15 Gorgeous Female Hockey Players You Need To See To Believe

We too often focus on how beautiful the WAGs of hockey players are and while that's certainly true in almost every case, there are countless beautiful female hockey players who go overlooked. In addition to being supremely talented on the ice, these women are incredibly beautiful off of it. Hockey is an international sport and extremely popular in Europe, which is great for our purposes as we all know European beauties are second to none. This list is comprised of several Finns, Swedes, and even Russians, all of whom could certainly pursue a career in modeling if they weren't talented hockey players. But it's not just the European babes; we can't forget the North American women who populate this list.

In addition to women on both the Canadian and American national teams, the college hockey ranks has its fair share of women who could thrive in the modeling industry, including one goaltender who has received plenty of press in recent weeks for her stunning good looks, though she happens to be quite talented between the pipes. Men's hockey should be pretty boring at the upcoming Winter Olympics without NHL players, so we suggest you get to know some of these babes who could very well represent their respective countries in 2018.

15 Meghan Agosta

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Meghan Agosta is not only super hot, she's also one of the best forwards to ever represent Canada. The 30 year old is a three-time Olympic gold medalist who has a combined 23 points in 15 tournament games, including 15 points at the 2010 Winter Olympics, where she was easily Canada's top player. Following the team winning the gold medal, Agosta and other teammates celebrated on the ice by popping champagne and smoking cigars.

She played a couple of seasons with the CWHL upon completing her collegiate career with Mercyhurst University, but stopped playing full-time in 2015 to become a police officer in Vancouver, the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. She continues to work in law enforcement, but has taken a one-year leave of absence this year to play in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

14 Susanna Tapani

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A former University of North Dakota center, 24 year old Susanna Tapani is a native of Laitila, Finland who presently plays with Lukko of the top-tier Finnish women's league. She is not only one of the best Finnish-born forwards, but one of the best in the world - and she has the statistics to back it up. Tapani has participated in five World Championships throughout her career and compiled a total of 16 points, including a career-best nine points in six games during the 2017 World Championships. She has carried that momentum into this season as she has five points through her first three games.

The beautiful Finn was recently in Orlando, Florida with fellow Finnish national teammates, including one other woman on this list, as they cheered on fellow countrymen Lauri Markkanen of the visiting Chicago Bulls.

13 Halli Krzyzaniak

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A native of Brandon, Manitoba, Halli Krzyzaniak is a 22 year old defenseman who recently concluded a four-year career at the University of North Dakota, where she totaled 58 points in 139 games. Additionally, she has represented Canada in three World Championships and has a combined four points in 15 games. She's a three-time silver medalist and was drafted in the fourth round of the 2016 NWHL Draft by the Boston Pride.

Krzyzaniak's beauty is obvious, but it's her talent that stands out just as much; she is the second-youngest defender to represent Canada at the World Championships and will help anchor the team's defensive core at the 2018 Olympics. We don't have enough space to include every member of the Canadian team, but we should note  that Krzyzaniak is just one of many beauties on the team, including Renata Fast, Laura Stacey, and the talented scorer below.

12 Angelina Goncharenko

Russia has given us a host of Bond villains, political meddling, and endless viral videos of its citizens doing ridiculous things, but we can't forget what it has done for the hockey world. Pavel Bure, Sergei Fedorov, Alex Ovechkin and others are great and all, but we're most thankful for Angelina Goncharenko, a 23 year old defenseman who looks equally impressive both with and without makeup. Her Instagram account has photos of both, and let's just say she has effortless beauty.

On the ice, Goncharenko represented Russia at the 2014 Winter Olympics and has participated in five World Championships dating back to 2011. Her club team is Tornado Dmitrov, where she is an alternate captain. The offensive defenseman has an impressive 75 points through 87 career regular season games.

11 Viona Harrer

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Because of their dialect and accent, Germans can be kind of intimidating, but that isn't the case with Viona Harrer, who has soft eyes and a pretty face to boot. The 31 year old goaltender has represented her country in six World Championships as well as the 2014 Winter Olympics, where she recorded an impressive 2.00 goals against average and .938 save percentage in three games.

Harrer hasn't played since those Olympics, but is still an absolute stunner off the ice, and could probably still compete at the upcoming Olympics. In her prime, she starred for the third-tier men's division team Tolzer Lowen; in 2012-13, she recorded a 2.32 GAA through 22 starts. The highlight of her career came at the 2009 Women's Four Nations Tournament in which she was named the top goaltender.

10 Eveliina Suonpaa

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Finland often gets overshadowed by Sweden in regard to the beauty of its women, but if its hockey players are any indication, the Scandinavian country could very well be considered the most beautiful on the planet. The latest entry from Finland also happens to be a goaltender. Eveliina Suonpaa is a 22 year old who has played in two World Championships to date and will most likely participate in her second Olympic Games in 2018.

The flexible Finn details her life on her Instagram account, including photos of her hanging upside down in what we can only assume is a training method and not a bedroom toy. Despite making a career on the ice, she seems to enjoy spending most of her off days at the beach, even recently as she is with her Finnish teammates in Florida for the Four Nations Cup.

9 Annie Pankowski

We haven't forgotten about American women. Hockey has grown considerably in the United States in the past few decades and Annie Pankowski is a product of that growth. Whereas hockey was all but nonexistent in warmer climates prior to the 1980s, it is now quite popular thanks to teams like the San Jose Sharks, Los Angeles Kings, and Anaheim Ducks. Pankowski is a native of Laguna Hills, California whose talent is enough to have earned her two selections with the United States World Championship team. She played three years of college hockey with the University of Wisconsin and has posted 55-plus points in each of the past two seasons.

Off the ice, the beautiful blonde enjoys hanging out with her equally good-looking Wisconsin teammates. Her Instagram account is also filled with photos of her and her teammates with the dominant United States national team.

8 Alexandra Vafina

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Although Europe has a few high-profile female leagues, several women come to the United States to play collegiate hockey and earn an education. Alexandra Vafina of Russia did just that in 2012 when she enrolled at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, but the brunette babe lasted only one season with the team and spent the next three seasons with the University of Calgary. The Canadian university game isn't quite as heralded as the NCAA, but the level of hockey is just as impressive, and Vafina managed 50 points in 58 games with Calgary. The 27 year old is playing back in Russia this year.

Vafina has represented Russia in two Olympic Games and eight World Championships, posting a combined 13 points in 53 games at the international level.

7 Kelly Terry

A native of Whitby, Ontario, Kelly Terry had a dominant collegiate career with the University of Minnesota, where she played four seasons and recorded 155 points in 158 games. Surprisingly, the beautiful blonde has only played for Canada once at the World Championships. She last played for the Toronto Furies during the 2016-17 CWHL regular season and recorded 12 points in 24 games.

Not all blondes are hot, but it certainly helps. Terry, meanwhile, would be beautiful with just about any hair color as she has a great face, warm smile, and stunning body. She's also incredibly smart; she recently retired from playing hockey to pursue a doctorate degree in physical therapy at Nova Southeastern University. The decision came after she was a final cut for the 2018 Canadian Olympic team.

6 Meeri Raisanen

If you've been keeping up, you may have noticed there's quite a few Finns on this list as well as a couple goaltenders. It would stand to reason then that there would be a Finnish goaltender stunning enough to crack the list - that's where Meeri Raisanen comes in. The beautiful blonde is a 27 year old native of Tampere who has been a fixture with the Finnish national team since 2011 and is currently part of the country's Four Nations Cup roster. Finland is far from a powerhouse in women's hockey, but Raisanen did lead the team to a bronze medal at the World Championships in 2015, when she posted a remarkable 1.99 GAA and .932 save percentage in six games.

Off the ice, Raisanen looks phenomenal in just about every setting, whether it's in the gym banging out some squats, at the beach, or hanging out with her teammates.

5 Anna Prugova

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Sticking with goaltenders, we come to Anna Prugova, a 23 year old Russian who has the look of a spectacular Swede. The blonde beauty is arguably the hottest female hockey player from Russia and perhaps one of the country's hottest women in general if you ask us. Her Instagram account is filled with pictures of her looking great in full goalie gear, expensive dresses, and even casual clothing. She can really do no wrong.

On the ice, Prugova has represented Russia in two Olympic Games and four World Championships. She is off to a great start to the 2017-18 season with her club team in Russia, so we can only hope that she's part of the country's national team at the 2018 Winter Olympics, especially since she played so well in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

4 Hilary Knight

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One of the most well-known female hockey players in the world also happens to be one of the best looking. Hilary Knight might not be blonde like half the women on this list, but the brunette babe is an easy 10 out of 10 with her beautiful face, captivating smile, and excellent assets; there is a reason, after all, she is followed by nearly 70,000 people on Instagram and was asked to pose for ESPN's The Body Magazine.

The 28 year old native of San Francisco, California has played in the past two Olympic Games for the United States and has a combined 14 points in 10 games. She appears to be getting even better as she recorded a combined 30 points in her last 15 World Championship contests.

3 Monika Gyomber

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From what we can tell, Monika Gyomber hasn't played competitive hockey in a few years, but she definitely has her fair share of fans. The 26 year old played with men's teams for much of her career as Hungary isn't exactly a thriving hockey nation with a competitive women's program. She did, however, participate on the women's national team a few times, including in 2011, when she posted an impressive 2.33 GAA and .947 save percentage through three games at the Division-III World Championships.

There isn't much easily accessible information on what she's up to these days, but a German website did an interview and photo-shoot with her for which we're very thankful. It's really unfortunate that Hungary won't be competing in the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics.

2 Presley Norby

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A native of Shorewood, Minnesota, Presley Norby has yet to represent the United States at the senior national level, but the 19 year old is a strong candidate to do so in the near future as she was previously an alternate captain with the U-18 national team and is one of the NCAA's top scorers through the first half of the 2017-18 regular season. A sophomore with the University of Wisconsin, Norby has 17 points through 16 games and sits tied for 10th in the nation in scoring.

Off the ice, the beautiful blonde Badger is just about what you would expect. She's giving the "peace" sign in nearly half of her photos on Instagram and seems to love spending time at the beach or on the water. She's got an incredible body as well as an incredible career ahead of her.

1 Maggie Cory

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Presley Norby has nearly 9,000 followers on Instagram, which is quite a lot for a female college hockey player, but that's nothing compared to Maggie Cory, who has over 30,000 thanks to recent publicity due to being the subject of a popular blog post that highlighted her hotness. She has since made her account private, but not before some of her stunning photos circulated the web. Given the evidence presented, we can say with absolute certainty that Maggie Cory is the most beautiful female hockey player in the world.

She isn't just a pretty face, however. The Ohio State University freshman previously starred for the Madison Capitols U-19 team and posted a .915 save percentage in 35 games. She's a third-string goaltender this year with the Buckeyes, but the fact she was recruited by the prestigious program says enough about her skills between the pipes.

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