15 Fit Athletes Who Take Yoga Pants To A Whole New Level

Our hats are tipped to some of our favorite female athletes who take a pair of yoga pants to a whole new level - and then some!

Solid color, bright color, mixed color, full legged, three quarter length, mesh, boot cut, flared, the list of various types of yoga pants are nearly endless. Either way, all of the above and unmentioned would no doubt look perfectly stunning on each of the following fifteen ladies who take yoga pants to a whole new level. Probably the greatest invention since the sports bra, yoga pants have taken over the world. Casual wear, athletic wear, office wear, club wear, you name it and yoga pants can be found on beautiful women everywhere.

For the following fifteen ladies, all of which at some point in their career have been on top or near the top of their respective careers at some point - not only are they amazing at their sport, but they are equally as amazing in a pair of yoga pants. Whether it be their well endowed bottoms or their well toned legs or for those graced by god a package of both, these gorgeous females have captured the attention of men (and women) around the world for not only their professional successes but for the sake of this list how amazing they fill out a pair of yoga pants. Regardless of if they rock Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, UA or whatever other brand they are sponsored by, our hats are tipped to some of our favorite female athletes who take a pair of yoga pants to a whole new level and then some.

15 Nikki Bella


We all know how the Bella twins struggled creating a real identity for themselves early in their career, but as time has passed over the last decade, each was given their own run with the Divas Championship and a place in WWE history (each credited with a nipple slip, just sayin).

14 Alex Morgan


Olympic gold, check. World Cup, yup. EA Sports game cover, done. Nike contract, signed. As one of the most successful and popular female athletes of all time, the 28 year old California stunner has done it all. Throw in a couple of pictorials in SI Swimsuit, Health, Self and Shape and well, chances are you are going to grab the attention of warm blooded male (and female) sports fans around the world.

13 Sloane Stephens


Serena Williams isn't ready to hand over the mantle of best female tennis player just yet, but that won't stop Stephens from continuing to make a bid at the title. And that title isn't limited to just the play on the court as the 24 year old beauty gives the younger Williams sister a run for her money when it comes to filling out a pair of yoga pants as well. Okay, who are we kidding, chances are limited to a select few that can compete with Serena in the derriere department, but it's not all about the junk in the trunk when it comes to yoga pants.

12 Blair O'Neal


Do yourself a favor take a minute and go visit Blair O'Neal's website.....that's okay, we'll wait (just don't forget to come back and read the rest of this list)....Ah, welcome back, well worth the trip wasn't it? Now take another minute and go visit her us, it is again worth a look-see.

11 Michelle Waterson

#ufc218 can't come soon enough!!! Thank you @trainwithreecer for all the help😎

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Most average MMA/UFC fans will probably list Ronda Rousey, Gina Carano and Paige VanZant (who we will see later) as three of the hottest ladies to ever enter the octagon - one that gets left off the list is The Karate Hottie. When you take into account the volume of leg and glute work that these ladies put in during an average gym session, it is no wonder that they look absolutely stunning in a pair of skin tight pants that outline all of their nicely toned features.

10 Kim Glass

While she has a reasonable amount of booty to fill out a pair of yoga pants, what places the US Volleyball star on this list is her 6'3" in frame that includes a lovely pair of well toned stems. Most male volleyball fans enjoy checking out the women's game because of the sexy booty shorts, which are basically the sister to the yoga pant.

9 Sydney Leroux


Just because she moved from Canada to the United States doesn't mean that both countries can't appreciate the stunning soccer star's beauty. As one of the top soccer players in the world, the various and countless training sessions that the US National team and FC Kansas City forward certainly help her fill out a pair of yoga pants.

8 Lindsey Vonn


Considering that Vonn's work uniform includes a body hugging ski suit that clings to every inch of all of her curves, there is little reason why she shouldn't be included on this list. Throw in the fact that the majority of her time on the slopes means that she is hunched over in an athletic semi squat like position means that her calves, thighs, quads and glutes have to be in tip top shape. Perfect for a pair of yoga pants during her time away from the snow.

7  7. Elena Delle Donne

Being one of the best basketball players in the world without a championship isn't limited to players like Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Patrick Ewing or Steve Nash...Okay, considering the topic at hand is sexy athletes in yoga pants, let's wipe that image of Chuck in a pair of Lululemons out of our minds. With a league MVP, Rookie of the Year and multiple All-WNBA team honors on her resume, Delle Donne is one of the top players in the world of women's basketball.

6 Skylar Diggins


While on court Diggins has more than held her own at every level, as a three time WNBA All-Star, a two time All-WNBA First Team member, a McDonald's All-American and a Gatorade National Player of the Year, unfortunately her lack of team success often leads her to being an unknown in the female sports world.

5 Summer Rae

She may no longer be with the WWE and unfortunately chances are slim that she will ever return unless it is for some sort of gimmick Battle Royal match (Royal Rumble?), but that doesn't mean that the former Lingerie Football League star shouldn't be eligible for this list. Yes she has been off of television for nearly a year, mostly due to injury and while there are many wrestling fans who cringe at the thought of ladies such as Rae who played more of an eye candy role than they did that of a legit wrestling talent.

4  4. Jaqueline Carvalho


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Brazilian, volleyball, butt, yoga pants. Yup they all go together. Not only is the 33 year old spiker a successful key member of the Brazilian National Volleyball program, but she is an absolute smoke show, whether she is rocking a pair of booty tight volleyball shorts or a pair of yoga pants. Who is this beauty you ask? Well she is one of the best volleyball players in the world who proudly claims two Olympic gold medals (2012, 2008) and a pair of silver medals from the World Championships (2010, 2006).

3 Alexa Bliss


Whether you choose to engage in the "Biscuit Butt" chants that now follow the Raw Women's Champion, there is no arguing that; A) Little Miss Bliss is one of the most compelling wrestlers currently on the WWE roster and B) that her rear end fits perfectly into a pair of yoga pants. As a former competitive bodybuilder, Bliss obviously spends a lot of time in the gym and taking care of her body, which means that she also spends a lot of time rocking the stereotypical women's gym wardrobe. Yup, you guessed it, that means her little biscuit is snuggly packed into a pair of yoga pants.

2 Serena Williams


There are some sports fans out there that think Serena is too much woman for them to handle. We aren't talking too much as in overweight, we're talking too much as in the fact that she has a lot more muscle than most others, be it female or even male. Others look at her and appreciate the well put together body of arguably the most dominate female tennis player the world has ever seen.

1  1. Eugenie Bouchard


Three years ago at this time, Bouchard was but a few steps the top of the WTA mountain as she was ranked fifth in the world thanks to a career year with solid appearances in all four grand slam events, capped by a spot in the Wimbledon Championship match. Since that time life her professional life has been a downward spiral for the 23 year old Canadian native.

While she has been a hot mess on the court, Bouchard continues to be equally as hot off of it as she ranks among the hottest ladies on the circuit. For a vote of self confidence, let's flash back to last year when 'Genie was captured promoting Nike's newest yoga apparel line via Instagram that translated into saying that the pants make one's peach look hot. Hey, after taking a peak at her peach, nobody here is arguing. Sure many of us enjoy her more traditional work apparel, being a short tennis skirt, but a tight pair of yoga pants is something that few will ever get tired of seeing Bouchard in.

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15 Fit Athletes Who Take Yoga Pants To A Whole New Level