15 Idiotic Fans Who Got Championship Tattoos Prematurely

I have never been opposed to someone getting a tattoo. You should be able to do what you want with your body. I don't have any tattoos, but if I were to get one, it would probably sports related. I get all of that. You're passionate about your team and you want to show that your love for them is forever. It's commendable for a fan to stick with their team through thick and thin, and to never waver despite how bleak things look.

That being said, in no way is it sensible to prematurely get yourself inked saying your team is a champion before it happens. What is the point? Are you trying to show how confident you are in your team? Are you trying to prove superstitions don't exist and will prove it by jinxing your team through ink? Could you not just wait until the end of a season to see if you'll indeed get a tattoo? I don't know if tattoo artists offer a premium discount if you get  a premature tattoo?

There has to be a better way for optimistic fans to express their faith in their team. You should think long and hard before getting any tattoo, but ones like these should never even be considered.

It serves these fans right for getting cocky and now they're stuck with the incorrect ink unless they want to go get a searing laser on their skin to remove the ink. Here are 15 fans who got a little too ahead of themselves.

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15 Rob Gronkowski - Super Bowl XLVI

via pinterest.com

This just barely squeaks onto the list because at least the Patriots did in fact make it to Super Bowl XLVI. Rob Gronkowski was a big reason why, as he was just emerging as one of the brightest young stars in the league. In addition to that, the last play of that game involved a last-second heave to the endzone that sailed just out of Gronk's reach. Either way, this tattoo definitely could've waited.

14 Seattle Seahawks - Back-to-Back

via tvasports.ca

Once again, it looked like this fan might actually turn out to be right. The Seahawks did in fact make it to back-to-back Super Bowls for the first time in their history. After Jermaine Kearse's miracle catch on Seattle's last drive, it seemed they were destined to win their second Lombardi Trophy. Pete Carroll then decided to pass. Just two plays later, Seattle threw a pass from the one-yard line which was intercepted and this fan's tattoo was rendered useless.

13 Denver Broncos - Super Bowl XLVIII

via bleacherreport.com

The fan simply could have waited a couple of weeks, as he got the tattoo shorty after the Broncos' AFC Championship win two years ago against New England. Perhaps he figured the Seahawks' Legion of Boom secondary would be no match for Peyton Manning's historic season and all-time great Broncos offense. How wrong he was, as the Broncos would get obliterated in Super Bowl XLVIII, losing 43-8 to the Seahawks.

12 New England Patriots - Super Bowl 50

via milehighsports.com

Once again, it was somewhat plausible for the Patriots to be Super Bowl champions this season. They were 10-0 at one point this season before injuries eventually caught up to them. Tom Brady took a beating in the AFC Championship game and the Pats were narrowly beaten 20-18. The fan, Burke O'Connell, "I don't regret it at all," O'Connell told WCVB-TV, per the Boston Globe. "They're champs anyway. We got four rings. We're the best anyway regardless if we win or lose."

Yeah, exactly, you have four rings, so why not just tattoo the four Super Bowl wins on your body? You could always add in Super Bowls after wins.

11 Kentucky - Undefeated Season

via huffpost.com

Every sports fan should know that you never jinx your team when they're undefeated. The 2014-15 Kentucky Wildcats were trying to make history, going for a perfect 40-0 seasons and a national championship. The Wildcats would make it all the way to the Final Four, but would fall to the Wisconsin Badgers. Kentucky will always be a powerhouse in college basketball, but it's hard to think that another undefeated run like that will ever come along again.

10 Cleveland Cavaliers - 2015 Champions

via totalprosports.com

If you're a Cleveland sports fan, you should know that something is always going to go wrong. No matter how promising your team may look, you have to always keep your guard up because history tells you that something is going to ruin your team's championship dreams. In the Cavs' case last year, it was the Golden State Warriors, who were simply a better team than Cleveland, even with the Cavs having LeBron James. By all means, profess your loyalty to Cleveland, but also realize your city's history in sports.

9 New York Mets - 2015 Champs

via ftw.com

The New York Mets were one of the surprise stories in baseball last year. Many kept waitng for them to fall and for the heavily favored Nationals to overtake them in the NL East, but with their dominant pitching, the Mets kept winning. They carried that through the NL playoffs, where they edged the Dodgers and silenced the Cubs' bats to a sweep in the NLCS. The Mets then ran into a Royals team who were determined to redeem their World Series loss from 2014, which they did in a five-game series win. The Mets will be contenders for the next few years, this tattoo could have waited.

8 Pittsburgh Pirates 2015 Champs

via sbnation.com

So your team doesn't make the playoffs for 21 years and now hasn't won a playoff series since 1979, but you were convinced 2015 was the year? Again, the Pirates are going to be in the mix for the next few years, but will face stiff competition in the NL Central. Be hopeful sure, but don't get cocky. The Pirates have made it to the playoffs the last three years, but have lost two of the three Wildcard games and lost the 2013 NLDS to St. Louis.

7 Arizona Cardinals - Super Bowl 50

via tegnatv.com

The Arizona Cardinals fielded the most talented team in their franchise's history this season. While they didn't make it to the Super Bowl like they did back in the 2008 season, this team was more complete and better coached. This year, they simply ran into a better team, with perhaps more of a chip on their shoulder, as many were calling the Cardinals better than the Panthers all season. This fan thought so too and decided to boldly proclaim through ink that his team would win Super Bowl 50. I hope somehow the '0' in 50 can be altered to a '1' on this tattoo.

6 St. Louis Blues - 2015 Stanley Cup Champions

via yahoosports.com

If you're a St. Louis Blues fan, you've seen countless promising years in which the Blues disappointed you once the playoffs rolled around. The Blues made it to three straight Stanley Cup Finals back through 1968-70 thanks to the NHL placing all expansion teams in one division. Since then the Blues have constantly fielded quality teams that always seem to fall short. They went through an era with Brett Hull and Adam Oates on their team, to an era with Chris Pronger and Al MacInnis and now seem to be the same old Blues, who can't get it done. Has this fan been watching this team?

5 Houston Texans Fan - Super Bowl XLVI

via houstonchronicle.com

Prior to the 2011 season, the Houston Texans had only one winning season in their franchise's history and had never made the playoffs. They caught a break in 2011 when their arch-nemesis Peyton Manning had to sit out the season with a neck injury, opening the door to an AFC South win for Houston. This fan then overestimated the talent on the team and decided they were going to run over the Ravens and Patriots in the playoffs en route to a Super Bowl. The Texans would fall to the Ravens in the divisional round.

4 Philadelphia Eagles - Super Bowl

via csnmidatlantic.com

While the Philadelphia Eagles tend to boast about a winning tradition, the team really hasn't won all that much. Their last championship came before the Super Bowl era, back in 1960. They've only made it to two Super Bowls, losing both and have lost five conference championships. Don't tell that to this Eagles fan though, who is convinced that letting Chip Kelly go will result in an immediate Super Bowl for the Eagles in the 2016 season.

3 Buffalo Bills - 2015 Champs

via dailysnark.com

Boy, somebody was drinking the Rex Ryan Kool-aid. If you're a Buffalo Bills fan, you should know that the team is always going to disappoint you and having a loudmouth coach who boasts about Super Bowls coming to your city isn't going to change things. The Bills once again fell short of expectations this past season, rendering this Bills tattoo just another ink blooper. Will this Bills fan keep adding years to the tattoo, say four straight?

2 Dallas Cowboys - 2015 Champs

via cbssports.com

This Cowboys fan falls at no.2 because this tattoo pretty much embodies why so many people can't stand the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. They haven't done anything of note since the mid to late 90s, yet year after year they brag about how their team is going to roll over everybody, how they're America's Team, etc... The Cowboys had one of their best seasons in 20 years in 2014, going 12-4 and narrowly losing in the NFC playoffs to the Packers on a disputed non-catch by Dez Bryant. As we saw this year, Tony Romo makes the team run and an team so reliant on one player will never win it all.

1 Detroit Lions - Super Bowl Tattoo

via sbnation.com

Stop the insanity right now. In what world is a Detroit Lions fan so cocky that after 50-plus years of futility, he thinks his team is going to win a Super Bowl? Not only that, but when he's proven wrong, he actually has the nerve to then proclaim that NEXT YEAR is going to be the championship year? If you're a Lions fan, you've probably been telling yourself "next year" for a long time. Perhaps a better tattoo would have been "Next Year's Super Bowl Champions". You won't mind burning that one off when/if the Lions finally win one and if they never do, at least your tattoo can always make sense.

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