15 Hot Pictures of Lindsey Vonn You NEED To See

Out of all the professional athletes competing, only a handful manage to transcend the world of athletics and become recognizable names to the general public – and generally, it’s because they’re either very, very good at their chosen sport or because they’re very, very hot. Just take David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, for example. And, of course, Lindsey Vonn.

The average individual would be hard-pressed to name many alpine skiers, but most people will know who Lindsey Vonn is. Since stepping onto the scene, she has gone to the Olympics three times (even winning a gold medal). However, though she is definitely talented, she has also received attention most skiers don’t simply because she’s absolutely stunning. She’s appeared on late night talk shows, received endorsement deals from companies like Red Bull and Under Armour. Oh, and of course, there’s that two year romance she had with legendary golfer Tiger Woods.

While athletes from different sports tend to have different body types, best suited to optimal performance in their sport of choice, Lindsey Vonn proves that skiers definitely have it going on. She’s muscled, toned, and basically the definition of a blonde bombshell.

Here are 15 hot pictures of Lindsey Vonn you need to see.

15 Body Painted Babe

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Lindsey Vonn joined the club of female athletes who have appeared in the pages of Sports Illustrated because of how hot they are, not simply because they’re phenomenal athletes (although they’re that too). In this photo spread, they didn’t give Vonn a skimpy bikini to rock in the waves. Instead, they simply opted to get artistic and use body paint to create a blue and green sexy one-piece for her to rock. The rest of the shoot is fairly typical for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions, with Vonn rocking natural hair and bronzed skin on a gorgeous beach in front of the crashing waves. Although, no matter how gorgeous the beach is, we have a feeling that all eyes are on Vonn. I mean, every guy looking at this photoshoot likely wanted to edge Vonn closer and closer to the water in the hopes that the paint that was used wasn’t 100% waterproof – and who could blame them?

14 Red Carpet Ready

Not many professional athletes cross over from the world of sports to the world of entertainment, but Lindsey Vonn is one of the select few who has. In this shot, she’s absolutely slaying on the red carpet for the movie Jurassic World. Now, one of the things that can be frustrating about celebrities on the red carpet is the fact that the large majority of the female celebrities have very similar body types – thin, thin, thin. They get gorgeous gowns in sample sizes that they can easily fit into and rock the red carpet looking fantastic. However, for curvier women, or women with a more athletic build, it can be tough to imagine rocking the red carpet in the same way because you just don’t see many examples. Enter Lindsey Vonn. Her upper body is strong, and her legs are absolutely rock solid and muscular. She’s not a delicate flower like most other female celebrities. However, she chose a gown that shows off her assets, and she looks absolutely phenomenal.

13 Hotel Room Casual 

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Vonn has crossed over from the world of sports to the world of celebrity, but did you know she even managed to snag a photoshoot in the venerable Vogue magazine? While many fashion magazines choose to highlight female athletes in a familiar context – by posing them in athletic wear, or something similar – Vogue went a different direction with Vonn and decided to go for a casual look. Her normally stick-straight hair is soft and wavy, and rather than rocking sky-high heels and a cray dress, she’s just wearing a soft black sweater and underwear. And, of course, showing off the legs she’s toned through hours upon hours of training. The shot might not be as over the top as some of the spreads Vonn has done in other magazines, but there’s something super sexy and approachable about this shot. You could picture Vonn lounging around your own hotel room like this (and, after seeing this shot, you probably did).

12 Beach Babe

It almost seems too easy to take another shot from Lindsey Vonn’s infamous body paint Sports Illustrated swimsuit spread, but I mean, come on – there’s a reason so many find the shoot super sexy. In this shot, Vonn has followed in the footsteps of many of the swimsuit models before her by rolling around in the sand. Her blonde locks are messy and wind-blown, her skin is bronzed, her curves are crazy, and that painted-on swimsuit leaves very little to the imagination. And, the fact that she’s wearing minimal make-up makes the whole thing more casual and realistic. We’re not sure if they just couldn’t find the perfect swimsuit for Vonn to showcase her curves, or if they just wanted to do something a little bit different with the Olympian, but either way, the choice to paint on the swimsuit was definitely a good one – all the shots from that spread are crazy sexy. Plus,

11 Red Hot 

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On the ESPYs red carpet, a lot of the female sex appeal ends up coming from the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes, as it’s a fairly male-dominated red carpet. However, Lindsey Vonn proves that she can serve it up in a red dress. It seems that Vonn has really learned how to work with her body type and select a gown that is flattering specifically to her curves. The red dress is fairly conservative on top, not showing any cleavage whatsoever, but the sex appeal is kicked up a few notches thanks to the high slit on one side that allows Vonn to show off her muscular legs. While Vonn is always gorgeous, she’s almost always spotted in athletic wear, or occasionally in swimwear – seeing her all cleaned up on the red carpet is a whole new side of the ski bunny, and one that we can definitely get behind.

10 Skiing Indoors 

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When it comes to photographing athletes rather than models or celebrities, it can sometimes be tough to squeeze them into the same couture that you might fit a sample size supermodel into. However, the styling team at Vogue found an absolutely gorgeous gown for Vonn in his shoot that shows off her legs – just as she tends to do on the red carpet when choosing her own attire. This high fashion pose incorporates her skiing in a clever way, as they’ve gotten her to pose as if she’s speeding down the slopes – except she’s in a couture black and white gown and stiletto heels rather than a ski suit and boots. It’s easy to see why magazines have been increasingly branching out and including athletes in their pages rather than limiting things strictly to supermodels or the occasional actress – athletes can serve up some great poses. I mean, it takes a lot of thigh strength to hold that pose for as long as we imagine Vonn had to in order for the photographer to get the perfect shot.

9 Breakfast Babe 

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There’s nothing sexier than a girl who eats, right? Bon Appetit often includes celebrities in their magazine by asking them questions about what they eat on a daily basis, what some of their favourite restaurants are, etc. They selected Vonn to be featured and she proved how many calories professional athletes need to fuel their bodies. Sure, many are familiar with the amount of calories certain male athletes need, as they’re not shy about admitting that they might need to scarf down 8,000 calories or more a day in order to keep up with their rigorous training schedule. Vonn shows that even female athletes need to eat more than you might expect in order to stay strong and maintain their sculpted physiques. While she admits that her diet is predominantly lean, clean, and green foods, as you might guess from someone who needs to be careful about what foods she fuels her body with, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t indulge from time to time – as the photo suggests, she has a soft spot for French toast drowning in syrup and butter.

8 Ski Bunny 

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While Vonn has been photographed in her ski suit countless times, let’s be honest – it’s not exactly the sexiest outfit. Sure, it clings to her curves in certain places, but if you’re looking to photograph her for a sexy shoot, it’s definitely not your first choice. In this shot, Vonn is pictured in her natural habitat – the powdered slopes where she’s won all her medals and done a lot of her outdoor training. However, instead of being all suited up for the slopes, she’s lounging around in the snow in a teeny red bikini – and ski boots, naturally. The juxtaposition of her outfit with her surroundings makes this a particularly unique shoot. While Vonn’s good looks mean she has been photographed countless times in bikinis on the beach, opting to shoot her in a bikini on the slopes makes for a great photo. Now, the only question is, did she actually ski down the slopes in this outfit or was it all for show?

7 All-American

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With her blonde hair, athletic frame, and bright, sunny smile, Lindsey Vonn is about as All-American as you can get. However, this behind-the-scenes shot takes things to an entirely new level. In 2014, Vonn was featured in Self magazine rocking, amongst other things, an American flag one-piece. Now, one pieces can sometimes get a bad rap for being frumpy – most men’s magazines will opt to stick the featured babes in teeny string bikinis. However, Vonn proves that you can definitely rock a one piece if you have athletic curves like she does. While this shot may not be as airbrushed and carefully posed as the pictures that end up making it into the magazine, it just proves that Vonn’s physique isn’t being sculpted on the computer – she sculpts those toned legs in the gym, and her hard work is obvious. I mean, it’s pretty much impossible to look at this photo and not feel a sudden burst of patriotism.

6 Hitting the Slopes 

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As a skier, the slopes are pretty much Lindsey Vonn’s natural habitat. Sure, she obviously puts in many hours training indoors at the gym. However, when it comes to perfecting her moves on the mountain, there’s no better substitute than the real thing – she likely clocks in hours and hours going up and down the mountain, refining her craft. That might explain why Vonn is so comfortable rocking a teeny, tiny bikini out in the snow – it’s basically an extension of her living room! From the slightly messy bedhead look to the teeny red bikini to the boots and toque complete with a pom pom, this photo is basically the dictionary definition of a sexy ski bunny. Although when it comes to whizzing down the slopes at full speed, it might be smarter to be rocking a full body ski suit – we have a feeling it would get chilly pretty fast in that bikini.

5 Blonde Bombshell 

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It seems that whoever selects Lindsey Vonn’s outfits for photoshoots inevitably ends up putting her in red at least once. Perhaps it’s because she projects an aura of confidence that just pairs well with red, perhaps it’s because of the way it goes with her blonde locks, and perhaps it’s just that she looks good in the sexy colour and can pull it off. Whatever the reason, Vonn is rocking another red bikini in this shot – but in this case, it has been paired with a puffy black bomber jacket. It’s kind of like the modern version of walking around clad in a trench coat with nothing underneath but lingerie and a great set of heels. The typically ‘sexy’ pose of sticking the edge of the glasses in the mouth is a bit cheesy and overdone, but hey – if anyone could pull that pose off, it would be Lindsey Vonn.

4 American Girl 

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When it comes to hitting the slopes, it’s all about function and comfort, not looks. Vonn is an athlete, first and foremost – not simply a sexy snow bunny. The tight ski suits are only snug so that the skier is more streamlined, not so their curves are on display. However, as this photo proves, sometimes the figure-hugging ski suits can be pretty darn sexy. Vonn is shown here with windswept hair, goggles perched over her gorgeous face, posing with her ski rods in a skin-tight metallic blue ski suit that clings to all her curves. Now, we’re just going to go ahead and say it – no one, absolutely no one, looks this good when they’re going down the mountain. However, as far as photo shoots go, this one is a pretty fantastic one. We’re betting not many others make that USA suit look quite as good as Lindsey Vonn makes it look.

3 Good Night Gorgeous 

If you’ve ever wondered what Lindsey Vonn looks like right when she wakes up or when she’s all ready for bed, this photo, which Vonn posted on Instagram about a week ago, might satisfy your curiosity. Though she’s on the road, Vonn took a moment to snap a photo from Austria for all her fans, captioning it “Goodnight Austria! Tomorrow I’m on the road again for another adventure.” The angle of the photo and the strategically placed blankets make it tough to know exactly what Vonn is rocking out of view, but we’re betting pretty much every guy is dreaming that she’s going au naturel. This photo proves that, while it’s easy to look sexy when you’re all dolled up posing in a bikini, it’s equally impressive to look this good when you’re just lounging around a hotel room getting ready for some shut eye. If only #lifeontheroad always looked this good!

2 Training In The Countryside 

When she’s back in the United States at her home base, Vonn likely has a regular set up where she can work out, and a regular team to help her achieve all her physique goals. However, as most people know, it can be tough to keep up with a consistent fitness regime when you’re travelling. Hotel gyms aren’t always ideal, sometimes you don’t stay in one place long enough to seek out a good place in the town or city you’re at, and sometimes you just get too busy to carve out that time for yourself. Vonn makes no excuses, though – she’s going to squeeze her workout in, no matter where, no matter how. She captioned this Instagram photo “life is a balancing act… and also a constant struggle to find gyms.” We’re betting everyone who passed by while she was working her glutes was thankful she wasn’t able to find a gym that day.

1 Poolside Sculpting

Friends don't let friends miss ab day! #makingithappen #vacaworkout

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When you’re a professional athlete, your physique is basically your job. You need to keep your body in the best physical condition you are able to so that you can perform at an optimal level – and hopefully win tons of medals and championships! Lindsey Vonn definitely knows that. While it’s always tempting to just slack off and relax when you’re on vacation or having a relaxing weekend, Vonn knows it’s crucial to squeeze a workout in – no matter how you want to do it. When you’re lounging by the beach, you don’t exactly feel jazzed to go find the hotel’s dreary gym to get your workout in – so why not get creative? In this shot, which Vonn shared on her Instagram account, she came down to the pool in a bikini ready to relax – and decided to squeeze in a quick ab workout while she was there, with the help of a friend. What’s your excuse?

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