15 Hot Pics Of Erin Andrews You NEED To See

It’s hard not to become a sex symbol when you bring the heat like Erin Andrews does!

One of the most recognizable television personalities in the world, Erin Andrews broke a lot of ground for women in the sports broadcasting industry in the early 2000s when she began working as a reporter for the Sunshine Network and Turner South. She then rose to global fame beginning in 2004, when she was hired on at ESPN and served as a sideline reporter at various big-name sporting events.

Of course, there’s more to the story than that. Not only is she good at what she does, Erin Andrews is also hot. Like, drop-dead gorgeous, slap-your-grandma hot. The camera doesn’t lie, y’all.

It’s no wonder ESPN lived up to its “Worldwide Leader In Sports” motto during her time with the network. Men would gladly stop and watch the most uninteresting interview with a no-name minor-leaguer if it was Andrews doing the questioning.

Though she’s been through some tumultuous and trying times in her career, she’s ever the professional, with a classic, timeless beauty and effervescent personality that has made her the icon that she is today. And while she’s never (purposefully) resorted to risqué photo ops or tasteless spreads in girly magazines, it’s hard not to become a sex symbol when you bring the heat like she does.

So here are 15 absolute fire pics of Erin Andrews that you NEED to see.

15 Legs For Days

@menshealthmag at the Coliseum

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If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and see if you can dig up the October 2014 edition of Men’s Health Magazine. That’s where you’ll find this perfect little slice of Erin Andrews heaven and several others like it.

There’s just something irresistible about a tall, beautiful blonde – who knows probably a thing or two more than you do about sports – rocking a pair of Daisy Dukes on a football field while flashing her pearly whites. Ladies, if you’re reading this, take note. And to the men, you’re welcome.

14 Couch


Whoa! If this undated glamor shot of Andrews doesn’t make you fall instantly in love with her, you may want to check your pulse. It’s photos like this that can make you easily forget that, no, she’s actually not a 20-something fashion supermodel, she’s a sideline reporter and television sports anchor who has spent more time at major sporting events than you and your fantasy-league buddies could ever dream of.

13 Red Top Bikini Babe

The September issue of @healthmagazine is available today....

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Let’s get back onto the magazine theme for a second while we take in this snapshot from Andrews’ appearance in the September 2014 edition of Health Magazine. In case you haven’t noticed, Andrews could pull off a pantsuit, pajamas, a bikini – you name it.

12 Sequined Dress


In her role as host of popular reality talent show Dancing with the Stars, we’ve been lucky enough to get an eyeful of Andrews in plenty of fancy dresses. Short, long, modest, revealing; she really can’t go wrong with her wardrobe selection , and this one here has a lot to love.

11 Striped Pants

Yeah, we wouldn’t even care if this shot was taken three weeks after Labor Day. Erin Andrews has permission to wear white any day of the year if she can rock it as well as she does here. Our only minor quibble is that her pants look sort of like the NFL officials’ cold-weather gear, but Andrews could sport a zebra-striped, form-fitting line judge’s uniform – cap and all – and no one would blink an eye if she made it look as good as her getup does here.

10 Glove And Heels


Is there anything hotter than a beautiful woman who knows her way around a baseball diamond? Actually, let us expand upon that. Is there anything hotter than a beautiful woman who knows her way around a baseball diamond and can absolutely slay in high heels and a baseball glove at the same exact time? The answer is no, there is not one thing hotter.

9 Health Magazine Cover

I know we’ve already mentioned Andrews’ appearance in Health Magazine, but we’d be remiss to leave out the uber-sexy cover shot that made a lot of men stop and drool at the supermarket check-out line back in 2014.

As if we hadn’t already been properly introduced to her curvaceous figure, Andrews dared to bare an eye-catching midriff that showed off her trim, muscular stomach with a tight, low-rise skirt that leaves us scrolling down the page, hoping there’s more of her to see.

8 Hot Friend


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We believe we’ve made my point about Andrews and how good she looks in white, so consider this Exhibit B in a warehouse full of evidence to that end. But let’s point out the obvious. When you end up posing in the same photo as the one and only Mrs. Tom Brady – supermodel Gisele Bundchen – the hotness factor explodes into the stratosphere regardless of who you are.

It’s scientifically proven (OK, not scientifically, but you get the idea) that just being in the vicinity of the hottest NFL wife in the history of the league ups your attractive quotient by at least two points on a ten-point scale.

7 Beach Workout


Thought you’d seen all the different sides of the lovely Ms. Andrews? Think again. Self Magazine did a full fitness spread of her for their December 2013 issue, documenting all the mesmerizing ways she maintains her trim and toned figure.

While the spread features a smorgasbord of eye-popping photos of Andrews making exercise look really, really good, this one of her stretching backwards while gazing skyward like a Greek goddess takes the cake and all the flavors of icing.

6 Behind The Scenes


Okay, I promise this is LAST time I’ll bring up the 2014 Health Magazine photo shoot, but this particular shot warrants its spot just outside the top-five on this list. This behind-the-scenes snapshot reveals a happy, sexy, relaxed Andrews who is obviously having a good time showing off her healthy, toned body for the camera.

5 Drinking From The Cup

So the lucky guy that gets to go home with Andrews every night happens to be former NHL player and two-time Stanley Cup winner Jarret Stoll, a Saskatchewan native who skated for the Kings, Oilers, Wild and Rangers. The perks of shacking up with a pro hockey player? Getting to drink out of the Cup after he wins it with the Kings in 2014, of course.

For all the hockey fans out there, try to control yourselves. We understand that seeing a beautiful blonde stooping to partake of the champagne-sacrament from the holy grail of sports trophies is a fantasy-come-true, but you’ll need to stick with us for four more photos, because we’ve just barely broken into the top-five.

4 Hair Goals 

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something super hot about the way Andrews composes herself in this shot. It’s almost like the camera is pining for a peek at her elusive beauty, but she won’t give it up to any old chump.

Her turned head, hidden face and flowing blonde hair that ends playfully just above the “goods” frame her trim, petite torso with nearly perfect symmetry in an almost mysteriously sexy manner.

3 Black Dress Stunner 


Speaking of that black dress and formal occasion, Andrews sizzles in this candid, backstage photo as she readies in her dressing room for a taping of Dancing with the Stars. We don’t know how else to describe her here than regal. If there was ever any doubt, this photo proves beyond a shadow that Andrews is a ten. A hard ten. Probably an 11, if we’re being honest.

2 Green Dress


Look, like we said, Erin Andrews deserves the utmost respect. She’s a drop-dead gorgeous and upstanding professional. But, dude, she is stacked! I mean, she’s almost spilling out of this lime green dress that seemingly magically stays in place despite lacking any straps – which also brings to attention her somewhat awkward squatting glamour pose. But just like everything else she does, she somehow pulls it off where most other women couldn’t.

1 Them Rings...

@dancingabc Disney favorite

A post shared by Erin Andrews (@erinandrews) on

See? Stacked – we told you so. Our number one entry on this list of hot Erin Andrews photos you NEED to see is this saucy little Instagram snapshot that has it all: white dress, flowing hair, perfect makeup, gaudy jewelry, and yes, ample cleavage.

Whoever took this photo must have had all of us in mind, because he (or she?) got the angle just right to capture everything that is Erin Andrews. Classy, sexy and damn-near perfect, she’s the complete and total package, and they don’t make ‘em like her anymore. It’s hard to believe she’s turning 40 next year, because if she keeps bringing the heat like we all know she will, she’ll be making guys drool with pics like this for a long, long time.

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15 Hot Pics Of Erin Andrews You NEED To See