15 Hot Photos Of Caroline Wozniacki That David Lee Doesn’t Want You To See

Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki is without question one of the most well-known professional tennis players in the world today. The 5-foot-10 right-hander has justifiably earned herself a reputation as a fierce competitor on the court. The 26-year-old is currently ranked number 6 in the world as of June.

While Wozniacki is clearly regarded as one of the top talents in her sports, she is also considered by some to be one of the most beautiful women to have ever set foot on a professional tennis court.

The slender blonde has been featured in numerous well-known publications and has been able to make millions off of her various endorsement deals. This is in no small part due to her undeniable sex appeal.

Wozniacki is an athlete who has never been shy about showing off her world class figure. This has resulted in many steamy photos of the tennis starlet being published. While this is great for a portion of her fan base, her boyfriend, San Antonio Spurs star David Lee, might wish there were fewer photos like the ones we are about to see available to the public.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 15 steamy photos of Caroline Wozniacki that David Lee might not want you to see.

15 The Unicorn

Just me and my unicorn 🦄 😄 #unicorn #smile #laughter

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The native of Odense, Denmark shows us that she’s the kind of girl that knows how to have a good time while riding her inflatable unicorn. Wozniacki also showcases her impressive pearly white teeth. There is no question that her dentist is very proud of this shot and rightfully so. The tennis starlet also once again proudly display her bikini bod which helps reminds her fans why she is considered to be one of the most attractive women in the sport.

Fun Fact: In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Caroline Wozniacki decided to publicly announce that she was officially off the market. It was on February 14, 2017, that she confirmed via Instagram that she was in a relationship with NBA star and San Antonio Spurs player David Lee.

14 Mirror Image

via thedirtyturban.wordpress.com

Wozniacki looks stunning in this artistic depiction of the Danish star posing in her underwear in front of the mirror. This particular image highlights the 5-foot-10 blonde's fit lower half. She appears to be making sure her hair looks just right for this particular photo shoot. Caroline Wozniacki proves she can model a pair of underwear with the best of them in this memorable image.

Fun Fact: One of Caroline Wozniacki’s best friends in the sport is American tennis sensation, Serena Williams. Unfortunately, for Wozniacki at least, she has had little success against her friend on the court. The two women have gone head-to-head on 11 separate occasions, with Williams emerging the victor 10 times. However, both women will likely meet again at some point down the road.

13 Water Spray

Caroline Wozniacki looks nothing short of amazing while soaking in some rays during one of her many shoots for the prestigious Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Apparently, she is hot in more ways than one in this particular photo. The blonde beauty looks quite relaxed while spraying a little water on herself to cool off a bit. Wozniacki displays her flawless figure in one of her many gorgeous bikini photos.

Fun Fact: Caroline Wozniacki has the distinction of being the first Scandinavian woman ever to be ranked as the number 1 female tennis player in the world. She was ranked number 1 for the first time following the China Open back in 2010. Wozniacki became only the 5th female in the history of the sport to hold the number 1 spot without having ever won a Grand Slam title.

12 Arms Crossed

via blacksportsonline.com

Caroline Wozniacki looks ready for the cover of a Victoria’s Secret catalog while modeling a pair of underwear baring her very own name. If the whole tennis thing doesn’t work out, she could certainly have a future as a lingerie model. The blonde athlete shows of her seductive side in this extremely flattering image. This black and white photo is perhaps worthy of being featured in a museum.

Fun Fact: It would be fair to say that being a great athlete runs in Wozniacki’s family. Her father, Piotr Wozniacki, played for Boldklubben 1909 , a professional soccer team based in Denmark. Moreover, her mother Anna Wozniacki competed on the Polish national volleyball team. In fact, her brother followed in her father’s footsteps and also became a professional soccer player in Denmark.

11 White Skirt

via esquire.com

The tennis star’s white skirt and top go nicely with her golden brown tan. Wozniacki shows that she is more than capable of modeling for some of the most high-profile magazines as is evident from this shot taken for Esquire. Wozniacki's seductive gaze into the camera makes this one of her more memorable photos. She definitely doesn’t need to be wearing a bikini in order to look amazing, and this picture certainly drives that point home.

Fun Fact: Before she began dating San Antonio Spurs star David Lee, Wozniacki was involved in a relationship with pro golfer Rory Mcllroy. The two were an item from 2011 to 2014. The pair were known collectively as Wozzilroy. In fact, the two were even engaged briefly before Mcllroy apparently got cold feet.

10 Smiling Bikini Pic

There are some things in life that folks simply can’t get enough of. For many people, pictures of Caroline Wozniacki in a bikini might just be one of those things. The Danish star looks happy as usual while posing in front of the ocean. It’s breathtaking images like this one that have certainly gone a long way in helping her build an impressive social media following. Those who aren’t currently following Wozniacki on Instagram likely will be after seeing this lovely photo.

Fun Fact: Caroline Wozniacki has won over $23 million during the course of her tennis career thus far. This puts her at number 8 on the list of all-time female earners in the sports. She is one spot below Martina Hingis who holds the number 7 spot and just above Svetlana Kuznetsova at number 9.

9 Clouds

via celebzz.com

With all the clouds in the backround, one might be led to believe that Caroline Wozniacki has indeed fallen from heaven. The tennis goddess once again makes our jaws drop in her sparkling top and black bottoms. Her hair blowing in the wind suggests that this picture was captured on quite the windy day. This shot proves that even a gorgeous skyline can't steal the show when Caroline Wozniacki is modeling.

Fun Fact: One of Wozniacki's biggest rivals in the sport of pro tennis is Polish star Agnieszka Radwanska. The two have competed against each other in singles matches on 16 separate occasions. Thus far, Wozniacki leads the series 10-6. The two even faced each other this year at the 2017 Qatar Open with Wozniacki capturing the victory.

8 Putting On Body Paint

via thebiglead.com

It no doubt requires a great deal of concentration on the part of makeup artists who are putting the body paint on Caroline Wozniacki. The tennis star looks puzzled yet still attractive in this candid behind the scenes photograph. Wozniacki already looks great, and the artists don’t even appear to be finished yet.

Fun Fact: Another one of Caroline Wozniacki's biggest rival’s in the sport is Russian sensation, Maria Sharapova. It has been a competitive rivalry thus far. The two have played each other 10 times, with Sharapova enjoying a slight 6-4 lead in the series. However, it should be mentioned that Wozniacki is 2-0 against her rival when the two have faced off in Grand Slam Tournaments. With both women still active, there is a good chance we will see this rivalry continue.

7 No Tan Lines

Wozniacki has her arms strategically placed while sitting in the sand. She once again shows her ability to make any swimsuit shoot memorable. The blonde bombshell was no doubt the hottest thing on the beach the day this amazing photo was taken. The caption “no tan lines” definitely applies as this image leaves very little to the imagination. That being said, the shot still manages to be in good taste.

Fun Fact: Caroline Wozniacki’s good looks combined with her ability on the court have helped her land some amazing sponsorship deals. She has been involved with company's lie Sony Ericson, Adidas, and watchmaker Rolex. The Danish tennis princess has also appeared on a television commercial for Turkish Airlines. Her numerous sponsorship deals have helped to make her one of the highest-paid athletes in women’s tennis.

6 She's Got A Mean Punch

via vogue.com

It’s photos like this one that helps to remind the public that Caroline Wozniacki is a world class athlete as opposed to just another pretty face. The image showcases the tennis star's well-muscled physique as she delivers a punch to the ball being held by a trainer. She manages to look both beautiful, as well as slightly intimidating in this creative picture. Wozniacki is yet another athlete who is doing her part to prove that strong is indeed sexy.

Fun Fact: Caro has an impressive 25 WTA singles titles since turning pro back in July of 2005. In fact, she won six titles in both 2010 and again in 2011. The titles helped her finish both seasons as the number 1 ranked player in the world.

5 Hair Stylist

via ftw.usatoday.com

This photo shows Wozniacki's hair being held up by someone who appears to be her hair stylist, or hopefully at the very least someone she knows. This almost looks like a candid shot, but she is such a natural in front of the camera, it always looks like she is striking a pose. These shots for Esquire are some of her best images to date.

Fun Fact: While Caroline Wozniacki has yet to capture her first Grand Slam title, she has come very close on numerous occasions. The Woz made it to the finals of the US Open back in 2009 where she was defeated by Kim Clijsters. She once again appeared in the US Open finals in 2014, this time she lost to her pal, Serena Williams.

4 Tennis Bathing Suit

Tennis in bathing suits... Who's in?! 😎☀️🎾 @si_swimsuit #SISwim

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Caroline Wozniacki likely turned more than a few heads while wearing this cheeky one-piece on the tennis court. The playful caption says “Tennis in bathing suits…who’s in?” After seeing this photo, there is probably quite a few gentlemen out there who will likely be in favor of the idea. The image highlights the Danish athlete's toned lower section. It’s clear from this photo that Wozniacki doesn’t skip leg days in the gym. It isn’t difficult to figure out why Sports Illustrated keeps inviting her back year after year.

Fun Fact: Everyone knows that Wozniacki is a world-class tennis player. However, some may not know that she also enjoys running from time to time. In fact, Wozniacki participated in New York City Marathon back in 2014.

3 Behind The Scenes

When the sun finally starts shining... ☀️#behindthescenes @esquire

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This image takes us behind the scenes during Caroline Wozniacki's Esquire shoots. The shot almost looks like something out of a spy camera from a movie. The photo appears to show the Grand Slam finalist adjusting her top. The Danish beauty looks stunning in her knit white shirt and matching short skirt. Pictures like this make it easy to make the argument that Caroline Wozniacki is one of the best looking athletes on the planet.

Fun Fact: In 2011 Forbes magazine stated that Caroline Wozniacki was the second highest paid female athlete in the world (when factoring in sponsorships). And if you would like to learn more about Wozniacki check out 8 Pictures, Caroline Wozniacki Wants You To See And 7 She Doesn’t. You will be glad you did.

2 Goofy Pic

via tennisforum.com

The article is mainly focused on steamy photos that David Lee might not want folks to see. However, this is a goofy picture that Caroline Wozniacki herself might not want people to look at. The photo shows the tennis star bent over and smacking herself on the rear end, right in the middle of the court. It was likely all in good fun but still isn’t the most flattering image.

Fun Fact: Carline Wozniacki won her first WTA title in 2008 at the Nordic Light Open. She defeated Russian player Vera Dushevina 6-0 and 6-2 on her way to capturing the title. And if you would like to see her compete against another Russian, check out 8 Pictures Of Maria Sharapova And Caroline Wozniacki: Who’s Hotter?

1 Wearing Body Paint

These photos of the young tennis diva in red body paint are arguably the hottest images of Caroline Wozniacki out there. From a distance, the paint could easily be mistaken for a real swimsuit. This image once again highlights the athletic beauty's flawless physique. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this Instagram post got over 35,200 likes. Photos like this will help ensure that Caroline Wozniacki remains one of the most popular athletes on social media for years to come.

Fun Fact: Wozniacki has had a very solid 2017 campaign thus far. She has appeared in back-to-back premier finals and even made as far as the quarterfinals in this year’s French Open. Wozniacki looks to be in good form and looks to build on her stellar 2017 season.

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