on the pitch. She has plenty of championship hardware kicking around the old trophy case with a Gold Medal in 2008 Beijing, a Gold Medal in 2012 London, and a Silver Medal in 2016 Rio de Janeiro, as well as 2 Golds and a Silver at the World Cup. A native of the Netherlands, Ellen is a perfect picture of a hottie from Holland who kicks butt at her sport and looks incredible whenever she steps out onto the town. She’s been representing her country on the world stage since 2004 and it looks like her time knocking balls around is almost up. But don’t worry I’m sure photos of the enchanting Ellen will been gracing our screens for years to come.

1 Clair Bidez

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Clair Bidez is a former American professional snowboarder who was a half-pipe specialist who had a few minor victories on the World Cup circuit. At a young age Claire switched from skiing to snowboarding and had a lot of success as a junior and grabbed a lot of national attention. She barely missed out on competing in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and had a bunch of injury troubles that, paired with a desire to go back to school, led to her deciding to give up professional snowboarding. Bidez was featured in the 2010 Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Even though she’s already retied from snowboarding, this looker aspired to work in environmental science and if she’s out there working in that field, maybe she can retire and become a model, or at least think about it part-time.

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