15 Hot Lindsey Vonn Pics The US Olympic Team Doesn’t Want You To See

With her dad's ski career ending at a young age, he encouraged his daughter to continue the legacy in the family. Vonn made her parents proud and went on to become a trailblazer in the sport winning a record four World Championships along with the "cherry on top", an Olympic Gold Medal back in 2010. It was the first time in history an American female won the downhill event.

Her fame has only continued to trend upwards ever since, Vonn's Instagram account is a big reason as to why. Her impact on various tabloids is another reason. Since her various shoots with ESPN and SI, Vonn has transitioned into a massive "sex symbol" worldwide. This has put her hours and hours of ski training on the back-burner as fans now look at her in a different light, one of a "Not So PG" nature. We celebrate that factor in this article with some steamy pictures the ski team likely wants us to forget about. Pictures include candid shots, photo-shoots and even photos posted by Vonn herself via Instagram.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 hot Lindsey Vonn pictures the US Olympic team doesn’t want you to see. Let`s begin with a picture from a past ESPN shoot!

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16 The Basic Instincts Shoot

via pinterest.com

Whether the Olympic ski team wants to admit or not, there simply is no denying the fact that Vonn is a massive sex symbol not only in the US, but worldwide. The likes of Sports Illustrated have covered her beauty multiple times and even outlets like ESPN took things a step even further with the gold medal winning skier. This shoot pushed the envelope and it might be one the Olympic ski teams wants to keep in the past.

Portraying Sharon Stone, Vonn put her spin on the Basic Instincts character as she posed for ESPN The Magazine. Her portrayal obviously made the cover of the magazine and let’s just say it sold an extra couple of copies because of her cameo. That would only be the start as you’ll throughout the article.

15 Recent Independence Day Post

Oh Independence Day, a beautiful time of the year to celebrate your American roots. For Vonn, that day is that much more special considering the successes she’s had in representing her country throughout the years. Ideally on such a day, the ski team would have loved for Vonn to have posted a throwback picture of a medal winning performance, instead, she went the complete opposite route.

Posted just a couple of days ago on her Instagram account, Vonn did NOT put up a ski picture but instead, a stunning shot of a breathtaking USA one-piece she was rocking. Her caption; “Representing, Happy birthday my love”. Not too shocking, the post received close to 50K likes... we assume it performed better than a throwback picture from her Olympic ski days. What do you think?

14 The Controversial Post-Tiger Post

If you follow us religiously here on The Sportster, you've probably already seen this picture floating around on a couple of other lists. Not only is the shot of the hot, "Not So PG" nature, but the timing behind it is also somewhat controversial.

Following Tiger's recent arrest when he was found passed out in front of his steering wheel, Vonn posted this mighty fine picture. The former couple is in total opposite places nowadays as Tiger just checked into rehab hitting rock bottom while Vonn, couldn't be doing any better in all aspects of life. According to her caption, "the future is bright", we assume Woods wasn’t feeling the same sentiment behind bars at that point. Steering away from any type of controversy, the ski team would have likely wanted Vonn to have posted such a picture on a later date.

13 Edgy Ski SI Shoot

via acidcow.com

A winner of four World Cup overall championships, Vonn is held in a high regard when it comes to her craft. So when she undertook such a steamy shoot with SI, you can only imagine the public outburst after the unveiling of such pictures. It was one of the first times we saw this side of Vonn and man did it ever cause a reaction. Some backlashed at how a role model can portray herself in such a light with the magazine, while others, praised her confidence in going through with such a type of photo-shoot.

At the end of the day, we truly believe the Olympic ski team would have rather these pictures never got published cause it did shed a negative light on Vonn. However, Lindsey wasn’t fazed at all by it and it was only the beginning with her relationship alongside SI. She would pose for multiple shoots with the mag', including a steamy beachwear session which we'll also take a look at later.

12 The "My Dog Ate It" Post

via dailymail.co.uk

When it comes to her commitment at putting in the work inside of the gym, Vonn is an absolute beast. When training for competitions, Lindsey is all about the training aspect putting in days and days of work. On average, Vonn trains six to eight hours a day, six days a week! That's more activity in a single week than the average person likely gets in an entire year. Her training consists of rigorous cardiovascular activity such as cycling, along with a plethora of other muscle building workouts. Oh yea, and her diet is also pretty darn strict.

That's the part the ski team wants you to know about, however, they would have likely NOT wanted you to see such a picture that shows Vonn performing a deadlift with holes in her pants. Yes, the picture seems innocent, but for the average male, it takes away from the training aspect, putting the focus on something else...


10 The Vogue Shoot

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Her Vogue photo-shoot was very well received and many in the media make the claim that it was that very shoot that launched Vonn into stardom as a massive sex symbol. She came across as absolutely stunning in the classy shoot as you see in the picture above. However, there were also some photos featured of the "Not So PG" nature, those shots are likely something the ski team wants you to forget about.

The shoot took place at a time that saw Vonn enjoying her life alongside new partner Tiger Woods. In the interview with the magazine, she claimed there was no chance she was getting married anytime soon, especially due to the fact that she had just come out of a failed marriage with her former partner, Thomas Vonn. The relationship between the two stemmed from the '02 Olympics. They got married in 2007 and by 2013, the two finalized a divorce on amicable terms.

9 More Recent Posts

via chatsports.com

Still getting attention from the media, Vonn isn’t making news for anything ski related nowadays, instead, the likes of TMZ typically showcase Vonn wearing something "Not So PG", or, out and about in the LA nightlife district. The picture above shows Vonn after a night out of partying, a norm in the last couple of years.

Obviously, the Olympic ski team would rather posts of the athletic nature, but instead, Vonn is enjoying her life out and about in the public spotlight and seriously, can you really blame her? With a net worth of over three million and recently purchasing a home in West Hollywood, Vonn has made her intent clear that she plans on enjoying the riches of life nowadays. Good for you Lindsey, good for you.

8 Revealing Ski Gear

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Vonn's resume is stacked and in truth, that's a big time understatement. A winner of four World Cup overalls and a Gold Medal winner in 2010, Vonn has solidified herself as a GOAT in the sport. What's even more surreal is the fact that she's just now entering her 30s, yup, she's one accomplished female folks.

What the US Olympic team might be worried about however is all those great accomplishments being put on the side and replaced by her obvious beauty. The picture above is yet another example of that as Vonn poses for a steamy picture while rocking her ski-suit. Again, the picture shares a different kind of message, and one that the ski team would rather not showcase when it comes to her legacy in the sport. So we ask the question, how will you remember Vonn when it's all set and done?

7 That Hollywood Outfit

via hd-body.com

Vonn has made it clear in several past interviews, when she's not training for competitions, she lives her life to the fullest, and that entails minimal amounts of training and no dieting. After six to eight hour days in the gym six days a week, we understand why Vonn chooses to live the way she does during her offseason. She deserves that type of break not only physically, but just as much mentally.

The ski team likely gets that, put they'd rather she didn't wear such revealing outfits. Once again, tabloids were all over Vonn as she rocked this incredible ensemble following a night out in the Hollywood area. The recent picture went viral and tabloids praised Vonn for her outstanding look both physically and in terms of wardrobe choice. She had star written all over her from head-to-toe on that night!

6 Strutting Her Stuff In NY

via tmz.com

Her father, who was also a skier encouraged Vonn to undertake the craft at a young age. She listened to her dad and by the age of ten, she was already interested in the field taking a liking for Olympic Gold medalist Picabo Street, who was a big time role model for Vonn. The family ended up moving to Colorado in the late 90s as they went all in with Vonn's ski dreams. Looking at how it all turned out, we can say the family made the right decision.

Lindsey would become so much more than a Gold Medal winning skier however. In recent years, she's became a visual icon rocking stunning looks after stunning looks. This is another recent shot featuring Vonn out and about in the New York city area, you'd think she was a model rocking that tightly fitted one-piece that makes us salivate.

5 SI Shoot Swimsuit Edition

via si.com

Oh SI, how we thank you for those various photo-shoots of athletes looking more like models. Vonn took part in a steamy beach shoot with the magazine and let's just say she and SI took things a step further. Rather than just rocking a bikini like most of the other female athletes, Vonn went the nine yards rocking a body paint inspired bikini. The issue sold like hot cakes, and there's even footage of Vonn working out in the painted one-piece body suit. Viewer discretion is strongly advised for that clip folks!

The shoot also had its fair share of bloopers, but seriously, her fire was no laughing matter as the pictures went absolutely viral. Again, the Olympic ski team would have rather NOT such a route be taken by Vonn. Hoards of men and women tend to differ however....

4 Bikini On The Red Carpet

via nyppagesix.files.wordpress.com

This one is rather odd as Vonn rocked a bikini on the red carpet, something that you typically don't see. Ironically, the idea was her own as Lindsey hosted the party in LA which was meant for her fellow Olympians. Red Bull, one of her various sponsors also took part in the event.

Again, Vonn was in all her glory showcasing those dazzling curves alongside her other fellow Olympians. Not sure if the US Olympic committee would approve of such a party, but it looks like Vonn did as she specifically set up that dress code. Judging by the picture evidence, it's hard to complain at all as Lindsey appeared to be flawless at the recent party that took place in the summer of 2016.

3 More Booty

via usatunofficial.files.wordpress.com

Shouldn't be too shocking, but this clip of Vonn working out inside of a pool went absolutely viral. Posted by Lindsey herself, the pool workout featured Vonn undergoing some rigorous activity. Although the message was the right one (showing people how to stay in shape while in water), the overall impression was a different one. To sum up, we have one word, "booty"!

The post once again showed that the world now looks at Lindsey as a sex symbol more than an actual Olympic skier. Looking at her accomplishments and career in the sport, this likely doesn't sit well with the Olympic team, but in truth, it's hard to argue with the facts folks. The reality, she's a smokebomb and her beauty just keeps on trending upwards!

2 Bearing It All On Insta

Clearly, Vonn uses her Instagram account as a tool to promote her fantastic looks and it seems like followers aren’t necessarily complaining about it either. With one million followers, Vonn posts on the regular and you can expect some "Not So PG" pictures more times than not.

This picture was an odd way to announce a book launching. Vonn proudly promoted the unveiling of her new book, however, the picture posted was pretty odd featuring her in the nude with only ski poles covering her up. Ideally, the picture would have featured Vonn with a medal around her neck rocking the red, white and blue. Instead, she opted for the nude look, with nothing but ski poles covering her up. Once again, Vonn took the "Not So PG" route to get her message across. In her defense, she got our attention!

1 Anything With Tiger

via nydailynews.com

In 2013, Vonn's personal life took a dramatic turn as she filed for divorce and started a new relationship with a mega star, you might know the dude, some guy named Tiger Woods. The two had a lengthy relationship which lasted till 2015, they finally ended things as Vonn labelled the media as a big part as to why the relationship didn't work.

As we stated earlier, they've trended in opposite directions ever since. However, they did end off on amicable terms and that factor led to Vonn recently reaching out to her ex trying to help him out with his on-going addiction battle. Lindsey stated that the two remain close and that she cares about her ex. Vonn has moved on as she's now dating Kenan Smith, but she's still showing concern for Tiger. In all likelihood, most want Vonn to cut all ties with Tiger given how negative his name currently is in the tabloids.

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