15 Fitness Models Who Are Hotter Than Jen Selter

For many years, supermodels dominated the scene when it came to the hottest women in the world. With their lanky frame and svelte physique, the glamazon supermodels were definitely gorgeous – but they had a certain body type that you either had or you didn’t. There wasn’t much you could do to grow an extra six inches in height or to diet away your curves completely, no matter how much women tried. Nowadays, luckily, there’s an entirely different body type that many women are striving for – and many men are lusting after. And, unlike the supermodel physique, this one is attainable by pretty much anyone, no matter what their height or natural shape. We’re talking about a fit body packed with muscular curves.

Luckily, there are plenty of women out there to drool over who embody this perfect physique. And no, we’re not only talking about Jen Selter. While Selter’s Kim Kardashian-esque curves definitely caught the public attention, she is definitely not the only fitness model worth knowing. In fact, in our humble opinion, she’s not even the hottest – there are a ton of fitness models around the world that would have even the smoothest guy stumbling over his words.

Here are 15 fitness models that are way hotter than Jen Selter.

17 Svetlana Bilyalova

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Even though you might have never heard of her before, Russian fitness model Svetlana Bilyalova has a staggering 4 million followers on Instagram – and one look at her will explain why she’s earned so many fans around the world. Unlike many other fitness models, she actually doesn’t post a ton of pictures of herself in the gym or actively working out – but her physique proves that she definitely puts in a lot of sweat equity to get that body. Many people often associate fitness models with the United States, as that’s where a ton of them are concentrated, but Bilyalova proves that even in the chilliest of climates, you can find women who know how to absolutely rock a bikini. In comparison with some of the other fitness models out there, Bilyalova hasn’t made much of an impact with any entrepreneurial endeavours, but hey – when you look that good, people will continue to take your picture forever.

16 Jenna Renee Webb

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Jenna Renee Webb received some attention lately due to issues in her personal life – with MMA fighter Travis Browne, to be particular. However, try not to let all that domestic drama detract from the main point – Webb is now single and sexier than ever. The WBFF Bikini Pro has gone from a little bit overweight to a little bit underweight to her current weight, which we think you’ll agree is pretty much perfect. She eats a typical clean bodybuilder’s diet and trains on a six day split, making sure to hit all those muscle groups – chest, triceps, back, biceps, shoulders and legs. Though she acknowledges that keeping such a clean diet requires a lot of sacrifices, and can often be alienating (such as when she’s dining at a restaurant and is forced to ask for plain chicken to stick to her plan), it’s definitely worth it – she looks absolutely phenomenal.

15 Robin Gallant

This Canadian cutie might have caught your eye with her successful YouTube channel or in one of her many advertisements for Gymshark clothing. She is a bikini competitor and powerlifter who is also quite the smart cookie – she studied biochemistry, eventually earning a Bachelor of Science degree. Oh, and she’s also a strength coach – so this fitness guru definitely knows her stuff. Quite honestly, we’re shocked that she has less than 200,000 followers on Instagram because she’s a stone cold fox. She’s keeping things pretty low key now, getting the occasional photoshoot here and there and competing every now and then, but we have a feeling that if Gallant ever decided to amp things up a bit, she could easily become the next Jen Selter. Not only is her body incredible, she also has the face of a Hollywood starlet – we see big things in this girl’s future for sure.


13 Caroline Berg Eriksen

You may not know who Caroline Berg Eriksen is if you live in North America, but we have a feeling that you’ll be pretty glad you heard of her the minute you see her photo. The Norwegian mega-babe Eriksen has a blog where she documents her life – and, in particular, her fitness adventures. You might also recognize her from her recent controversy – Berg, who is married to a soccer player, recently gave birth – and she angered a lot of people by posting a shot of her post-baby body looking phenomenal mere days after giving birth. That’s right - four days after having a baby she basically had every woman’s ideal body. Many were hating on her for perpetuating unrealistic expectations of post-baby bodies, but hey – she still earns a spot on any list of hot fitness models. I mean, look at her – that body is absolutely insane!

12 Lais De Leon

Lais De Leon was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil – and, as you might expect given her Brazilian birthplace, she’s an absolute bombshell. Seriously, what on earth is in the water there that produces such stunning women? De Leon definitely always had the face to model, but she started drifting towards the fitness world when she was 19. Apparently, after a while of trying to get the physique she wanted with activities like cardio and yoga, De Leon finally mustered up the courage to venture into the weight room – and the rest is history. She eats just what you would expect she would eat – things like green juices, lean proteins, Greek yogurt and protein shakes – but who knows, maybe if you took her to a nice enough place she’d be willing to splurge a little and enjoy a cheat meal. That is, if she ever agreed to go out on a date with you – we bet she’s not exactly hurting for choices.

11 Dianna Dahlgren

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Dianna Dahlgren is no stranger to being in front of the camera – she started modeling when she was just 13 years old. While her gorgeous face granted her entry into the world of fashion at a young age, when she was 19, she decided that she wanted something a little bit more – she wanted to sculpt her slim model-perfect physique into something a little more muscular, a little more fit, hard work rather than haute couture. So, she got to training – and soon began competing in fitness competitions. Since then, Dahlgren has amassed quite the social media following, has taken first place at the Phoenix Pro competition in 2011, and has even toured the country with Supercross. And, if that wasn’t enough, she has also had the chance to grace the cover of countless fitness magazines including Muscle, Fitness Hers and Flex – so, as you might imagine, her physique is absolutely bananas.

10 Brittany Renner

Brittany Renner is the kind of girl who likes to pay it forward – while she works on sculpting and maintaining her own crazy physique, she’s also put out an app that helps others achieve their fitness goals. Sure, she got into a bit of hot water awhile back when rumors started swirling about her and quarterback Colin Kaepernick, but let’s keep things focused on the beauty’s fitness career. She’s hosted boot camps across the country and while she hasn’t quite reached the level of fame that some other fitness models have and she doesn’t have a stack of magazine covers to her name, we have no doubt that she’s on her way – she’s absolutely gorgeous, her abs get more shredded by the year, and she knows how to work her angles in front of the camera like an absolute pro. This definitely isn’t the last you’ve seen of Brittany Renner.

9 Alice Matos

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If you’ve ever read anything about supermodels, Victoria’s Secret Angels in particular, you’ll know that a large majority of the most gorgeous women in the world come from Brazil. We’re not sure if it’s just something in the water or what, but for some reason, that nation produces some insanely gorgeous women – just take Alice Matos, for example. The Brazilian bodybuilder was an athlete her whole life and in her 20s decided that she would really amp up her training and start working with a personal trainer to get a beach-ready body. Matos soon managed to sculpt her physique into a competition ready state and the rest, as they say, is history. As hard as it might be to give up pizza and beer, a woman like Alice Matos just might convince you that a diet of chicken breast, egg whites and protein shakes is worth suffering through – if she does it and looks like that, imagine what it could do for your physique!

8 Cally Clarice Breaux

If you catch a glimpse at this mega-babe’s face alone, chances are you’d assume she’s just another beauty or fashion guru on the internet, or perhaps some rising starlet trying to make it big in Hollywood. However, keep looking and you’ll soon see shot after shot of the brunette bombshell in the gym getting her pump on. Let’s be honest – it’s girls like Cally Clarice that probably motivate you to get to the gym in the first place, on the off chance that you can get a glimpse of them while you’re trying to bulk up your own physique. The only problem is, this nationally qualified bikini competitor and Shredz ambassador might just be able to best you at the squat rack. Don’t feel too bad – it takes a lot of hours in the gym to get that kind of a physique, and this fitness superstar is definitely more shredded than the average gym-goer.

7 Meredith Mack

While a large majority of the well-known fitness models are in their 20s, Meredith Mack proves that turning 30 doesn’t mean you automatically start to gain weight and lose your shredded physique. In fact, at 34, we’d argue she looks better than ever. She’s an IFBB Bikini Pro who trains hard, eats clean, and continues to sculpt and shape her insane physique year after year. While she occasionally posts gym selfies on her social media accounts, she mostly uses them to share shots of how gorgeous she is – and pretty much proves once and for all that toned and muscular definitely does not mean manly whatsoever. We have a feeling that Meredith Mack still has a lot of projects ahead of her and with her personal website currently under construction, we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. I mean, the last name alone seems perfect for some kind of fitness empire.

6 Heidi Somers

Blonde bombshell Heidi Somers proves that good things definitely come in small packages. This fitness fox grew up in North Pole, Alaska (yes, it’s a real place) and when she was 20 moved to sunny San Antonio, Texas. In her early 20s, she struggled with her weight and actually packed quite a few extra pounds onto her petite frame, and when she turned to the gym to help shed those pounds, a passion for fitness was ignited. Somers is no stranger to the world of fitness competitions, and has competed in several CrossFit competitions as well as in NPC shows in the bikini division. The nationally qualified bikini competitor is also a main athlete for fitness companies including 1 Up Nutrition, Live Fit Apparel, and Sweet Sweat USA, among others. It’s no wonder that companies are clamoring to work with this pint-sized powerhouse – she’s gorgeous, has a cheery attitude, and has a physique that looks absolutely stunning on camera.

5 Jessica Arevalo

Jessica Arevalo has a bit of a family link to the fitness industry. Unlike many other fitness models who stumbled across weight lifting at some point in their 20s, Jessica Arevalo actually started lifting heavy in the gym when she was 17 years old – with the help of her father. Papa Arevalo taught his daughter to make gains by training in the Arnold style – going to the gym regularly and isolating different body parts on different training days in order to achieve the maximum effect. Since then, Arevalo has carved out a career for herself in the fitness industry. She’s an athlete for Shredz and Lifetime Natural, she has over 2 million followers on Instagram, she’s constantly attending fitness expos and showing off her physique in photographs, and she continues to train hard, week in and week out, because that’s what it takes. We’re betting her dad had no idea what kind of passion he was inspiring when he first took Jessica to the gym!

4 Paige Hathaway

Let’s just get one thing straight – Paige Hathaway is basically the definition of a blonde bombshell. The American cutie wasn’t always as muscular and toned as she is today, though. About five years ago, she was a typical slim woman with not much muscle definition – not someone who needed to lose weight, but definitely not someone who looks like she could easily squat her body weight and then some. Then, she decided on a whim to enter a bikini competition – and she trained hard, putting in countless hours at the gym. She eventually placed second at the Ronnie Coleman Classic and started her accidental fitness modeling career. She grew her following on social media pretty much solely based on how incredible she looks, and was soon tapped to be sponsored by many fitness brands and even created a fitness program, Fit in 5. It just goes to show that you never know where life is going to take you – but we’re glad Paige Hathaway became a household name.


2 Ashley Kaltwasser

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If you’re even the slightest bit interested in the fitness world, chances are you know exactly who this bombshell is. Ashley Kaltwasser was an athlete throughout her life, competing both in high school and college, and in her early 20s after she graduated, she decided she needed to add a bit more competitive spirit to her workouts – so she signed up to compete in a bikini competition. The rest, as they say, is history. Kaltwasser has earned countless wins in fitness competitions, including holding the title of Ms. Bikini Olympia for three consecutive years – an incredible feat, given the caliber of competitors challenging her every year. While you definitely want to make sure you follow her on social media, you might also come across her image in pretty much every major fitness magazine out there – she’s been in just about all of them over her brief but insanely successful career.

1 Alicia Marie

Alicia Marie is without question one of the most recognizable faces in the fitness world – she’s been working her booty off (both figuratively and literally) over the years, building a career and keeping her physique sculpted. She’s been featured in countless magazine spreads, and we’re not just talking about small photos in local publications – she’s been on the cover of Oxygen, several times! From creating a DVD workout series called the 30-Day Butt Lift to penning her book, The Booty Bible, this fit and foxy lady has definitely been busy over the years. However, though she trains hard and eats clean, that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun and indulge her geeky side – it turns out that this fitness pro is a huge fan of cosplay and frequently gets all dolled up like her favourite pop culture characters. We’re betting that she stops everyone in their tracks at any cosplay conventions she attends.

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