15 Hot Female Golfers Tiger Woods “Would Take To The Back 9”

Back in the early portion of the 2000s, Tiger Woods seemed to be the most polished athlete on the planet. His green game was unmatched, her was professional to a tee, and he had a beautiful wife in Elin Nordegren.

Nobody could have possibly predicted what came next. In November of 2009, things started to fall apart for Tiger. It began with an article from the National Enquirer claiming Woods was being unfaithful. It later turned into a national story following a mysterious Tiger Woods vehicle accident. The details of the crash are still skewed. What followed next was a slew of females admitting to having an affair with Woods and it changed our entire perspective of the world-renowned golfer.

He’s struggled since and that has continued with his recent incident after police found him sleeping at the driver’s seat of his car. His reputation took another hit, and even suffered his lowest world ranking ever. Things aren’t good.

The only thing that seems to be okay is the women he’s hooking up with. The rumor mill made the claim he was spending some time with Playboy model Laci Kay Somers. In light of that, we celebrate more Tiger affairs with people from his field that he’d love to "take to the back 9". As you’ll see in the article, the top names resemble his type of lady! Here are 15 female golfers Tiger Woods “would take to the back 9”. Enjoy!

15 Natalie Gulbis

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We start things off with an LPGA player that not only has a fantastic track record on the green, but visually, is a stunning blonde, something Tiger Woods has taken a liking to based on his track records of former girlfriends and casual hookups. No doubt, he’d be interested in taking this Nevada resident “to the back 9”.

She’s got the looks and the game to back it up. The Sacramento native turned pro in 2001 and has four professional wins under her belt. She enjoyed the prime of her career more than a decade ago ranking 19th in the entire world among her peers. Her play has dropped considerably since then, although we can assure you her looks haven't as she still looks quite stunning.

14 Sharmila Nicollet

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By simply searching the term “hot golfers” on Google, a name that appears to come up more times than not is of this beautiful India based golfer. She doesn’t have the long blonde locks that Tiger’s into, but her red streak, and dazzling eyes are enough to captivate anybody’s soul.

She’s no slouch on the green either, at just the age of 26, she’s already won 11 pro tournaments which is quite the accomplishment. She turned pro in 2009 at just 18 if you can believe. She became the youngest Indian to qualify for a European Tournament. One of her biggest accomplishments in the world of golf came back in 2010 when she won the WGAI Player of the Year. Now that has to impress Tiger!

13 Veronica Felibert

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If you don’t know who Veronica Felibert is, shame on you. Although in truth, we really don’t blame you as her current rank is 875th along with minor accomplishments which included a top ten finish. Though, she does manage to stand out for another reason and that’s because of her obvious beauty. The Venezuelan is absolutely sizzling and you can see for yourselves through her Instagram account. It seems like Golf.com agrees as she was voted in as one of the most beautiful golfers back in 2015. Looking at how great she still looks two years later, we have no doubts she’d still be on such a list.

If Tiger is need of a fierce, stunning and beautiful Venezuelan, he can’t go wrong with this gem. Oh, and she also likes yoga...

12 Lauren Thompson

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Looking at Lauren’s picture above, you’re probably wondering why she isn’t number one on this list. She’s absolutely gorgeous and looking at her long blonde hair, she seems like Tiger’s perfect type. However, with all that being said, we needed to slide her down the list a little bit due to the fact that she isn’t a pro, but instead a personality for the Golf Channel, mostly known for playing the role of a co-host on the Morning Drive. We’re quite sure Tiger himself wouldn’t mind having a “morning drive” with this stunning 34 year old!

Fun fact, along with her golfing background, the beauty also has some edge as she was hired by a wrestling company back in 2007, TNA Wrestling. She briefly appeared as a backstage host. She would eventually depart for a full-time career in the world of golf.

11 Maria Verchenova

We seriously feel for you if you haven’t heard of the golf beauty Maria Verchenova. If you haven’t, she’s a stunning Russian golfer with quite the following on social media. Maria has more than 30 K followers and let’s just say she doesn’t just post about her golf game. Pictures range from workout shots, to even a plethora of jaw dropping bathing suit pictures. This girl is the real deal, and someone Tiger would take to the back 9 without even thinking twice!

In terms of her golf game, the 31 year old has a plethora of top ten finishes. Most of her victories are of the amateur nature winning tournaments back in her native land of Russia. We’ll give her game the pass nonetheless, when you look this good, we forgive you for your sins!

10 Holly Sonders

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Sonders is another sizzling beauty that lands higher up on this list because of her status in the world of golf. She didn’t earn her popularity in the sport for playing it, but instead she became a household name because of her coverage of the sport.

The Golf Channel is a huge fan of Sonders and they even put up a stunning shoot of the beauty in 2016 claiming she was one of the most beautiful women in golf for 2016. The photo-shoot certainly backs the claim up as the Fox Sports beauty looks nothing shorter than superb. Oh, and if that shoot wasn’t enough you can see her beauty through Instagram with a plethora of great pictures, including a variety on the green. We can only imagine Tiger’s reaction to seeing such a beauty with green in the background!

9 Kathleen Ekey

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Ekey is another beautiful golfer that received rave reviews for her good looks by the press. It also helps her cause that she’s a beautiful American gal living in Ohio. Judging by her background and girl next door like features rocking the blonde head of hair, Tiger would fall to his knees instantly. The 30 year old also has quite the smile as documented through a slew of pictures which includes her Instagram account. From selfies, to pictures on the green, to even photo-shoot type of shots, her photos are certainly warranted of a follow.

On the green, Ekey turned pro in 2009 and was ranked in the top tier two years later for the Futures Tour money list. She even won the Tour’s Player of the Year for that run.

8 Paula Creamer

Another stunning beautiful blonde, not only does this California native got the looks, but she can even back it up on the green. Mixing in her look and game, Paula is one of the very best featured on this list. The beauty has some serious game on the green. Tiger’s probably smiling somewhere looking at such a resume.

Creamer turned pro in 2004 and has accumulated 12 professional wins thus far. She was in the headlines recently as she just came short of a tournament victory, it could have been her first win in three years which made the defeat that much more difficult to deal with.

In terms of her personal life, we must warn Tiger, this tremendous golfer is off the market. She was married in 2014 to a United Airlines pilot, Derek Heath. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean Tiger’s not allowed to dream.

7 Suzann Pettersen

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One thing we should note before we discuss this Norwegian beauty is the fact that Tiger isn’t getting any younger at the age of 41 nowadays. With that said, most of the players and personalities featured on this list are quite young in comparison to Woods. So to switch things up a little, we added a name with a little more life experience and that’s the 36 year old Pettersen. Don’t be fooled by her age however as she’s in terrific shape while rocking the blonde hair Woods just simply adores.

Her golfing resume is also pretty darn impressive racking up 22 professions wins, which includes 15 LPGA victories. Which such an awesome resume, Woods is dreaming about taking this European beauty out to the back 9!

6 Beatriz Recari

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We include some Spanish sizzle onto the list and we already know Tiger’s smiling somewhere far, far away. His love connections haven’t been limited to North America, and we truly believe he doesn’t oppose hooking up with someone of Spanish decent, enter the beautiful Beatriz Recari.

The 30 year old is another golfing pro featured on the list that has the looks and the golfing game. She turned pro in 2005 and has collected four professional wins thus far. She gathered the nickname "Iron Woman" back in 2012 due to her knack for always making the cut in tournaments. In 2012, the Iron Woman made it for all 27 LPGA events. Don’t get too excited Tiger, she been locked down since 2008, reportedly dating her caddie Andreas Thorp.

5 Claudine Foong

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Get ready folks cause it’s now time to enter the top five and boy oh boy what a competition it is. We start with Claudine who could of easily ranked in the top three. Looking at such a beauty finishing in the number five slot, Woods just can’t stop smiling. Somebody wipe that smile off of Tiger’s face!

You know you’re pretty legit when you’re serving as a sponsor for the Lululemon brand. Let’s just say it takes a nice physique to rock that kind of attire and Foong passes that test with flying colors. Not only is this beauty a golfer, but she also enjoys an array of other active activities which includes weight lifting, yoga practices and an array of outdoor activities. Woods is salivating somewhere.

4 Anna Rawson


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Take one look at the breathtaking Anna Rawson and you’d think her occupation was modelling. Seriously though, she’s that stunning. You can see for yourselves through her social media platforms, whether that be on Instagram or even Snapchat. Golf.com has also taken note of her stunning looks, featuring the beauty in one hell of a shoot for the site. Tiger’s most probably all in taking a look at a single picture.

The 35 year old hasn’t aged a day. She’s actually of Australian decent, and not American. She turned pro in 2004, but hasn’t won a tournament in quite some time. It’s okay though, she still manages to stay in the spotlight because of her mighty fine look. We believe Tiger will put her accomplishments aside and take her to the back 9 based off of her looks alone!

3 Michelle Wie

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The only reason the beautiful Hawaiian native doesn’t land atop the list is for the simple fact that Tiger prefers the blonde, big chested type. However, Wie is no slouch and an absolute beauty. One can argue she deserves a top spot on this list, and maybe even Tiger might be wondering why she isn’t.

Followed by more than 300K fans on Instagram, Wie is by far one of the most popular faces on the list. Now residing in Jupiter, Florida, her popularity has soared because of her success at such a young age winning four LPGA tournaments. She recently enjoyed big time success at the ShopRite Classic finishing third, just four shots behind the leader. It was her best finish since 2014 and we hope she can keep that pace up for the rest of the year.

2 Meghan Hardin

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It truly was a big time tug of war for the spot on this list. After going back and forth between to stunning and busty blondes, we unfortunately gave Hardin the number two spot. Looking at her plethora of pictures online, many would disagree with this verdict but hey, it was truly a tossup between two spectacular blonde beauties.

Hardin isn’t as well known compared to the first place winner of the Tiger Woods' heart stealing sweepstakes, but that doesn’t mean she’s undeserving of the spot by any means. She’s a golfer and a realtor, which is a top of the line combination. Despite the fact that she isn’t as well known, she still manages to have over 20K followers via Instagram which truly says a lot!

1 Blair O’Neal

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Just by looking at Blair visually, it would be enough to land her the top spot on the list. But when you dig a little deeper, her top spot is even more warranted. With almost 200K followers via Instagram, the pro golfer is also an accomplished model and a host for the Golf Channel. All those criteria meet the expectations of Tiger. Woods himself would be baffled by the amount of stunning pictures this gorgeous gal has whether it be on her Instagram account, or even through a quick Google search. She’s just simply got it going on.

So there you have it folks, the stunning busty model/golfer blonde is your winner and the most obvious choice for female golfer that Tiger would take to the back 9!

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